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Li Mu pressed a button on the communication device and remarked, “Elder Yi Hou, watch out.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family has made a move.

If they come here, find an opportunity to besiege them.

If there is a chance, take down part of their fleet! Heh!” Li Mus expression turned ferocious.

“Theyve come prepared,” Yi Hou responded.


The mood suddenly changed.

Li Mu coughed lightly and said, “Then youd better go into hiding.

If we cant defeat them, we shall just retreat and try our best to protect this place.

This is Senior Zhangs territory.

Guarding this place is also my first task.

I dont want to fail this task.”

“Youd better brace yourself for defeat.

Dont exert yourself just to look good,” Yi Hou said before hanging up.

The atmosphere gradually became tense and depressing.

Many people were glancing around at the dark void of the universe.

It was as though the enemys fleet could emerge at any moment somewhere in the darkness.

They were lurking in the darkness.

Perhaps they would quietly descend like the light of dawn.

But this light only represented coldness and slaughter.

The atmosphere became more and more oppressive.

In a battle between two fleets in the void, one could be vanquished once a careless mistake was made.

Even though their chances of escaping were high, they were still worried that the opponent might have been too well-prepared.

“Its true! The enemy is really coming!”

“Their fleet is coming at us.

A fleet of this scale…”

“Gosh! Its the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys principal force!”

“Oh no! Were finished!”

In the spaceships where the construction team stayed, many people lost their nerve.

They didnt know much about battling.

Their blood ran cold when they saw the sudden appearance of a fleet of more than 100 spaceships in the void ahead and the mark of a formidable tigers head on the main vessel.

“That is Hu Tianshans main vessel!”

“Its him! That God of Death actually came here in person!”

Many people, including those on the main vessel where Li Mu stayed, couldnt help crying out in alarm.

After all, ones reputation followed one like his shadow.

The pressure that Hu Tianshan exerted on others was simply too immense.

Even Li Mus forehead beaded with perspiration despite himself.

“D*mn it! Are you kidding me This Lost Continent is on the margin of the Star Area.

Why would a big wig like Hu Tianshan take the trouble to come here in person

“Is it that theyve found out that were doing construction work here for Senior Zhang and so they come here to take revenge


The news of the project here has no way to spread out.

“Perhaps theyve smelled something fishy themselves”

“Their fleet has 150 spaceships.

“Hu Tianshan is leading the fleet.

“He also has mechanical troops.

“If we put my spaceships and Elder Yi Hous together, we have a total of 180 spaceships.

Its not like we dont stand a chance against them.

“Can we sneak attack them”

Li Mus eyes narrowed slightly.

He began to weigh the odds of winning the battle.

The other party had five main vessels.

Li Mu had seven on his side.

Although he only had two more main vessels, it gave him a big advantage, for the battle prowess of the main vessels was extremely terrifying.

“Buzz, buzz…”

Li Mus spaceships switched on their defensive covers.

They were all set to launch attacks.

So were the other party.

The gigantic fleet was slowly approaching.

Before they even came within the firing range, Li Mus scout aircraft, self-detonation aircraft, and signal interference aircraft shot out and strung out in a long line.

War seemed to be on the verge of breaking out.

Seeing this, the allied forces on the Dal Star felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

“Hu Tianshan has brought his men here.

Theyre really going to fight! This is incredible.”

“D*mn it! Didnt I tell you already The Cloud Shadow Sky has been building a stronghold here to make preparations for the war!”

“Fortunately, theyre closer to the Lost Continent.

Were still some distance away from them.

Lets observe the situation first.”

In the pictures captured by their main vessels and scout spaceships, one could see clearly that the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys large fleet was marching over with immense aggressiveness as if a great mountain was bearing down on them.

“Weve received a signal,” a subordinate hurriedly reported to Li Mu.

“Put it through!”

Li Mu seemed to have guessed something.

He was so nervous that his throat became dry.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

A figure appeared on the screen ahead.

It really was Hu Tianshan!

He was still as calm as ever, as though he would not turn a hair even if Mount Tai were collapsing onto him.

He looked at Li Mu with a cool face and said slowly, “Young Master Li, is what you are building here Zhang Hanyangs project”

When Li Mu saw Hu Tianshan, his heart seemed to jump to his throat.

But he managed to keep a calm face and answered unhurriedly, “You dont need to know that.”

“Heh.” Hu Tianshan chuckled and said, “Thats true.

I dont need to know that because this place will no longer exist after today.”

“Then, Ill ask you the second question.

Do you know where Zhang Hanyang has gone to” Hu Tianshan asked again.

“No idea.

