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Only Zi Yan understood why.

She grabbed Zhang Hans hand and gave him a look as if saying, “Look, he seems to know you in your last life.

You scared the hell out of him.

How domineering were you at that time”

Zhang Han gave her a resigned look, which said, “I was not very domineering.

All I did was subdue 10 super-powerful sects.”

However, seeing this, Zhang Han was certain that all the things he had done in the Cultivation World were not a dream but what had really happened.

After his rebirth, he found himself in a racing game on Earth.

However, at that time, in the Cultivation World, more than 1000 years had passed.

Obviously, the time on the Saint Warrior Planet had been tempered.

With the ability of Yue Wuweis master, it was understandable that he could control time.

In that case, Han Yang Immortals legend must still exist in the Cultivation World.

Han Yang Immortal was once all-powerful.

He overawed the world.

Yet, at last, he died in the divine thunder over the sky.

He was a legendary figure.

Many had heard about him.

“But a thousand years have passed.

Still, he recognized me.

Maybe he used to be a little fan of mine.”

“Im sorry! I, I…”

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, Moores breathing became even, and he could finally speak fluently.

His voice was extremely dry.

There was no longer any fighting intent in him.

All he showed was fear.

He bowed to Zhang Han and cupped his hands, not even daring to look up.

“Its my fault for disturbing you, senior.

Im willing to give up my entire fortune and five hundred years of my lifespan in exchange for your forgiveness.

Please let me live.”

“Haha.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“You think you can get away so easily”

Although he was laughing, Moores expression changed drastically.

He said submissively, “Senior, I really shouldnt have offended you.

But I think my error isnt severe enough to cost my life.

Please spare me.

Senior, I am willing to be your servant and do everything you ask me to do.”


Upon hearing these words, Li Mu, Mo Wen, and Nina were all dumbfounded.

They didnt even know what to think.

Their brains seemed to have stopped working.

“Senior Zhang seems to be merely in the Yuan Ying Realm.

How come he scared a God Transformation Realm cultivator stiff

“What on earth is happening”

They felt like going mad.

But Li Mus heart beat faster and faster.

“Good heavens, could it be that Senior Zhang is a super-mighty master who hasnt come out of seclusion Is he going to recruit a God Transformation Realm cultivator as his underling


“He would become the boss of a God Transformation Realm cultivator.

“This is too frightening!

“Senior Zhang is invincible!”

However, just as Li Mu was rejoicing in private, Zhang Han frowned slightly and said, “I dont need a servant like you, nor do I need your little bit of wealth.”


Moores face was pallid.

“Is today gonna be the day of my doom

“Screw you, Alwar! Even if I die, I will bring you along with me!”

With hatred boiling in his chest, Moore had decided that even if he died today, he would kill Alwar the moment his Yuan Ying lingered in the world.

He just gotta do it, because if it werent for Alwar, how could he end up facing this devil king

But he didnt expect a surprise came all of a sudden.

“Cut your lifespan by yourself,” Zhang Han said nonchalantly.

Yue Wuweis expression became even more bemused.

“This brat is clearly only at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage.

How could he talk to a God Transformation Realm cultivator in such an aloof tone

“Why is he so confident Has he discovered that my strength is higher than this man Wait, thats not right.

This man fears Zhang Han, not me.

But why is he afraid of Zhang Han”

“Thank you, senior!”


Moore didnt hesitate at all.

In fact, his face was pleasantly surprised.

He pounded himself squarely in the chest.

At once, his face turned deathly pale.

Though he didnt cough up any blood, his breathing was extremely chaotic.

He was still in the God Transformation Realm, but his current strength was at most at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Under normal circumstances, it would take at least three to five years to recover from such heavy injuries if he did not take medicinal pellets.

Moore said timidly, “Well, as to your purchase of the spaceships, I dont have the power to decide on that.

Well… senior, if you dont want to waste crystal stones on those spaceships, I can tell the others not to resist your takeover.

Since you want this planet, you can do whatever you want here.”

“Am I such an unreasonable person” Zhang Han felt rather speechless.

“No-no-no, my bad.

I shouldnt have put it that way.

Um, if theres nothing else, I wont disturb you any longer.

May you excuse me” Moore said with a vigilant expression on his face.

He thought to himself, “When you want to, no one can be more unreasonable than you.”

Moore didnt dare to look at Zhang Hans face, for fear that he would be finished if Zhang Han was any bit discontented.

“You want to leave”

Yue Wuwei was a little put out.

As a beam of light flashed across his eyes, he suddenly grabbed forward with his right hand.


He finally showed an ounce of his intimidating strength.

