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Chapter 1106 Koro Sects Auction

Seeing that his Junior Martial Brother behind him was stumped for words, Lyu Qi looked at Mengmeng and said, “Little girl, if youre joking, dont go too far.

Its okay to have some fun.

But you cant make fun of others like this, understand”

It sounded like he was lecturing Mengmeng.

This ticked Zhang Han off at once.

He put his teacup back on the table.


The slight sound was almost thunderous in the ears of Li Mu and others.

They all knew that this was a dangerous signal.

“If you have money, place the bet.

If you dont, shut up,” Zhang Han glanced at Lyu Qi indifferently and said.


Lyu Qi felt anger rise in his chest.

But on second thought, he realized that he had come to the Sea Dragon Star Area with a mission that was to keep Lorry company.

Thus, he should not cause trouble himself.

After deliberating for a moment, he said with a faint smile, “Of course.

if you can prove that you people do have so many crystal stones she mentioned, Ill apologize for what I just said.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng immediately agreed.

It seemed that she didnt want to see them get into a row either.

Her attitude decided Zhang Hans attitude.

Now that Mengmeng wanted to settle this amicably, Zhang Han turned to look at the Dragon Horses ahead and said no more.

“Hey, look.”

Mengmeng blinked.

Her big eyes rolled up as she raised her right hand slightly.


Many top-grade crystal stones appeared, dazzling peoples eyes.

At a glance, there were at least two thousand of them.

Zi Yans red lips moved.

She looked at Zhang Han speechlessly.

“Why did you give her so many crystal stones Youve really spoiled her.”


Zhang Han grinned in return.

He felt a sting of guilt.

“I definitely wouldnt tell you that I gave Mengmeng those crystal stones to top up her game account.

“I cant tell you that.

Or Id have to sleep on the couch tonight.

“Well, Mengmeng is very sensible.

She knows that she should not display all her wealth to others.

Thus, she only let them see more than two thousand crystal stones.”

Zhang Han was very gratified.

If she showed most of her fortune here, with Zi Yans sharp sixth sense, she would certainly smell something fishy.


Lyu Qi felt his throat very dry at the moment.

“Turns out they really have so many top-grade crystal stones!”

His Junior Martial Brother behind him was already dumbfounded.

“There is no point of gambling with them now!”

“Sorry for my rudeness just now.” Lyu Qi made an obeisance to Zhang Han.

After that, he quickly turned back, as if all those crystal stones had hurt his eyes.

Mengmeng put away the crystal stones and looked at the red-haired man, whose face was extremely awkward.

“How many do you want to bet”


This was heart-wrenching.

The red-haired mans pupils froze.

After a good five seconds of silence, he finally exhaled and said, “Then, lets bet 100 medium-grade crystal stones.

Your game is too pricy.

I cant afford to play.

Ahem, didnt we agree to make this a casual game Yes, its just for fun.”

“Only 100 medium-grade crystal stones Then I wont play with you.”

Mengmeng snorted softly, turned around, and began to make bets with Zhang Han and Zi Yan again.

The red-haired man looked away in a daze.

He fell silent.

It was as if he had been hit by a blow.

His mind raced.

“Even a little girl in that group has so many crystal stones.

“Could it be that Ive encountered a rich sect in the Sea Dragon Star Area against all odds

“Why am I so unlucky”

Seeing his expression, Li Mu sniggered on the side.


Do you think youre rich Hahaha.

You can only compete with me in wealth.

But how could you try to compete with Mengmeng Man, what were you thinking”

“Daddy, take a guess.

Which Dragon Horse will you bet on this time”

“I guess its No.


“Then my guess is No.


What about you, Mummy”


49,” Zi Yan replied casually.

Yue Xiaonao had also quieted down.

She planned to wait and watch this round first.

She watched the Dragon Horses race.

This time, the winning one was No.


“Their guesses are not very close.”

Yue Xiaonao cast several looks at Zhang Han.

“Uncle Zhang is really handsome and mysterious.

Could he find any clues”

In this way, she watched a few rounds.

Many people, including the red-haired man and his fellows at the side table, casually made bets with the banker.

After sitting there watching the race for more than two hours and Mengmeng was done with the guessing game, the group got up and went to the place where they could ride Dragon Horses.

Seeing how wealthy they were, the red-haired man curled his lips and said, “These people are really loaded.”

“Its none of your business,” Lyu Qi said.

“You did well this time.

You restrained your hot temper.

Even though the scene seemed harmonious, if you were not careful, we could get into a fight with them.”

“Heh, you think they could fight us” The red-haired man snickered.