I wont tell you even if I know,” Li Mu replied stubbornly.

“What the hell

“He is going to destroy this place right off

“He just wants me to fail the task, doesnt he”

“You are very calm.”

There was a playful smile at the corner of Hu Tianshans mouth.

He said, “Is it because your 100th elder, Yi Hou, has planted some traps in the darkness”


In an instant, Li Mus countenance changed.

He never knew Hu Tianshan had even learned about that.


“This place is what Zhang Hanyang asked you to build.”

As if he had become a prophet, Hu Tianshan said leisurely, “Oh right, it can be said that its his subordinates project.

This place cost more than 500 million crystal stones, right Because he wants to build a safe harbor for his people in the Sea Dragon Star Area

“Zhang Hanyang has taught your Cloud Shadow Sky a lot of secret skills.

He is truly family to you.

“However, its a pity that he wont be able to personally witness the destruction of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

“Now, how are you feeling about this”

In the face of Hu Tianshans question, Li Mu couldnt say a word.

He felt cold all over, as though he had fallen into an ice cave.

“How come he knew everything

“This is really…”

Drops of cold sweat streamed down Li Mus cheeks.

He felt that a huge crisis was right before him.


Hu Tianshan laughed faintly and turned off his communication device.

“Alert! Weve encountered turbulent airflow.

We cant enter the secondary space for the time being.”

“Alert! The opponents warships are entering the edge of the war zone.”

“Alert! The energy ahead…”

The alarms issued by machines pulled Li Mu back to reality.

“Get ready to escape!” Li Mu instructed.

He immediately took out his communication device to contact Yi Hou.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

“Please dont let anything happen to him!”

Li Mu was deeply worried.

After the sixth beep, the call got through.

“Elder Yi Hou, whats the situation on your side”

“What situation” Yi Hou asked instead of answering.

Li Mu was taken aback.

“Hu Tianshan did not attack you” he said in surprise and bewilderment.

But the communication device was silent.

Two seconds later, Yi Hous voice sounded.

“Not until now.

His 160 spaceships are coming.

How extravagant! Young Master Li, Ill abandon this place.

Ill meet you on the Harmony Star.

Young Master Li, come back alive!”


The call was disconnected.

Li Mus face became paler.

His eyes revealed confusion.

“He intercepted the signal…”

He gazed at Hu Tianshans fleet in front of him in a daze.

“Hu Tianshan, you are truly too terrifying!”

Li Mu was suddenly enlightened.

The remarks Hu Tianshan said calmly just now might be a lie.

He was trying to trick Li Mu into contacting Yi Hou so that he could capture Yi Hous signal and locate him.


“Isnt the function of signal interception only available on king vessels

“Could it be that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family has developed its own signal interception technology”



While all kinds of alarms were roaring, Li Mu laughed viciously and ordered, “Come on! Fire! Fight while retreating.

D*mn it, Im not a pushover!”

“All defenses are switched on.”

“Energy Cannons are charging.”

“The charging is over.”

“Magnetic Cannons are charging.”

“Space-shattering Cannons are charging!”

“Main Vessel Cannons are charging.”

“Charging finished.”

“Charging finished…”

Then, Li Mu let the commander handle the rest of the battle.

At this time, the commander standing next to Li Mu was sweating all over.

The disparity of the two parties strength was too staggering.


“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

It was like a firework show.

The two fleets fired countless shots after they came within the shooting range.

All kinds of aircraft collided.

All kinds of bombs blasted.

It was as if this part of the universe was about to be set on fire.

The people on the Dal Star were all flabbergasted.

“Theyre already fighting”

“Oh my God, theyre really battling!”

“The war between the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and Cloud Shadow Sky has broken out.

This will affect the entire Sea Dragon Star Area!”

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is about to undergo a major reshuffle.

What should we do”

“Young Master Li is no match for the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

After the Tiger Talisman Royal Family deal with the Cloud Shadow Sky, do you think they will come and attack us The other side is Hu Tianshan.

If he and his army come, we cant fend them off at all.”

Both sides in the battle were extremely nervous.

Those on the Dal Star were equally tense.

What did this mean

It meant that this was an unprecedented battle.

The area it had influenced was too large!


A subordinate suddenly screamed when he looked at the communication device.

“A battle! There is a battle!”

“Im not blind!” the leader said coldly.

“No, I didnt mean that battle going on here.”

The subordinate said in a trembling voice, “Its on Tongnan Star.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys Tongnan Star has been attacked by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

The garrison on it has been completely annihilated! More than 100,000 of their people have been killed or injured!

