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Chapter 1087 Being Unreasonable

“Well, lets talk about something more pleasant,” the King of Elves Third Queen hurriedly advised in the attempt to liven the atmosphere.

Beamingly, she then said, “There are so many cute kids here.

Why dont we play a game before the meal”

“Yes, we should play a game.”

Zhang Han leaned back and looked at the King of Elves with a distant look, saying, “First, I and my people will eat, while You lot leave.

“Second, before you go out, Ill give you two options.

The first one is that you apologize to Nina.

Each of you has to say something apologetic, but you cannot repeat others words.

The second one is that Ill personally replace the current King of Elves with a new one.”

“What did you say”

Fury flashed across the King of Elves eyes when he heard these words.

If this were a different occasion, he would have flipped out a long time ago.

However, Yue Wuwei was sitting there.

Knowing that his strength was inferior to Yue Wuweis, he did not have the nerve to vent his spleen.

Even so, his tone became a little cold.

“Zhang Hanyang, with all due respect, you are too meddlesome.

Whether I want Nina to get married or to cultivate in the clan, its the Elemental Elf Clans own business.

You dont have to kindly inquire about these issues.”

“Im not inquiring.

You can take my words as an order, or perhaps a threat,” Zhang Han said flatly.

His words made all the elves present change their expressions completely, including Nina.

Her complexion was complicated.

The others looked ashamed and humiliated.

Only Mo Wen had a helpless but excited expression on his face.

There was no doubt that Zhang Han wanted to avenge Nina.

In private, Mo Wen supported him in this endeavor.

It was just that this was not the right occasion.

Therefore, Mo Wen put on a complicated and torn expression while laughing in his head.

The way he saw it, it would only take moments of further persuasion before the King of Elves led his people to apologize to Nina.

“Would he stand up to Zhang Han

“No way.”

The First Queen on the side said with a skin-deep smile, “Zhang Hanyang, if you are the only one sitting here, your threat wont work.

Today, we mainly want to entertain…”

She made to say that the person they wanted to entertain was the senior sitting over there.

However, Yue Wuwei did not want to play along anymore.

More importantly, it was time to eat.

He coughed softly and placed his wine glass on the table with his right hand.


A very ethereal sound was heard.

It spread out with a mysterious energy wave, which developed into strongly oppressive energy, making the pupils of the King of Elves and his people shrink in shock.

“There is one thing you havent learned yet.”

Yue Wuwei pointed at Mengmeng and said in a somewhat pitiful tone, “You may be under the impression that Zhang Hanyangs strength is not as strong as you imagined.

Thus, King of Elves, I have to tell you, if you duel with him, you will die within five strikes.

Besides, Im this girls butler, and shes Zhang Hanyangs daughter.

Shes very sweet and always listens to her father.

Therefore, I cant really refuse Zhang Hanyang if he needs me to do anything.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The King of Elves and the others did not look happy after hearing this.

“Dad, why are you Mengmengs butler No, you are also my housekeeper.” Yue Xiaonao muttered grumpily in confusion.

However, on this occasion, she did not throw a tantrum.

“I see.” The King of Elves took a deep breath and respectfully cupped his hands at Yue Wuwei.

“Nina, do you want to be the King of Elves” Zhang Han suddenly asked.

Looking at his calm expression, it seemed that he meant business.

The King of Elves face almost immediately turned livid.

“Huh Me No, I cant.”

Ninas expression changed dramatically.

She didnt even dare to think about it.

If she really agreed, she would be regarded as an unforgivable rebel in the traditional practice.

Having lived by traditional rules for so many years, Nina hadnt even considered this idea.

“Then lets get started with all the apologies.”

Zhang Han looked straight at the King of Elves and said, “Dont hold us up from the meal.

Lets start with you.”

“Are you serious” questioned the King of Elves.

His voice was trembling slightly.

“You just wont understand unless you see me kill some of your elves, will you” Zhang Han said blandly.

“Youre being very unreasonable, arent you” the King of Elves countered.

As if hoping that Zhang Han would come around at last, he made his last effort to defend himself.

“When has he ever been reasonable”

Yue Wuwei curled his lips.

Yue Wuwei also reckoned that people like Zhang Han, who did things as they pleased, were very rare.

