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Chapter 1075 The Roland Star

“Irene, I never thought that Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony could be so grand,” the male elf said in a teasing tone, “if we also sent such a message at that time, the Coming of Age Ceremony you had 30 years ago could have been better.

There would be more celebrities coming than today.”

The slightly flattering words made Irenes lips curve into a tiny smile.

She waved her hand to let the aircraft on the side pass.

Then, she said blandly, “Although Nina is still young, she is still a beauty.

It is perfectly justified for her to marry into any foreign powerful force.

Its just a pity that when an Elemental Elf marries a foreign man, she will be branded with shame for the rest of her life.

After she gets married, she would have few chances to come back in the future…”

“I heard that…” The male elf looked left and right before saying in a low voice, “Its all because Nina has made a friend who vanquished the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys fleet that weve been targeted by them in these past few months and suffered heavy losses.

Some also say that Nina has already advanced to the Yuan Ying Realm.”

“With her aptitude, how could she break through to the Yuan Ying Realm so quickly” Irene frowned slightly.

After two seconds of silence, she eased her brows and said lightly, “Whether she has made it to the Yuan Ying Realm or not, its only right and proper for her to deal with the trouble she caused.

I dont understand why she is such an idiot when it comes to making friends How could she befriend a random guy when she was out on a trial Shes still too young and naive.

Now, she has to pay with the rest of her life.”

“Yes, shes too young and naive.” The male elf shook his head slightly.

He picked up the equipment and scanned the aircraft on the side.

The aircraft was shaped like a bar and did not look particularly beautiful.

“Huh” He suddenly let out a soft cry in surprise.

“This one doesnt have an invitation card.”

Irene immediately walked to the side of the platform.

When she was close enough, she informed in a flat voice, “Please open the cabin door.”


The cabin door moved in a kind of strange way.

It flipped open like the roof of a convertible sports car.

The entire upper half of the aircraft had been lifted open, too.

Many people were sitting inside, looking at the female elf.

“May I know who you are” Irene asked.

“We are Ninas good friends.

Were here to attend her Coming of Age Ceremony,” Mengmeng poked her head out and said excitedly.


Irene suddenly gave a soft chuckle.

She glanced around at the crowd in front of her and said flatly, “Perhaps I didnt make myself clear.

I meant to ask which force you belong to.”

“We dont belong to any forces.

Were just Ninas friends,” Mengmeng answered.

She gazed at Irene with a bemused look.

“Seems that the procedures to enter the Roland Star are quite stringent.”

“Im sorry.

If youre just friends of one of us and dont belong to any forces, youre not allowed to enter.” Irenes face turned lukewarm as she said, “We Elemental Elves are nobles of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Many members of the royal family are well-known in the Star Area.

We cant directly let people in just because they claim to be friends of our members.

Security, escort them out.”

After Irene said that, more than a dozen subordinates on the side came over directly.

Each of them conjured up their wands in their hands and eyed Mengmeng and the others warily.

They had made it clear that if anyone dared to make trouble here, they would be arrested immediately.

Chen Chuan was standing on tiptoe to see what was happening outside.

As soon as he took a few glances, he withdrew his head and whispered.

“Sister Mengmeng, they are so fierce!”

Mengmeng pursed her lips.

Just as she prepared to say something, Zhang Han spoke, “Please go in and inform the king that Zhang Hanyang is here to attend Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.”

“Er, sorry, we only accept invitations.” The male elf just came out of seclusive cultivation a few days ago, so he hadnt heard about Zhang Hanyang.

But Irene had heard the name before.


She waved her hand to the male elf beside her, motioning him to stop talking.

Then, she looked at Zhang Han with playfulness in her eyes.

“Youre that Zhang Hanyang Never knew you would really have the guts to come.”

“Hey, no one knows you here.

Can you just let us in” Mu Xue frowned and scolded, “Since when can a gatekeeper be so condescending”

“What did you say” Irene was slightly dazed.

After grasping the derision, she showed glaring anger on her face.

“Thats enough.” Zhang Guangyou didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He looked at Irene and said, “Since youve heard of Zhang Hanyang, you should also know that were really Ninas friends.

Please let us go in.”

“Its one thing that I know who you are.

And its another whether I would grant you access,” Irene said with a cold laugh.

“So you dont plan to let us in” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“I really want to see how youll face the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Today is Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony, and she will also pick a man as her fiancé, so I let you in.”

Irene waved, motioning for her subordinates to open the energy door.


The curtain of energy blocking the exit dissipated.

Yue Wuweis small ship slowly flew in.

