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Chapter 1135 I Am the Protagonist


Li Hao laughed, “Weve already installed probing equipment in every space node.

A large scale of military action will cause the energy in the secondary space to be relatively intense.

Therefore, we felt it when you arrived.

However, we didnt know if there were enemies or friends.

Thats why we dispatched a fleet to guard against you.

Of course, the space node is like a net that is limited.

Sea Dragon Star Area is still too big, so weve prepared a plan B.

In addition, the main area of Cloud Shadow Sky is protected by its own Heaven-earth Formation which wont be broken in a short period of time.

Unless theres no other choice, they wont send a great number of spaceships to attack Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“Oh, I see.” Jiang Yanlan nodded slightly.

There was a lot of equipment in the Sea Dragon Star Area which she did not know much about.

There were various wars.

If she wanted to be familiar with them, she needed time to learn.

“Lets go and talk about it on the main vessel,” Zhang Mu said.

So they got on several aircraft that floated behind.

There was not only Zhang Han, but also Li Mu, Nina, and Mo Wen.

The Cloudy Shadow Sky also dispatched eight elders.

But they were in the same direction as the members of the Dark Shadow Clan.

They took a transport aircraft and rose to the universe.

Zhang Han and the others entered the aircraft and also flew to Thunder King.

“Senior Zhang.”

Li Mu cheered up again and ran to Zhang Han.

He said, “Each team has shooting aircraft, and Ive sent someone in charge of it.

The main battle is still on our side.

Since this is a film, is there any role for me”

“Do you want to be the protagonist” Zi Yan glanced at him.

“Uh, a costar is ok too.” Li Mus voice lowered a bit unconsciously.

He had no choice.

Even if he was Young Master Li, yet he didnt have any status in this team.

“You shouldnt be the costar.

I think you should be the protagonist,” Zhou Fei said.


Seniors are still here, how dare I act as the protagonist”

“Cut the crap.

Just do what I say.” Zhou Fei was amused and said, “Dont you want to be the protagonist”

“Yes, I do.” Li Mu hesitated and secretly glanced at Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei.

He found that they seemed to have no interest in being the protagonist, so he immediately straightened his back and patted his chest hard, “Ill be the protagonist!”

“Okay, when we arrive at the second battlefield, Ill control three shooting aircraft to follow you and take close-ups with you,” Zhou Fei said.

“Well, since you all trust me so much, I will surely live up to your expectations!” Li Mu said resolutely and decisively.

Mengmeng sneered and said, “Thats because no one wants to be filmed so that you could have a chance to be the protagonist.”

Li Mu was speechless.

No matter what she said, he was firm and motionless.

She could say whatever she wanted.

Anyway, he was the protagonist.

Who would he be afraid of

Zhou Fei asked suddenly, “Zhang Han, although the shooting aircraft provide high resolution, will it be damaged by the aftermath of the battle”

“Thats a problem.” Zi Yan was slightly stunned, “The battle of such scale must be very fierce.

If the shooting aircraft are all broken, the battles cannot be recorded at all.”

“This problem has been solved a long time ago,” Li Mu said with a smile, “The elders in our clan who know how to refine weapons have already installed reinforced equipment on each shooting aircraft, and there are Defensive Formations on them.

As long as we dont strike them deliberately, there will be no problem.

Moreover, the shooting aircraft have been modified.

They are very fast and can be invisible, so they are difficult to be discovered.”

“Oh, youre very thoughtful.

Young Master Li, youve made a contribution.” Zhou Fei patted Li Mu on his shoulder with satisfaction.

“Its a piece of cake.” Li Mu had a smug expression on his face.

“Zhang Hanyang, Elder Yue, we are ready.” Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and Yi Hou came.

There were many people on the Thunder King.

Except for the Thunder King, Cloud Shadow Sky had dispatched three main vessels and more than a hundred corvettes.

“Can you give me the auxiliary authority of the Thunder King” Yi Hou said, “Let me cooperate with the main force on the way.”


Zhang Han arranged it directly.

After Yi Hou got the auxiliary authority of the Thunder King, he said, “Connected to the signal 3SADF214654.”

The intelligence system: Done.

“We are the team from the second battlefield.

This time, our target is to take down 30 stars from the enemy within three days.

