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Chapter 1090 News About the Thunder Yang Sand

At first, Mengmeng wanted to bring up the matter of buying Game Capsules.

Yet, as she had just stayed up all night playing games, she thought shed better wait for a couple of days before making that request.

Yesterday, they had dinner by themselves.

But at todays breakfast, two more people joined them.

They were the two sisters who sent Game Capsules to Nina yesterday.

It could be seen that the two girls also wanted to make friends with Zhang Han and his people.

It was just that they were too reserved.

They didnt even dare say anything during the meal.

They just ate quietly.

At a glance, one could tell that it was their elders who told them to come over.

Before entering Ninas palace, the two of them had even prepared themselves for being driven out.

But to their amazement, Zhang Han and his group welcomed them in.

They secretly rejoiced over this.

But they felt nervous as well.

While eating, Liu Qingfeng began to get busy with his business.

“Young Master Li, about the three top fleet manufactures you mentioned, how far are they from one another” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“They are not too far away from one another.

After all, to cross the entire Sea Dragon Star Area by flight doesnt take too long,” Li Mu said with a smile.

“The Sea Spa Alliance and the Hade-Ghis Alliance are both in the Sea Central Star Area, only that one is in the south and the other is in the north.

We have to ride a spaceship for 10 hours to get from one place to the other.”

“The Snowfall Alliance is located in the Snowfall Star Area, which happens to be adjacent to our Cloud Star Area.

On our way to the Cloud Shadow Sky, we can drop by and have a look,” Li Mu replied with a grin.

It could be seen from his expression that he had long been waiting for them to visit the Cloud Star Area.

“Now other two alliances are in the Sea Central Star Area, well pass by them on our way to the Cloud Star Area, wont they” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“Surely we can.

Its just that Senior Zhangs standards are very high.

The only spaceships he would find acceptable should be those made by the Snowfall Alliance,” Li Mu honestly said.

“No matter what we want to buy, we should check the price first and strive to buy it at the lowest cost.” Liu Qingfeng smiled.

“The lowest cost” Li Mu was slightly stunned.

“There is no such thing.

Every item is affixed with a clear price tag.

There is little room for bargaining because if you dont want to seal the deal, there are plenty of others who will.

The Snowfall Alliance, in particular, thinks that its rude to negotiate the price.”

“Everything can be negotiated, only it depends on what way we use,” Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.

The business world was where he shone.

“Well… their official website has the price for all their products.

Uncle Liu, I can show you if you want.” Li Mu offered.


It was not until then that Liu Qingfeng realized he could get the information of the spaceships online.

He had thought that he would have to go to the three alliances in turns to check the products out in person.


Li Mu took out his communication device and projected a three-dimensional virtual image.

Liu Jiaran, Liang Mengqi, and those who came to the Sea Dragon Star Area for the first time found the projection very novel.

In the past few days, they had seen many high-tech products.

This communication device also looked quite fancy.

“The Snowfall Alliance offers many spaceship models.

For example, this one is for sightseeing.

It has no defensive device.

You can use it in your base camp.”

Li Mu flipped through the images of rows of small aircraft, each of which had its own features.

In the aesthetic aspect, they were indeed great products.

Arm in arm with Ah Hu, Liu Jiaran glimpsed at the images and said under her breath, “So they are like luxury cars.”

Soon, the projections Li Mu was displaying attracted more attention.

Seeing this, Lei Tiannan couldnt help sighing with emotion.

“Such technology would probably cause an explosive sensation at our place.”


Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that many theories of the scientists on our planet are actually correct.

They are working hard to bring Earth people into the interstellar era,” Ji Wushuang said calmly.

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei didnt seem to be interested in these things at all.

They didnt even spare a glance at the images.

But what was more surprising was—

“Wow, that blue aircraft is so beautiful.

It looks like a butterfly.”

Mengmeng glanced up inadvertently, and her expression suddenly froze.

She was almost done eating, so she put down her chopsticks and ran over to the projection.

“Sister Mengmeng, wait for me.

I wanna go see it, too.” Chen Chuan couldnt sit still anymore.

He immediately put down his chopsticks and hurried over in Mengmengs wake.

“Whats so good about that thing” Yue Xiaonao pouted to show her disagreement.

“Eh Why does it look different now”

When Mengmeng came near the projection, she found that the image had changed.

“I switched it.” Li Mus eyes lit up when he saw Mengmeng coming over.

He quickly put the previous picture on and asked, “Which one do you like”

“This one that looks like a butterfly.” Mengmeng pointed to a crystal blue aircraft with light pink stripes.

It did look pretty, but the appearance was probably all it got.

At least, that was what Liu Qingfeng thought.

At a glance, one would know that it could carry only a few people.

If it were a car, it would be a supercar, which Liu Qingfeng certainly would not purchase.


