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Chapter 1110 Teaching Her a Secret Skill

There were all kinds of facilities on the Thunder King.

The pellet-refining rooms were incredibly sturdy.

They also had defensive formations to prevent the other parts of the spaceship from being damaged if the furnace exploded.

The pellet-refining rooms were very large and neat.

There were three alchemy rooms in total, each of which occupied about 100 square meters.

They entered the pellet-refining room on the far end.

Zhang Han waved his hand casually.


Dozens of kinds of fifth-tier spiritual herbs and several hundred kinds of fourth-tier spiritual herbs appeared.

“I want you to refine medicinal pellets at or above the fourth tier, which should all be top-grade.

Youll pass the test as long as you can give me such 20 pellets,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“Twenty All of them should be top-grade Hmm…”

Lorrys expression changed.

This was too difficult.

“You dont think you can do that” Zhang Han asked.

“Fellow Taoist, top-grade medicinal pellets are very difficult to refine.

Your request is a little… a little too demanding,” Loron said with a bitter laugh.

He looked at Zhang Hans serious face and felt that he was not toying with them.

But what he said appeared to be the other way around.

Loron felt very awkward.

But he was the one asking for a favor, even though the other party could only offer him a glimmer of hope.

“Senior, if the 20 pellets I refine arent all top-grade, will you still give me the formula” Lorry asked in a low voice.

After communicating with Lorry today, they learned that she was the delicate type.

At this time, she began to doubt her ability because she had never been able to refine dozens of top-grade medicinal pellets in a few days before.

She had refined one in half a year, which already broke the record in the Dragnet Academy.

“Is it that difficult to make top-grade medicinal pellets”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

It seemed that he was a little dissatisfied with her answer.


With a casual wave of his hand, three kinds of fifth-tier spiritual herbs and more than a dozen fourth-tier spiritual herbs in front of him suddenly floated in the air.


The spiritual herbs turned into powder.

All kinds of lights gathered together, flashing, which eventually condensed into a medicinal pellet with flowing halos.

“Its in the top grade of the fifth tier!”


Lorry was stupefied as if she had been struck by lightning.

“You condensed herbs into pellets in the air

“How is this possible”

Loron almost choked on his own saliva.

“What did I just see”

He even suspected there was something wrong with his eyes.

“Refining pellets without a furnace is a legendary thing.

“But it occurred right before me just like that!”

“His attainments in the pellet refining… is strikingly high!”

The furnace was an essential supplement for every pellet-refining master.

When ones comprehension of pellet refining reached a certain level, one could use the world as the furnace and condense pellets in the void.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there were only legends about that.

No one had ever seen anyone who had reached such a high level.

What was more, the medicinal pellet Zhang Han refined in the void was in the top grade of the fifth tier.

It only cost him a dozen seconds.

This was freaking!

“You can condense pellets in the void.”

Lorry looked lost.

Zhang Han just displayed an amazing pellet-refining method.

But most importantly, the pellet he refined was in the top grade of the fifth tier.


Her worldview suddenly collapsed.

Those standing at the back, such as Li Hao, Li Mu, Mo Wen, and Nina, were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Li Hao thought, “Am I dreaming”

Li Mu exclaimed inwardly, “Senior Zhang is a kick-ass pellet-refining master.

Yes, Ah Hu said that kick-ass meant awesome.”

After thinking for a while, Li Mu said in a serious tone, “Senior Zhang is kick-ass!”


Zhang Guangyou and the others instantly felt very strange.

“As I remembered it, Li Mu wasnt like this before, was he

“At first, Li Mu appeared to be the elegant and cultivated Young Master Li.

But now… Well, one really couldnt judge a book by its cover.”

Only Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han with shock and suspicion.

“This method of yours is really something.”

He held Zhang Han in high regard.

“No wonder he has won Zi Yans heart.

He is freaking powerful.”

Yue Wuwei had seen countless people over the years, but he had never seen anyone this freaking amazing like Zhang Han.

Zhang Han had been constantly renewing all kinds of records.

Indeed, comparisons were odious.

