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Chapter 1091 The First Elf to Come to Earth

Li Mu smiled bitterly and said, “The Koro Sect has been preparing for this auction since last year.

They want to exchange the resources that the sect has accumulated over the years but cant use for what they need.

A while ago, a friend of their First Elders offered them several kinds of fifth-tier treasures to be auctioned off, and the Thunder Yang Sand was one of the treasures.

He hopes to sell them for a good price at the auction.

Since the Thunder Yang Sand is relatively precious, the Koro Sect used it as a means of advertising for this auction.

That friend of the Koro Sects First Elders is in another Star Area.

He only communicates with them through text messages.

That friend sent his last message a few days ago.

It says he will come to the auction.

No one has heard from him since then.”

“Not long ago, the Koro Sect suddenly obtained three kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures and added them to the auction item list.

It is said that those are sixth-tier gems.

Although they are not as valuable as the ready-made spirit weapons, they can still attract a lot of bidders.

This auction will be very competitive, haha.

But if we can contact that man, we still have a good chance to exchange for the Thunder Yang Sand.

My father has just talked to the Koro Sect about this.

They are trying to contact that man and will soon give a reply.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Now someone did have the Thunder Yang Sand, Zhang Han reckoned he could put his mind at ease.

Zhang Han had no knowledge of the Koro Sect.

So far, except for the Cloud Shadow Sky and the Guang family of the North Ice Star, he had heard no other forces.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Silver-winged Hall merely started to stand out not long ago.

After traveling in the aircraft for an hour, Li Mu got the reply.

They failed to get in touch with that man.

But the Koro Sect also said that friend of theirs wanted to exchange the Thunder Yang Sand for top-grade crystal stones.

But if the value of the sixth-tier spirit treasure Zhang Han offered was relatively high, they would consider making some promises to him, provided that the sixth-tier spirit treasure used to trade for the Thunder Yang Sand would be handed to the Koro Sect first.

Hearing this, Zhang Han grinned and gave no reply.

The Thunder Yang Sand did not belong to the Koro Sect.

Therefore, it didnt count no matter what they promised him.

Mu Xue suddenly looked at Li Mu and asked, “Eh Did you say that the Koro Sect is going to auction three kinds of sixth-tier gems and more than a dozen kinds of fifth-tier treasures And all those treasures are what they recently acquired”

“Yes, they wanted to use the Thunder Yang Sand to advertise for the auction some time ago.

After all, the Thunder Yang Sand has many functions, including nourishing lands and raising the quality of spiritual herbs growing in it.

Its some pellet-refining masters favorite treasure.

But later, they had more treasures, so the Thunder Yang Sand is no longer that important for the auction,” Li Mu answered.

“Dad, Ding Jiuming didnt go back to our planet since that trial some time ago, you remember Could he have gone to the Koro Sect Sixth-tier spirit treasures are very scarce in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

But three more sixth-tier gems have suddenly appeared.

I figure those gems are probably his,” Mu Xue said analytically.

Her words abruptly put a tense look on Li Mus face.

“If someone from your place is left behind in the Sea Dragon Star Area and other forces learned from that person that your mother planet holds a lot of treasures, Im afraid they would team up and attack that planet.”

As soon as he said that, Zhang Mu and the others all beamed at him.

They smiled with good faith.

Their admiration for Li Mu deepened a little bit more.

Some emotions couldnt be feigned.

They could tell that Li Mu was truly worried about them.

“In the universe, no one can go there without me,” Yue Wuwei said blandly.

He just subtly flaunted his power.

No one but him was up to the job of being the ferryman.

An aura of unparalleled majesty surged from him.

Unfortunately, his glorious moment was taken away by his own daughter in an instant.

Yue Xiaonao glanced at him and muttered, “Humph, if you are so powerful, why are you calling yourself Mengmengs butler You never say youre my butler.”

Yue Wuwei didnt know what to say.

“Im really Mengmengs butler!”