Li Mu clicked on the picture of the aircraft that Mengmeng was pointing at, and the information about it popped up.

“The Blue Butterfly Aircraft is a custom-made model that was just released this year.

This series only has 10 models, and the price is a bit striking.

Each costs 790,000 crystal stones, which is very expensive.”

The price made Li Mu sort of speechless, too.

The fortune of 790,000 crystal stones was much more than the amount he had saved up over the years.

“In the Sea Dragon Star Area, even I cant afford it.

There are very few people who can ride such an aircraft,” Li Mu said with emotion.

“Oh Even you, Young Master Li, cant afford it” Liu Qingfeng said beamingly.

His expression showed that he didnt believe it.

“If I empty my vault, I can buy it.

But its not worth it,” Li Mu said with a wry smile.

“With 790,000 crystal stones, I can buy a ton of cultivational resources.

What we cultivators care most about is our strength.

Only if we are stronger than others can we have a higher status.

If you buy this aircraft, you will be able to turn many heads wherever you go.

In terms of the model, it looks really attractive.

But this one is more suitable for girls.

Of course, if Mengmeng likes it, you can consider buying it.

But I cant afford it, so I cant give it to you as a gift.

If the price were about 100,000 crystal stones, I may buy it for you, haha.”

At the end of his remark, Li Mu stealthily began to suck up to Mengmeng.

“Well, it looks good.

Daddy, Mummy, do you want to have a look at this” Mengmeng turned back and asked.

“Were coming.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other and smiled.

Then, they walked over, hand in hand.

When they drew near, Li Mu clicked open the detailed information and said, “The energy cabin on this aircraft is perfect.

This aircraft can travel very fast, which is one of its highlights.

It can enter secondary spaces in a very short time.

It can be said that as long as the energy is sufficient, it can also travel in the void of the universe like a large-sized spaceship.

All kinds of facilities on it are impeccable, which are comfortable, beautiful, and luxurious.

Its just that the price is too high.

You know, there are other beautifully-designed aircraft that cost just 100,000 crystal stones.

But this one is priced at 790,000 crystal stones…”

Before Li Mu finished speaking, Zhang Han caressed Mengmengs head and asked with a smiley face, “Do you like it”

“Yes, I like it.

Its very pretty,” Mengmeng said, grinning.

“Then Ill buy it.”

Zhang Han laughed.

“Alright, Ill make an appointment first, so you can pick it up right after you get there.” Li Mu clicked on the website to make an appointment.

But three seconds later, his expression changed slightly.

“Huh All the 10 models have been sold Well… Alas, its too bad.

The customized 10 Blue Butterflies has been sold out.”

“All of them are gone Oh, alright then.” Mengmengs spirits instantly sapped.

She was a little disappointed.

However, her father had never let her down.

“The so-called custom-made is just a marketing gimmick.

Were able to get one, dont worry,” Zhang Han immediately said.

“Im afraid its a bit difficult.” Li Mu sighed softly and said, “Those people in the Snowfall Alliance are quite stubborn.

Theyve made never an exception for thousands of years.”

“Thats because they havent met me.” Zhang Han chuckled.

The members of the Snowfall Alliance were mainly dwarf craftsmen.

Zhang Han knew very well about their preferences.

Thus, he could suit the remedy to the situation.

He could even order a more exquisite customized aircraft from them, let alone this Blue Butterfly.

“Senior Zhang is right.

If they had a super-rich client like him, they would definitely produce the 11th custom-made Blue Butterfly,” Li Mu said with a chortle.

Although there was no precedent for reference, given Senior Zhangs wealth, Li Mu believed that if he offered a high enough price, they probably wouldnt turn him down.

“Is there any more aircraft that looks pretty” Mengmeng asked.

“Yes, there are many kinds of aircraft.

But the types of spaceships are fewer.

Their appearance is not appealing, either.”

Li Mu flipped through the pictures and introduced, “Look at this pink elongated aircraft.

Its like a python.

The style is very unique.”

“Its so ugly.”

Hearing Mengmengs words, Li Mu instantly gave up getting to the details of that aircraft and turned the page.

He continued to show Mengmeng other aircraft.

Everyone was dazzled by all those different models.

However, Mengmeng still liked the Blue Butterfly most.

It was indeed very beautiful.

Even Zi Yan couldnt stop praising it.

Later, the picture of a crystal white aircraft was displayed.

Zi Yan thought it was not bad.

She planned to check the real product out when they went to the Snowfall Alliance.

If it was good, she would buy it.

“Next up is spaceships.

Look, these are corvettes.

Theyre more agile combat spaceships.

Their sizes are relatively small.”

Li Mu flipped through several pages.

The products were all priced above 10 million crystal stones.