The positions have been chosen and are difficult to attack but easy to defend.

Were going to catch them off guard.

There will be teams everywhere.

As for the plan, Sect Leader Li and Elder Liu have discussed it.

The first group of targets is the Bluesand, the Wood Spirit, and the Mubu Star.”

Yi Hou outlined the gist of his plans.

“The intensity of the first battlefield must be beyond your imagination.

The battle has been very fierce since two months ago, and seven elders of our Cloud Shadow Heaven died.

In the intensive war, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family will not be too distracted.

Our target is the lower-level alliance forces, so the Tiger Talisman Royal Family will not care too much about it.

Up to now, at least a thousand small and medium-sized clans in the Sea Dragon Star Area have been destroyed.

“As long as we get success in the second battlefield, these areas will be linked together and support each other even faster.

Tiger Talisman Royal Family was not able to protect them.

Oh, theres another reason.

The area where we are fighting is not far away from the Silver-winged Halls headquarters.

The Silver-winged Hall is currently allied with our side, but they dont dispatch enough people and dont fight to the death.

Their attitude is not clear.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be our turn to attack this area.

“The last point is… the Thunder King cannot be too close to the battlefield.

If we are ambushed by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, dont come and rescue us.

The Thunder King alone cannot control the battle.”

At the end of his words, Yi Hou had a serious expression on his face.

Although the Thunder King was powerful, it was impossible to fight against a large number of fleets alone.

After Yi Hou finished his words, a voice came from the intelligent system.

“Team No.

1 is ready.”

“Team No.

2 is ready…”

They counted until team No.10 was ready.

“The teams of the second battlefield get ready to set off.

“Start the energy cabin and prepare to enter secondary space.

Start the countdown.

“Enter the secondary space.

“Start the countdown for the flight.”

More than a hundred spaceships flew toward the same direction together.

Two minutes later, they jumped into the secondary space and headed for the second battlefield on a large scale.

During that period, it could be seen that groups of people boarded the flying ships and left.

Numbers of shooting aircraft were tracking various images.

Seeing such a large scale of the army go out to battle, everyone present sighed with emotion.

Zhang Mu looked out of the window and sighed.

“There are cups of grape wine which I want to enjoy, but I have to go to the battle immediately.

“Dont laugh at me if I am drunk and lay on the battlefield.

“From ancient times, how many people could return from the war”

An ancient poem made all the people present, especially Yi Hou and Mo Wen, fall silent.

They were all full of emotions.

It was unknown how many people would be able to keep alive and return after this war.

Wars had always been cruel.

But from another aspect, he was extremely excited.

Heroes always appeared in chaotic centuries!

“If you want to live a calm life, you must experience the storms.”

Zhang Mu suddenly smiled and said, “After this war, I hope everyone can still sit together, drinking and chatting happily.”

“Dont be so emotional.” Yue Wuwei smiled faintly and said, “The survival of the fittest is the only rule.

The general environment has always been like this.

Besides, this is just a training for the soldiers.

Even if we dont trouble those members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, this war will still start in the near future.

Since ancient times, the world has always been united and separated in turn.

It is normal that the union cannot last for a long time.

You dont need to be psychologically burdened.

We are just participants.

Whats more, its an important practice for your soul.”

Hearing Yue Wuweis words, everyone came to their senses one after another.

Zhang Mu smiled and cupped his hands.

“Youre right, Elder Yue.

Its not a psychological burden.

Im just a little emotional.”

“Youre just emotional because you are old.

Look at these kids.

How hot-blooded they are!” Yue Wuwei touched his beard.

Zhang Mu didnt know what to say.

Yue Wuwei is older than him!

“Daddy, the war is cruel,” Mengmeng suddenly said.

“Well… yes, it is.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “This is the Cultivation World.

Its full of crises and unknowns.

Since youve stepped into the Cultivation World, you have to adapt to it.

The war in the Sea Dragon Star Area is relatively moderate as the situation can be controlled.

However, in some Cultivation World, when clans in high-level star areas start a war, they often send out various strange beasts.

When faced with strange beasts, warships will be much weaker.

Moreover, the means of cultivators are endless, and there are powerful figures who can destroy the world.

Some of them came for interests and some of them came for hatred.

No matter what the reason is, there is only one most basic and simplest rule for us.



Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

She just remembered the various ancient allusions in the book.

She didnt expect that her father would also tell these deliberately.

On the contrary, Zhang Hans words made Li Mu a little stunned.

“Senior Zhang, dont that strange beasts only exist on the ground Starry sky beasts seem to be very rare, do they”

Zhang Han smiled without saying anything.

Technical starships, even royal starships, could not dominate the sky.

Strange beasts, spirit treasures, or… ancient strange beasts.

For example, Zhang Han knew that the boat which Yue Wuwei took was a very good spirit treasure.

It was much faster and better at defense than the main ship.

A small boat was his capital to travel through the cosmos.

“Daddy, can the Starry Sky Beast swim in the starry sky Are they very powerful or very big” Mengmengs attention was attracted.

“There are many kinds of starry sky beasts.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “The beasts that can swim in the starry sky can be called the starry sky beasts in the starry sky.

Just like spirit beasts, they are just a general name.

There are thousands of races in the starry sky, and there are also stonemen, snowmen, watermen, woodmen, giants, human beings, beastmen, ghostmen, and so on.

We will see them in the future.”

“Oh How do you know everything” Yue Wuwei raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “You know too much, dont you”

“I have once read it in an ancient book and know a little about it,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Oh my god.” Li Mu was a little shocked.

He didnt expect that the world that Zhang Han mentioned was so wonderful.

It seemed that he knew very few things.

Zhang Han must be from a high-level Star Area.

Li Mu was sure about that in his heart.

As for Nina and Mo Wen, they looked at Zhang Han in admiration.

Lord Nan Shan and Lord Liu looked at him as if they were looking at a monster.

“Zhang Hanyang knows everything.

Hes so awesome,” Lord Nan Shan thought in his mind.

Since Lord Nan Shan knew the meaning of awesome, he also began to take it as a catchphrase.

“They are numerous…” Zi Yan was also in a daze.

She had felt it very large when coming to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

But she had heard from Zhang Han several times that the Sea Dragon Star Area was just a remote place.

It was like a county in Hua nation on Earth.

How big was the cultivation world

It was unimaginable.

They sat in the rest area and chatted for a while.

After that, they went to the practice room to take a deep rest.

Time passed quickly on the way.

When the countdown was about to end, everyone gathered together again.

They were all in high spirits.

Yi Hou narrowed his eyes and said, “Well attack Bluesand, Wood Spirit, and Mubu Star together.

Well launch a fleet war and land war at the same time.

Zhang Han, I suggest that the Thunder King goes to the vicinity of Wood Spirit.

The area of the Wood Spirit is the largest and the number of enemies is the largest.

The scale of the war should be big too.

We can record some good scenes.”

“Okay, as you command.”

Zhang Han had no objection to this.

“In five minutes, well leave the secondary space.

The three planets are not far away from each other.

Well start the battle on the Wood Spirit as soon as possible.

Ill lead the team to the Bluesand.

19th Elder, lead the team to fight on the Mubu Star.”

Time passed quickly.

It seemed that some of the colorful clouds lingering outside, which represented the secondary space, also trembled.

Was this a sign that they were about to leave the secondary space

Or did it mean that a war was about to begin


Suddenly, a cold light flashed.

What was going on

Everyone turned around and saw Li Mu taking out a weapon.

Its shape was similar to the Horse-Cutting Blade.

More exactly, it was similar to the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

However, the body of this blade was longer.

Its hilt was nearly two meters long, and the body of the blade was at least seven or eight meters long.

“What the **!”

Instructor Liu was a little surprised when he saw this weapon.

It looked so domineering!

“Since Im the protagonist, I have to take out my weapon.”

Li Mu smiled and said, “How about this dragon blade Its a fifth-tier spirit treasure.

My father spent a great effort to buy this so that I could also own a fifth-tier spirit treasure.

Since Im the protagonist, Ill definitely go to the frontline.

Please watch my performance later.”

Li Mus expression and his words swept away the tension before the battle in an instant.

He was a little funny.

“Whats the point of showing off a fifth-tier spirit treasure” Mu Xue curled her lips.

The Demon Dancing Sword appeared.

The light of the sword was dim but it reflected the brilliance and aura of the sixth-tier spirit treasure.