On second thought, he decided not to explain this.

Yue Xiaonao would understand these things in the future.

Seeing that she was on good terms with Mengmeng, Yue Wuwei was also very gratified.

At the very least, if she had a close relationship with the Heavenly Lord, it would be much easier for her to pursue cultivation later.

Besides, Yue Wuwei believed Mengmeng could be a good influence on Yue Xiaonao.

Lately, Yue Xiaonao was no longer as mischievous as before.

It was a good start.

Seeing his daughters change, Yue Wuwei felt very happy.

He even wished Yue Xiaonao could stay with Mengmeng all day long.

Yet, there was one thing he was not satisfied with—Yue Xiaonao still had not learned to be a sweet and clingy daughter as Mengmeng was to Zhang Han.

“So the Koro Sect is holding an auction,” Zhang Han muttered.

He thought for a while but said no more.

There was still a month to go before the auction, which happened to take place at the end of their tour in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

By then, Mengmengs next semester would be about to start.

She would have to go back to school for study and live an ordinary life.

“Weve arrived.

The Dream Forest is just up ahead.”

Nina steered the aircraft and made it land on the edge of acres of grassland.

The forest was a short distance ahead.

The trees there were not as packed as those in a primitive forest.

Instead, they were spaced out and lush green.

The various trees formed a fresh and splendid picture.

There were birds singing and fragrant flowers blooming.

This forest was indeed beautiful, which was a very good sightseeing spot.

“Sister Mengmeng,” Chen Chuan called out.

Before he could finish his words, Mengmeng stopped him from getting nearer by sticking a hand out and said, “I wont take photos.”

“Sister Nina…”

“Ahem, I cant take pictures either.

I have something else to do.

I need to find Little Wood Spirits and ask them to come out and play with us,” said Nina.

“Sister Xiaonao…”

“Stop!” Yue Xiaonao waved and said, “Behave yourself and take photos when youre allowed to.”


Chen Chuan shook his butt grumpily.

His naiveness made Nina give a tiny laugh.

They then stepped out of the aircraft and set their foot on the grassland.

“Eh Isnt this the pleasant smell grass on our mountain” Zi Yan asked in confusion when she saw a patch of grass nearby.

“This is the pleasant smell grass, which should be planted by the Little Wood Spirits.

Sometimes, they come to the edge of the forest for fun.

Since there is only one patch of the pleasant smell grass, I suppose it is the place they often come to play,” Zhang Han nodded and said.

“Uncle Zhang, you seem to know Little Wood Spirits very well.

Everything you said is right.” Nina eyed Zhang Han with an odd look.

Little Wood Spirits seemed to only exist on the Roland Star, so she could not understand why Zhang Han knew them so well.

“Then why dont they come out to play When do they usually come here” Mengmeng looked around with her big clear eyes, trying to spot traces of Little Wood Spirits.

“They are very timid.

Now so many of us suddenly arrived, the probability of them coming out is very low.” Nina pursed her red lips, shook her head, and said, “But I know a secret skill called Natural Elves Appeal.

Pity that what Ive learned is just part of it.

In the past, I drew the Little Wood Spirits out with that bit of appealing power.

At first, I could only attract one.

But as I kept practicing, I could eventually attract 13 Little Wood Spirits.”

“Nina, you can perform magic Thats amazing!” Mengmeng said complimentarily.

“Then lets get your power on.

Hurry up.

I cant wait to see those Little Wood Spirits,” Yue Xiaonao urged.

“Haha, dont rush.” Li Mu laughed and said, “The Natural Elves Appeal is a quite famous secret skill.

Its the perfect way to locate special creatures.

Unfortunately, it has been lost.

Only the Elf Clan knows a little about it.

This secret skill does agree with them.

This is because they are the favorites of mother nature.

But before they use the skill, they need some time to get ready emotionally.”

“You could have saved all the blabber and just told me that she needed some time,” Yue Xiaonao said with contempt.