Some corvettes were even priced at 30 million.

“From this page on, what well see are all main vessels.

The cheapest is worth 23,500,000 crystal stones.”

Li Mus presentation gradually attracted more attention.

Even Yue Xiaonao and Nina gathered around him to watch the models.

People soon began to discuss in low voices.

“Its really expensive.”

“Well, you get what you pay for.

Theres a reason why its expensive.”

“It looks cool, and it has many functions.

Thus, I think people wont mind paying a little more for it.”


Hearing these comments, Li Mu didnt say anything.

He continued to go through the pictures.

“This main vessel costs 53 million crystal stones.

Our Cloud Shadow Sky has bought three.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family also has some.

But this model is not what we mainly use.

Most of our main vessels were purchased from the Sea Spa Alliance.

As for this one, its the heavyweight among all main vessels.

We havent seen any in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

The main vessel called Thunder King costs 100 million crystal stones.

Its price is really sky-high.

It has a super magnetic energy cannon.

Its said that a single fire of the cannon can destroy a small planets eco-environment.

It also has eight Interstellar Combat Mechanic Troops and a strong defense.

The only drawback is that the price is too high.”

“If I offer 80 million…” Liu Qingfeng murmured.

He was already thinking about how many main vessels he should buy if he could negotiate the price down to 80 million.

“Its impossible.

The Snowfall Group is stingy.

Haggling is a taboo for them, let alone asking them to sell a ship worth 100 million crystal stone at 80 million.” Li Mu shook his head and countered directly.


Nina echoed, “The Snowfall Alliance is very sensitive about this.

I once saw someone bargain with them.

In the end, the retail manager in the Snowfall Group refused to sell anything to them, not even aircraft.

That manager was rather testy.”

“Yeah, its true,” Ninas two sisters quickly chimed in, so that others wouldnt forget they were there.

“So, bargaining is forbidden.” After thinking for barely a second, Liu Qingfeng shook his head and laughed.

“But there are other ways.

Xiao Ling, have you recorded everything we just said”

“Yes.” Xiao Ling nodded, holding her camera.

“Make several purchasing plans based on the ratios that are eight to two, seven to three, and six to four,” Liu Qingfeng ordered.

“Sure.” Xiao Ling nodded.

Liu Qingfeng had already talked with Zhang Han about how many main vessels he should buy.

All things considered, Liu Qingfeng reckoned he needed more than 10 main vessels, as well as some corvettes and aircraft.

The purchase required a huge amount of money.

Zhang Han directly told him that he would give him three billion crystal stones, and he could spend them as he pleased.

Hearing this generous offer, Liu Qingfeng was once again amazed by how rich Zhang Han was.

Then, he began to think about how he would spend the money.

In the end, he decided to buy 20 main vessels.

Also, he would order some corvettes in that not all situations would call for the use of main vessels.

There was a need for corvettes indeed.

In addition, combat aircraft and many other kinds of aircraft were also must-haves.

Those products were devised for different circumstances.

Starting a company required a lot of crystal stones.

Liu Qingfeng first planned to buy main vessels priced around 50 million crystal stones.

But based on what he had learned so far, he believed it was necessary to purchase some Thunder Kings.

If he offered to buy 20 of these, he felt that the Snowfall Alliance would be shocked.

To seal this huge deal, they would probably make concessions.

Since they did not like to give discounts, Liu Qingfeng could talk with them about complimentary gifts, such as corvettes and combat aircraft.

He already had the idea, but he still needed specific plans.

Generally, Xiao Ling would make such plans for him.

Then, he would go through them and make the final decision.

The so-called eight to two, seven to three, and six to four were the 80 million grade accounts for 20% of the total demand, 30% of the 70 million, and 40% of the 60 million.

In other words, thats the percentage of the quantity purchased at different price levels to the total quantity demanded.

Xiao Ling was a professional in this regard.

For many years, Liu Qingfeng had enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

Basically, Xiao Ling would deal with the basic data.

After getting her work done, her boss would still need her to entertain him…

After viewing those products, everyone was basically done with breakfast.

“Where are we going to play today” Mengmeng ran to Nina and asked.

“Lets go to the Dream Forest,” Nina said with a smile.

“There are Little Wood Spirits living there.

Theyre creatures in the form of plants.

If we are lucky, we can see some.”

“What are Little Wood Spirits like” Mengmeng asked again.

“Theyre the spirits of Mirage Trees, which are very interesting little things.

They look like tree-made people.

They have eyes, nose, mouth, and very thin arms and legs.

Their body is a piece of wood,” explained Nina.

“Tree-made people Wow! There are really creatures like that in this world” Mengmeng became excited in an instant.

“Yo-ho, Im going out to play again!” Chen Chuan leaped for joy.