“You dont believe me” Lyu Qi frowned slightly and said, “I sensed that the girls father was extraordinary.

His imposing attitude and aura made me feel like I was facing our dean.

Were here mainly to accompany Senior Lorry.

So, dont make trouble.”

“I didnt intend to make trouble, either,” the red-haired man said nonchalantly, “but that little girl was very cute.

Who wouldve known she had so many crystal stones That was really strange.”

“Thats a big fortune.

She has more than 2000 top-grade crystal stones.

Thats equivalent to more than 20 million low-grade ones.

Its a terrifying number,” the man next to the red-haired man said with a smile, “but, of course, our Senior Lorry is much richer.”

“That girl can gamble with 2000 top-grade crystal stones at will, but I cant.” Lorry shook her head slightly.

Although she had quite a lot of crystal stones in her Space Ring, she couldnt spend them willfully.

Lorrys tone was serious.

She was not in the mood to joke anyway.

Her calm voice immediately silenced the three juniors behind her.

They didnt know what to say, so they all fell silent and continued to play with the banker.

In fact, they also knew that Senior Lorry was in a bad mood.

Even the red-haired man, who had Lyu Qi as his backer, was well-behaved during the journey for fear of upsetting Lorry.


Lorry looked ahead and said softly, “Uncle Loron, please help me ask if there is any news about the friend of the First Elder of the Koro Sect.”


The old man, Loron, who had been silent for a long time, took out his communication device and worked on it for a few minutes.

At last, he shook his head and looked at Lorry with a complicated expression.

“Dont be too anxious.

The method you know only offers a shred of hope.

Actually, what your dean said about your mothers illness is right.

Nothing can cure her.

She can only let her fate take its course.

You should stay on the Orchid Star for the next few days.

Ill go to the Chaotic Region to have a look.

Your dean said that there may be a chance to cure your mother if we can find that mysterious place.”

Loron said that to Lorry with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

After hearing that, Lorrys eyes revealed sorrow, ruefulness, and a deep sense of helplessness.

Fortunately, there was still a glimmer of hope in the depths of her pupils.

Despair was terrifying.

However, to have a glimmer of hope among the despair was pivotal.

Because that remark was made with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, the usher in front of them didnt say anything.

If he heard it, he might have let his imagination run wild.

Then, to get more tips, he would perhaps mention, “The group of people you saw just now are the famous Zhang Hanyang and his companions!”

All the respectable forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area had heard about what Zhang Hanyang did.

Where did Zhang Hanyang come from

Nobody knew.

It was as if he had appeared out of thin air.

Now, he had become the center of vortex in the Sea Dragon Star Area filled with surging undercurrents.

Would the Tiger Talisman Royal Family possibly swallow its pride and admit defeat

A few days ago, Hu Tianshan had gathered various forces, ready to make a move.

From that, one could tell that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was preparing to wage war at any moment.

They even wouldnt hesitate to start a super-large-scale war.

Unfortunately, despite their high morale, they had been discouraged before they set off for the battlefield.

Zhang Hanyang had bought 10 Thunder Kings and 60 corvettes.

The news about that fleet astonished everyone.

Additionally, the Cloud Shadow Sky and several other forces had become his allies.

Thus, even the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had no choice but to temporarily avoid conflict with them.

This matter had attracted the attention of countless people.

As the low-level usher of the Dragon Horse Star, who was basically a servant, he had also learned about it.

Seeing the famous Young Master Li serving that group of people, he didnt need to think to know those people were Zhang Hanyang and his companions.

After thinking about it, the usher thought hed better keep his mouth shut.

The people behind him were from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, which was an advanced Star Area.

They were indeed powerful.

However, Zhang Hanyang was not a pushover.

If the two parties fought on the Dragon Horse Star and caused great losses, he, the usher, would be flayed alive, wouldnt he

Thus, even though Loron wanted to track down Zhang Hanyang, he missed him upon their first encounter.

The next day, Loron helped Lorry and the others settle down.

Then, with some probe, he went to the Cloud Shadow Sky in person.

He wasnt arrogant.

He traveled there with a calm temper and didnt violate any of the rules.

After arriving at the space station in the Cloud Shadow Sky, he said straightforwardly, “Loron of the Luo family from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is here to visit Sect Leader Li.

I have something to ask him.”


“Who is it”

In an instant, the staff member at the space station felt his teeth chatter.

“Someone from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province is visiting us

“Holy cow!”

The staff member at the space station was frightened.

He hurriedly reported to his superiors.

In the end, the person in charge cautiously led Loron to go to the Cloud Shadow Star.

Before Loron had covered half of the journey, Sect Leader Li came to greet him with dozens of elders.