“I say they are the condescending ones, arent they” The male elf said in annoyance.

“How dare they be so arrogant and patronizing on our Roland Star Irene, why did you let them go in Even if you didnt grant them access, they couldnt do anything about it.

I dont think they would dare to make trouble here, would they”

“You think they wouldnt dare” Irene said coolly, “Come on, they even dared to kill Hu Zhiqiang and Hu Bin.

In their eyes, were nothing.

Well, they do have strong strength.

But if they think they can run amuck in the Sea Dragon Star Area just with that, they are too callow.

Without even thinking, I know that they havent been in the Sea Dragon Star Area for long, so why should we be bothered by those who havent seen much of the world Let them feel the might of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Im sure that scene will be very interesting to watch.”

“What They are the ones who killed Hu Zhiqiang” The male elfs countenance changed greatly.

His expression became a little undecided.

Finally, he smiled contemptuously and said, “Well, it seems that there will be a good show to watch.

Ninas friends have come.

That alone will cause Nina to take some responsibilities today.

Also, she will definitely pick a powerful fiancé with a strong background today.”

“Dont you have a friend in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family You can tell him that Zhang Hanyang has already arrived,” Irene said in an indifferent tone.



On the small ship.

“Daddy, why is she so hostile to us” Mengmeng was puzzled.

The others also seemed to be deep in thought.

“Generally, in such an uncertain situation, we can list all the possible answers first.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “The first possibility is that she may be jealous of Nina because her Coming of Age Ceremony is very grand.

The second is that she considers it a disgrace for the Elemental Elf Clan that Nina will marry into a foreign clan.

Thus, when she learned that we were the people who caused all this, she showed her anger on her face.

The third one is that she is just an unfriendly person.

The fourth is that she is upset because she has been sent to welcome guests even though she is a royal member with some prestige in the Elemental Elf Clan.

And my fifth guess is that its because of other factors.”

“Next, we shall employ the method of exclusion to narrow the possibility.

Judging from her words and expressions, she doesnt seem to have associated marrying into a foreign clan with disgrace.

Previously, when she and the other elf were chatting, they even flaunted that so many influential figures were coming, and discussed if this would improve their status.

Then, could it be their personality Elemental Elves are generally well-versed in etiquette.

But each one of them can have their own way of treating others.

That elfs expression was rather lukewarm from the start, which showed that she is dissatisfied with this job.

Her personality certainly plays a part in this.

However, it only plays a small part, so this possibility can be scratched out.”

“Therefore, the most possible answer is that she is very jealous of Ninas fame and beauty.

She has never had such a grand Coming of Age Ceremony herself.

Originally, she thought she would have a chance to socialize with those influential figures in the palace.

Yet, to her disappointment, she was sent over here to welcome guests.

So she looked very indifferent at the beginning.

Some details about her also indicate the same theory.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned after the long speech.

She said doubtfully, “Really”

“Its just my guess,” Zhang Han replied.

“Daddy, when did you learn to be so naughty” Mengmeng curled her lips.

It was not until then that she realized that her daddy was coaxing her.

“Well, it actually makes some sense after giving it a thought.” Chen Changqing smiled and said, “Brother Hans observation is very meticulous.

But making such guesses is pointless.

Peoples hearts are past finding out.”


Zhang Han brushed Mengmengs head and said, “Im just giving you some thoughts.

In the Cultivation World, it wont hurt too often think like that.”

“Well, I see.” Mengmeng nodded obediently.

“Ill bear this in mind, too, Uncle Zhang,” Chen Chuan, who was next to Mengmeng, nodded and replied seriously.

“By the way, no one is showing us the way.

Where are we going” Mu Xue suddenly said.

“Just follow the red aircraft ahead.” Yue Wuwei said, “Its better that no one is leading the way.

We can roam around and take a look.”

Thankfully, there were a few aircraft flying toward the ground.

They followed them through the atmosphere and saw the scenery of the world on the Roland Star.

It was early morning.

The sun was rising from the edge of the horizon, illuminating the earth.

All kinds of green plants could be seen.

Some of them were towering into clouds as if the pillar of the world.

Some flowers were dozens of meters tall, and their petals emitted soft brilliance.

The ground below was full of life.

“What a beautiful world!”

Beautiful things always made people feel good.

They soon put the negative feelings incurred by Irene just now to the back of their minds.

“Its so pretty!”

Mengmengs eyes gleamed as she said, “Daddy, can I take some pictures I brought the camera just for this.”

“Sure,” Zhang Han said with amusement.


Mengmeng giggled, took out a professional camera from her Space Bracelet, and began to take pictures of the ground.

