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Liu Qingfeng made a contribution again with his smart strategy.

The three kinds of corvettes had different functions, which were quite compatible with Thunder Kings and also suitable to be used as leverage in bargaining.

Obviously, the other party was tempted.

“Youll also buy aircraft at the original price.

But you wont ask us for more complimentary gifts, will you” Karn cast a dubious look at Liu Qingfeng and asked.

“Its done!”

As soon as Karn said that, Liu Qingfeng knew the deal was in his bag.

He nodded and said, “Yes, we will buy aircraft at the original price.

As long as you accept our previous request, we can pay the deposit right now.”

“Surely they have to pay a deposit.

This is an order that would bring us more than two billion crystal stones!”

Karns heart pounded as he contemplated.

He was empowered to close a deal of this scale, which would be a great contribution.

But he couldnt give corvettes away without consulting his superior.

He took a deep breath and said slowly, “Im going to report this matter to our head.

Please wait here for a moment.

Feel free to look around.”


Liu Qingfeng nodded.

Then, Karn hurried out.

His pace somewhat quickened.

This showed he was very much in favor of this purchase plan.

After Karn left, Li Mu looked left and right and finally fixed his eyes on Liu Qingfeng.

Looking awed, he said in a surprised tone, “Uncle Liu, youre really, really mighty.

Cant believe you can even make the Snowfall Alliance give you discounts, no, make them give you free corvettes.

Youre invincible in the business world.”

He had never thought that someone could really bargain with the Snowfall Alliance.

Dwarves were extremely sensitive about bargaining.

Slashing the price would be killing them.

They would rather give up a deal than sell their products at a lower price.

But from the moment Liu Qingfeng entered the room, he first showed Karn the Sea Spa Alliances offer, then gradually guided Karn to his idea, and finally crushed his guard and made him accept his idea.

The three corvettes were 37 million crystal stones.

If they could have three free corvettes with every Thunder King they bought, the deal would be pretty much the same as the purchase plan with a 40 percent discount.

“He is terrifying!”

Li Mu updated his appraisal of Liu Qingfeng.

He admired Liu Qingfeng very much.

At the same time, he felt a surge of various emotions.

“In fact, there are quite a few people who have the eloquence and tactics to bargain and close this kind of deal.

“Unfortunately, they dont have several billion crystal stones.

“Without money, their hands are tied.

Thats why the Snow Alliance has never slashed its prices before.

Now, this tradition has been breached.


Technically, they only made an exception for Senior Zhangs group.

“They will provide this kind ofdiscount in further deals.

“After all, now they have made an exception, they would surely make a second one.”

“Dad, you are amazing,” Liu Jiaran said to Liu Qingfeng in admiration.

“Of course.” Ah Hu smiled and said, “Dads really awesome.

Jiaran, you didnt see how he commanded the troops to fight In the Kings Domain.

He was purely majestic.

He earned the respect of more than a million people.

Now, in the Kings Domain, he is a magnate.

Even Lord Nan Shan and Lord Liu are extremely respectful to him.”

Ah Hu certainly knew it was necessary to flatter his father-in-law from time to time.

Even someone as cool-headed as Liu Qingfeng could not help smiling when he heard Ah Hus compliment.

“Its all thanks to Hans financial supports that Ive achieved all this.

Without the crystal stones, it would be difficult for us to make any progress in the wonderful Sea Dragon Star Area,” Liu Qingfeng said, shaking his head.

“My master likes to be a hands-off leader.

But now Uncle Liu is here, I believe we will soon dominate the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.” Mu Xue was trimming her fingernails with a small knife.

She glanced at Liu Qingfeng and said with a smile, “When the time comes, we can march into the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“The Heavenly Dragon Star Province…” Li Mu was dazed for moments.

That was also the place Li Mu looked forward to exploring.

Well, who wouldnt want to go to a more advanced Star Area

There were more dangers and opportunities there.

Yuan Ying Realm cultivators would not stand out there, for It was said that people at that level had filled the streets.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were already the mainstay.

They belonged to the upper echelons.

“All Aunty Xue thinks about is how to have fun.”

Mengmeng said with a snort, “We have only visited a few places in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

There are still a whole lot of places we havent been to.

But Aunty Xue has begun to think about going to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Dad, what kind of place is the Heavenly Dragon Star Province”

Although that was what Mengmeng said, her eyes gleamed with excitement when she thought of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

The world was vast.

There were too many places to see.

To a little girl like Mengmeng, who had never seen the dark and horrible side of the Cultivation World, those visits were more like outings.

Traveling around was a wonderful experience.