Li Mu fell silent at once.

“Alright, I should have kept my mouth shut.

“Well, this girl is really difficult to please.”

With everyone watching, a wand appeared in Ninas hand.

Then she murmured something to herself.

Her aura became ethereal.

Wisps of pale green light flowed out from her wand, which gathered in the air and formed a mysterious pattern.

A refreshing aura that smelt like mother nature spread out.

The Natural Elves Appeal was on!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Thirty seconds later, there was still no movement.

Nina opened her eyes, discouraged.

“No Little Wood Spirits has come.

Maybe there are too many of us here.

Little Wood Spirits are very faint-hearted creatures.

Theyre probably too scared to come out.”


Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

“If they are afraid of strangers, we wouldnt be able to see them today, would we”

It was certainly a pity.

But with her Daddy, Mummy, relatives, and friends hang out with her.

Mengmeng felt that it wouldnt matter even if she didnt get to see Little Wood Spirits.

However, her father would not let Mengmeng have any pity.

“Who said we cant see them today”

Zhang Han chuckled and put on a rather mysterious expression.

“We can” Mengmengs eyes lit up in an instant.

She was not excited just because she might be able to see Little Wood Spirits.

That was only 10 percent of the reason.

The main reason was that she was happy to see her father being omnipotent.

Every time Zhang Han did something for her sake, she found him really handsome!

Mengmeng enjoyed and loved being spoiled like this.

Thus, she looked up at Zhang Han with particularly bright eyes.

“Really Master, do you have to be so mind-bogglingly powerful There is nothing you cant do.

Thats a real blow to our confidence,” Mu Xue said in a somewhat odd, exaggerated tone to accent her astonishment.

“I think Im going to have an eye-opener again,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“My son is amazing, hahaha.” Rong Jiali smiled with pronounced pride.

Zhang Mu, Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, and the others looked over at Zhang Han, ready to watch his performance.

Seeing the others expressions, Li Mu was also a little surprised and bemused.

“Are you kidding me Uncle Zhang can even display the Natural Elves Appeal”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han looked at Nina and said, “This Natural Elves Appeal is not a secret skill, but a magic seal.

Its quite simple.”

Zhang Han held out a hand and pointed to the void ahead.


The space within a radius of a hundred meters seemed to have solidified at once.

All of a sudden, it quivered.

The pleasant smell grass on the ground began to shine.

Beams of green light burst out, which then turned into spots of starlight and floated upward.

In three seconds, they weaved together to form a round, intricate pattern.

That was the Natural Elves Appeal!


Everyone could feel gentle breezes sweeping in all directions from the seal.

The breezes seemed particularly refreshing in the Dream Forest.

They felt like many trees in the forest had sprung to life.

Branches were swaying.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

A strange phenomenon occurred.

From those trees that just came to life, some translucent light green creatures suddenly spun off.

Upon a closer look, one could see that each of them was about half a meter high and had thin branches for hands and feet.

“Little Wood Spirits!”

Mengmeng was elated.

Her eyes sparkled.

She wanted to run toward the Little Wood Spirits.

Yet, for fear that she would scare them away, she stopped in her tracks.

“She is so cute.”

Zhang Han smiled happily when he saw Mengmengs hesitant look.

“Go ahead.

They wont flee,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, and Yue Xiaonao immediately scurried over.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss.”

Little Hei sniffed.

Its eyes narrowed as if it was trying to feel something.

Dahei, who was in Mengmengs schoolbag, caught its younger brothers gaze and instantly understood what it was wondering.

“Are Little Wood Spirits edible”


Dahei jumped out of the schoolbag and stared covertly at those Little Wood Spirits.

“Dahei, you cant eat them!”

Sensing the look in Daheis eyes, Mengmeng immediately became alert.

She wrapped her arms around Dahei and gave it several gentle pinches on the cheek before stuffing it back into her school bag.


Dahei smacked its lips, not knowing how to express its feelings.