“Grandpa, please take a photo of us.”

Mengmeng handed the camera to Zhang Guangyou and led Zhang Han and Zi Yan to stand on the edge of the ship with her against the beautiful scenery behind them.

Yue Wuwei considerately changed the appearance of the ship.

It once again became a simple wooden boat.


A picture was taken.

In the picture, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were smiling gently, while Mengmeng grinned happily.

The beautiful moment was captured.

The others also took out electronic devices one after another and took some photos on the way.

Chen Chuan, in particular, kept asking Mengmeng to take pictures with him.

“Sister Mengmeng, take some more photos with me.”

“Sister Mengmeng, we havent snapped a picture from this angle.

Lets take one.”

“Sister Mengmeng…”

“Chen Chuan!” Mengmeng kicked Chen Chuan in the butt and said, “Behave yourself! Ive taken eight photos with you.

If you keep doing this, I wont speak up for you next time so that Uncle Chen and Aunty Feifei wont take you on outings.”


That frightened Chen Chuan.

He immediately stood in front of Mengmeng sheepishly and said, “Then I wont take more photos.

Sister Mengmeng, Ill do as you told me.”

There was no doubt that Chen Chuan was very smart.

He knew that Mengmeng had a great say on Mount New Moon since he was little.

If he followed Mengmengs leadership, he could live a good life.

This scene made Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei both upset and amused.

“Look over there.”

Mu Xue suddenly pointed to the front.

“Its a palace constructed of plants How large it is!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw the Elemental Elf Clans royal palace.

It was so vast that its size was comparable to that of the south island in Xiangjiang.

The palace took up hectares of land.

It was divided into many different areas.

In the centermost area was an enormous palace.

Its magnificence manifested that it was where the King of Elves lived.

At this time, above the palace, there were lanterns, ribbons, and all kinds of ornaments.

The place was filled with a festive aura.

The aircraft landed on a plain.

Yue Wuwei did not disembark immediately.

When they approached the destination, he put away the boat.

Seeing this, the dozen security guards in charge of the aircraft parking lot were a little stunned.

“Where did they hide their aircraft”

After Zhang Han and his group filed out along with other guests, the security guards looked at one another in amazement.

“Wow, they must have a Space Treasure with big storage space.

Thats why they can put an entire boat away.”

“How extravagant! That boat we saw just now took up at least 50 cubic meters.

A Space Treasure with space of at least 50 cubic meters is very precious.”

“I wonder which force they belong to.

Ive never seen them before.

Our Sea Dragon Star Area is truly a place where powerful figures can be found.”


No one paid attention to these discussions.

After getting off their aircraft, groups of people dressed gorgeously went straight inside.

They came out from the side exit and stepped on a straight road that led to the inner palace.

It looked like a road paved with red flowers.

The petals were shaped like rose petals.

They were very soft.

Standing on them was more comfortable than standing on a carpet.

On both sides, there were both elves and guests coming and going.

That could be said to be a hubbub.

One could even see a few people chatting with one another in groups of three or four.

“Why do I feel that this event is similar to the upper-class cocktail party on our planet” After observing for a while, Liu Qingfengs curiosity was quelled by more than half.

“Gatherings in the Sea Dragon Star Area are pretty much the same as ours.”

“Yes, its not much different.”

Zhang Han nodded.

“In some aspects, its essentially the same.”

“Haha, I suddenly found that the Sea Dragon Star Area is not as challenging as I thought.” Liu Qingfeng suddenly laughed out loud.

His confidence doubled.

“Youll see when you stay a while longer here,” Yue Wuwei said with emotion.

He held Yue Xiaonaos hand and stood beside Lisa, introducing them to all the novel things around like a commentator.

He was also a very thoughtful man.

Zhang Hans family of three was together.

Chen Chuan stood to Mengmengs right and followed them obediently, while Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei were on Chen Chuans right side.

Most of the others were at the back.

Jiang Bing, First Elder, Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, and those who came here for the first time were more or less reserved.

“Its so strange.”

They looked around at the many things they had never seen before and exclaimed in amazement.

The new place kept refreshing their knowledge of the world.

“I wonder if Ding Jiuming will come this time.

If he comes, I have to ask him in person why he didnt go back with everyone else after that trial,” Sect Leader Mu said.

He liked Ding Jiuming very much.

Although he never expected Ding Jiuming to make big contributions to the sect, he still felt a little uncomfortable after the young man left without a word.

“Him Humph.” Mu Xue snorted and said, “Dad, dont keep thinking about him.