Zhang Han had given a simple show of his skills.

The key to condensing a pellet in the void was whether there were any special flames.

His supernatural powers have been integrated with a kind of the Fire Source, and he had already mastered it.

Using this flame, he was able to quietly break down and refine spiritual herbs into a pellet in mid-air.

In truth, this required not only a profound comprehension of pellet refining but also a sufficiently high-level Fire Source.

With the third-tier Elemental Sources that Zhang Han got from Yue Wuwei, he was able to refine top-grade fifth-tier medicinal pellets.

But if he wanted to refine six-tier pellets, those Elemental Sources would be insufficient.

After the demonstration, Zhang Han looked at Lorry and said, “There are no insurmountable difficulties in this world.

It all depends on how you view them.

“As the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way.

“Give me the 20 top-grade fifth-tier pellets in five days.

If you failed, you wouldnt get the formula.”

After that, Zhang Han turned around and left.

Now that Zhang Han had issued a strict order, no one said anything at this moment.

Mengmeng, however, tried to cheer Lorry up.

“You must work hard.

I believe you will succeed.”

“Thank, thank you.” Lorry, who was still in shock, thanked her subconsciously.

She felt that her mind was a little blank.

“Ahem, ahem.”

Zhang Guangyou coughed softly and said, “Just focus on refining the pellets.”

Then, everyone walked out of the pellet-refining room in succession.

Mu Xue was at the back of the group.

When they filed out, she hesitated for a moment and said, “My master is a man of his word.

If you can pass the test, your mothers illness will definitely be cured.

But if you dont, my master wont give you the formula.

Do work hard in the next few days.”

“Thank you.

Ill bear this in mind.” Lorry nodded earnestly.

After the group left, Lorn and Lorry were the only ones in the room.


With a grave expression on his face, Loron slowly said, “At the beginning, I doubted if the medicinal pellets he mentioned would really have that kind of healing effect.

But now, theres no doubt that his attainment in pellet refining has far exceeded our imagination.

He truly condensed a pellet in the void.

Your mothers life is in your hands.

I didnt want to put you under any pressure before.

But after carefully thinking about it, I feel that even if I dont say anything, the pressure you face is still heavy.

So now, the person you want to challenge is yourself.

I believe that you can succeed.

Youre the most talented person in pellet refining in our Luo family.

Go get it! You can do this.”

“Yes, I can do this! Dont worry, Uncle Loron.” Lorrys eyes gradually became resolute.

“You only have five days.

Get started.

Time is tight.”

Shaking his head.

Loron walked out and closed the door behind him.

As soon as he went out, he found that all the others were gone.

Loron felt rather speechless.

“Where did they go”

He released his soul sense to explore the long corridor.

In some distance in front of him, he detected the crowd and quickly caught up with them.

While walking, Zi Yan asked curiously, “Why didnt you just refine the pellet for her Why did you ask her to refine 20 pellets for you in five days”

“Yeah, I want to ask that too.

Master, do you want to take her as your disciple” Mu Xue said mischievously.

She was simply fanning the flames.

“Daddy” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han in confusion.

“What are you thinking”

Zhang Han scowled at Mu Xue and said grumpily, “I asked her to try to refine the pellets simply because Ive noticed that her attainments in pellet refining are not bad, and her nature and temperament are the kinds I like.

Only if she can refine the pellets I said can she refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

Otherwise, she cant make the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet even with the formula.”

“Daddy, why dont you just give her the pellet she needs” Mengmeng muttered.

Zhang Han didnt speak.

But Yue Wuwei answered, “The Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet can only be taken within an hour after it is refined.

If not, the effect of the pellet will dissipate.”

“Humph, I also know a lot about medicinal pellets.

“Yes, its about medicinal pellet, not about pellet refining,” he added in his head.

“If, if she cant refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet, her mother will…” Zi Yans eyes narrowed slightly.

“Its no big deal.

If she cant refine it, Ill give her another kind of medicinal pellet.

Its just that the effect of the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet is the best.

The other kinds may incur sequelae.

