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Chapter 1073 Endless Blessings

“Uncle Chen, Aunty Feifei, I cant believe you two are going out to have fun by yourselves without bringing Chen Chuan.

Humph, my daddy takes me with him wherever he goes.” Mengmeng snorted.

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei were rendered speechless.

Their eyes were filled with consternation.

“Are you sure youre here to coax Chen Chuan other than giving us more trouble”

On the other side of the field, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei, who were paying close attention to the situation in the magic paradise, also showed strange looks on their faces in an instant.

“Ha, hahaha.” Yue Wuwei applauded and praised, “Its an eye-opener for me.”

“Ahem, ahem.” Zhang Han coughed softly and did not say anything.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan asked in confusion.

“Your precious Mengmeng ran over and took Chen Chuans side after exchanging just a few words.

She is now trying to talk Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei into taking Chen Chuan with them instead,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Eh” Zi Yan was also stunned.

She found it both annoying and amusing.

“This girl went to do a disservice.”

“Boo-hoo… eh”

Chen Chuans expression gradually froze.

At first, he didnt hear Mengmengs words very clearly.

But later, he felt that he had heard it correctly.

Suddenly, he was surprised and joyful.

“Sister Mengmeng, can you say it again”

“I mean, Chen Chuan is already seven years old.

Uncle Chen, Aunty Feifei, you can take him with you.” Mengmeng acted like a big sister and added, “If you want to enjoy some alone time, I can look after Chen Chuan and take him to play.”


Zhou Fei rolled her eyes with resignation and countered, “Chen Chuan is only seven.

Hes just adapted to life in primary school.

His grades are not as good as yours, and he is always naughty.

If he goes out and sees the colorful world, can he continue to focus on study when he comes back”

“I can! I can! I can focus!” Chen Chuan was a quick-witted kid.

He knew that the opportunity had come since Sister Mengmeng had made the request.

He immediately thumped his chest and promised, “I wont let the trip compromise my grades.

If I have to, Ill take my homework with me during the trip.

Ill finish all my homework.”

“Great-Grandson, didnt you agree to cultivate with Great-Grandpa Lets…” said the Warlord of Chan Clan, who put on a this-is-still-negotiable look.


But before he could finish his words, Chen Chuan burst into tears.

The Warlord of Chan Clan couldnt say anything after that.

“How could he cry so hard Could it be that my great-grandson doesnt like me”


Chen Changqings determination wavered.

He looked at Zhou Fei.

For one thing, Chen Chuan was very young.

That was only one of the reasons.

For another, they were worried about his safety and the influence the trip would bring him.

Chen Chuan had been living in Xiangjiang since he was born.

If they abruptly placed him in the Sea Dragon Star Area, they were afraid that it would be too overwhelming.

Mengmeng, at least, had learned about cultivation and stuff step by step.

First, she went to the martial arts world in the secular, then to the relics, worldlets, the Kunlun Immortal World, the Ancient Mine.

She also had learned about the Kings Domain, the Boundless Sea, the Northernmost Sea, and many other places.

It was not until she had learned so much that she went to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area.

However, as soon as Chen Chuan cried, Chen Changqing began to vacillate.

Originally, he could have gritted his teeth and power through.

However, now Mengmeng had come, Chen Chuans cries became even louder.

Unable to make up his mind, he looked at Zhou Fei.

To his surprise…

“Look at how much harm your bad idea has done!” Zhou Fei said angrily.

She then held Chen Chuan in her arms and said in a soothing voice, “Son, dont cry.

Well take you with us.

Well go out to play together, okay Its only because your daddy was worried about your safety that we said you wouldnt go with us until next time and should stay and learn about cultivation from Great-Grandpa.”

“Really” Chen Chuans crying stopped abruptly, and his eyes lit up.


Lets go together.” Chen Changqing suddenly realized that only when his son was with him could his mood be perfectly good.

Sighing softly, Chen Changqing pushed those unnecessary worries to the back of his mind and said with a smile, “Well, Chen Chuan, youre a man.

Dont cry.

Go and make preparations.

Were leaving soon.”

“Okay, where are we going to play” Chen Chuan rubbed his head against Zhou Feis designer outfit, leaving on it a mess of glittering and translucent snot.

Zhou Fei didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Well go to a place youve never been to before.

In Mengmengs words, were going beyond the planet.” Chen Changqing showed a mysterious smile.

“Beyond the planet What planet”


Chen Chuan was bemused.

“What the heck”

Now that the problem was solved, Chen Changqing and his family went back to the villa to do the packing.

“Mengmeng, didnt they ask you to coax Chen Chuan” Yue Xiaonao reminded her.

“Ah, eh Oh, um…”

Mengmengs expression changed several times.

Eventually, she looked a little guilty.