“So you chose to… say no to me”

Zhang Han stared at the elves and unceremoniously picked up a chopstick with his right hand.

At this moment, the eyes and soul senses of the King of Elves and the other elves seemed to be telling them that the chopstick Zhang Han was holding had turned into a sword.

A faintly discernible killing intent emerged.

The First Queen and several other queens were at a loss in the face of this situation.

However, they all knew that if they were to refuse Zhang Han and infuriate him, he would probably kill some of their clansmen on the spot, and they wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

In the beginning, they all remained composed because of Ninas presence.

After all, Nina was the Elemental Elf Clans seventh princess.

As this group of people was on good terms with Nina, they had to consider her feelings and show respect to the clan.

Besides, owing to their deep-rooted tradition and Ninas mellow personality, they felt quite confident about befriending Zhang Hans group.

But now…


With everyone watching him, the King of Elves slowly stood up.

“Well, Zhang Hanyang is also right.”

He suddenly sighed and said, “Nina, I do owe you an apology.

You are an adult now.

I was originally thinking of marrying you off to one of the best talents in the young generation of the top-notch forces.

But I never thought that in the end, the opportunity to marry you would fall into Hu Qis hands.

In such a situation, I could only give you up.

Regarding this, I do need to apologize to you.

I hope you can forgive me.”

At first, Nina almost believed that it was a real apology.

Yet, after saying that, the King of Elves turned to Zhang Han and asked, “Ive apologized.

Can I leave now I figure you people want to enjoy the meal alone today, so I wont impose anymore.

Ill come to entertain you some other day.”

With that said, the King of Elves bowed a little and took off at once.

He just couldnt stand to hear others talk back to him like that.

Thus, he took the first opportunity to excuse himself.

He decided to leave right off and wait to see what would happen.

The moment the King of Elves apologized, his wives, several core subordinates, and Ninas older sisters had mixed expressions on their faces.

“Do we really have to apologize

“Yes, looks like we do.”

When Nina showed a conflicted look, the First Queen took a deep breath and said, “Nina, actually, we were also wishing to see you betrothed to a man from a top force.

Unfortunately, Hu Yuan came to the ceremony with Hu Qi.


“Wait,” Zhang Han cut her off.

With a chuckle, he said, “The rules of the game say that you cant repeat others words.

The King of Elves just covered this topic, so you should switch to something new.”


The First Queen was so aggrieved that her teeth ached.

She inhaled deeply and continued, “Nina, it was my idea to make you choose your fiancé at that ceremony.

My intention was to find you a young talent from a big force like Young Master Li Mu.

Now I apologize.

It was not a good idea.”

After saying this, the First Queen fled in a hurry.

The other elves, on the other hand, felt rather troubled.

They were all racking their brains for something new to apologize to Nina.

“I gotta come up with something.

Otherwise, when others use up all the possible reasons, I would have nothing to talk about.

Then, would I be punished”

The Second Queen quickly got up and said, “Nina, Im sorry.

I was the one who sent all the invitations.

I should have dissuaded His Majesty instead of adding fuel to the fire.”

The Third Queen instantly felt speechless.

“Didnt I send the invitations too”

“Nina, I was the one who told His Majesty about your argument with An Li the year before last.

Ive felt ashamed about it the whole time.

On todays occasion, I solemnly apologize to you ”


Nina was dazed.

She didnt expect that it was the Third Queen who reported such a trivial issue to the King of Elves.

She must have edited and exaggerated the matter.

Otherwise, the King of Elves wouldnt have punished her that severely.


The Fourth Queen pondered for moments and then said, “I broke your last aircraft by accident.

At that time, you were not home.

Later on, I was busy with some other stuff and forgot to tell you.”

Before she could wrap up, the Fifth Queen rose to her feet and said, “Yes, I was with Fourth Queen at that time.”

“Youre repeating her words.” Zhang Han pointed out calmly.

The Fifth Queen bit her lip and began, “Sorry, Nina.

When you went to the Glaze Star for sightseeing more than a decade ago, you met Young Master An, who flirted with you against your will.

I happened to be near that place and saw the whole thing.

But I didnt come out to stand up for you.

Even now, I still feel a little regretful when I think about it.”

Then, one of Ninas uncles spoke, “Nina, Ive paid little attention to you and seldom talked with you over the years.