Thus, I made that stringent request.

If she can refine 10 kinds of top-grade fifth-tier pellets in five days, she should be able to make the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

But to be safe, I asked her to refine 20 such pellets.

If she succeeds, she will surely be able to refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet,” Zhang Han replied.

“To be honest, she has suffered a lot.” Zi Yan pressed her lips together and said, “To treat her mothers illness, she traveled thousands of miles to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Judging from her expression, what she has experienced recently is also a blow to her.”


When she cried, even my heart ached for her.

She is a very pure and innocent girl,” Zhou Fei said.

“She looks only 16 or 17 years old, doesnt she”

“But she has benefited from her misfortune.

She is really in luck that has encountered this cunning devil.

If she can pass the test in the next few days, her understanding of pellet refining will be several times more profound than before,” Yue Wuwei said.

Then, he thought of something and looked at Zhang Han.

“By the way, her comprehension is not very high now.

If you dont teach her something, can she really refine the 20 pellets”

“Its hard.

Her chance is slim,” Zhang Han replied.

In fact, he wanted to see if Lorry could make a breakthrough by herself.

Miracles were meant to be created in the most difficult times.

But Lorrys young age was indeed a shortcoming.

She was very excellent for her age.

It was not right to set the standard too high for her.

Hearing Yue Wuweis words, Zhang Han knew that he might have to teach Lorry something.

Sure enough, Zi Yan held Zhang Han by the arm and said, “Honey, why dont you teach her a skill or two Life is already very hard for her.”

“Thats right, brother.

You are so powerful.

It can be counted as good karma if you teach her a bit of what you know,” Zhou Fei added.

Sometimes, people liked to provide help within their capabilities to those they found endearing.

That was very normal.

Lorry had moved everyone present with her love for her mother.

“Then… Ill pass on a method to her.”

Zhang Han began to ponder.

Two seconds later, he made up his mind.

The refining of herbs and plants was a rather complicated art.

Even if he taught Lorry a method, it wouldnt help her make a breakthrough within such a short time.

But there were also some secret skills that could improve the coordination of the herbs and plants when refining pellets.


Zhang Han snapped his fingers, then his soul sense floated to the pellet-refining room in the back and passed on the secret skill to Lorry.

At this time, Loron happened to walk to the back of the group.

He showed a complex expression on his face when he heard their words and saw Zhang Hans movements.

“Thank you, Fellow Taoist Zhang! Thank you, everyone!”

Loron cupped his hands toward everyone as he said, “Now, my Luo family owes you a great one.

If theres anything that my Luo family can help with in the future…”

“Fine, you can save the pleasantries.” Zhang Han was not interested in his words, so he waved him down.

Loron didnt continue speaking, but he still nodded heavily.

No words could express ones thanks to the great kindness.

Perhaps that was exactly what Loron felt now.

They walked to the lounge while the Thunder Ship headed for the next fun place, which was in the Star Aera adjacent to the Cloud Shadow Sky.

The journey was boring.

To kill time, everyone would usually go to play the game of Bone Devil World.

However, now that Loron was here, and there was such a situation, many people began to ask questions out of curiosity.

“Senior Loron,” Zhang Guangyou cupped his hands and greeted politely.

“Please, please dont call me senior.

Im not that mighty.

Just call me Loron.”

Loron broke out in a cold sweat when he heard Zhang Guangyous greeting.

“He is Zhang Hanyangs father.

How can I let him call me senior”


Zhang Guangyou pulled a wry face.

Ever since Zhang Han became powerful, his seniority had risen sharply.

“Fellow Taoist Loron, Ive heard that you are from Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

With this interruption, Zhang Guangyou suddenly forgot what he wanted to ask just now.

Mengmeng, who was sitting in a chair and swinging her long legs, asked, “Is the Heavenly Dragon Star Province a fun place to visit”

“F-Fun place” Loron was stunned for a moment before answering, “How should I put it Its… a fun place.”

It was the first time he had heard someone asking if the Heavenly Dragon Star Province was a fun place to play in.

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