Mengmeng then headed toward the Thunder Yang Tree with Yue Xiaonao, her pupils rolling with an arch twinkle.

“Dad and the others couldnt have seen it, could they

“But it doesnt matter.”

Seeing Chen Chuan crying just now, Mengmeng was reminded of the time when she insisted on going to the Kunlun Immortal World with her daddy.

Why did she insist on going

Because she wanted to be with her daddy, even if it could be dangerous.

At that time, she didnt think much about the consequences.

Now that Chen Chuan wanted to go on the trip with his parents, she reckoned it was okay.

Therefore, she immediately steered the conversation in the opposite direction.

When Mengmeng approached, many people turned to look at her.

Zi Yan even asked lightly, “Mengmeng, have you coaxed Chen Chun out of his bad mood”

“Yes, I have,” Mengmeng said guiltily.

“Hahaha, to be precise, you coaxed Changqing and Feifei instead, right” Zhang Guangyou laughed and said, “Granddaughter, you are really capable.”


Mengmeng puffed up her cheeks and looked with dissatisfaction at her grandpa, who was laughing out loud.

“Well, its fine as long as everyone is happy.”

Zi Yan gave a resigned smile.

Then, her expression changed as she looked at Zhang Guangyou.

“By the way, Dad, tomorrow is your birthday.

We may have to celebrate your birthday on the way.

Ive ordered a cake patterned with the fox character, Ali.

But it seems to be no use now.”

“Wow, my daughter-in-law even remembers my birthday,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“I appreciate your kindness.

Well, its no big deal whether we celebrate my birthday or not.

After all, Im still young.

I have many birthdays to celebrate in the future.”

Yes, you are very young, Grandpa.”

Mengmeng suddenly showed a smiley face.

She ran to Zhang Hans side, looked at Zhang Guangyou, and bowed solemnly.

In a clear voice, she said, “Grandpa, tomorrow is your birthday.

I wish Grandpa a happy birthday in advance.”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

“Grandpa, people say that suffering losses is a blessing.

I wish you have endless blessings,” Mengmeng added.

“Ha… cough!”

Zhang Guangyou choked on his saliva and looked at his granddaughter in a daze.

“Good Lord.

I merely laughed at her a little.

Now she quickly got back at me with this.”

He seemed to have almost forgotten that Mengmengs tongue was sometimes extremely sharp.

“Mengmeng, how can you talk to Grandpa like that” Zi Yan scolded her immediately.

“I was just kidding.” Mengmeng stuck out her tongue and made a face.

“Yeah, it was a joke.

Dont scare my precious granddaughter,” Zhang Guangyou said to Zi Yan in a hurry.

Zhang Guangyou completely understood that he had to be on the same team as Mengmeng.

He had seen with his own eyes how clever and mischievous his granddaughter was.

Now that she was more than 13 years old and had behaved for a while, he was so gleeful that he forgot about it for the moment.

Zhang Guangyou looked around.

After making sure that almost all the people going on the trip were here, he said, “Basically, everyone is here.

Lets set off as soon as Changqing and his family come here.”

“Brother Mu,” First Elder said, “I heard from Xiaowu that Young Lord already subdued many high-level forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area when you went there for the trial last time.

Is it true”

“Yes, it is.” Zhang Mu nodded.

“However, those forces are only a small part of the forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

A few of them belong to the upper echelons.

But the Sea Dragon Star Area is rather vast, and the forces there are very complicated.

Those Han defeated may only make one percent of the entire forces.”

“Its that vast” First Elder rubbed his hands and said, “Ha, Im now kind of excited about the coming journey.

Now were leaving Earth for the vast Cultivation World.

Thats something I didnt even dare to think about in the past.”

“We should all thank Young Lord.

Without him, we wouldnt have had such a wonderful life,” the decisive but taciturn Third Elder said.

Everyone instantly sighed with emotion.

“Yes, without Han, Im afraid life would be completely different now.”

“Its not an exaggeration to say that Young Lord is my savior, or perhaps the greatest opportunity Ive ever had.”


“Hahaha, hahaha…” Hearing everyone compliment Zhang Han, Mengmeng couldnt help giggling.

Her smile was very beautiful, and her laughter was very sweet.

She had always been Zhang Hans loyal fan.

Any compliment for Zhang Han would put a smile on her face.

“But we have also offended some high-level forces,” Deep Flame added, “In fact, what Zhang Han said made great sense.

We can regard Sea Dragon Star Area as a city.

Take our Xiangjiang as an example.

The south island is divided into several districts, which are New Moon Bay, Eastern District, North Ring District, North District, Zhu Keng District, Southern District, Western District, Jiansha District in the north, Longcheng District, and so on.

There are many districts.