“Im Li Hao, Sect Leader of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

May I know what Senior Luo has come here for” Li Hao cupped his hands and asked while maintaining a safe distance.

“Im here because I heard that Zhang Hanyang is here.

I have something to ask him,” Loron replied calmly.

“Could you tell me what this concerns” Li Hao asked, blinking.

He was stressed.

Any one of the major forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province could overpower all the forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Although the Cloud Shadow Sky was powerful in the Sea Dragon Star Area, it could not be compared with any force in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Why did a big wig from there come to the Sea Dragon Star Area And why did he want to look for Zhang Hanyang

“Could Zhang Hanyang also be from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province

“Is there enmity between them”

In that instant, many questions flashed through Li Haos mind.

However, he didnt dare to show anything on his face.

“Is he here” Loron asked.

“No, he is not.

Hes out for sightseeing.

Hes out of reach right now.

I think he is in a secondary space.

But I can get in touch with him later.

I also know some information about him.

Senior Luo, what do you want to know Maybe I can help,” Li Hao said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Loron didnt speak.

After thinking for two seconds, he said, “I heard that Zhang Hanyang and his people are from a mysterious place in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It just so happens that Im also looking for a mysterious place, so I want to ask him about that place he came from.

If the information I get is useful to me, I can promise to let 100 disciples of the Cloud Shadow Sky go to cultivate in our Luo family in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province until each of them reaches at least the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.”


Li Hao showed a stunned look on his face.

He didnt expect the other side could give such a generous offer.

It was a pity that this matter concerned Zhang Hanyang.

Li Hao was very grateful to Zhang Hanyang.

He also firmly believed that Zhang Hanyang had some kind of relationship with the seniors of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Thus, he had regarded Zhang Hanyang as one of his people.

He certainly couldnt make random remarks about Zhang Hanyang.

Li Hao pondered for two seconds and replied, “Senior Luo, to tell you the truth, I dont know much about Zhang Hanyangs background, but I do know a little about his past.

He knows some of our seniors who left the Cloud Shadow Sky a thousand years ago.

I think he should be from another Star Area.”

Upon hearing these words, Loron fell silent again.

A trace of weariness flashed across his eyes.

“Another Star Area”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

There was clearly not any spiritual force circulating about his body, but Li Hao felt astonishing pressure in front of him.

“Then, do you know if there are any mysterious places in the Sea Dragon Star Area” Loron asked.

“I dont know what kind of mysterious place Senior Luo spoke of is.

But the entire Sea Dragon Star Area knows very well that the most mysterious place in this area can only be the Chaotic Region.

The space there is filled with turbulent air.

That place is not easy to enter.

But there are some powerful forces living there, such as the Guang family from the North Ice Star.

Not long ago, it was rumored that someone from the Guang family had shown up in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Senior Luo, if you want to learn about the mysterious place, youd better ask them,” Li Hao answered.

The information Li Hao provided was already well-known in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It did not help much.

In the face of this unknown mighty figure, Li Hao didnt dare to say anything that he was not sure of.

“Many thanks, Sect Leader Li.


Loron shook his head slightly and turned to leave.

Instead of following the path he took on his way in, he crossed the void without external help, returned to the spaceship at an extremely fast speed, and slowly headed off into the distance.

Seeing this, an elder said in amazement, “He did that without effort! Could he be… a God Transformation Realm cultivator”

“That should be the case,” Li Hao said in a low voice.

“For us who are in the Yuan Ying Realm, we can travel in the universe without any equipment.

But in the void, our powers are greatly suppressed, and it wont be easy for us to move around.

However, look at how fast that man moved.

From that alone, we can tell that he is definitely in the God Transformation Realm.”

“He is looking for Zhang Hanyang just to ask for information” someone said with suspicion.

“Lets go back.”

Li Hao turned around and left.

On his way, he kept trying to reach Li Mu.

Zhang Hanyang and the others did go out for sightseeing.

Actually, they went to the neighboring Star Area.

The tour of the Sea Dragon Star Area had just begun.

While Mengmeng still had some time off, Zhang Han certainly would take her to have more fun.

When he finally got in touch with Zhang Han, he told him that someone in the Luo Family from the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had come to ask him about a mysterious place.

However, Zhang Han said nothing but “Yeah”.

His attitude was aloof.

It seemed that he had no intention of contacting the Luo family.

Li Hao laughed bitterly when he heard this.

“Is Zhang Hanyang a wise man but looks like a folly Anyway, he cant be so heedless.”

Truthfully, Zhang Han was really heedless.

It was useless to dwell on things that he could not possibly figure out.