This was the enjoyment Zhang Han provided her with.

“About the Heavenly Dragon Star Province…”

Zhang Han thought for a moment.

Then he explained in simple language, “I once said that the Sea Dragon Star Area is like a county on Earth.

It is quite small.

Likewise, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is just like a province.

In its territory, there are many places like the Sea Dragon Star Area, which are cities.

Still, there are some differences.

Every Star Area has its own name.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province is relatively large, equivalent to a provincial capital.

Its a much more interesting place.

But we wont go there for the time being.

Lets just look around in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its safer here, and there are still many fun places to go.”

“Yeah, there are a lot of fun places,” Li Mu hastily said, “when you have time, I can be your tour guide and show you around.”

“No, thanks.

We have Nina as our guide.” Mengmeng turned him down at once.

Li Mu didnt know what to say.


“My feelings are hurt.

“Look likes Mengmeng doesnt care about me at all.

“Alas! I, Li Mu, am the graceful and respected Young Master in the Cloud Star Area.

I use to be very popular with women.

But I seem to have lost my charm.

“What happened to me”

Before, Li Mu was very confident in his appearance.

But now, he had doubts about it.

“Well, in this group, Mu Xue is single.

She has a great figure and a very beautiful face.

I wonder if she is any bit interested in me…”

Li Mu then peered at Mu Xue, who was trimming her fingernails.

Three seconds later, Mu Xue raised her head, glanced at Li Mu, and yelled, “Why are you staring at me”

The disdain on her face made Li Mu immediately look away.

He quickly blinked several times.

He then concluded that Mu Xue had no feelings for him at all.

“Where has my charm gone…

“Could it be that theyre from Earth, so Im not their cup of tea

“No, that cant be.

Nina is also from the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But she doesnt seem any bit interested in me, either.”

Li Mu sat on the chair in a daze, doubting his life.

“Youll start school in a month.” Zi Yan reached out and gently pinched Mengmengs face, saying, “Have fun as hard as you can when youre on vacation.

But when the term starts, you should restrain yourself and work hard.

Otherwise, we wont go on trips on the next vacation.”


Mom, dont worry.

Ill definitely be the number one in the next exam,” Mengmeng pledged.

“Getting into the top three would be enough.” Zhang Han smiled.

He never wanted to give Mengmeng any pressure.

All he wished for her was to live a happy and carefree life.


Yue Xiaonao couldnt suppress her jealousy anymore.

While chewing a piece of candy, she looked at Yue Wuwei and said, “Look at Mengmengs dad.

He gives Mengmeng all kinds of rewards every time she gets good grades.

But what about you Last time, you gave me a toy.

Im already 15.

Dont fool me with childs stuff next time, or Ill make a scene.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Yue Wuwei smiled awkwardly and said, “Ill definitely give you a better gift next time.”

“Well, Yue Xiaonao does live up to her name.

Who else could threaten others with making a scene so righteously”

After making the promise, Yue Wuwei shot a reproachful look at Zhang Han.

“Seriously! If you were not such arole model dad, I wouldnt have to rack my brains to think of a special gift for my daughter.”

The adults always told children not to try to keep up with the Joneses.

However, they were doing it themselves all the time.

Actually, it was natural to compare yourself with others and do some reflections when you saw people different from you.

The group continued to chat casually.

On the other side…

After leaving the trading center in a hurry, Karn took his aircraft and quickly flew to the central area of the huge city.

On an island in the middle of a lake, there was a manor in vintage style.

There lived Alwar, the head of the Central City, who was the general superintendent here.

“Your Excellency, Ive received an order that is worth a very large sum.”

When he saw Alwar, Karn looked excited.

“It can definitely break the record and be the biggest deal weve ever made.”

Alwar was tall and sturdy.

He had a hawk nose and large eyes.

With a rather indifferent expression on his face, he asked, “Oh How many crystal stones are we talking about”

Obviously, regular orders wouldnt be worth his attention at all.

He was thinking that if it was just an order of tens of millions, he would probably tell Karn that he shouldnt have made a fuss about it.

“More than two billion!”

“Pfft! How much Are you sure”

“Yes, Im sure.”

“Two billion Who is the buyer Who has such a fortune” After the shock subsided, Alwar suddenly muttered pensively, “Do they really have so many crystal stones Could it be that youve been tricked”

He looked surprised and suspicious.

“Seems that no force in the Sea Dragon Star Area could pay more than two billion crystal stones in one deal.

“Could it be a long-term deal

“Even so, its still a huge order.”

“Its Zhang Hanyang and his people.