“Likewise, the Sea Dragon Star Area is also divided into many subareas.

For example, there is the Sea Star Area with developed technology.

Near the central region, there is the Cloud Star Area, where the Cloud Shadow Sky is located.

The destination of this trip we take is the Roland Star in the Heavenly North Star Area, where the Elemental Elves live.

There are not too many subareas.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is the same as the city.

It is just that every subarea is centered on one planet.”

Hearing this, Jiang Bing scratched his head and said, “After hearing your explanation, I feel that Ive had a rough understanding of the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“If we take a spaceship, how long will it take to travel between two central planets in two adjacent planets” Liu Qingfeng asked.

He was more interested in this kind of thing.

“Spaceships, which usually refer to fleets, can enter secondary spaces.

That makes traveling very fast.

It took us only a little more than an hour to go from the Lost Continent to the Dal Star.

The two Star Areas dont seem to be very far away.

Perhaps its just a one-day journey.

I heard from Young Master Li Mu that it would take at least five days to go from the Dal Star to the Cloud Star Area and at least seven days to go from the Dal Star to the Sea Central Star Area.

And the longest journey between two Star Areas is about 10 days.” Deep Flame said pensively.

After that, he suddenly laughed and said, “Youd better consult Elder Yue about this.”

“It depends on what kind of spaceship you ride.

The main vessel is faster than an ordinary spaceship.

To travel between the two central planets of two neighboring Star Areas, the length of the journey can range from four hours to 10 hours.

The outline of each Star Area is different.

He has just explained a lot about it.

You can take the Sea Dragon Star Area as Xiangjiang and expand the time of the ride between different districts by about 10 times.

Then, youll know roughly how long it takes to travel between two Star Areas,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Okay, I see.” Liu Qingfeng nodded.

He glanced at Zhang Han and remarked, “To establish a company there, we have to conduct an investigation first.

Also, we need to learn about the market of resources.

The establishment of fleets is the most important thing to do.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is not ruled by law.

Thus, we need to rely on strong military forces at first.

When I was in the Kings Domain, I already began to hatch a plan.

Ive also observed Lord Nan Shan and the others for a long time.

I think they are quite reliable.

With the help of the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, the Shuiyun Sect, and the Deep Valley, which are all forces in our league, we can establish a firm foothold in the Sea Dragon Star Region.

The early investment must be quite high.

But Ive heard about the price differences in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I think Ive smelt great business opportunities.

If its not too much trouble, I hope you wouldnt mind me, a useless old man, doing some investigation.”

“Of course, we wouldnt mind,” Zi Yan said hastily.

“Uncle Liu, were all grateful that youre willing to help us.”

“Dont overthink this.” Zhang Han gave a positive answer, “Uncle Liu, your ability is obvious to all.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is just a transitional place for your career.

Im looking forward to seeing you opening companies all over the Cultivation World.”

“Those will be your companies.” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

With their support, he knew that this matter had been proved feasible.

“Well, as for these…” Zhang Han trailed off.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han decided not to say anything.

It could be said that if Zhang Han would carry out Liu Qingfengs plan, they could achieve twice the result with half the effort.

However, Zhang Han knew he was not the only one talented in this group.

Zhang Hans goal was to take Mengmeng to travel in the cosmos instead of starting companies.

Thus, many things required the others to do by themselves.

This could be a process for them to harden themselves.

It would also enable them to understand the Sea Dragon Star Area faster.

“We have more than enough crystal stones.

Just go carry out your plan without worries.

Yet, our first stop must still be Roran Star, for we need to attend Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.

Its also a good opportunity to meet some disciples of the noble sects in the Sea Dragon Star Area,” Zhang Han said.

While they were talking, Chen Changqing and his family came out.

“Sister Mengmeng, Im coming.”

Chen Chuan was wearing jeans and sneakers.

He was also wearing a cap.

He ran to Mengmeng with his schoolbag on his back, saying, “Sister Mengmeng, Im going out to play with you together.”

“I heard you.

Why bother shouting” Mengmeng glanced at him.

Chen Chuan got cocky every time he was in a good mood.

And every time he got cocky, Mengmeng wanted to play tricks on him.

This was a vicious cycle.

“Its not certain when we will come back from the Sea Dragon Star Area this time.

Mengmeng, have you finished your homework” Zi Yan smiled.

“Mummy, dont!”

Mengmeng showed a long face and said bitterly, “You did it again when I was having a good time!”

“I was not trying to ruining your good mood,” Zi Yan said with amusement.

“You should also bring your homework with you.

As the others said, it will take some time for us to go to the Roland Star.

Why dont you do your homework on the way there With your homework all done, you can enjoy yourself to the full without any concerns.”


Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Mommy, you are so smart.

Ill go get my homework right away.”

She immediately ran toward her bedroom.