In the vast world, there were many myths and secrets.

It was pointless to think about them.

In the past, Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, and the others all found Zhang Han very confident, as if nothing in the world could stump him.

But now, they couldnt sense his confident vibe at all.

He was like a cultivator who had returned to the origin.

No one could figure out what he was thinking.

Maybe he was not thinking about anything.

Ever since the trial to compete for the Heavenly Lords legacy, Zhang Hans state of mind had risen to a new level again.

He knew very well that in this life, his goal was to protect the people he loved, such as Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhang Guangyou, and the rest who were with him.

To him, competing to be the overlord of the world was nothing more than a joke.

He sure could rule the world, but hed rather not waste time on that.

If Liu Qingfeng and the others knew what he was thinking, they might deliberately cast a few looks at Zi Yan.

“Is Zhang Han like that emperor who tricked his ministers to please a woman Is he the typical kind of man who values his wife more than his ambition

“Alas, beauties are surely heroes doom!”

The days went by.

For Mengmeng, this was a very enjoyable trip.

Chen Chuan, who tagged along because of Mengmeng, had the best time in his life.

Now, he was more obedient to Mengmeng than to Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei.

It was even more so when the journey was about to end.


It was because he now understood that he could live a fantastic life if he followed Mengmengs leadership!

If it werent for Mengmeng, he wouldnt have been able to be on this trip.

Chen Chuan was indeed smart.

Soon, it was the day for the Koro Sects auction.

Since a week ago, groups of guests had arrived on the Koro Star in succession.

Many forces had come here for the auction.

After all, it was said that the auction items included three kinds of sixth-tier gems and many fifth-tier spirit treasures.

Many elders and even sect leaders wanted to have these precious treasures.

Many forces also wanted to auction off some high-grade treasures that were useless to them, many of which were fourth-tier spirit treasures.

As a result, Koro Sects auction became a grand auction that had attracted the attention of the whole Sea Dragon Star Area.

Yet, the magnificence of the event posed a great challenge to the security of this planet.

In the face of the pressure imposed on the Koro Sect, the sect leader was worried sick.

Since a month ago, hed begun contacting various allies and signing agreements with many great forces.

With this effort, the Koro Sect now had 30 main vessels and 500 defensive ships to safeguard the planet.

It had also hired many renowned Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage cultivators to stay here and guard this place.

According to the rumors, the Koro Sect even cooperated with some families living in seclusion in the Chaotic Region, who had dispatched several Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivators to oversee the situation.

If it was just to guard against those who had evil intentions, there was no need to have so many forces help the Koro Sect to guard this place.

However, the sect leader of the Koro Sect had been in a panic recently.

It was because the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, the Cloud Shadow Sky, and perhaps Zhang Hanyang and his group would all attend this auction.

There was such a big grudge between them.

If they were to get into a fight…

The sect leader had no choice but to be on his guard.

It was a problem that had given him headaches.

Fortunately, people from the Chaotic Region had come to help, which made him feel much more relieved.

In such a grand gathering, even though some forces would divide the fruits among themselves, the rest would definitely be able to earn quite a lot.

The auction venue was a huge square that had just been built.

The venue, like a huge stage, was divided into seven floors.

The bottom floor could accommodate 50,000 people.

The above were private rooms, floating in the air at different altitudes.

These rooms were numbered from one to 500, which were prepared for the distinguished people in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Hu Tianshan is here.”

“Their alliance has dispatched over a hundred people here.

They are all renowned big shots.”

“It seems that theyve come prepared.

After all, they have to face those from the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyangs group.”

“I guess the Cloud Shadow Sky will also send many people here.

Didnt they say that Zhang Hanyang has 10 Thunder Kings ships and dozens of corvettes I wonder if he will bring his fleet here this time.”

“Will Hu Tianshan remain cool when he meets those from the Cloud Shadow Sky His temper is very good among the members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

But everyone knows that he is a typical friendly-looking villain.

His means are one of the cruelest.

Today, many forces have some for the auction.

If something goes wrong, Im afraid a war will break out today.”

“The Koro Sect should have talked with the Cloud Shadow Sky and the Tiger Talisman Royal Family about this, right This is a big occasion.

How can they not have addressed this issue to the two parties Anyway, we dont need to worry about this matter.

Lets just watch the show.

If we are lucky, maybe we can get several kinds of third-tier and fourth-tier spirit treasures during the auction.”

“They entered the passageway leading to the private rooms.

I wonder which room they went to.

With the influence of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, their room is probably within the top 10.”

Many onlookers looked around with curiosity.

Among the crowd, there were quite a lot of young disciples who looked at Hu Tianshan with admiration.

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