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Chapter 1125 Gathering

A few minutes later, they left the scenic spot and walked out.

When they were just outside the parking lot, the three people beside them complained as they walked.

“Why are there so many people”

“Damn it.

I hardly have time to play here but right now I can see nothing but countless people.”

“It is difficult just to walk around this place.”

“Dont mention that.

I was almost squashed to be pregnant.”

How rude was the woman who spoke at the end

Zhang Han couldnt help glancing at her with his face sideways.

As a result, something happened.

The three lovely girls were originally attractive.

People around them were all curious whether these girls came from the same family.

They glared at Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Zhang Hans face gave people a feeling of sunshine while Zi Yans face was covered.

But everyone knew that she was a beautiful girl when seeing her cheeks and charming red lips under the big sunglasses, and her sexy figure.

This handsome boy was so capable to take such a beautiful wife.

Many men cast jealous and admiring gazes at him.

Most of the womens eyes were focused on Mengmeng.

But when Zhang Han turned his face, a girl with a ponytail fixed her eyes on him.

She was about 5.2 feet and was the tallest girl at the right of three people walking out of the parking lot who were about 2 meters away from them.

“Eh” After a moment of hesitation, she said again, “Zhang Han”

At once Mengmengs little eyes were cast at her.

“Eh, who is her”

Nina and Yue Xiaonao were also looking at her curiously.

Did they run into someone familiar

Zi Yans beautiful eyes under her sunglasses were also fixed at the woman who spoke.

Judging from her height, she should not be Zhang Hans ex girlfriend.

She felt a little strange about the first idea that came into her mind.

Recalling Zhang Hans previous identity as a playboy, she felt a little displeased.

“Yes, Its me.

Zhang Nana, it has been a long time since the last time we met each other.” Zhang Han coughed lightly.

“Really Wow! You still remember me! I once thought youve forgotten us old classmates.

Youve never spoken to anyone in the chatting group.

Someone had messaged you but you never replied.” Zhang Nana laughed with her mouth covered by her hands, “What a coincidence.”

A man and a woman standing hand in hand beside her were a couple.

They were also curious about them.

But they didnt ask anything as they knew they were old classmates.

“Yes, that is really a coincidence.”

Zhang Han touched his chin and said, “Let me introduce her.

She is my college classmate, Zhang Nana.

This is my wife, and this is my daughter.”


“Youve been married.”

“Your wife is really tall.”

“Your daughter is so pretty.”

She performed as if she was shocked four times.

Her expression was somewhat exaggerated, but of course, it was to prevent the awkwardness.

It was bull ** to talk about emotion and how long time they hadnt seen each other.


“Nice to meet you, Auntie.”

Zi Yan and Mengmeng also greeted her.

“Hello, we are Nanas friends.

There is still a distance from here to the parking lot.

Shall we talk while walking” the man said.

So they continued to walk to the parking lot.

“Did you settle down in Shang Jing” Zhang Han asked casually.

“No, I work in Xinjin City.

It will be too stressful for me to settle down in Shang Jing.

Therefore, I had to live here.” Zhang Nana replied frankly.

“What about your job Is that your line of work” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Yes, what about you” Zhang Nana hesitated and said simply, “After we graduated, our classmates had been talking about you for a long time in the chatting group.”

In the beginning, no one knew Zhang Hans identity when he went to college.

Later, they learned that he was a rich second generation.

And then, a few students knew that he was from the Zhang Clan, a top rich family.

But that didnt last long.

Soon, there was news that he was expelled from the family.

After that, someone once met him and found him down and out.

There were many rumors, and since Zhang Han was popular, many students had tried to contact him, but he never replied.

At this time, when she saw Zhang Han, she found that the whole family was wearing famous-brand suits.

Although Zhang Nana didnt recognize many of them, she knew that Zi Yans LV bag, Chanel sandals, and Zhang Hans coat were all expensive.

He seemed to be living a quite good life.

“My work” Zhang Han pondered.

“Yep.” Zhang Nana nodded.

“Well, its hard to say.” Zhang Han hesitated.

“Never mind, you can keep your secret.” Zhang Nana smiled.

