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Chapter 1128 The Super Strong Second Generation

“Well, Im just watching the fun,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Nina has never seen the martial arts world.

Do you always watch such kind of battle, Nina Why dont we go back to play games after the fight ended”

“Okay, this is the first time Ive seen martial artists,” Nina smiled and said.

“Im interested in the Relic… If theres a chance, we can go and have a look together.”


Ill ask Aunty Xue about it later,” Mengmeng replied.

It seemed like a fight was about to break out on the stage.

The atmosphere was murderous.

The three of them chatted for a while cheerfully, which attracted many peoples attention.

The old man and several young disciples beside him looked at them with their eyes full of curiosity, wondering what they were doing and why they were talking so casually on such an occasion.

Tang Qingshan shot those people a warning glance.

He exchanged a few looks with the old man, warning him not to cause trouble.

If he offended those girls and Zhang Hanyang pursued the matter, they would all get into trouble.

The old man did not say anything.

He turned around and looked at the two people who were about to fight.

“Make your move, young man.”

An He, who was full of confidence, showed an evil smile.

“As you wish.”

The young mans eyes suddenly widened, revealing an aggressive look.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several beams of dazzling light shot toward An He at a high speed with whooshing sounds.

“Wanna defeat me with this No way.”

An He smiled and waved his hand to release waves that were more than ten meters wide.

The waves collided with the light attack and knocked the latter away.

However, to everyones surprise, as the three beams of light slowed down, the crowd finally found that they were three throwing daggers.

If those daggers were controlled by spiritual force, they would certainly fall onto the ground after being hit by An Hes attacks.

However, they didnt fall.

The young man stretched his hands forward and pressed down in the air.

Wisps of blue energy started flashing in his palms.

The daggers seemed to be controlled by his mind, turned around, and shot toward An He again like streams of flowing light.


An He frowned slightly.

“He hasnt reached the Divine Realm yet.

Without soul sense, how could he control those daggers so quickly”

“Well, then Ill make more moves.”

It seemed like the young man wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

He waved his hand and threw out another three daggers.

The six daggers shot toward An He from different directions madly, shining brightly.

The young man strolled toward An He slowly.

An He was thus put under pressure.

“Telekinesis Technique!

“He is indeed an exceptionally talented young man.”

An He looked serious for the first time.

He was worried that he would lose the fight.

The fight became increasingly intenser.

Hundreds of people around exclaimed at the scene and started whispering among themselves.

“An He, the King of Storms, is completely suppressed by that young man.

The young man is so terrifying.”

“This young man is really powerful! This disciple from the Flying Broadsword Sect is a great talent.”

“Dont make such a quick conclusion.

The King of Storms hasnt gone all out yet.

Its still hard to tell who will win.”

“No matter who wins, its already great of the young man to make An He fall into a disadvantageous situation.

He is still young.

Just as the saying goes, the young generations are excelling the old ones.”

“Well, talking about the young generations, the three people sitting over there all are young.”

Nina watched the fight for a little while and thought that the fight was more like a game between children.

In her eyes, it was just like a duel between those who were at the Qi Refining Stage.

“Oh, its so boring.

Mengmeng, lets go back to play games,” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

Her words displeased the elders present.

“How dare you say that the fight between two Grand Masters at the Peak-Stage is boring

“Who are they They are being too arrogant.”


Tang Qingshan coughed softly and bowed to Mengmeng.

“Princess Mengmeng, please give my regards to your father, Zhang Hanyang.”


The old man widened his eyes in shock with his mouth wide open as if someone had grabbed his neck.

He almost fainted.

“Oh my God, she is Merciless Zhangs daughter.”

“Fortunately, I didnt say anything improper just now, or I would be in trouble.”

“Who are you” Mengmeng asked.

“Well, Im Tang Qingshan from the Tang family of Shang Jing.

Ive admired your father for a long time.”

“Oh, I see.

We took a taxi here, and we dont have any car to take us back,” Mengmeng rolled her eyes and said.

“I happen to have a car parked at the foot of the mountain.

Shall I ask my driver to drive you home”

“Thank you, but how will you go home”

“I can call another car over here.

It doesnt matter.”

“Alright, thank you then.”

“Youre welcome.”

“Then well be waiting for you at the foot of the mountain.”

Mengmeng laughed and winked at Nina and Yue Xiaonao, suggesting that they should leave.