He never thought that traveling with them would be so fun and wonderful.

It was all thanks to Sister Mengmeng.

If it werent for her help, he wouldnt have been able to come here.

The boy made a mental note that he would always be Sister Mengmengs loyal follower.

As far as Chen Chuan understood, following Sister Mengmengs lead could bring him opportunities to taste a lot of delicious food.

“Then lets get going.”

Zi Yan smiled.

Everyone was already all set for the journey.

They soon headed to the place where aircraft were parked.

Ninas two sisters hesitated for moments but didnt follow them.

They felt that it was very difficult for them to blend into this group.

They would inevitably feel awkward if they went on the trip with them.

Moreover, they also wanted to go back and report to their elders about what they just heard.

“Zhang Hanyang and his people seem to be very rich.

The model of the main vessel theyve set their eyes on is actually the Thunder King.”

It seemed that by far, no one in the Sea Dragon Star Area had used a Thunder King, except for the Snowfall Alliance.

It had used one twice, and that was hundreds of years ago.

The Snowfall Alliance possessed a very high status in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Even forces like the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Cloud Shadow Sky would not mess with it.

The reason for that was the Snowfall Alliance had some connections with the forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The impact of such connections could be striking.

As the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was a more advanced place, any random force there could crash a first-tier force in the Sea Dragon Star Area, such as the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

The forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area couldnt compare with them at all.

Nevertheless, people from advanced Star Areas rarely came to remote places like the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Inside the aircraft, Zhang Han, who was sitting ahead of Li Mu, turned back and said, “Its said that there will soon be a quite grand auction.

Have you heard of it”

There was no serious problem to deal with at present.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family still remained silent.

Thus, Zhang Han also began to think about the next step he should take.

He would first obtain the Thunder Yang Sand.

Then, he would have a complete collection of the Five Thunder Yang Treasures, which could turn his territory into the Thunder Yang Treasure Land.

That would be a qualitative improvement to the Mount New Moon.

Then, its environment would be better.

The plants growing there would be more nutritious.

Cultivating would also be done more easily there.

All in all, it could bring in many benefits.

But the Thunder Yang Sand was very rare.

No one had definite knowledge of where it could be found.

“Auction I havent heard of any auction yet.

Senior, give me a minute.

Ill check it.”

Li Mu quickly fiddled with his communication device to look for the relevant information.

At this time, Deep Flame, Zhang Mu, and even Yue Wuwei cast a glance at Li Mu.

Now there are four kinds of Thunder Yang Treasures on Mount New Moon, only the Thunder Yang Sand was wanted.

If they could get hold of it this time, this trip would turn out to be perfect.

“Auctions are rather scarce in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Huh There is really one.”

Li Mu was suddenly dazed.

He then said, “There is an auction to be held by the Koro Sect in a month.

A friend of mine told me the day before yesterday.

I didnt take it to heart at that time.

Let me ask her first.”

Soon, Li Mu contacted his friend.

In about a minute, he came to a conclusion.

“God, I cant believe this! Senior, how could you have learned about this The auction the Koro Sect will hold is said to be very grand.

The news has even spread to other Star Areas.

Among all the news, the more conservative ones say that there are three kinds of sixth-tier treasures and 10 kinds of fifth-tier treasures to be auctioned off.

My friend said that the auction might also attract people from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Two months ago, a fleet of the Snowfall Alliance delivered some treasures to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province with people from the Koro Sect tagging along.

It was not until the people from the Koro Sect came back that this news was released.

With those precious auction items, the bidding will definitely be fierce.”

“Three kinds of sixth-tier treasures and 10 kinds of fifth-tier ones… Is the Thunder Yang Sand one of the auction items Do you know anyone from the Koro Sect If they have the Thunder Yang Sand, I want to buy it with the double of what it is worth or exchange for it with a sixth-tier treasure,” Zhang Han said straightforwardly.


Li Mu swallowed longingly and asked, “Really”

The Thunder Yang Sand was a fifth-tier treasure.

Even if it could be sold at five times its original price, its value was absolutely not comparable to that of a sixth-stage treasure, let alone only two times its price!

Thinking that all the people around him had sixth-tier treasures, Li Mu was overwhelmed by astonishment and embarrassment.

“Oh my God.

I got a little carried away.

Sixth-tier spirit treasures are incredibly rare in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But now, Senior Zhang wants to exchange it for something else.

And it sounds like he is weighing on the cost-effective ratio.”

“Well, I can ask my father to contact the senior leaders of the Koro Sect.”

Li Mu was very capable and efficient.

He always got the work down without dawdling.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, he immediately contacted his father, Li Hao.

It only took Li Hao three minutes to give them an answer.

“Senior, I heard that the Thunder Yang Sand does exist, only its not in the hands of the Koro Sect.”

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