Moore felt a giant, insubstantial hand had held him in a tight grip.

He had no chance to resist at all.

Moore was dumbstruck.

“Son of a b*tch!

“This elder is already far beyond the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage!

“Looks like I wouldnt be his match even if I had not injured myself.

“Alwar! Ill go kill you in a sec!”

Everyone was astonished by Moores dumbfounded appearance.

“Holy cow, is he the most cowardly God Transformation Realm cultivator in history”

Li Mu wailed in his head.

“Its completely different from what I had imagined.

If a God Transformation Realm cultivator is still this weak, then whats the point of pursuing cultivation

“Hold on, thats not right.

“If Senior Zhang and Elder Yue werent here, this God Transformation Realm cultivator would probably be able to display the real power of the God Transformation Realm.”

For a moment, Li Mu exclaimed with emotion in his head.

“Senior Zhang and Elder Yue are really amazing.

Theyre super-strong backers.”

Seeing this, Zhang Han showed a tiny smile.

He knew that Elder Yue was not a simple person.

As the guardian of the Saint Warrior Planet, how could he be simple

“Brat, youre afraid of him but not me

“If you dont give me a satisfying explanation today, Ill beat you to death.”

Yue Wuwei glared at him and snorted angrily.

“Elder Yue…”

Zi Yan simmered with laughter.

She wanted to remind him of something, but gave up on second thought.

In the past, she was the only one who knew that Zhang Han was a reborn person.

However, as Zhang Han learned more about the Cultivation World, more and more people came into contact with him.

Those people also began to notice this.

As a reborn person, Zhang Han sometimes seemed strange.

But he was how he was.

Zi Yan loved him for who he was.

She didnt think his background or past mattered.

Zhang Han thought so, too.

He thought Moore knew him in his first life.

But this time, even he himself was mistaken.

“Senior, dont be angry, please.”

Moore was extremely wimpy at this time.

He didnt dare to resist at all and repeatedly begged Yue Wuwei for mercy.

“Spit it out,” Yue Wuwei reprimanded him with a dark face.


Moore hurriedly said, “A thousand years ago, I was still at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Once, I passed by the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

As he spoke, a reminiscent look flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, Mu Xue, Chen Changqing, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and others all pricked up their ears.

Mengmengs big shining eyes stopped blinking as she listened intently to Moores story.

“On the Lost Continent, I abruptly fell into a secret realm filled with countless dangerous strange beasts.

“I thought this adventure might be a great opportunity, so I began to overcome the challenges there.

But when I got to the last challenge in the secret realm, I-I-I saw…”

At this point, Moore swallowed hard and suddenly shot a glance at Zhang Han.

His face turned pale, and his expression revealed inconceivable horror.

As if terrified by something, he trembled uncontrollably.

“What did you see” Yue Wuwei knitted his brows.

He waved his hand and set up a soundproof cover, which only covered him, Lisa, Yue Xiaonao, and Zhang Hans family of three.

The Lost Continent was the closest place to the Saint Warrior Planet.

It was the nearest Space Node.

“What did he see Why does it have anything to do with Zhang Han”

Yue Wuwei felt that there might be some secrets in this story, so he did not want other people to hear it.

He decided to learn about it himself first.

“I saw the origin of the Lost Continent.

“It was at first a flourishing planet.

Suddenly, a figure flashed across the void, who was as big as the planet.

That figure was this senior.

He slowly reached out his right hand and grabbed the whole planet.

With a seemingly gentle squeeze, the planet shattered, and only a continent was left, which is the Lost Continent we now see.

I will never forget that scene.

Perhaps only the mighty cultivators at the Tribulation Stage can do it.

“I can never forget that face, nor can I forget that indifferent look in his eyes.

“He seemed to consider everything in the world as nothing but dust.

“Thus, when I saw this senior today, I realized I really shouldnt have thought about snatching the treasures.

I also know it is already a great grace that this senior decided to let me live.”

Moore became dispirited as soon as he finished speaking.

“Im too tired.

Im drained from the inside.

“Life and death are part of the natural circle.

Id better let it be.”

“Are you sure you saw me”

Zhang Han frowned and murmured, “Could it be that you were in the Chaotic Region The Lost Continent…”

He remembered that he had destroyed two small planets in the Chaotic Region with his supernatural powers and formations.

But it seemed to be a little different from what Moore said.

“Or is it that as time went by, the scene left behind has altered a little”

Things like this could happen.

Some secret realms were formed under special circumstances.

Some could only be explored once.

Maybe the scene Moore saw had undergone some sort of modification.

The space in the Chaotic Region was very unstable.

There were particle storms and magnetic storms.