“The Profound Sea Sect just suffered a fierce attack from the Cloud Shadow Sky and was forced to flee in defeat.

They abandoned the Profound Sea Star and suffered more than 500,000 casualties!

“The Cloud Shadow Skys ally, the Asura Sect has deployed a fleet to attack the Tiger Tally Royal Familys ally, the Chipped Peak Sect.

They have already occupied two planets.

“The Ice Heart Sect, the Rouge Sect, and the Precipice Sect, who are allies with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, jointly attacked the planet the Cloud Shadow Heavens garrisoned in the Northern Sea Star Area and killed 200,000 of their people!

“The Tiger Tally Royal Familys force on the Salu Star at the edge of the Northern Sea Star Area was just destroyed by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

The surface of the planet was ruined.

Three hundred thousand were killed.

Not a single person on the Salu Star survived!”

“Its chaos.

The whole world is in chaos.

There are so many pieces of news.

I cant read all of them.

Every place is at war!

“This is insane!

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is in turmoil!

“The area of the battlefields has covered 50 percent of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

More than half of this Star Area is at war.

The number of battlefields is still increasing.

Many forces cant even escape.

“The Roland Star… The Roland Star is completely deserted.

The King of Elves has fled to the Cloud Shadow Sky with his clansmen.

“The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys Seven Apertures Star has been taken over by the Cloud Shadow Sky.”


The leader of the forces on the Dal Star staggered.

He looked back at the Dal Star and found that there were not many fleets passing by.

Even the few ones he saw were flying away rapidly.

“Its over!

“We cant stay in the Sea Dragon Star Area any longer.

Go! Lets go!”

“We gotta run.

Lets discuss this after they finish fighting.”

“Tell everyone that were leaving for the Seven Fiends Star Area to lie low.”

Orders were issued one after another.

Then, they turned their eyes to the screen.

The battle ahead was being projected on the screen.

Various bombs were colliding in the void.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

The explosions were gorgeous and colorful, which dazzled their eyes.

Sadly, the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys firepower was simply too domineering.

Li Mus fleet couldnt fight his attacks off at all.

Heavy firepower bombarded over.

The second round of attacks was warded off.

But the third round arrived right away…

If the enemies only launched one round of attacks, then Li Mu could destroy them before they got close.

But that was just a hypothetical situation.

The reality was that Hu Tianshan quickly launched the second round, the third round, and the fourth round attack.

Li Mus fleet couldnt hold on for long!


The attacks bombarded the protective covers.

The energy level of the fleet was dropping sharply.

“Alert, energy storage has dropped to 17 percent.”


The pressure in the energy cabin is too high.”


Alarms sounded one after another, which made Li Mu quite flustered.

“Young Master Li, we cant do this anymore.

We can only use the rest of our energy on defense while we quickly fly out of the turbulent airflow and jump into the secondary space to escape,” said the captain.

“We need to abandon at least 20 corvettes to stall the enemy.”

“Twenty” Li Mus face was pale.

His expression was torn.

It was not because he begrudged forsaking the spaceships, but because this move would cost the lives of tens of thousands.

He hated this feeling of helplessness.

He did not want to decide the life and death of others.

But now, a single decision of his could send some of those on dozens of corvettes to hell.

“Call Corvette Number 42.”

A middle-aged man appeared on the screen.

He was the captain of Corvette Number 42.

With a calm face, he said, “Corvette Number 42 to 64 volunteer to bring up the rear.

Weve already sent out our aircraft.

They might still have a chance at survival if they escape to the Lost Continent.

As for us… hahahaha.”

The middle-aged man laughed.

He looked at Li Mu as though his eyes had penetrated the screen.

He said softly and slowly, “Young Master Li, do you remember Squad Defiant Heaven You saved our 130 members.

Well never forget that.

The staff from Corvette Number 42 to Number 64 are all members of Squad Defiant Heaven.

Were all here, hoping to repay your grace.”

While speaking, the middle-aged man clenched his right fist and thumped his chest.

Then, he said with a smile, “This is our choice.

I hope Young Master Li will respect our decision.

If… well, there is noif.

Weve been honored to work for you.

Thank you, Young Master Li.”


The signal was cut off.

More than 20 corvettes left the fleet halfway through their retreat.

They veered around and faced Hu Tianshans fleet head-on.

Li Mus eyes turned red around the rims.


The elegant and refined Young Master Li roared at this moment.

Anger, grievances, and sorrow filled Li Mus heart.

Everyone fell silent.

Even the captain, who was beside Li Mu, slowly raised his right hand and made a very solemn gesture.

Li Mu had worked with Squad Defiant Heaven.

He went on adventures with that squad for a long time.

