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Chapter 1119 Ill Be Invincible Once I Enter the Yuan Ying Realm

As soon as he saw Sun Dongheng, Sun Ming said, “Boy, prepare yourself.

You are going to be the CEO of Mengmeng Group.”

“What” Sun Dongheng cackled, looking dumbstruck.

“Yes, you are going to be the CEO of Mengmeng Group,” Sun Ming said word by word.

“Pfft… I cant do it! How can I be the CEO No! Im not cut out for it! You want me to be the CEO What if I made the company go bankrupt No-no-no, I cant do it.

“Have I made trouble recently I dont think Id done anything wrong.

Dad, why do you want to punish me

“I really cant be the CEO.

I might really ruin the company.

“How about I end my break and continue with my acting and singing career”

Sun Ming then talked with him for 10 minutes.

Sun Donghengs face was pallid.

“Its actually real

“Boss has agreed on everything

“Oh my God, who knows I could become a CEO one day

“But how can I do live streams if I become the CEO I cant hold meetings through live streams, can I”

He was in a panic.

Up to now, Sun Dongheng was still doing live streams.

He did two or three live streams every month.

His live streams were very popular.

He did it for fun occasionally.

By far, he had become a star, earned a lot of money, and bought many sports cars.

He had been living carefreely.

Yet, unexpectedly, he was not living a life of luxury and dissipation.

Last time, he asked a model out.

However, as soon as he and that model went into a restaurant for dinner, overwhelming gossips came out.

He was so scared that he didnt dare to have dinner with her anymore.

If his reputation was trashed, his future would be bleak, and others would see him as a scumbag.

He certainly wouldnt want that to happen.

Though he couldnt have casual relationships with girls, it was okay for him to have girlfriends.

In recent years, he had dated three girls.

Among the people in the industry, he was pretty decent.

He was honest and upright in his ways.

In the end, Sun Dongheng braced himself and agreed to take the job.

He could not say no anyway, for his father had already given the order.

Then, there was a problem.

“Dad, if I am the CEO of the group, youll be my subordinate.


Sun Dongheng instantly felt great and burst out laughing.

“Sorry to disappoint you.

Im going to another place to be the chief financial officer of the group.”

“Another place Where” Sun Dongheng was stunned.

“Im going beyond the planet,” Sun Ming said seriously.

“Which planet”


“What did you say” Sun Dongheng was shocked and confused.

He looked at Sun Ming with horror in his eyes and said, “Dad, are you okay How about I take you to the hospital for a check-up first”

“Get lost!”

Even though Sun Ming was good-tempered, he couldnt help swearing.

He talked to his son for several more minutes.

When Sun Dongheng learned the truth, he was completely in a trance.

“Sea Dragon Star Area…”

All of a sudden, he felt that his becoming the CEO of the group was nothing.

His father was even going to other planets, while he was just a CEO on Earth.

He was still a far cry from his father.

“Could it be dangerous”

“Its not very dangerous.

Our defensive forces are very strong.

Still, it is an enormous challenge.”

“Is Mom going with you”

“I havent told her yet.

But she probably will.”


When can I go there”

“After you take care of the group here.”

“Yeah, I can do it.”

Sun Donghengs morale was boosted.

But after he went upstairs and saw Zhang Han, he became downcast again.

“Well… If the group goes bankrupt, you wont blame me, will you”

“I wont.”

After confirming that he wouldnt be condemned even if he did a bad job, Sun Dongheng took his leave and went to Sun Mings office and posed a series of questions.

He knew nothing about being a CEO yet.

That gave him a headache.

In the conference room.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan also began to discuss the movie.

“Weve taken so many photos, and they are all very beautiful.

Look at the pictures of the Cloud Shadow Sky, the Dragon Horse Star, and the Roland Star.

Any one of these can be used as a promotion poster,” Zi Yan looked at the photos projected on the screen and exclaimed.

“There are many except the selfies.

Itll do if we pick about a dozen pictures from these,” Zhou Fei said.

“There are a total of 26 videos, which can be edited for early-stage promotion.

We dont even need to add any special effects.

The theme alone can attract a lot of attention.”


Instructor Liu looked at the screen and said with a smile, “We havent made any big-budget movies since the Pirates of the Caribbean.

This one will definitely cause a sensation all over the world.”

“Now were going to the universe to make a movie, how can it not be big-budget” Zhou Fei asked with great interest.

“Ill get started right off.

Ill edit these videos myself, then send it to the editing department to embellish it.”

Zhou Fei thought for a moment, looked at Zi Yan, and asked, “A few hours should be enough.

When will we release it Do we need to hold a press conference”

“No need for a press conference.

Just upload it onto the official website.”


Ill get it done before noon.

Ill go to work now.” Zhou Fei picked up the files, ready to go back to the office.

“Ill go with you.” Zi Yan got up and followed her.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were left in the room, staring at each other in embarrassment.

“What about us” Chen Changqing couldnt help but ask.

The two women looked back.

Zi Yan gazed at Zhang Han with a bright smile, puckered her lips, and said, “Go do what you should do.”


