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“Xiao Ling.”

Liu Qingfeng stood by the window with a few subordinates behind him.

Xiao Ling was standing beside him in a dress.

More than a dozen people were sitting upright on the sofa on the side.

The leader of those people was a man in a suit who had the air exclusive to an official.

At this time, Xiao Ling had been fully acknowledged as Liu Qingfengs wife.

Liu Jiaran also called her mom.

Thus, she was pretty relaxed and casual in front of them.

“Spread these pieces of news.”

Liu Qingfeng deliberated for two seconds and said slowly, “Well establish a charity foundation.

In the mainland, all of our subsidiaries will transfer to the government without any catch.

We will only hold on to our main group in Xiangjiang.

Except for the stocks of the main group, well sell all the stocks of the companies we own and then channel funds into the foundation, which will cooperate with the government to do charities.”


Liu, have you thought it through We can assist you,” said the man in the suit.

He found it unbelievable that Liu Qingfeng would give up such a huge sum of funds when his business was in prime.

Although his main group was powerful and had a market value of tens of billions, Liu Qingfeng had businesses all over the country, which were worth even more.

“Yes, I have.” Liu Qingfeng turned to look at the man and said with a smile, “What You dont want those”

“No, no, no.” The man in a suit waved his hand and explained, “Its the government who is making the deal, not me.

Im just the person in charge.”

“Good point.” Liu Qingfeng turned around and sighed softly.

“Its time for the business empire to come to an end.

Xiao Ling, sign all those contracts.”


Xiao Ling nodded slightly, sat down, and began to write hard.

Originally, Liu Qingfeng wanted to do away with the companys affairs entirely.

However, after doing some thinking, he decided to keep the main group in Xiangjiang, for he still had to stay in the secular world for many years.

Tellingly, Liu Qingfengs actions had made the whole business circle in the world tremble.

“Oh my god, has he gone mad”

Many people were puzzled by this.

They didnt understand Liu Qingfengs mentality, but Ah Hu and others did.

“Now my father-in-law is going to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area and start a company.

There is no use for him to keep the local business.”

Seven days passed in a flash.

The end-of-year exam that lasted two days was finally over.

One day, at five oclock in the afternoon.

Mengmeng, Bei Jinnan, Zhou Lei, Li Muen, Yue Xiao Nao, and a dozen other students were gathered together.

“Mengmeng, how did you do in this exam” Bei Jinnan asked beamingly.

“Not bad,” Mengmeng replied casually.

“Oh, not bad.

That means youre the number one.” Bei Jinnan and the others revealed a look of understanding.

Every time Mengmeng said that it was not bad, she turned out to rank first in class.

“Xiaonao, how about you” Bei Jinan asked again.

“Not bad.” Yue Xiaonao gave the same answer.

Even though the words were essentially the same, the meanings behind their words were completely different.

“Well, well be second-graders in junior high when the next semester starts.

Alas, I wonder when well be able to go to college.

There are still so many years to go before that can happen,” Li Muen muttered.

She yearned for college life very much.

Then, she said, “Well, enough for the subject.

Where are we going to have fun We can all go home a bit late today, right Why dont we go to a bar”

“Were only in junior high school.

If we go drink in a bar, well be scolded when we go back home at night,” a male student said weakly.

“Who said we must have drinks when we hit a bar” Li Muen refuted.

“Were just going to have a look and listen to heavy metal music.”

“Thats okay.”

“Are we going to a bar” Mengmeng blinked and said, “Then lets go to New Moon Bay.

My aunt happens to have an outdoor performance there.”

“Which bar is it”

“The Starry Sky Bar.”

“Lets go by taxi.”

The group of boys and girls took a taxi to New Moon Bay.

Mengmeng led them to the open-air square.

Seeing them coming, the two members of the security group at the door laughed and said, “Whoa, Eldest Lady is here!”


I brought my classmates here to have a look,” Mengmeng said.

“Its not opening time yet, but its only a short while away.

Ah Hu is over there.

You can go to him right away.”

Many of the students were bemused by this.

It was the first time that they had learned about Mengmengs identity.

“Mengmeng, is your daddy the boss here”

“Wow, Mengmeng Group is amazing.”


It was amazing, of course.

After they took a few steps inside, Ah Hu came over to greet them.

“Mengmeng, what brought you here”

“I and my friends want to visit this bar and stay for a while.

Uncle Hu, why are you here by yourself” Mengmeng said in a sweet, clear voice.

“I came over to take a look.

Let me find a place for you to sit first,” Ah Hu said with a smile

He then led them to sit at the best table in the open air.

Soon, some fruits, cold drinks, and snacks were served.