From the outside, she leaped, landed on the balcony of the second floor, and then jumped into her bedroom.

Her movements were fluid and beautiful.

Only 10 seconds later, Mengmeng jumped down from the balcony on the third floor.

At this moment, her elegant figure silhouetted against the silvery moon behind her was magnificent.


Mengmeng landed safely on the ground.

Finally, it was time to set off.


Yue Wuwei waved his hand and a black ship appeared.

This was a different ship.

Last time, the one they took seemed to be a small wooden boat.

But this time, it was a steel ship.

The body of the ship was a little fluorescent.

It looked like a sightseeing ship.

There were many tables and chairs inside.

“Get on board,” Yue Wuwei said lightly.

“Lets go,” Mengmeng said cheerfully as well.

They boarded the ship one after another.

In the meantime, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Wang Zhanpeng, and the others all reluctantly waved goodbye to them.

They planned to be the second group to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area after the first group established a firm foothold in the Sea Dragon Star Area in the future.

After saying goodbye, the ship hovering above Mount New Moon vanished in the blink of an eye, as though it had disapparated.

That was exactly what happened.

In an instant, they arrived at the Boundless Sea.

Chen Chuan stood on his chair, looked around, and exclaimed, “Wow! Its amazing!”

He had never seen such a strange scene before.

He found it very cool.

“You are making a fuss over nothing,” Mengmeng said.

“Chen Chuan, the more beautiful place is still some distance away.

Its called Clear Stream.

That place is very interesting.”

“What is Clear Stream”

“Its the name of a place.”

When Chen Chuan saw the Clear Stream, he felt as if he were flying in the air overlooking the various Lords of the sea below.

This feeling was wonderful.

“How clear the water is!”

“Look at those Lords of the sea! Holy cow, I feel that if I jumped into the water and whacked them, they could kill me just by breathing on me,” said Jiang Bing.

He felt that his hair had stood on end.

“The depths of the Boundless Sea are this beautiful.”

Many who saw this for the first time, such as Yun Feiyang, Jiang Bing, First Elder, were wonderstruck.

Even though Chen Changqing, Mu Xue, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and the others had been here once, they still looked around with great interest.

When they passed the colossal waterfall and looked off into the void of the universe ahead, they felt that it was somewhat surreal.

After that, they stepped into the universe and continued to travel.

“Honey, didnt Nina give us a communication device Shall we contact her first and tell her the time we will arrive so that she can rest assured” Zi Yan suddenly said.

The so-called “rest assured” meant signaling Nina that she should not act recklessly.

After all, Hu Zhiqiang and Hu Bin, the two important members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, had been killed.

If the Tiger Talisman Royal Family put the Elemental Elf Clan under pressure for this, the Elemental Elf Clan would have to find a way to channel the pressure.

However, now the man responsible for the incident had come, the Elemental Elf Clan should stay put even if they were ready to make some moves.


Zhang Han nodded and said, “Elder Yue, lets go to the Dal Star first.”

“Okay,” Yue Wuwei responded.

They continued forward.

Shortly after, they arrived on the Dal Star.

As they looked at the enormous spatial base, many of them were deeply impressed.

“There is a space station and many spaceships.”

Liu Qingfeng stood up and gazed at the space station ahead.

“Its size is quite large.”

“Of course, Dad,” Ah Hu said with a smile.

“This is the Dal Star, which is relatively close to the neighboring Star Area.

There are quite a lot of fleets coming and going, which are of a large scale.

But the fleets dont belong to this planet.”

“What a spectacular scene!” Liu Jiaran locked arms with Ah Hu.

Upon seeing this, she felt somewhat nervous.

The nervousness came from the fear of the unknown.

“Is the offensive power of a fleet very strong” Liu Qingfeng looked at Zhang Han and asked.

Zhang Han answered, “There are different levels.

The technology of the Sea Dragon Star Area is not bad.

Their fleets can also function in other Star Areas.

Yuan Ying Realm cultivators can only stay in the universe without any external equipment for a short time.

Those in the God Transformation Realm have strong enough physical bodies to travel freely in the universe by themselves.

Their supernatural powers are so mighty that even main vessels are afraid of them.

Only the fleets with at least one king vessel can travel in the universe with complete ease.

However, the Sea Dragon Star Area is not that developed yet.

To put it in plain words, main vessels have the power to defeat Yuan Ying Realm cultivators, but that power is not absolute.

“The defense of main vessels also varies.

We should mainly evaluate it on a case-by-case basis.

There is no constant truth in the Cultivation World.

Ive heard of a person who has 999 dantians and could kill Yuan Ying Realm cultivators with bare hands when he was only at the Foundation Stage.

He has killed countless people in the Elixir Real Realm and Yuan Ying Realm.”

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