Right at this moment…

Seeing that they were about to leave, An He thought, “I should try to impress her this time so that she will remember me.”

“Overthrowing Mountains and Seas!

“Raging Waves!

“Surging Waves!”

He launched three consecutive attacks which were his trump cards.

The young man was caught off guard.

His throwing daggers were knocked away and he made several defensive moves but failed.

In just three seconds, he was defeated.

“Princess Mengmeng, please give my regards to your father, and by the way, Im An He.”

“Dont bother, because my father wont care,” Mengmeng mumbled.

Then, she started leaving.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the three little girls quickly flew at a low altitude down the mountain.


Tang Qingshans expression changed.

“It seems that I cant catch up with them!”


Tang Qingshan tried his best to follow them and could barely catch up with them.

Fortunately, the mountain was not high, and he finally saw them after chasing for a while.

“They are children, yet they are all at the Divine Realm and could fly.”

Many martial artists present sighed with emotion as they looked at their backs.

“They are only in their teens, but they have reached the Divine Realm.

They have broken the record of our martial arts world, havent they”

“We cant compare with them at all.

That girl is Zhang Hanyangs daughter and was born with a silver spoon.”

“Who is Zhang Hanyang” someone asked.

There were many people who were curious about that.

They were curious about Zhang Hanyang while they listened to those elders talking about Zhang Hanyang.

Judging from An Hes and Tang Qingshans attitudes toward Zhang Hanyang, they realized that Zhang Hanyang must be a strong person and wondered how strong he was.

Hearing the question, a few senior martial artists shook their heads.

“You are too weak and not qualified to hear about Zhang Hanyangs deeds.”

“Just try hard to cultivate.

Its not good for you guys to know those legendary figures so early for it will dishearten you.”

However, someone answered, “Zhang Hanyang is known as Merciless Zhang.

Nowadays, many new generations of the martial arts world dont know about him because he hasnt appeared in the martial arts world for a long time.

As for his strength, haha, I dont mind telling you about that.

Do you understand what it means to be invincible in the world”

“Invincible in the world…”

Everyone finally understood who those three little girls were.

“Theyre the second generation of some super strong martial families.”

“To be exact, it should be the third generation, oh no, the fourth generation.

Zhang Hanyangs grandfather is Immortal King Zhang of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Zhang Hanyangs father is Zhang Guangyou, the lord of battle.

They are both extraordinary people.”

“But we prefer to take them as the second generation.

Zhang Hanyangs father and grandfather were strong, but they were not as strong as Zhang Hanyang, who is invincible in the world now.

With a father like Zhang Hanyang and a bunch of powerful uncles and aunties from the Mount New Moon, Heavenly Knights Sect, Luo Fu Sword sect, Shuiyun Sect, Deep Valley, Gai Clan, and the Luo Clan from Xiangjiang, Princess Mengmeng is the strongest among the second generation, isnt she”

“She can do whatever she wants in this world.”

The sound of discussion could be heard everywhere.

Mengmeng, Nina, and Yue Xiaonao had already reached the foot of the mountain.

Under the strange gazes of the people who were watching over the car, Tang Qingshan rushed over and invited the three girls into the car.

He stood there until the car disappeared from sight, and then he turned around and returned to the peak of the mountain.

As the sky turned dark, the martial arts gathering came to an end.

When the three girls returned to their residence, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were waiting for them.

“Did you have a good time Were you happy to see your old classmate” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han joyfully and asked.

“Not bad.

You had a good time, didnt you” Zhang Han laughed.

“Yes,” Mengmeng said with a smile.

“Today, we saw An He, the King of Storms, but Im stronger than him now, Dad.

When we first met him, he was fighting someone, and thats when I first learned something about the martial arts world.

Haha, our new generations are excelling the old ones.”

“Dont be so smug.

If your father hadnt given you the best resources to help you cultivate, you wouldnt have become so strong,” Zi Yan said and pinched Mengmengs cheeks.

“Ouch! Where mommy pinched me turns red.

Daddy, you should teach her a lesson since she always bullies me,” Mengmeng ducked and said in a teasing town.

But knowing that her father wouldnt dare to blame her mother, she held Yue Xiaonaos and Ninas arms and said, “Lets go to play games.”

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

Happy time seemed to pass extremely fast.

The vacation passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Hans family spent a few days in Shang Jing before going back to Xiangjiang by aircraft.

After that, they took a yacht out to sea and went to the bottom of the sea to have fun.