“Nothing special.” Zhang Han touched his chin again and said, “My face is quite handsome, isnt it Then I hooked up with a rich woman.

I cant do the job of our subject, but I can gain money in a faster way by hooking up with a rich woman”

“What” Zhang Nana and her friends were stunned.

“What” Mengmeng was stunned too.

Nina and Yue Xiaonao were shocked.

The answer they got was beyond their expectation.

As for Zi Yan, she pursed her lips and tried her best to hold on.

She almost burst into laughter.

“Hooked up with a rich woman…”

Zhang Nana stole a glance at Zi Yan and didnt see any expression on her face.

It seemed that she was not enthusiastic but arrogant.

Did he really hook up with a rich woman Alright.

That was awesome.

The man on the left also stared at Zi Yan.

“What the **.

This bro was so capable.

How could the rich woman be so beautiful”

“Im used to being extravagant and I cant count the money I spent.

Once I calculate, my head was painful, so I can do nothing but find someone rich.” Zhang Han spread out his hands helplessly.

“Daddy, its so scary when you joke,” Mengmeng said with a terrified face.

Zhang Han was speechless.

“Im just kidding.”

Yue Xiaoniao said loudly, “Well, Uncle Zhang, your status in my mind is greatly reduced!”

Nina did not say anything at all.

Seeing this, Zhang Han spread out his hands helplessly.

“Have you seen that My job is to coax children, not only my own daughter but also my friends daughter.”


Zhang Hans words made Zhang Nana speechless.

Did she feel sympathy for him


Zhang Han was once very sunny, outgoing, and opinionated, but now he had fallen into such a situation.

He had to hook up with a rich woman and be adopted into a rich family Could it be that his daughters surname was also given by the brides family

At this moment, Mengmeng curled his lips and said, “A mans mouth is the mouth of a liar.”

Zhang Han coughed and there was a little surprise in his eyes which made Zi Yan cover her mouth and laugh.

Zhang Han added, “Ahem, Im just kidding.”


Unexpectedly, Zhang Nana believed it, and even her sight to Zi Yan changed.

His wife did not say anything at all since the beginning.

She was arrogant, indifferent, and not enthusiastic.

It did not occur to her that such a free and easy man would also be beaten down by reality after stepping into society.

“By the way.”

Zhang Nana said, “There is a classmate gathering today, and there are about 16 or 17 people.

Our previous class monitor, Li Guangqi hold it.

We havent gathered for a long time, Zhang Han.

What about coming with us Lets meet our old classmates.”

“Classmate gathering” Zhang Han was stunned.

How boring was that

They hadnt seen each other for countless years.

Additionally, after entering society for so many years, holding the classmate gatherings might only be for flaunting and socializing.

When he was just about to shake his head and refuse, Yue Xiaonao immediately pulled Mengmeng once.

Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said with a smile, “Daddy, its not easy for us to come to Shang Jing.

Since you have met your classmates, you should join them.”

Um Did these three girls want to go out alone

The girls who stayed near ink would get stained black.

Yue Xiaonao was so naughty that playing with her would mislead Mengmeng.

However, it was normal.

Mengmeng was almost fourteen years old and was a little maturer.

Sometimes she couldnt release herself in front of adults.

Recalling the past, he also immediately run away when his parents just let him alone and he was displeased to play at the gazes of them.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han nodded, “Okay.”

But Zhang Nanas expression became odder when she saw Zhang Han hesitate for two seconds.

Zhang Hans family status was really worrying.

It seemed that he was really adopted into a rich and powerful family and had no right to speak.

“We booked room 301 in Xize Restaurant at seven oclock in the evening.

They must be happy to know that you will come.” Zhang Nana smiled.


On the way to the parking lot, Zhang Nana talked less and didnt dare say anything.

She was afraid that she would annoy his wife.

As a live-in son-in-law, if he made his wife displeased, he would be in big trouble.

Even when she talked.

she had to consider for another second.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a funny smile.

The corners of Zi Yans mothers mouth curved a little.

She found it interesting, so she didnt say anything but played the role of a rich woman that Zhang Han hooked up with.

Soon, they arrived at the parking lot.