After they chatted for a while, guests arrived one after another.

The bar became more and more crowded.

At seven oclock, the show began.

They saw Zhang Li shine brightly on the stage.

Around the stage, many people flirted and shook their bodies with the music.

This was a special experience for them.

“Mengmeng, why do I rarely see her on the mountain She is your aunt, isnt she” Yue Xiaonao asked after taking a bite at the watermelon.

“Aunty Lili seldom visits us because she often gets a telling-off,” Mengmeng replied.

“Being told off By whom” Yue Xiaonao became even more curious.

“By my grandpa,” Mengmeng said under her breath.

“Aunty Lili has been married for several years, but she hasnt given birth to a child yet.

My grandpa is not happy with this, so he scolds her every time he sees her.”

“Pfft.” Yue Xiaonao couldnt help but snigger.

“Why rush her to have children Your grandpa is quite a back-seat driver.”

“He scolded her even more in the past,” Mengmeng muttered.

She didnt know what to make of this matter.

Anyway, playing with her classmates was also a very fun event in Mengmengs daily life.

This time, they didnt hang out for a long time.

At about seven oclock, her classmates left one after another.

Ah Hu drove Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao back to Mount New Moon.


Many people were sitting in the pavilion under the Thunder Yang Tree.

There were more than a dozen people, including Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Han, Liu Qingfeng, Yue Wuwei, Zi Yan, and Lisa.


Mengmeng bounced her way toward them.

When she came to Zhang Hans side, she said with a proud smile, “Ive finished the exam.

I bet Ill rank first.”

“Hey, hey, hey, the results havent come out yet.

Mengmeng, its too early for you to say that.

What if youre mistaken” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Thats impossible.

I got full marks in mathematics and almost full marks in English and Chinese.

As for the other subjects, I got no more than a couple of answers wrong.

Thus, my scores shall be higher than the scores in previous exams,” Mengmeng answered.


Yue Xiaonao looked dazed.

“Oh, those words hurt!”


Zhang Han laughed and said, “My daughter is amazing.”

“Of course!”

Mengmeng said with a grin, “Then when are we going to attend Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony”

“When do you want to go”

“Er…” Mengmengs face stiffened slightly.

She said hesitantly, “Tomorrow morning”

“I still want to sleep in tomorrow morning.

What should I do” Zhang Han joked.

“Daddy, you never sleep in, do you” Mengmeng snorted and said, “Then Ill wait for you to wake up.”

“What if I sleep for a few days”


“I think its better to set off in the middle of the night today.”


Mengmengs big eyes widened.

Watching the changes in Mengmengs expressions, Zhang Han felt it was very funny.

He stretched out his palm and gave several gentle pinches on Mengmengs cheek.

“Really Were going there tonight” Still unsure, Mengmeng asked Zi Yan, “Mummy, are we settling off tonight”

“Yes, well go on the journey tonight.” Zi Yan smiled and nodded.


Mengmeng whooped at once.

She was over the moon.

She had been looking forward to Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony for a long time.

Now that they were finally taking the trip, she was certainly in a good mood.

“Hurry up and prepare.

You should say goodbye to your classmates.

After all, youll be out of touch with them for quite some time,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Also, go pack everything you need.”

“Well, Ill go back and pack now.

Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, you should go get ready, too.

Were going to set off in a while,” Mengmeng called out.

“Oow, oow, oow.”

“Woof, woof, woof.”

“Coo, coo, coo.”

The three pets all responded.

“Then Ill go and prepare, too.”

Yue Xiaonao was dazed for a second and then asked, “Dad, what preparations should I make”

“Just make sure you will go with us instead of being left behind,” Yue Wuwei said with a chuckle.


Yue Xiaonao immediately felt offended.

She ran over and yanked Yue Wuweis beard several times before running to the castle after Mengmeng to watch her pack.

There were indeed several calls to make.

“Hello Muen, its summer vacation now, and Im going out again for adventures with my parents.

The place were going to has no signal, so I wont surf the Internet.

See you next semester.”

“Yihan What are you doing Yes, I cant go and play with you during this summer vacation.

I have somewhere else to be.

Its for an important event.

I cant miss it.”


One after another, Mengmeng made phone calls.

The chatting alone took more than half an hour.

Then, she began to pack her things.

“Mengmeng, what are you going to pack Why do you need to take this little blackboard with you”

“There are little red flowers on the blackboard, which I obtained when I was in kindergarten.

Im used to taking several looks at the red flowers every day,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Whats there to see” Yue Xiaonao was baffled.

“With every little red flower, I can make my father grant me a wish.