As time went by, everyone felt that Princess Nina had become more outgoing than before and loved laughing more.

Perhaps that was why people always say one would feel happier when making friends with positive and optimistic people and would feel depressed when making friends with pessimistic people.

Originally, Liu Qingfeng planned to visit the Sea Dragon Star Area in late October.

However, the progress of the project was much slower than he had imagined.

In particular, the trainees who were learning how to control spaceships complained that it was too difficult to gain precise control over the spaceships.

To do that, they had to know some knowledge of machinery first so that they could feel the changes in the equipment in different time periods.

However, things were going well with the commercial training about the Zi Clan, Wang family, Liang Clan, and the others.

After all, it was supervised by Liu Qingfeng in person.

The purpose of the training was to break the commercial shackles of the past and teach those people some specific knowledge.

Though it might sound indefinite, Liu Qingfeng had planned it in advance.

He hadnt gained an overall understanding of the Sea Dragon Star Area, so he was learning as well with those key personnel.

He still needed more backbone personnel to carry the project.

Even though he was short-handed, he wouldnt recruit anyone carelessly.

After the vacation, Mengmeng, Nina, and Yue Xiaonao had to go to school again.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei would go to the company or go shopping when they were free.

Zhang Han practiced every day.

It was difficult to comprehend the Great Void Thunder Scripture, but as time passed by, he could comprehend it better and better.

In Novembers monthly exam, Nina made it into the top ten among the students, which shocked all her teachers.

She improved so fast.

Seeing that, Yue Xiaonao also started studying hard.

When the results of the monthly exam of December were announced, Nina smiled happily.

“I won 3rd place.”

It was within her expectation, and she believed that she would definitely win second place in the final exam.

Her classmates were amazed by her improvement.

“Wow, Im ranked thirteenth!”

Yue Xiaonao was also very happy as well.

She would win a lot of rewards if she got good grades in exams.

After Christmas, Liu Qingfeng got everything ready.

He specially asked Yue Wuwei to send a Thunder King and ten corvettes to Sea Dragon Star Area, planning to go to the Lost Continent to have a look.

When they arrived at the destination, they were extremely surprised by what they saw.

“What…whats going on”

“Why is the Lost Continent reduced to such a state A place of ruins”

“Look at those places.

There are traces of the cities existing before.

They must have been attacked after they were built up.”

“Was it Tiger Talisman Royal Family that attacked the place or did a war break out in the Sea Dragon Star Area”

In the face of this situation, Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes but did not say anything.

He did not care that the Lost Continent had been destroyed like this.

Liu Qingfeng frowned as he started thinking.

Various ideas flashed through his mind.

Taking a light breath, he sat on a sofa and put the Communication Card on the right armrest.

Beep Beep Beep…

He was just trying to get to Li Hao.


After the eighth beeping sound was heard, Sect Leader Lis figure was projected in front of Liu Qingfeng.

It was a video call.

Liu Qingfeng could see that Li Hao was sitting on the viewing platform of the main hall of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Li Hao looked very calm, and he was enthusiastic and polite to Liu Qingfeng.

When he spoke, one could hear the surprise in his tone.

“Youre back”

“We came here to have a look ahead of time.

Zhang Han and the others will come in a few days,” Liu Qingfeng nodded and said.

“Did the Tiger Talisman Royal Family start a war”


Li Hao sighed and continued, “Half a year ago, just a few days after you left, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family started taking action.

At first, we didnt notice it, and we didnt get the news until they were about to launch an attack.

The base that Li Mu built for you was attacked by Hu Tianshan and the three hundred ships that he led.

The battle wasnt over until a month later.

One month later, Li Mu took some people there and restored the base secretly.

However, a couple of days later, Hu Tianshan attacked it again and turned it into ruins.

This matter…”

“I know there was nothing you could do about it.

Im glad that you guys are fine.

We just lost some crystal stones; it doesnt matter,” Liu Qingfeng waved his hands and said.

“Yes, were fine.

Now, the entire Sea Dragon Star Area has been involved in the war.

Ninety percent of the forces have taken part in it and seventy percent of the various forces have been destroyed.

Cloud Shadow Sky, Tiger Talisman Royal Family, and those neutral forces all lost many airships.

Now, the two sides dont have many airships left.

If your fleet joins us, then well gain an advantage in the battle,” Li Hao said.

“This matter started because of us.