Zhang Han and Chen Changqing looked at each other and smiled with resignation.

After the meeting was dismissed, Zhang Han did not go back to cultivate.

Every night, he would turn on the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

Now, he could hold on for five minutes without taking a break.

The effect was still amazing.

It could be said that Zhang Han could cover the entire Xiangjiang with his soul sense the moment he wanted it to happen.

Before, he could already break through to the Yuan Ying Realm at any time, but he was not in a hurry to make the breakthrough.

He was still stabilizing his strength.

His cultivation was even on the verge of making a breakthrough automatically.

Still, he was waiting.

He was waiting for the day when he reached the next level of the Great Void Thunder Scripture and gained access to the second floor of the Thunder Tower.

In the cosmos, there were many who cultivated thunder methods.

Even so, they only focused on drawing thunder toward them.

They had to frequently travel to places strewn with thunderbolts to absorb thunder power and then channel it out through secret skills.

However, Zhang Hans thunder power generated by his thunder method was not borrowed from natural thunderbolts but authentic.

He had never seen anyone who could do this before.

Pitifully, the Thunderbolt Marks ring only lasted for a few minutes every day.

“Brother Han, why dont we go downstairs for a walk”

Chen Changqing was in the mood for a walk.

Thus, the two went downstairs, walked out of the company, and began to roam on the street.

“I used to follow your lead.

Now, Im still doing the same thing,” Chen Changqing said with emotion.

“Im your big bro.

Its natural that you should follow my lead,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Youre right.” Chen Changqing looked at the surrounding buildings and said, “After visiting the Sea Dragon Star Area, I suddenly feel that our world is actually very unique and precious.”

“Or why did Elder Yue say that this is the back garden his masters specially built” Zhang Han said casually.

“I wonder what kind of person that mysterious master is.

Brother Han, I found something quite odd.

Last time on the Lost Continent, that master conjured up a rose for Zi Yan.

Werent you jealous at that time” Chen Changqing said teasingly.

Zhang Han was speechless.

“Can I deny that”

“Brother Han, ever since that time, Ive had a hunch that you will meet a particularly powerful rival in love in the future,” Chen Changqing said seriously.

“Im not afraid,” Zhang Han replied flatly.

“Thats a given.

With your progress speed, you may be stronger than that mysterious master when you see him.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“Thats not why Im not afraid.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

His expression was cool as always.

He looked forward calmly and said in a relaxed tone, “Zi Yan and I have had a child.

Even if he is my rival in love, its too late for him.”

“Huh” Chen Changqing looked stunned.

“I think what you said makes sense.

And I cant think of anything to refute it.”

“Thats the truth.”

Zhang Han patted Chen Changqing on the shoulder and said leisurely, “Looks at the pedestrians on both sides of the street.

What do you think they are in the eyes of we cultivators”

“Theyre just ordinary people.

To put it bluntly, theyre like ants under our feet.

We can crush them without effort,” Chen Changqing said.

“The difference between us and them is caused by the gap in strength.”

“Exactly.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “So, likewise, in the eyes of those who are stronger than us, we are also ants that they can crush at any time.”

Chen Changqing was silent for two seconds before he said, “Maybe this is the reality.”

“Well, even if I reach the top level of the Cultivation World, Ill still be no match for that mysterious lord.” Zhang Han sighed softly.

He had all sorts of feelings well up in his mind at the thought of that mysterious man.

The Athanasia Demon Gong and the Great Void Thunder Scripture both had something to do with that lord.

It seemed that the lord had guessed that Zhang Han would choose the Athanasia Demon Gong, so he put the stone tablet into the Cultivation World at that time.

He also seemed to have guessed that Zhang Han would be struck by the Divine Thunder over the Sky and be reborn.

“How come he seems to know everything about me

“Or could it be that he could read my memories

This made Zhang Han feel powerless.

“The situation is not that bad.

Elder Yue has served that mysterious master for some time, so he knows his temperament.

But Elder Yue doesnt remember what he looks like.

In this world, there are still several wisps of Spiritual Wills left by that master.

His mysterious identity will be unveiled in the end,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Youre right.”

Chen Changqing took a deep breath and said, “During the days on Earth, Ill cultivate hard.

Maybe Ill be able to break through to the Yuan Ying Realm next time we go to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Brother Han, you are currently at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

But what about your strength”

“I can fight against those at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.”

Chen Changqing was stumped for words.

“Then how strong will you be when you break through to the Yuan Ying Realm” Chen Changqing probed.

“Ill be invincible once I enter the Yuan Ying Realm.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, as though he was just telling a fact without any bit of exaggeration.

Nevertheless, Chen Changqing heaved several sighs with deep feeling after hearing this.

“Comparisons are odious indeed.”

“Theres a club over there.

Shall we go bowling Or perhaps play snooker” Chen Changqing didnt want to continue with the subject anymore, so he turned his head and looked at the club on the left, then pointed at it.


The two rarely got a chance to have fun on their own.

They walked into the entertainment club.

Soon, they arrived at the bowling alley on the second floor.

Chen Changqing and Zhang Han picked up a bowling ball respectively.