He said he was going to pick up girls in the cosmos.”

“Yeah, he is very ambitious.” Wu Ming echoed, “Ding Jiumings mental state is a little strange.

Sect Leader Mu, youd better keep a distance from him.”

The battle Ding Jiuming had was still vivid in his mind.

Killing opponents was one thing, but torturing them to death was another.

That was what Wu Ming read from that battle.

He thought that Ding Jiuming might have been haunted by his inner demon.

During this period, he was relatively fickle.

“Ill ask him if I see him What He cant dare to harm his master, can he” Sect Leader Mu snorted.

He was not angry with Wu Ming.

It was just that this matter kind of bugged him.

In response, Wu Ming spread out his hands with resignation.

Liang Mengqi snuggled up to Zhao Feng and said, “Feng, this place is really beautiful.

Do you think that we can also go sightseeing in the Sea Dragon Star Area often in the future”

“Certainly.” Zhao Feng beamed and said, “We can visit here often.”

“Hahaha, then I dont want to have babies too soon.

Lets enjoy ourselves for another two years,” Liang Mengqi said with a grin.

As soon as she said that, Zhang Lis eyes lit up.

She tugged Liang Hao toward Zhang Guangyous side and gestured at Liang Mengqi, who was quietly leaning on Zhao Fengs shoulder.

“Dad, did you hear them just now Its normal to think like that.

Hao and I are still young.”

“Huh” Zhang Guangyou scowled at her and snapped, “Girl, as I didnt come to scold you, youve come to argue with me, havent you”

“No-no-no,” Liang Hao laughed a dry laugh and said, “Dad, dont listen to Lili.

These days, she has told me several times that she wants children.

I feel that she is more mature now, so she may start to consider it.

Dad, dont worry about it.

We will continue to work on it.”

“Just let nature take its course,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

Like many mothers-in-law, Rong Jiali liked her son-in-law very much.

Although Zhang Guangyou always nagged Zhang Li and Liang Hao, actually, Liang Haos life on Mount New Moon was very happy.

No one accused him of being a live-in son-in-law or anything.

In fact, it was mainly attributed to how Zhang Han, Zhang Guangyou, and Zhang Mu usually conducted themselves.

“If those closest to you look down on you, who would treat you with respect”

Because Zhang Han and the others distinguished their family from enemies, the social conduct on Mount New Moon became very upright.

After living there for a long time, some even gradually kicked many bad habits.

It was not groundless to say that keep good men company and one shall be of the number.

After walking for more than half an hour, they finally arrived at a large square surrounded by flowers and trees.

The air was filled with a light fragrance.

There were many tables and chairs in the square.

Many people, standing or seated, were chatting.

On the tables were some special delicacies of the Roland Star.

When Chen Chuan saw the food, he immediately said, “Sister Mengmeng, there are many yummy dishes on the tables.”

“Then lets have a taste.”

After entering the square, Mengmeng was no longer anxious.

Everyone went to the tables and chairs on the side, sat down, and tasted the snacks on the table.

“It is so sweet.”

Chen Chuan ate without a stop.

“This is too sour.

It doesnt taste good.”

“Sister Mengmeng, try this.

It smells as good as milk.”


Yue Xiaonao, who was sitting next to Mengmeng, grumbled, “Chen Chuan, why did you keep helping your Sister Mengmeng with the food What about Sister Xiaonao”

“Because Sister Mengmeng and I are close,” Chen Chuan replied matter-of-factly.

Yue Xiaonao was rendered speechless.

“Little brat, if it werent for the fact that Im years older than you, I would definitely beat you!”

Yue Xiaoxi shook her fist at Chen Chuan and snorted.

Then, she went back to tasting the food on her own.

Seeing that Chen Chuan was wolfing the snacks down, Zhang Han reminded him, “Dont eat too much here.

This is just the outer area of the party.

When the Coming of Age Ceremony starts, the banquet will be sumptuous, and there will be more tasty food.”

“Eh” Chen Chuans expression froze.

He patted his cheek with his hand and said with annoyance, “Im almost full.”

“Hahaha, you little foodie,” Mengmeng said with a grin.

She looked at Zhang Han.

Then, her beautiful big eyes swept the square before she lowered her voice and said, “Daddy, we dont know any of the people here.

Where is Nina I want to see her.”

“Youll know very soon,” Zhang Han said, looking to the left.

A figure was striding toward them.

“Eh Uncle Mo Wen”

Mengmeng looked over and was pleasantly surprised.

She got up and walked toward him.

Just as she was about to greet him, Mo Wen waved his hand and quickened his pace.

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