Alas, we certainly wont stand by.” Liu Qingfeng sighed softly and rubbed his head.

Who would have thought that a battle would break out so suddenly

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family was really decisive.

“I only brought one Thunder King with me.

Elder Yue, please go back and bring a fleet here,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“There are still a few days left before they come, so were not in a hurry.

The situation is still relatively stable now,” Li Hao thought for a moment and said.

“The fleet battle occurs quite infrequently, and now all the forces are trying to seize more stars with rich resources.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is so large that a lot of resources were consumed in the war and we need to replenish our resources.

Now, both sides would guard their own resource stars and attack the other partys.

We fought so many times and we could win or lose from time to time.

In the following time, we would face a war of attrition.

Most of the people of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family are machinists, so they would have an advantage over us in a large-scale battle.”


Liu Qingfeng pondered for a moment and said, “If you dont mind, I can assist you in the war.”

“Thats exactly what I wanted,” said Li Hao.

“My dad is very strong.

He once led 300,000 soldiers and defeated his enemies of a total of 1.6 million soldiers,” Ah Hu chimed in.

His cute look made Liu Qingfeng laugh.

Li Hao laughed as well.

“How is Roland Star” Liu Qingfeng asked.

Now, Nina was on good terms with Mengmeng.

The Roland Star was Ninas hometown, so he cared about it.

If the star was destroyed in the war, it would probably be a blow to Nina.

“Roland Star is alright as it hasnt gotten involved in the war.

King of Elves had brought his people to Cloud Shadow Sky and offered some help, such as medical assistance,” Li Hao said, amused.

Liu Qingfengs mouth twitched when he heard that.

“The King of Elves is really funny,” he thought.

After chatting for a while, Liu Qingfeng hung up the communicator after making an appointment with Li Hao to meet at the Cloud Shadow Sky.

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is too big and the situation is complicated here.

Ill go and have a look first,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“Elder Yue, why dont you go back and tell the others the news first And Ah Hu, you take these corvettes back with Elder Yue.

When you come here the next time, tell Lord Nan Shan to bring 200,000 strong people over here, together with the fleet, and ask them to prepare for the battle.

Besides, tell Lord Dong Gu to preside over the Kings Domain and stay where he is.

Tell Heavenly Knights Sect, Deep Valley, Luo Fu Sword sect, and Shuiyun Sect to send some people over here to join the war.”

“Dad, is one Thunder King enough” Ah Hu asked worriedly.

“Its okay.

The main vessel of the Thunder King is very safe in the Sea Dragon Star Area, and Ill go directly through the secondary space,” Liu Qingfeng said firmly.

“The secondary space is a kind of regional space passage.

Although it can be detected by technology, there is no way to stop it at present in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

So you can rest assured that Ill be fine.

Ill just go to Cloud Shadow Sky to have a look.

I need some time to think what to do next and prepare for it.”

“Just go.

It will be fine.

Cloud Shadow Sky is no pushover.

Youll be safe there,” Yue Wuwei said.

On hearing his words, Ah Hu and others were relieved.

“Elder Yue, sorry to trouble you this time,” Liu Qingfeng said.

“Its fine.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and said, “The battle in the Sea Dragon Star Area is just a small one.

Ill just take it as a game and take the chance to train my soldiers.”

Liu Qingfeng was speechless.

The tense atmosphere became relaxed all of a sudden.


Ah Hu, you go back with Elder Yue, and the rest of you guys come with me to the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

After making their decision, they split up into two groups.

Wang Xiaowu, Jiang Bing, and many other members of the Heavenly Knights Sect followed Liu Qingfeng to the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Yue Wuwei and Ah Hu got onto a corvette and set off for home.

Ah Hu went to the Kings Domain first.

He was responsible for communicating with Lord Nan Shan.

The Dark Shadow Clan loved fighting.

When they heard that they were going to fight in the Sea Dragon Star Area, Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, Lord Dong Gu, and the others were all excited.

“Well, my dad said that you should stay here to take charge of the affairs in the Kings Domain, Lord Dong Gu,” Ah Hu grinned and said.

He didnt want to displease Lord Dong Gu, but he had no choice.


“I have to stay here

“No! Lord Nan Shan will stay here and Im going to join the war!”

However, his objection was useless.

Lord Nan Shan did not panic at all because it was Liu Qingfeng who made the decision.

“Everything has been arranged well, and if something bad happens because you disobeyed the order, will you be able to take the responsibility Haha.”

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