“Little Master is so smart.

She even knows what were thinking.”

As for Nina, at this time, she was completely dumbfounded.

“Uncle Zhang, you… you know about Natural Elves Appeal!”

Nina was in a daze.

She had not expected that Zhang Han could cast this long-lost secret skill, oh no, this magic seal.

“Do you want to learn it” Zhang Han looked at Nina, amused.

“I… I…”

Nina blushed and felt a little embarrassed.

However, judging from her eager expression, she obviously wanted to learn it.

“Relax your mind,” Zhang Han said, then snapped his fingers with his right hand.


The glowing seal in the air sent a beam of light into Ninas forehead.

“Good Lord… Senior Zhang, you are awesome!”

Li Mu was envious at this moment.

He began to flatter Zhang Han again.

The others showed different expressions on their faces.

But they appeared to be less surprised, because Zhang Han had always been this incredible.

“Yes, youre quite capable.”

Yue Wuwei shot a meaningful look at Zhang Han.

He felt that Zhang Han was kind of freakishly powerful.

“On the Saint Warrior Planet, since I first noticed him, this boy has been making progress at an over-the-top speed, even though he has not stumbled on any great opportunities.

Then, how could he make such rapid progress There are plenty of cultivators who work their butts off every day in cultivation, yet the effect of their cultivation is barely a hundredth of his.

In this case, how could others ever compare with him This is really bizarre.”

“Dad, how can I communicate with them” Mengmeng looked back and shouted.

The others came back to their senses and placed their attention on the Little Wood Spirits.

Each of them had big eyes.

They seemed very intelligent, and their hands and feet could move nimbly.

However, the only sound they could make was the squeaking sound.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Chen Chuan were soon surrounded by Little Wood Spirits.

At a glance, there were more than 100 of them.

It seemed that all the Little Wood Spirits in this area were gathered here.

“You can communicate with your mind.

They can feel your happiness, sadness, and other emotions,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“So its impossible to talk with them, isnt it” Mengmeng asked in a trance.

She had no way to control her emotions anyway.

She was happy when she felt so.

If she was not, she couldnt alter it or anything.

But it wouldnt prevent Mengmeng from having a good time with them.

She scampered about in the swarm of Little Wood Spirits.

After a while, Zi Yan and the others also walked over to observe the Little Wood Spirits around them.

It was quite interesting.

“I cant touch them.”

Chen Chuan waved his hands, which penetrated a Little Wood Spirits body.

But he didnt feel anything solid at all.

That Little Wood Spirit was startled.

It spun around and slipped away.

Except for Nina, Li Mu, Zhang Han, Yue Wuwei, and others on the site had never seen any Little Wood Spirits before.

With great curiosity, they all began to play with them.

After a while, Nina comprehended the gist of the Natural Elves Appeal, the magic seal.

She then came to participate in the game, too.

Seeing this, Li Mus eyes turned green with envy.

He wondered when Zhang Han would teach him the Dragon Shadow.

Of the three world-famous secret skills of Cloudy Shadow Sky, if you learned one, it showed that you were a person of quick comprehension and were likely to advance to the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

If you learned two of them, your comprehension ability could reach the God Transformation Realm.

You would be a big shot whom the entire Sea Dragon Star Area respected.

Once in the God Transformation Realm, you would be qualified to go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

If you learned three of them, making it to the God Transformation Realm would not be just probable but a sure thing.

Rumor had that it was just a matter of time.

Among all those seniors in the history of the Cloud Shadow Sky, in the past thousands of years, only a few people had learned all of the three secret skills.

In the end, they found the Sea Dragon Star Area was no longer suitable for them, so they had all gone to more advanced Star Areas for adventures.

Li Mu first learned the basics of the Highest Clouds Sketch.

It was an incomplete version.

But after he obtained the complete Highest Clouds Sketch, he now had an initial mastery of it.

Li Mu was confident in his mastery of the first secret skill.