Zhang Nana got into a black Cadillac CT6.

It was the car of that couple.

When they were driving out, they saw that the car Zhang Han and the others got in was a Buick GL8.

“Nana, why did your classmate drive a Buick since he hooked up with a rich girl Shouldnt a rich girl drive a Mercedes Benz G or a coquettish supercar” the woman asked.

“Maybe because there are too many people.

After all, MPV has more space.” The man also gazed and said.

It seemed that he wanted to see the face of the beautiful rich woman through the window.

Unfortunately, he didnt see it.

“But it is strange that this car is an old type which was manufactured five years ago.

Why does it look like a brand new one” The man said curiously.

Obviously, he had studied the cars thoroughly.

“Its not easy to hook up with a rich woman.

Rich women are smart,” the woman said, “Your classmate is quite handsome, but he was such a coward that chose to be adopted instead of working hard to make money.”

“No…” Zhang Nana shook her head.

“He used to be super-rich.”

“What He chose to be a live-in son-in-law even if he was rich Really” The woman started gossiping.

“Of course, its true.

He was a native from a wealthy family in Shang Jing.

Its said that that family is the top aristocratic family.

Just a month before graduation, I saw him more than a dozen times, and every time he drove a different super sports car which was all his own,” Zhang Nana said.

“What the **!”

The driver was extremely shocked and said, “That is really a super-rich man! But how did he end up like this”

“Because something happened in his family.

Im not clear about the details either.”

Nana didnt say that he was expelled out from the family.

She wasnt sure if the news was true, and she didnt want to talk about it.

“Did his family go bankrupt”

The man was stunned.

Without thinking too much, he started the car and left.

“Where are you going to play”

While driving, Zhang Han looked at the three people in the back seat through the rearview mirror and said, “Are you going to the martial arts gathering”


Mengmengs big clear eyes seemed to freeze suddenly.

“Dont pretend to know nothing.

I know what you want once you blink,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“It was Xiaonao.

She let me say that,” Mengmeng said.

“I didnt say anything.”

“She seduced me.”

“That… That is because…” Yue Xiaonao hummed and said, “Nina hasnt seen a martial artist yet.

As her eldest sister, I have to take her to have a look.”

“Nina is more than 100 years old,” Mengmeng reminded her.

“But she is just 15 years old after calculation Her birthday is even later than mine,” Yue Xiaonao said unhappily.


Mengmeng ignored her and leaned her head on the side of Zhang Hans chair.

She said with a smile, “Dad, why dont you and Mom go to the classmate gathering and we go to martial arts gathering tonight They said that there were fewer people.

And we can chat with the elders and sell some treasures.”

“All right.

Go ahead.

You have grown up and dont want to play with me.”

“No,” Mengmeng retorted loudly.

Zhang Han laughed and raised his right hand, pinching Mengmengs face.

Seeing Zhang Hans smile, Mengmeng knew that her father was joking.

She sat on the chair and swayed her legs.

And she asked, “Dad, whats the highest level of the martial arts gathering”

“According to the passer-by, the most powerful ones are An He and the others from the King of Storms.

I guess they are only at the level of Grand Master Peak,” Zhang Han said.

“Grand Master Peak They are not as powerful as me, are they” Mengmeng asked again.

“No, you are at God Realm now.

You must be stronger than a Grand Master.”

“Well, that relieves me.”

“We have Nina with us.

What are you worried about” Yue Xiaonao said, “Isnt Nina the most powerful here”

“No, Uncle Zhang is the most powerful.

I am not,” Nina shook her head repeatedly.

She had witnessed that some people in the Heavenly Knights Sect wanted to fight with Uncle Zhang.

In this place, everyones power was limited to half Elixir which was even inferior to Elixir Realm.

It could be said that they were all on the same level.

But despite such a situation, no one could defeat Uncle Zhang.

He was too powerful.

“I didnt bring Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot with me this time.

Otherwise, I would also be very powerful,” Mengmeng muttered.

“You can go out and play, but dont bully others.” Zi Yan reminded them.

She did not only know that they were very cute but also know their fighting capacity was very strong in such a martial arts gathering.