Your Excellency, I believe youve heard about what happened to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the Elemental Elf Clan, havent you That Zhang Hanyang has come here to buy spaceships.

Sect Leader Li of the Cloudy Shadow Sky vouches for him.

We just talked for a long time.

Given the huge transaction volume, I didnt dare to accept the order without your permission, so I came to consult you,” said Karn with a smile.

“Well, this Karn is worth teaching.”

Alwar suddenly smiled at Karn and patted him on the shoulder.

“Good thinking.

Very good.”

“This Karn is letting me take most of the credits for this deal.

He is a smart employee.”

Alwar was quite satisfied with him.

“Theres just one issue that hasnt been settled yet.

Well, they have requested that if they were to buy at least 20 Thunder Kings, we should give them three corvettes for each of their Thunder Kings for free,” Karn said slowly.

Alwar frowned as soon as he heard these words.

“How is that possible The price of three corvettes is already quite high.

But this is part of their scheme.

Dont you know our Snow Alliance never accepts bargaining in any form”

“Of course I know.” Karn gave a wry smile and said, “Its just that the sum of this order is very large, which is too tempting.

The three corvettes they want are the Water Snake, the Sunflower Land, and the Wind Sailor.

We have a lot of stock in the first two.

Few people would buy them.

The third one is priced at a little more than 10 million, but the cost is far lower.

After careful calculation, I think the term is still acceptable, so I told them to stay there and came to ask you for your view.

Moreover, they have been in contact with the people from the Sea Spa Alliance before.

The prices offered by the Sea Spa Alliance are very low.

In the current situation, if we dont give these three kinds of corvettes for free, they will leave at once and trade with the Sea Spa Alliance.

But they also said that if we accepted their term, they would also buy a larger number of aircraft from us.

Im tempted by that proposal.

Thats why I didnt turn them down.”

“The Water Snake, the Sunflower land, and the Wind Sailor…” Alwar pondered for a moment and said, “Its not completely unacceptable.

No one in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province wants these kinds of corvettes.

For those in the Sea Dragon Star Area, their prices are a little high.

We have quite a large stock of the three models.

Every year, they cost us a lot of money for maintenance… Well, take me to meet with them.

Are you sure they have more than two billion crystal stones”

“They said that if we can confirm the order today, theyll pay the deposit right away.”


Alwar did not hesitate.

He immediately headed to the trade center with Karn.

They soon arrived at the office.

“Welcome, everyone.”

Alwar smiled and said, “May I know which one of you is Zhang Hanyang”

“I am.”

“Ive heard a lot about you.” Alwar looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Im the person in charge here.

My name is Alwar.

I just heard from Karn that you want to place an order.

I like to do business with straightforward people.

Are you sure you can pay the deposit today Because your order is too huge, according to the transaction procedure between us and the Sea Dragon Star Area, the deposit shall be half of the total payment.”

“No problem,” Zhang Han nodded slightly and said, “but I have a request.”

“Please go ahead,” Alwar sat down across from Zhang Han and said.

“I want to order a Blue Butterfly.

Ill pay a million crystal stones for it.

But I want the finished product in three days,” Zhang Han said bluntly.

As soon as he said that, Li Mu and Nina were a little moved.

“Oh my god.

He really spoils Mengmeng.

“Alas, pity that Im not a girl.”

Li Mu had a bitter expression on his face.

“Since Senior Zhang adores Mengmeng so much, if I were Nina, Id have long managed to make him teach me Dragon Shadow.

“Also, there is no doubt that Mengmeng would have long invited me to visit her planet.

“If I could go on that trip, we would spend much time together every day.

Then, we would soon become close friends!


“The 10 custom-made Blue Butterflies have been sold out.”

Alwars expression paused for a moment.

A trace of hesitation flashed across his face.

Two seconds later, he said with a smile, “But we wont mind making another one.

It just so happens that someone in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province has ordered a custom-made Blue Butterfly.

Tomorrow, it will be finished.

If you pay us a million crystal stones, you can come and pick it up tomorrow.

Then, well have to hurry to make another one for that customer in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”


Zhang Han nodded with satisfaction.

He turned to look at Mengmeng and found that the little girl looked very happy.

She was happy because she could have the Blue Butterfly very soon.

But what made her happier was her fathers love for her.

“I want the Water Wood,” Yue Xiaonao said to Yue Wuwei in a loud voice.


Well buy a Water Wood and a Bright Shadow,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Alright, Ive written it down,” Karn replied.

His eyes lit up.

A Blue Butterfly cost a million crystal stones.

A Water Wood cost half a million.

And a Bright Shadow cost 450 thousand.

These were all luxurious aircraft.