Each of these flowers represents a promise to be made.

You know, theyre precious.

I cant bear to use any of them yet,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Well, you have an interesting hobby.” Yue Xiaonao sat in a chair and watched Mengmeng put everything into her Space Bracelet.

“You dont have to pack too many clothes, do you” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Dont they say that the Sea Dragon Star Area is very large You can buy some over there.”

“I only packed five sets of clothes.

Its not too many.”

Mengmeng said while doing the packing, “I gotta take some hats with me.

I didnt see any nice hats on the Dal Star.

I wonder whether other places have some.

Well, Ill pack some hats just in case I cant find any that I like there.”

“You have a point.

Ill pack some things in a moment as well.” Yue Xiaonao nodded.

In this way, the two girls chatted and did the packing.

More and more people were gathering outside.

“Im finally going to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area, a small part of the Cultivation World.

Im very much looking forward to it.

I feel vigorous at the moment.” Liu Qingfeng was in high spirits.

His eyes were gleaming.

“You finally have something to busy yourself with.” Zhang Mu smiled.

Zhang Guangyou also asked, “We wont take Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu to have a look this time”

“Maybe next time.”

Liu Qingfeng shook his head and said, “Lets go and check it out first.

We need to get more information.

Besides, the main purpose of this trip is to accompany Mengmeng to attend Princess Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.

Its not a very good time for Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu to leave the Kings Domain right now.

The two of them are the only ones in charge in the Kings Domain.

Now is the perfect time for them to establish their authority and raise the morale.”

“Well, okay.” Zhang Guangyou replied.

Then, he looked at Zhang Han and remarked, “Han, will we be safe in the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Your safety is guaranteed,” Zhang Han replied.

“Then lets follow the previous plan,” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Brother Liu, you can take your loved ones with you, such as Xiaofeng and Ah Hu.”

“As for Chen Chuan.” Chen Changqing sighed and said, “I think Chen Chuan is still a little too young for the trip, so I wont take him this time.

Feifei… Feifei will go with me.

Grandpa, please take care of Chen Chuan for me for a while.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan said, “Well, dont worry.

Itll be just a month and a few days.

I can take this opportunity to teach Chen Chuan about cultivation.”

“Can I go, too”

Xiao Ling, who was next to Liu Qingfeng, was excited.


Liu Qingfeng nodded and said, “Its good for you to go out and have a look.

After all, our next goal lies in that place.”

“And I can go as well” asked Zhou Fei.

She looked at Chen Changqing and the Warlord of Chan Clan.

With a hesitant look, she said, “But… But my son hasnt been away from me once since he was born.

Can this work Why dont we take him with us Or should I stay”

“Dont worry, Grandpa will watch over him.

Besides, we need some alone time as a couple.

Chen Chuan is really tough.

Hell be okay.

Besides, its just a month or so.

It will pass in the blink of an eye.” Chen Changqing sighed and continued, “I dont want to part with my son, either.

But we need to go and have a look, only that our son is too young for the trip.”

“You can take little Chen Chuan next time,” the Warlord of Chan Clan reassured her.

“Just put your mind at ease and leave him to me.

Ill take him back to Shang Jing and have fun.”

“Okay then.

Ill go and tell my son about this.

If hes not mentally prepared, hell be sad after we leave.”

Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and the Warlord of Chan Clan headed for the magic paradise.

Chen Chuan liked to play there.

At this time, he was hanging out there with a group of children about his age.

He played in the magic paradise during the day on holidays and came there to play in the evening when it was a school day.

Nothing could prevent him from having fun there.

“Then I can go this time, too.”

Liang Mengqi grabbed Zhao Fengs hand and stuck out her tongue at him.

She seemed elated as well.

“Dad, mom, I and Hao will go, too.”

Zhang Li and Liang Hao walked over quickly.

When they heard the news, they directly ditched their business on the open-air square and hurried over here.

The two liked traveling.

They certainly didnt want to miss this opportunity.

Both Liang Hao and Zhang Li looked a little guilty in front of Zhang Guangyou.

To their surprise, Zhang Guangyou didnt give them a roasting this time.

Instead, he smiled and said, “If you want to go, then go.

You should see the outside world and relieve yourself of worry.

Dont live under pressure.

You gotta be relaxed mentally.

Well… you should go out and have fun.”


Thank you, dad.” Zhang Li smiled happily.

It was just that she was a little confused because his fathers attitude seemed to be a little strange.

When she was bored and went to talk to Zhou Fei, Zhou Fei said something that staggered her.

“I told Uncle Zhang that sometimes, a man may have a difficult time bearing children if he is mentally stressed out.”

Zhang Li didnt know how to respond.