The natural conditions were rather harsh.

It was normal for such a modification to occur there.

That was just a guess.

Zhang Han couldnt figure out what the real reason was.

He originally thought that Moore had seen him before and recognized him as the Han Yang Immortal.

But that did not seem to be the case.

Moreover, other than the Sect Leader Ning of the Cloud Shadow Sky, those who had met and known Han Yang Immortal were mostly at the Mastery Stage or the Tribulation Stage.

Yue Wuwei fell silent.

“Whats going on This is beyond me.”

He looked at Zhang Han with a bemused face and said, “Zhang Han, it seems that youre carrying a big secret, arent you You scared this guy out of his wits.

The secret must be quite extraordinary.”

“You also have secrets, dont you” Zhang Han replied.

“How can you compare my case with yours Im keeping secrets for my master.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and muttered to himself, “The secret realm on the Lost Continent… is really strange.”

He glanced at the obedient Moore, waved his hand, making him fly backward.

“Okay, you can leave now.”

“Understood! Then Ill take my leave.”

Moore exhaled deeply.

He finally felt relieved.

But the next second, Zhang Han suddenly ordered, “Come to me after we have dinner.”


Moore felt a chill enter his heart.

He really did not want to have anything to do with the two people in front of him.

From the perception of the soul sense, the two were not strong.

But they both turned out to be big shots.

“D*mn, theyre only pretending to be weak, arent they”

“You go make the arrangements.

Well visit the underground kingdom after dinner.” Zhang Han smiled faintly and said, “My daughter wants to see the underground Dwarf Kingdom.”

“Yes, Ill definitely provide you with a satisfying journey.”

Moore heaved a long sigh of relief and relaxed his nerves.

Yet, after saying that, he escaped very fast.

Yue Wuwei dispersed the soundproof cover.

“This is weird.”

Yue Wuwei was lost in thought.

Three seconds later, he looked up again and said, “Lets go back to our residence to rest first.”

Mu Xue was extremely curious and asked urgently, “Whats wrong What happened”

“We asked him something.”

But Mengmeng suddenly said, “Humph, this is our secret.

I wont tell you.”

After that, she pulled Zhang Hans hand again.

When Zhang Han bent down, she whispered in his ear, “Daddy, what did that person say just now”

“Er, this…”

Zhang Han looked dazed and thought for two seconds.

In fact, it was not a big deal to tell them about his rebirth.

But given this occasion, after thinking about it, he decided not to do it now.

When they came into contact with advanced Star Areas in the future, they would know when they should.

Thus, he intended to let nature take its course.

As for Mengmengs question, Zhang Han thought for a moment and replied, “Ill tell you sometime in the future.”

“Well, okay.” Mengmeng has not focused her attention on this matter anyway.

Instead, she asked with a grin, “Daddy, can the man get it done”

“Get what done”

“Taking us to the underground Dwarf Kingdom.”

“Yes, he can.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “After dinner, well rest a bit and then go to the Dwarf Kingdom.”


Mengmeng smiled happily at once.

“Go to… the Dwarf Kingdom”

Nina muttered in amazement.

“Can we really do that”

Nina couldnt think of a way to go to the underground Dwarf Kingdom as a foreign guest.

“But from what I saw just now, that man seemed to be a high-ranking person on the Snowfall Star.

Since hes agreed on this, this matter is basically settled, right”

Li Mu also had a shocked look on his face.

In his entire life, he had never been to the underground Dwarf Kingdom.

He had only heard about it from others.

Even the last time his father came to the Snowfall Star, he only visited the palace on the surface of the planet but was not allowed to go to the core underground city.

“I can go there now

“Then when I go back, I would have something to brag about.”

“Lets go back to our residence first.”

Zhang Mu looked at Zhang Han with emotion.

He found his grandson very mysterious in many aspects.

They continued to walk on the mountain path.

The atmosphere gradually became refreshing and exquisite again.

They didnt let the previous interlude dampen their mood because it was over.

Even when they thought about it, all they considered was the completely different attitude of that person.

The wind was still blowing gently, making the leaves rustle.

It seemed to be a warm afternoon.

Leisure time could always purify ones heart.

However, such warm sunlight did not make Moores pale face any ruddy.

Yes, he was injured, seriously.

Losing five hundred years of his lifespan was no joking matter.

In fact, he had already taken a medicinal pellet.

Still, it was unable to make up for his fundamental loss.

“He is that person.

“Im not mistaken.

“I absolutely saw it was him.

This is too terrifying.

How could I provoke such a terrifying existence

“Its already my luck that I didnt die.

He smashed a planet with one hand.

