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Chapter 112 He Goes Soft

The contract was signed by Li Fan and Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng felt dizzy about the Entertainment Circle, he perused the contract word by word like a lovely baby at this time in the restaurant.

He immediately asked Li Fan where he did not understand.

While Xue Qian stepped towards the sofa after looking at them for a while and sat on Mengmengs side.

“Little beauty, why are you so beautiful and lovely” Xue Qian said, smiling.

“Am I very lovely and beautiful” Mengmengs big watery eyes flickered, showing her rejoicing.

“Of course, you are the most beautiful and lovely girl I have ever seen.”

“Ho ho… Er… Little brother, youre cute and beautiful too.” Mengmeng chuckled and said.

“Youre wrong.

Little brother should be handsome.

Who do you think is more handsome between your father and me” Xue Qian teased Mengmeng.


Mengmeng was stunned and then snorted.

Her little body squeezed into Zhang Hans arms and said, “PaPa is handsome.

My PaPa is the most handsome person.

Youre not pretty anymore, hum.”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Xue Qian laughed loudly.

Zhang Han also stood by, chuckling and shaking his head.

For him, as long as Mengmeng was happy, nothing else mattered.

“Brother Zhang, its very kind of your daughter.” Xue Qian deemed that it was the high time for him to call him brother instead of Mr.

Zhang, which sounded closer.

“Of course.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

Strong feelings of pride welled up on his face as if he was completely content to have such a lovely and clever daughter.

“By the way, Brother Zhang, let me ask you something.” Xue Qian thought for a while and said.


“Under what circumstances did you write thisActress I think youre an excellent musician.”

He felt this song really penetrated in his heart.

Therefore, seeing Zhang Han at this time, he did agree that great minds think alike.

Zhang Han smiled without saying any words.

Under what circumstances did he write it It was written in the case of rebirth.

You could also write this song if you were reborn.

“Er…” Xue Qian said after a while, “Brother Zhang, can I leave you my contact number We can probe into music later.”

“I have no time.”

Zhang Han refused directly.

Xue Qian was slightly surprised and then gave a wry smile unceasingly.

He, however, understood Zhang Han to some extent at the same time.

Literatis sometimes had an eccentric character, which was certainly indisputable.

Zhang Han was a super talented literary man in his mind.

But he had never expected that the things would turn better.

After pouring cold water on his enthusiasm by Brother Zhang, he became excited again because of Zhang Hans next words.

“I can write a few more songs for you.”

“What” Li Fan, who came over after signing the contract, was overjoyed when he heard this.

He said vexedly, “Thats great, Mr.

Zhang is a man of great talent.

The songs written by him are definitely good.

Then well just wait for Mr.

Zhangs good news.”

In fact, Li Fan did not say genuinely.

Because classical songs were rare and hard to compose.

Even those famous songwriters songs were not always or very few classical.

Nevertheless, Li Fan would say some words of courtesy.

After all, this “Actress” was truly presented before them.

However, to their surprise, Zhang Han said casually after looking at the clock, “Lets make it now.”

“What Now” These people were all shocked.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded and held Mengmeng in his arms, saying, “Shall we go to the recording studio, Mengmeng”

There was no doubt that Zhang Han would not go if Mengmeng refused.

Unfortunately, Mengmeng nodded after speculation and said, “Ok, go to the recording studio to play, um… Mengmeng also wants to sing.”

“Well, let Mengmeng sing first then.” Zhang Han smiled and said.

As the words fell, he took the lead to go out, holding Mengmeng in his arms.

Li Fan and Xue Qian followed him.

Zhao Feng kept up with them on second thoughts, for it was convenient for him to have lunch later.

So Zhao Feng drove his car and followed last.

In the meantime, on the opposite side of the street, in a black Mercedes, a brush cut man with a scorpion tattoo on his neck smiled sardonically after he saw this scene,

“Zhao Feng, I just havent seen you for a few days, why did you stoop to the condition where you work for a restaurant owner”

He said in a cold tone, full of sarcasm.

Then he started the engine and turned to leave.

During this period, he picked up his cell phone and dialed,

“Lord Tang, the previous news that Zhao Feng works as a waiter in a restaurant can be confirmed.

In my view, if he really has a problem, this restaurant…”

The staff could not control themselves when they saw Xue Qian came to the recording studio once again, so they insisted on taking some photos with him.

“PaPa, Mengmeng still wants to sing.”

On entering the recording studio, Mengmeng reminded.

“Of course Mengmeng can sing first.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “What kind of songs can you sing”


Mengmeng was surprised with big shining eyes.

Then she pouted, stretched out her small palms, counted the fingers of her left hand using her right hand and said, “Hmmm… Mengmeng can, can sing one, two, three… Hmmm… several English songs.”

“Oh, Mengmeng can sing English songs Its amazing.” Li Fan pretended to be surprised and said.

Mengmeng looked at Li fan after hearing his words and said solemnly, “I can sing several.”