This had nothing to do with mental pressure.

The point was that she and Zhang Hao were not under any pressure at all.

They simply wanted to enjoy some alone time.

Recently, Zhang Li felt that it was good to have a child.

They were preparing to have one.

But when they suddenly heard the news, Zhang Li decided to put it off until after the trip,

If Zhang Guangyou knew the truth, he would be furious.

“Young Master, Master, we also want to go and take a look this time.”

Yun Feiyang, Jiang Bing, First Elder, Third Elder, and more than a dozen others came over.

“We were going to take you guys on this trip in the first place,” Zhang Guangyou said with a laugh.

“Well then, were good.”

The Grand Elder and the others immediately began to laugh.

They didnt go away but just sat in the pavilion on the side, waiting.

As the time to set off approached, more and more people gathered there.

Deep Flame, Ji Wushuang, and Lei Tiannan arrived at the same time.

“Are we finally departing”

Deep Flame was very much looking forward to this second trip to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Last time, he had only explored the Lost Continent and Dal Star.

This time, he decided to visit somewhere more exciting.

At the very least, he felt that the Coming of Age Ceremony of Nina, the seventh princess of the Elemental Elf Clan, would be very great fun.

After all, it was an event held by one of the wealthy and noble clans in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Although he could sense that the Elemental Elf Clan was only a second-rate force, currently, he still had to look up to them.

The Deep Valley was nothing if placed in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thinking of this, Deep Flame glanced at Zhang Han.


He thought to himself, “If it werent for Zhang Hanyang, Im afraid we would still be buffeted from pillar to post in the Sea Dragon Star Area, wouldnt we”

It was a well-grounded question.

“Daddy, Mummy, Im done with packing!”

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao ran over with a schoolbag of the latest design.

She then called Dahei and Tiny Tot.

The two rapidly shrank in size and climbed into the schoolbag.

“Oow, oow, oow!”

Dahei meant to say, “This home is quite nice!”

It looked happy because the back of the bag was transparent.

Sitting inside, it and Tiny Tot could see the scenery outside.

There were two flurry places like beds in the bag, on which they could lie down and rest.

This was great.

What they didnt know was that this schoolbag was designed by Mengmeng herself.

It was made by the worlds top brand, which was considered a custom-made luxury good.

It was no exaggeration to say that if this schoolbag was put on the market for sale, it would be priced at 50,000 yuan at least.

“Coo, Coo.”

Without telling Dahei, Tiny Tot lay down on the “big bed” in the schoolbag.

However, a moment later, Dahei threw itself on the bed, pressing Tiny Tot flat.

It took Tiny Tot about seven seconds to edge its way out.

Then, it went back to its small bed and lay down to sleep.

Ever since Tiny Tot devoured a lot of creatures of the Yin element in the Ghost Swamp last time, it had been spending most of its days sleeping soundly.

To Tiny Tot, sleeping was a way of cultivation.

This was an ability that many couldnt get no matter how envious they were.

Dahei had a similar ability.

It and Little Hei are cultivated through eating.

Little Hei mainly fed on gems, while Dahei ate spirit beasts.

Eating meat every day was what the three pets all liked to do.

Now, Tiny Tot was already very proficient in breathing fire.

“Its nine oclock.

There is nothing else to do.

We can depart in a moment.”

Zhang Han checked the time and said with a smile, “Mengmeng, go to the magic paradise and help Uncle Chen coax little Chen Chuan.”

“Well, okay.

Whats with him” Mengmeng asked subconsciously and turned to look in the direction of the magic paradise.


“Your Uncle Chen and Aunty Feifei are also going to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Chen Chuan is too young, so they decided not to take him there,” Zi Yan explained.

“Chen Chuan may feel wronged for days for being left behind while all the others are hanging out.

Chen Chuan always listens to you.

You should go and talk to him.”


Mengmeng ran to the side, followed by Yue Xiaonao.

“Chen Chuan, why are you crying” Mengmeng shouted from a distance, for she already saw the tears in Chen Chuans eyes.

“Im not crying, boo-hoo…”

“Still want to deny that Even your snot is out.” Mengmeng approached him and looked him up and down a few times.

“You are already a young man.

Dont cry.”

“But my parents wont take me on the trip,” Chen Chuan said in a wronged tone.

“Because its dangerous outside!” Mengmeng said.

“Chen Chuan, your strength is still too weak now.

Well, Uncle Chen, how about you take him with you”

“Well, yes, thats right.” Chen Changqing nodded repeatedly at first.

Yet, when he heard the last sentence Mengmeng said, he suddenly became flustered.

“What did you say”

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