“Brother Han, we shall not use our special powers,” Chen Changqing raised the ball in his hand and reminded him.

“People like us have mastered the use of strength.

We can get any points we want if we use our powers.”


Zhang Han casually threw out the bowling ball, and all the bowling pins were knocked down.

“Seems that well score however we throw the ball,” Chen Changqing said with resignation.

“Now our strength has improved, we can no longer enjoy these simple games.”

“There are other ways to have fun.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“What is it”

“Keep your cultivation at the early stage of the Qi Refining Stage and try to disturb the moving trajectory of your opponents ball while preventing your ball from being affected,” Zhang Han said.

Sometimes, this was the only way for cultivators to make games fun.

“How dare I be your opponent” Chen Changqing smiled bitterly.

When it came to strength, Chen Changqing knew that he was no match for Zhang Han.

“But since well both suppress our strength to the Qi Refining Stage, its not like I dont have a chance to win at all,” Chen Changqing added.

“I wont go easy on you.”

“Neither will I.”

Chen Changqing suddenly became confident as if he had thought of some brilliant strategy.

“Swish, swish!”

The two bowling balls were tossed out.

A breeze blew past, and the bowling ball Zhang Han threw headed for the edge.

It was already off track.

Yet, just as Chen Changqings eyes lit up—


Zhang Hans bowling ball hit the edge and bounced off before going straight forward again.

By contrast, Chen Changqings bowling ball was rolling in an S-shaped curve.

Looking at it from the side, its path resembled an electrocardiogram.

“I dont believe this.”

Chen Changqings pupils were shining with green light.

The ball in front of him trembled as if it was struggling.

“Bang, bang!”

The bowling balls arrived at the finish line.

All the bowling pins on Zhang Hans side fell to the ground, while three on Chen Changqings side were still upright.

“What was that technique you used just now” Chen Changqing inquired.

If he gave up attacking when the bowling ball reached the end of the track, his bowling ball would have been able to go down the right track steadily and end this round in a tie.

But in the end, he got attacked.

His Spiritual Force Shield was pierced by a needle.

That small discrepancy led to a great error in the balls trajectory.

Naturally, the ball went astray.

“With the basic control of spiritual force, one can release and withdraw ones spiritual force with a stir of ones mind.

If one can even control not too strong energy, it can be regarded that one has reached a level of mastery.

You and the others have all reached this level.

But you can still benefit a lot from a little bit of practice,” Zhang Han remarked.

“Okay, lets practice.

If I keep failing today, we shall not leave until I win.” Chen Changqing laughed.

Twenty minutes, one hour, and two hours passed.

Chen Changqing didnt win a round, but he became braver every time he was defeated.

They seemed to be having an academic debate.

In fact, Zhang Han was teaching Chen Changqing something.

Chen Changqing was absorbed in the practice, while Zhang Han was just trying to kill time.

The two of them kept whispering to each other.

A small number of people passing by couldnt help but eye them in surprise.

But after observing them for a long time, two of them felt disgusted.

“What are they muttering about Theyve been talking nonstop.”

“Ive been watching them play for an hour.

Geez, look at that mans smile.

Hiss! Is he gay”

“What the **!”

The longer they watched, the more convinced they were that Chen Changqing was gay.

Hearing this, Chen Changqing was unhappy.

He took out his mobile phone and made a phone call.

In a voice louder than usual, he said, “Hello My dear wife, have you finished with work Are you still working on the video Ill pick you up for lunch at noon.

No need OK.

Then Ill hang out with Brother Han.

Well go back together in the afternoon.”

The two onlookers then understood that he had a wife.

Seeing Chen Changqing put away his mobile phone casually, the two looked at each other and smiled awkwardly.

Zhang Han found it funny and shook his head.

“Lets sit down and rest for a moment.”

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing sat on the sofa and ordered a pot of tea.

Before they could drink the tea yet, a woman in a formal suit walked over in high heels.

She was muttering in a very low voice.

Her legs were trembling, and her face was slightly flushed.

No one knew if she was angry or something.

When she passed by Zhang Han, she suddenly stopped short and called out in surprise, “Brother Zhang Han!”


Zhang Han was teaching Chen Changqing a trick to control the spiritual force.

When he heard somebody call him, he turned around and fell into a daze.

“Li Anna”

“Isnt she Zhang Lis former roommate”

She was on pretty good terms with Zhang Li at that time.

Zhang Han remembered that when he sent milk and sheeps milk to Zhang Li, Zhang Li thoughtfully saved some for her.

Later, Li Anna bought the membership of the restaurant on Mount New Moon herself, which caused Zi Yan to misunderstand her relationship with Zhang Han.

The couple then had the hardest time in their marriage.

Maybe Li Anna felt ashamed or Zhang Li was mad at her because of this, Li Anna gradually faded out from their lives.

“Brother Zhang Han, you still remember me”

She seemed to be very happy when Zhang Han called out her name.

Chen Changqing was taken aback.

“Who is she”

“Li Anna.

She is Lilis former roommate,” Zhang Han told Chen Changqing.

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