“Just have fun,” Zhang Han said causally.

The place where the martial arts gathering was held was near Mount Lang Xing, where Zhang Han used to race.

It was not exaggerated to say that Zhang Han could cover it with one of his Spiritual Will.

So there was nothing to worry about.

Since the safety problem was solved, Zhang Han didnt mind letting them go out to play themselves.

“Shall we find a restaurant to have a meal at first”


“Where are we going to play in the afternoon”

After lunch, they went to two scenic spots in the afternoon.

It was five oclock when they finished sightseeing.

Zhang Han drove directly to a villa area in Third Ring Road.

The best place in the center was a small manor.

Many rich people around were very curious about the people in that place.

Whose manor was it

No one had been here for several years.

However, in the past two days, someone had stayed in the mansion.

There were more than a dozen cars in the garage, all of which were the types manufactured a few years ago.

“Mommy, Daddy, lets go out to play.

Its five oclock now.

We will come back before nine oclock,” Mengmeng checked the time and said.


Be careful,” Zi Yan said.


They returned to the bedroom, changed their clothes, and went out.

“They went to play.” Zhang Han shook his head with laughter and said with emotion, “They will grow up in a few years.”

“Honey, do you think I look too young now” Zi Yan suddenly said, “When Mengmeng and I went shopping, someone say that we are sisters.”

“Then let them say.

Dont care about that.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “How can you dislike your young appearance You are so beautiful that others can do nothing but envy you.”

“I dont care about that.

I mean when Mengmeng grows up in the future, we will look about the same age.

It doesnt seem to be a good result, does it” Zi Yan said hesitantly.

“Its quite good.

Its normal in the Cultivation World.”

“Look at Li Mu and his father, Li Hao, and his mother.

Who can tell the difference in their age.”

“They have lived for more than 800 years.

They are totally different and cannot be compared.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “In fact, every level of the realm one break is a comprehensive sublimation.

When one reaches a certain realm, ones appearance can be changed.”

“Its 5:10 pm, I should go to do my makeup.” Zi Yan got up and walked to the dressing table.

“Why do you do makeup”

“Im going to your classmate gathering later.

I have to dress up.

Im going to wear a flat glassed and decorate my eyes so others may not recognize me.”

“I got you.

I can help you change your appearance to what you want,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“No, I havent done my makeup for several days.

Anyway, I have nothing to do.

I just do this for fun.”


Zhang Han leaned against the sofa and watched Zi Yan dress herself up step by step.

She wore a pair of flat glasses and a black cap with a pink border.

She also changed into light blue jeans, white sneakers, and a sweater.

Her skinny jeans set off her well-shaped hips area attractively.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail, which made her look quite lively.

“Does it look good” she asked cutely.

Zi Yan picked up a Prada bag, put it on her body, and walked around in front of Zhang Han.

“You look so pretty.”

“Lets go.

Its already six oclock.”


Zhang Han nodded and they went out.

They casually picked up a Porsche 911 key on the wall of the garage and started the engine.

But the car did not move at all.

“The battery is dead.” Zhang Han sighed with emotion and said, “This car has been idle for five or six years.

The house and the car should be given by the developer.

Elder Yue can guide the fated person sometimes.”

“How did you figure it out” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“The car is new with few driving distances.

According to his character, I guess he seldom comes here.” Zhang Han snapped his fingers.

Two tiny thunderbolts entered the car.

The engine oil and a set of equipment were put on the side.

He simply changed the engine oil, pumped up the tires, and started up the engine.


The engine roared with wildness.

They left the villa area, drove directly to the appointed Xize Restaurant, and went to room 301.

He just happened to pass by two old classmates.

After seeing Zhang Han, they were stunned at first and then smiled.

“Gosh, Brother Han, its so surprising to see you.”

“It has been a long time since our last meet.

Is this your wife Welcome here, please come in.

Everyone was happy about your coming.”

“Nice to meet you.” Zi Yan greeted them.

Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

As they entered the private room, about 14 or 15 people were sitting there.

The man in a suit next to them clapped his hands.

“Everybody, keep your attention.

Brother Han and his wife are here.

Let welcome them.”

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