“Great, Mengmeng is so great.” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Which song do you want to sing” Zhang Han asked.

“Im going to sing a Price Tag.” The little princess had already started to speak in English in advance.

“Yo, Mengmengs English is very good.” Li Fan was slightly stunned.

He had not expected Mengmeng to speak English so fluently.

Children who can speak English from an early age, as far as they were concerned, were all highly educated.

Although English-speaking children were common in Hong Kong, it was rare for them saw children who can speak English as fluent as she.

If he knew Mengmeng was born in North America, he would not have been so amazed at her fluency.

“Okay, sing this song first.”

Zhang Han stood in front of the microphone holding Mengmeng, with a queen-size earphone beside Mengmengs ear.

Soon, the accompaniment was heard.

“Okay, handsome Daddy, brother and Mengmeng, you ready.”

Mengmeng was so familiar with this song that she changed the original lyrics.

The little princess acted cutely when she was ready to sing.

Her big limpid eyes twinkled and her little head wagged from side to side with the rhythm.

She pouted and began to sing,

“Seems like everybodys got a price… money money money…”

Mengmengs childish and crisp voice made people intoxicated the instance she started to sing.

Her fluent and pure English, especially, surprised Li Fan, Xue Qian, and even Zhao Feng.

Li Fan even thought that Mengmeng had completely displayed the childrens version of Price Tag.

Apart from her timbre, she did not sing out of tune at all.


Zhang is really, really awesome.

His was of great attainment in music for he has cultivated such an outstanding daughter.”

Li Fans heart was filled with admiration.

An English song was sung by Mengmeng without any halts.

“Pia, pia, pia…”

After the song was over, all the people including the recording staff outside clapped uncontrollably.

“Wow, Mengmeng, youre so amazing!”

“How fluent Mengmengs English is!”


Their compliments made Mengmeng raise her head.

She smiled happily and could not help saying at the same time, “Mmm-hmm, MaMa, my MaMa sings better.”

The crowd laughed while Mengmeng cried for singing the next song.

The recording studio seemed to become Mengmengs toy at this time.

She sang one by one and Zhang Han held Mengmeng all the time.

It took about half an hour for Mengmeng to sing.

“Mengmeng, just sit over there and rest for a while.

PaPa is going to make the song for them.” Zhang Han took out a piece of tissue to wipe the sweat from Mengmengs forehead and then said with a smile.

“Well… okay, PaPa, hurry up.

Mengmeng is hungry.”

“Okay, Ill finish it soon.”

Zhang Han nodded his head.

Li Fan curled his lips hearing what he said.

How can it be so easy to make a song No matter how accomplished you were in music, you could not make it whenever you wanted to.

Moreover, it was not a song but a scream if it was done at such a fast speed.

And it seemed that Zhang Han had not prepared.

Even if he was freaking awesome, he was impossible to make a song in a short period of time!

However, it proved that Zhang Han did not make a song in this short period of time.

Because he did two directly.

Li Fans expressions during this period could also make up an imagetype.

At first, he was indifferent and did not believe it.

But after witnessing Zhang Han produce a very good musical accompaniment for half an hour, Li fans eyes already contained surprises.

Meanwhile, he saw Zhang Han fill out the lyrics in two minutes.

Li Fans eyes had gradually widened.

Soon, the first song was auditioned by Xue Qian.

While Li Fans mouth could already be stuffed with an egg when he listened to the demo.

More exaggeratedly, people could almost saw his stomach.

Xue Qian performed much better than him because he was completely absorbed in the world of the song and could not extricate himself.

After finished making the first song, Zhang Han began to produce the accompaniment of the second.

While Xue Qian sang several more times,

“Now our relationship is ambiguous anyway, so you dont have to feel embarrassed to find a match…”

The accompaniment of the second song came out soon and its lyrics were completed in less than two minutes.

“Like the waves crashed into the hills.

How long can you hold on He may only praise you and then return.

How long can the delicate and charming flowers last before you come Or was broken by the poet and sad to change the song…”

At the end of the second song, Li Fan was completely muddled.

His eyes were about to fell out and his body was like an old man, quivering, shaking hands, pointing to Zhang Han.

His lips trembled and wanted to say something, only to find that his tongue did not work.

So he had a red face and tried his best to speak.

Eventually, he yelled at the top of his voice,

“How can it be so fast!”

“Its impossible!”

“Its out of the question!”

“Uh” Mengmeng, who was playing nearby, looked at Li fan strangely.

She felt a little scared and said in a low voice, “What, what happened to that brother…”

“He goes soft.” Zhao Feng gently patted Mengmeng on her back and said.

“Go, go soft” Mengmengs big clear eyes were full of curiosity, asking in a childish tone, “Well… whats the meaning of going soft”

“Um… Its just like him.

Yes, his crazy expression means he goes soft.”

Zhao Feng glanced at Li Fan, who looked insane once again and gave a firm answer.


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