He remembered every core member of the squad.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, they took the initiative to step forward.

They offered to die for their bosom friend and respected leader.

Under the gazes of Li Mu and others, the 22 corvettes fired at full capacity, burning their energy as if it couldnt run out.

The people on the corvettes knew that they would have completed the task if they held up the enemies for one or two minutes.

There werent many people on these corvettes.

Countless aircraft zoomed out and flew toward the Lost Continent.

This scene was clearly captured by the forces on the Dal Star.

Almost everyone had fixed their eyes on the battle.

They thought that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family would seize the 22 corvettes, which would be a big victory.

But what really happened was always beyond their expectations.


All of a sudden, an energy wave was formed on one of the opponents main vessels.

A streak of red light dashed toward the 22 corvettes at an extremely fast speed.

“What is that light”

Just as the various attacks launched by the 22 corvettes were about to approach the opponents fleet—


The streak of red light suddenly expanded.

In an instant, it grew to a 100-foot-high… mecha!

“Its Hu Tianshans mecha!”

“He made his move!”

The faces of everyone present changed dramatically.

At the same time, Hu Tianshans more than 100 spaceships directly went to chase after Li Mus party.

It seemed that Hu Tianshan planned to destroy Li Mus fleet once for all.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

All the firepower was directed at the red mecha.

The explosions sent flames across the void.

But everyone knew that this kind of firepower would not cause any trouble for Hu Tianshan.


Sure enough, in the midst of the burning flames, the streak of red light suddenly appeared and quickly approached the corvettes.

Hu Tianshan hadnt even summoned his mechanical troops at all.

Abruptly, a long broadsword materialized in his right hand.

In front of the nearest spaceship, he slowly raised the long broadsword, as if declaring that he was going to launch a massacre.


A beam of dazzling light appeared out of thin air.

It turned into a jet of ten-thousand-foot-long broadsword light and hacked downward fiercely.


The corvettes defense failed to withstand Hu Tianshans hack.

It exploded on the spot.

It was like a crushing massacre.

In just two seconds, Hu Tianshan approached the second corvette.

It blew up the moment his broadsword light hit it.

Then, he came to the third, the fourth…

Seeing this, Li Mu felt his body had become numb.

“Young Master Li! The enemys fleet is after us!” said the captain in a hurry.

“Flee as fast as possible.

Get as many spaceships out of here as we can.”

Li Mu had given up resisting.

At this time, resistance was equivalent to death.

Most of the spaceships energy was used in the thrusters.

As long as they could jump into the secondary space, they would be safe for the time being.

Hu Tianshans fleet continued to strike.

Their main vessels fired simultaneously at one corvette at a time.

Their defenses simply couldnt withstand the violent bombardment.

One by one, the corvettes burst into flames behind Li Mu.

In this way, two minutes later, Li Mus fleet was about to jump into the secondary space.

He turned around to look at the void behind him.

He found that Hu Tianshans fleet was no longer chasing him.

Jets of broadsword light flashed past.

The aircraft headings for the Lost Continent were slashed and blasted in large groups.

The brand new space station presented the largest explosion on the battlefield.

Under the balls of flames were pieces of scrap metal.

He also saw that hundreds of beams of light were shooting toward the buildings on the Lost Continent.

At this time, Li Mus eyes gradually turned cold.

He clenched his fists and stared fixedly at the red mecha.

“Hu Tianshan!

“One day, when Ive gathered enough power…”


In the distance, Hu Tianshan slowly raised the long broadsword in its hand and pointed it at the main vessel that Li Mu was on.

He seemed to be saying that this battle had just begun.

What do you amount to in the eyes of the royal family of the Tiger Tally

“Hu Tianshan is too powerful.”

Watching the battle, the people on the Dal Star trembled with fear.

“He crushed so many spaceships on his own!”

“In this battle between fleets, the combat ability hes displayed is comparable to that of a Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage cultivator.”

“Its gone.

Its all gone.

The construction the Cloud Shadow Sky has been working on here for two months has been destroyed during the last two minutes.

This is war.

And war is brutal!”

While these people were discussing—


The few remaining spaceships in Li Mus fleet leaped into the secondary space and disappeared.

“Do you see how many spaceships are left in the Cloud Shadow Skys fleet”

“I guess its around thirty.”

“This is terrifying.

More than half of their fleet has been destroyed.

Hu Tianshan has won gloriously.

The Cloud Shadow Sky has suffered a disastrous loss.”

“The war is on.”


Every place is at war.”

“Hiss, Hu Tianshans fleet is flying in our direction, isnt it”

“Run! Just run!”

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