Thus, he wanted to try the second secret skill, the Dragon Shadow.

He was also well aware that as Senior Zhang could casually display the full power of the Highest Clouds Sketch and the Dragon Shadow, he was so incredibly talented that it would perhaps not take him too long to become a God Transformation Realm cultivator.

Li Mu couldnt see through Zhang Hans strength either.

In the case of most people, he could more or less tell how strong their strength was.

If he deliberately investigated with his soul sense, he could know which realm they were in.

However, no matter how hard Li Mu observed, he still couldnt understand Zhang Hans strength.

He reckoned that Zhang Han might be at Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

But he was not sure.

If Li Mu knew that Zhang Han was merely at the peak of the Elixir Stage, his jaw would probably drop in shock.

If he knew that the deemed three greatest secret skills of Cloudy Shadow Sky were actually invented by Zhang Han, he would probably be scared stiff.

After playing for the whole morning there, Nina led the others to visit two other fun places.

Although the Roland Star was not very large, there were many great sightseeing places.

During the next two days, Mengmeng tasted almost all the delicacies of the Elf Clan and also visited all the worth-going spots on the Roland Star.

During this period, Liu Qingfeng studied all the spaceships and aircraft produced by the Sea Spa Alliance.

He also told Xiao Ling to make two purchasing plans for him.

Moreover, he asked Li Mu to help him contact the Sea Spa Alliance.

When the Sea Spa Alliance heard that there might be a big order coming in, they specially sent one of their members to the Roland Star to meet Liu Qingfeng.

The meeting went on for barely half an hour.

Then, that person left with a complicated look.

It could be seen from his expression that this guy had already bit Liu Qingfengs bait and given him the initiative.

That night, Mengmeng told Nina that they would leave for the Cloud Shadow Sky the next day, and invited her to come with them.

When the King of Elves heard this, he sat in the courtyard in silence for a long time.

At breakfast the next morning, before Nina could make any arrangements, Mo Wen came over to her.

He seemed a little emotional and torn.

“Nina, Mengmeng, His Majesty invites all of you to have a breakfast in the imperial palace.”

“No, we wont go,” Yue Xiaonao refused without even looking at him.

At this moment, the three girls were sitting in Ninas courtyard enjoying the Elf Clans special drink.

It tasted fragrant and sweet.

All the while, they were sharing some interesting stories.

Thus, Yue Xiaonao was not in the mood to meet the King of Elves.


Mo Wen shook his head in distress and said, “Today, His Majesty has something important to announce.

Most of the people of our royal family are waiting in the square of the imperial palace.

Nina, you are going out to play with your friends.

Therefore, before you do that… youd better go and have a look.”


Nina didnt want to make things difficult for Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao.

She bit her lips, not knowing what to say.

“Well, we got it.”

Mengmeng waved her little hand and said, “Uncle Mo Wen, you can go back now.

Well go there after everyone gets out of bed and washes up.”

“Okay, thank you.” Mo Wen breathed a sigh of relief.

Knowing that Mengmeng had decided to go, the matter was already settled.

He turned around and left.

Yue Xiaonao asked, “Mengmeng, we dont like the King of Elves.

What bother going there”

“Didnt you hear he has something to announce” Mengmeng muttered.

“Nina can take this opportunity to tell him that she will stay a few more days with us on this trip.

Nina, are you sure you will go visit our planet”

“I, I want to go.” After a moments hesitation, Nina finally decided to follow her heart and nodded slightly.

“Nina, youd better talk to the King of Elves if you want to go.

Anyway, it wont do any harm to meet him,” Mengmeng said nonchalantly.

She didnt think too much about this.

She was mainly thinking about whether Nina could ask for a long leave of absence.

After all, if she went on the trip, she would be away for months.

As far as Mengmeng knew, the young needed their parents consent before going out to play.

Thus, she decided to go to the imperial hall, even though she did not like the King of Elves.

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