There is only once that I think I did something unfair to you.

Do you remember the teacher who taught you when you were young I asked her to take care of you.

But when I said that to her, because I was brooding about something else, my expressions misled the teacher, who thought I was being ironic.

Thus, other than giving your special care, she treated you rather badly.

But later, when I saw you working hard on your own, I didnt go clear things up.

It then caused you to cultivate through the hard way for five years.”


With those people setting examples, the rest of the elves all began to search their memories.

Nina had lived in the clan for more than a hundred years and experienced many things.

Eventually, they all thought of things they wanted to apologize for.

It was actually quite simple.

Except for the pigheaded King of Elves and the First Queen, when the other elves faced Nina and apologized, they truly revealed a trace of guilt, shame, and the willingness to admit their mistakes.

That happened to be what Nina needed to see.

As Nina listened to their apologies, the rims of her eyes went slightly red.

Seeing her moved expression, those making apologies to her face were even more ashamed.

Among them, there were also many who were quite good to Nina and had maintained a close relationship with her.

In all the comforting voices, Ninas mood had improved a lot.

Finally, only one last elf had not apologized.


Mo Wen stood up and sighed.

“Its my turn.

Nina, theres one thing…”

“Uncle Mo Wen, why are you apologizing, too” Nina asked, stunned.

“Huh I dont need to” Mo Wen was taken aback as well.

“Arent you two on good terms” Mengmeng asked with a strange look on her face.

“Well… Yeah, were close, but theres something I have to say.”

Mo Wen seemed eager to disclose something but stopped on second thought.

A hint of frustration, as well as a hint of reminiscence, could be seen in the depths of his eyes.

“What is he recalling”

Zhang Han glanced at him.

He felt that Mo Wen, Ninas uncle, must have a past.

“Was it a love triangle

“Or could it be that he is actually her mothers brother

“Anyway, Mo Wen must have an untold story.”

As for what exactly it was, he was struggling to decide whether or not to tell them.

Finally, Mo Wen no longer looked torn.

He sighed and said with a smile, “When you were cultivating in seclusion, after doing some thinking, I still chose to tell His Majesty about those supreme treasures you obtained.

But honestly, I should have kept my mouth shut.”

“Its okay.”

Nina spoke for the first time.

She shook her head and said, “Uncle Mo Wen, you dont need to apologize.

Youve been so nice to me.”

“Well, I gotta abide by the rules of the game.

Haha! I will be heading out as well.

You fellows have a good meal.

Tomorrow, I will prepare some different local food for you,” Mo Wen said with a beaming face.

“Since youre going out,” Zhang Han eyed Nina and said, “Nina can head out with you.

King of Elves and the others are in the courtyard.

You can go have a good chat with them and check their attitude.”

“I should go out as well” Nina hesitated a little.

It seemed that she didnt want to face those people outside at a time like this.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yans gaze froze for a moment, as though she had guessed something.

She then smiled and said, “Go ahead.

Come back after the talk.

Well eat slowly and wait for you.”

“Well… Okay.” Nina nodded at last.

She got up and went out with Mo Wen.

“Since they have gone out, lets eat.”

Yue Wuwei glanced at Zhang Han and said, “At first, I thought you just wanted to teach those people a lesson, but I didnt expect things to turn out like this.

Little cunning devil, youre indeed clever.”

“What Whats going on” Zhang Guangyou, who was not far from Yue Wuwei, asked without thinking.

“Haha, all the smart people already cottoned on.” Dong Chen chuckled.

Zhang Guangyou was bereft of speech.

“Uncle Dong, do you really have to do this to me”

Instructor Liu, Zhang Mu, Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, and the others were all stunned.

They were lost, too.

However, after pondering for a while, they seemed to have suddenly noticed something.

At this time, Liu Qingfeng exclaimed in admiration, “You employed the fierce means to write a warm ending.

There is no doubt that it is the most suitable way to sort out Ninas problem.”

“Whats happening”

Ah Hu scratched his head in bewilderment.

“Oh, I see.”

Zhang Guangyou patted his forehead, gazed at Zhang Han, and said, “Good for you.

On the outside, you wanted to teach them a lesson.

But on the inside, you were trying to act as a mediator and ease the elves currently awkward relationship with Nina.”

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