Instructor Liu picked up the mace and patted it hard several times, “My mace is going to fight with me again.”

“My Dragon Sword hasnt been used for a long time too.” Zhao Feng silently took out his sixth-tier Dragon Sword.

“The Dragon-tiger spear will shine on the battlefield.” Gai Xingkong took out the Dragon-tiger spear and said lightly, “Our protagonist has to work hard to avoid falling behind us.”

“My wrist is a little uncomfortable.

Eh Why is the diamond bracelet out”

Elder Meng approached Li Mu and looked at the sixth-tier diamond bracelet on his wrist with a cheap face.

Li Mu was speechless.

“I know you have six-tier spirit treasures, but dont strike me when I show off, okay Im the protagonist!”

“The Seven Sages Broadsword.” Zhang Guangyou took out his weapon with a smile.

There was a flash of light.

Each of them had a sixth-tier spirit treasure.

Yi Hou felt his heart collapse.

How could they all have six-tier spirit treasure

The other elders were also stunned.

Mo Wen was also a little confused, but he could bear it.

After all, he knew it beforehand.

Nina, however, was used to it.

There were many treasures on Earth, especially in relics where there were treasures everywhere.

And there were many high-level treasures on Mount New Moon too, including sixth-tier spirit treasures.

Well, they were not too rare for the people on Earth.

“Daddy, why cant I see my own treasures”

Seeing everyone showing their treasures, Mengmeng remembered what had happened last time.

She wanted to take out the treasures to have a look, but she could only sense a few of them.

“Because they are all hidden.

Otherwise, if someone with evil intentions discovers them, they will rob you, little rich girl.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Where are they” Mengmeng looked at her palm and then looked at other places.


Zhang Han snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, dozens of colorful beams of light emerged and rotated around Mengmeng from her hair, even the hair on the back of her hands and ears…

A second later, the colorful light turned back, and the light dissipated.

“Are they all sixth-tier”

Li Mus looked at her without a blink.

He was dumbfounded.

“They are really in huge amount.” Mengmeng touched her ears and cheeks.

“Of course.

Youre my only daughter.” Zi Yan smiled.

The atmosphere became relaxed again as they spoke.

“Leave the secondary space!

“A fleet has been detected up ahead.

“One main vessel, twenty-seven corvettes.


Energy ahead keep increasing.”

When the fleet appeared in the cosmic space, Yi Hou immediately issued orders.

“Assemble the defenses!

“Move forward.”

The energy cabin worked at a high speed and all kinds of defenses were activated.

However, the other side didnt intend to attack at all.

They moved forward here and retreated there.

They just circled around the Wood Spirit.

“What a slippery enemy!”

Yi Hou said and cupped his hands.

“The person in charge here is… Forget it, Ill stay here.

The system, contact Elder Chu.”


“Yi Hou, what happened”

“Elder Chu, take some men to the Bluesand.

Ill stay here.

The rest of them follow the plan,” Yi Hou said.

“Copy that.”

More than a hundred ships were divided into three groups.

Yi Hou served as the general commander, controlling the Thunder King at the rear.

They seemed to take a starry-sky tracking battle.

But there was no achievement.

Yi Hou suddenly issued orders.

“The fleet, retread!

“Demolish aircraft and disrupt aircraft, attack!

“Transport aircraft, land in Wood Spirit.

The target location is 123x654X1445.

“Lets move!”

“Do you have any expressional close-ups” Li Mu asked, carrying the dragon blade on his back.

“Yes, they are recorded here.

You were so cute when you were stunned just now.”


Li Mus face changed, and then he coughed lightly with a serious expression.

“Lets go! Lets kick their asses!”

The staff began to move instantly.

Zhao Feng, Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and Ah Hu all followed Li Mu to take the transport aircraft.

Numerous densely packed transport aircraft plummeted towards the ground of Wood Spirit.

At this time, the enemy fleet took some action.

Energy cannons were converging and the corvettes unleashed a variety of attacks.

“The combat corvette, fully fire toward the ground.

“Send out combat aircraft.

“Demolish aircraft, stop them

“Disrupt aircraft, disperse.

“Activate the main energy cannons.

“Magnetic Cannons activated!”

Yi Hous brow furrowed tightly as he stared ahead, giving one order after another.

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