It seemed that Zhang Hans group would also spend a lot on aircraft.

“Then lets talk about the number of aircraft we want.” Liu Qingfeng glanced at Zhang Han at the moment.

He was the one to devise strategies and do the negotiation.

But the final decision was still Zhang Hans to make.

“Everyone, each of you can choose some you like,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Thank you, Master!” Mu Xue said in a sweet voice.

“Haha, thank you, boss,” Ah Hu and others also thanked him repeatedly.

The atmosphere livened up.

“Which one shall we buy then”

Zi Yan hesitated for moments.

She had set eyes on three aircraft and did not know which one she should pick.

“Ill buy all of them.”

Zhang Han, who was now loaded, finally showed the generous demeanor that Han Yang Immortal had in old days.

He had tons of cultivation resources and crystal stones.

Thus, he didnt even think or bat his eyes when buying things that only cost hundreds of thousands of crystal stones.

However, Nina, Li Mu, and Mo Wen were greatly shocked by this.

“Gee, how could they be so rich”

“We just need this one, right” Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali gathered together and discussed.

Although theyd become grandparents, they also wanted to enjoy their lives.

Most importantly, after coming to the Sea Dragon Star Area, they felt that they were still very young.

“I want the Heavenly King.” Zhang Mu chose a white and dignified-looking aircraft, which cost 300,000 crystal stones.

Instructor Liu and Jiang Yanlan soon reached an agreement and picked a black aircraft.

Deep Flame, on the other hand, was slightly hesitant.

Any of these aircraft cost hundreds of thousands of crystals.

He felt too embarrassed to pick one.

“Forget it, I cant always let Han spend money for me,” Deep Flame smiled wryly and said, “my place has a good transport service.

If I come to the Sea Dragon Star Area, I can take a spaceship.”

This time, before Zhang Han and Zi Yan could speak, Liu Qingfeng glanced at those who were hesitant.

Not only Deep Flame but Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, Lei Tiannan, Ji Wushuang, and others also looked a little shy.

“Well come to the Sea Dragon Star Area frequently in the future.

Its normal for everyone to have an aircraft.

Look at Young Master Li Mu and Princess Nina.

They both have a few different models.

For now, each of us can only have one model.

Youll find the aircraft useful in time,” Liu Qingfeng laughed and pointed to an aircraft, saying, “I want this one.”


Its been put on the order.” Karn nodded repeatedly.

There were dozens of people present, which meant that they would buy dozens of aircraft.

According to their selection standard, on average, they would pay 300,000 for each aircraft.

And some of them even ordered more than one model.

In this way, the payment would be higher.

The most expensive model was still the Blue Butterfly.

Zhang Han didnt want to haggle.

He directly offered a million crystal stones to intercept the one made for another customer.

After all, money talks.

“Since everyone has picked the ones they want, Ill tell you the rest we need.”

Liu Qingfeng clapped his hands and said, “We want these three models of combat aircraft.

We order a thousand of each model.

As for exploration aircraft, we chose these three models.

Well have a thousand of each model.

Also, we want these five models of utility aircraft.

A thousand of each model as well.”

“With that casual remark, we sold 11,000 aircraft!

“Can anyone imagine that”

Karn was so excited that his hands were trembling.

“This is too unbelievable.

The average price of the small aircraft is 50 thousand crystal stones.

The total amount would add up to 500 million.

“In addition, they also chose some luxury models.

“But all things considered, these luxurious models only make up a very small portion.

Those are practically negligible.”

“The total payment is 2,533,000,000,” Karn did the calculation and informed.

The figure was appalling.

“Never thought the sum could be so huge.

“The transaction volume is even much larger than the deals we made with people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“This is scary.

Do they really have so many crystal stones”

“According to the procedure, you need to pay a deposit of 1,266,500,000 crystal stones.

When the products are finished, you will make the rear payment.

We have 10 ready-made Thunder Kings, which are customized for a force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Unfortunately, that force was destroyed before the delivery date.

So, what I want to say is that if any accident happens to you during the transaction, our Snowfall Alliance will not return the deposit.”

Alwar thought for a moment and added, “There are still some terms and procedures to go through.

Lets follow the normal procedures.

Its noon now.

Well get the formalities done by dusk.

You can pay the deposit then.

Tomorrow, well start making the products you ordered.

The manufacturing period is estimated to be half a year.”

“Since you already have 10 Thunder Kings, most of the other corvettes and aircraft are in stock, we can pick them up right away, cant we” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“If you want to take them now.” Alwar pondered for seconds and said, “Ill allow that as long as you put down a deposit of 2 billion.”

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