To be that powerful… one should be at least at the seventh or eighth tier of the Tribulation Stage, right

“Its very likely that he is at the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage.

“Well… even without him, I would still not be a match for that elder.

“Which part of the Sea Dragon Star Area did those people come from

“D*mn it! Ive been tricked!”

Moores pale face showed traces of rage.

How could he not be enraged

His cultivation was greatly damaged, which would take a long time to recover.

Besides, he had shortened his lifespan by five hundred years.

His heart ached when he thought of his losses.

He angrily flew to the trading center.


He smashed the window and entered the office on the top floor.


Alwar was startled and jumped to his feet.

He thought that Lord Moore was in a hurry.

It was also because he was just wondering if he could exchange some medium-grade crystal stones for some top-grade ones.

Anyway, he was about to take off, and there were some medium-grade crystal stones in the vault.

He also wanted some top-grade crystal stones.

However, he didnt expect that Lord Moore would return so quickly.

“He has obtained the sixth-tier spirit treasures

“Now hes had more than a dozen kinds of six-tier spirit treasures, he would at least give me one or two, wouldnt he”

Arwen rejoiced inwardly.

He then noticed Lord Moores pale face.

He guessed that Lord Moore might have just had a great battle, and it took him a lot of effort to kill that God Transformation Realm master on the opposite side.

“Your Lordship, are you alright”

Alwar said fawningly, “Two hundred thousand top-grade crystal stones are here.

I also took a lot from the vault.

We made a fortune this time.”

“Hahaha, right, weve made a fortune!” Moore said through clenched teeth.

“Hee-hee, my lord, I wont ask for many treasures for this contribution.

Its enough as long as I can follow you.”

Alwar subtly reminded him that it was time to share the treasures.

“Im your subordinate.

I brought you such great news.

How can you not give me some in return”

“Good, very good.”

Alwar finally realized that there was something wrong with Moores tone.

He looked up and saw a huge palm sweeping at him.

At the same time, Moores furious voice said, “Go to hell!”

A moment later, Karn, who was busy outside, suddenly heard some noise.


“Is Lord Moore here”

He hurried to the office and entered, only to see the Alwar breathing his last breath.


Karns expression changed drastically.

“Were doomed!

“Could it be that the members of Central City have done something that annoyed the higher-ups”

Cold sweat gushed down his forehead.

But a surprise came the next second.

“From now on, you are the chief of the Central City.

Go put these crystal stones into account,” Moore said in a cold voice.

“Also, deal with the order Zhang Hanyang and the others placed as soon as possible! If you cant get it done before tomorrow morning, you should kill yourself.”

“Yes, my lord!”

Karn swallowed dryly.

His heart beat wildly.

Then he hesitated and said, “Now we are preparing a batch of products to be delivered to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

We cannot start to process Zhang Hanyangs order until late tonight after we finish these previous orders.

Elder Lu is rushing me to…”

“Huh You cant understand what I said”

Moores face darkened as he snapped, “Forget the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

I want you to get Zhang Hanyangs order ready as soon as possible.

Put all the other orders on hold.

If anyone has any objections, tell him or her to come to me!”

“Yes! Consider its done.” Karn quickly bowed and nodded.


Moore snorted and directly flew out of the window.

Then, he stopped in midair, looked back, lowered his voice subconsciously, and said very seriously, “You must give Zhang Hanyang and the others the best service.

If anything goes wrong and upsets them, Ill kill you.

Also, after they finish dinner, take them to the underground kingdom to see the King of Dwarves.

Oh, by the way, put this batch of crystal stones in the trading center for the time being.

If they come to take these crystal stones away, dont stop them.

Whats more, provide them with everything they want.

If theyre any bit discontented with their stay here, you can go to hell!”

“What” Karn was stunned.

He hastily cupped his hands and said, “Yes.”

Still worried, Moore added, “Ill sort everything out with the others.

If theres nothing else, dont let anyone disturb me.”

Would he stay to entertain Zhang Hanyang

No way.

His legs would start to tremble whenever he looked at that face.

What he saw at that time was a huge blow to him.

It could not be erased.

He was eternally traumatized.

Perhaps there were a few people in the world who looked very similar.

But Moore was in the God Transformation Realm.

He had refined his divine sense, so his observation could not be wrong.

Zhang Hans demeanor was exactly the same as that of the person he saw.

“The Lost Continent was created because he squashed a planet with one hand.

“What kind of terrifying existence is he

“I cant provoke him.

I just cant.

Id better stay away from him.”

Moore left very quickly.

Karn was stunned again.

He was at a loss as to what to do.

“Am I the chief now”

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