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“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

In the glint and flash of swords and blades, Zhao Feng began to fight against that young man.

Gradually, he discovered that he was no match for his opponent, and he had been steadily losing ground.

“Brother Feng, Ill help you!”

With a roar, Ah Hu swooped down.

But soon, it occurred to them that the two together still could not defeat the young man.

The man in his early twenties flung thousands of ice cones at them.

Some of the ice cones were mere shadows, but some were real.

Thus, it was almost impossible to guard against this move.

“Im here to help you!”

Elder Meng sneered, quit attacking the enemies in front of him, and quickly flew in their direction.

When he was flying, the enemys camp launched many strikes at him, even including a sinister trick—a curse.

“Drop dead!”

An old man behind him, who was as thin as a matchstick, suddenly released scarlet light from his eyes, which then turned into two beams of light and streaked to Elder Meng at an extremely fast speed.


Elder Meng wielded his broadsword horizontally.

To his shock, his attack didnt stop the light.

“Soul Sense Shield!”

A white shield instantly appeared in front of him.

“Its useless.

How can you block my curse so easily Youre dead!”

The old mans voice was husky.

Even from thousands of meters away, Elder Meng still sensed his cold gaze.

This old mans job was killing Yuan Ying Realm cultivators!


Elder Mengs face paled slightly.

He looked a little perturbed because if he couldnt block the light, he would be hit by the curse.

But just as the attack was about to reach Elder Meng, to everyones surprise, he put on a cold sneer.

“Youre dead!”


The old man flared up at once.

But as he attempted to take action—


A sword blade pierced out of his chest from behind.


“How is this possible

“No one was around me.

“But why…”

The old mans body stiffened.

The energy inside him was quickly devoured and dissipated.

He slowly turned his head.

This simple movement now seemed impossible to make.

He couldnt look back!

Then, he tried to tilt his head a little to see who killed him.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt even get a glimpse of a trace of his opponent.

It was as if what killed him was a shadow hidden in the darkness, impossible to spot.


The old mans aura withered sharply.

His eyes were fixed on Elder Meng.

He died right after he shone for less than three seconds.

“Thanks!” Elder Meng said to someone ahead of him with a smile.


But he received no response.

The other party was moving erratically.

She never attracted others attention.

After that, she turned around to look for her next target.

Leng Yue was indeed this aloof.

Elder Meng didnt say anything either.

He quickly came to Zhao Fengs side, and the three of them began to attack the young man together.

It was not until this time that they managed to draw a tie with the young man.

By himself, the young man was battling against Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng.

This attracted the attention of many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators nearby.

“Xin Changge”

Li Mu frowned.

He knew this tough fighter.

He had also heard that this Xin Changge was a freak who could fight Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage cultivators even though he was merely at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

“D*mn, theyve stolen our thunder,” Li Mu gritted his teeth and mumbled.

He then saw that two aircraft in the air seemed to have directed the cameras in his way.

At once, his face became stern and majestic.

As spiritual force ran wildly through his throat, his sonorous voice swept across most of the battlefield.

“I choose not to bloom when other flowers do!

“But once I decide to shine, all the others will be eclipsed!”


He raised the Dragon Blade in his right hand and swung it backward.

Then, he fiercely wielded it in a circle and hacked the air.

He cast the Highest Clouds Sketch!


Above Li Mus head, dark clouds suddenly assembled and turned into a vortex as he gestured.

The complete Highest Clouds Sketch whooshed forward along with dazzling saber light.

Like a hurricane, it swept away all the enemies ahead, leaving an empty area on the battlefield.

For a moment, Li Mu was in the limelight.

He was like an invincible God of War.

But how was he feeling at the moment

Honestly, he was a little flustered.

“More enemies are coming.

No! I gotta launch some more strikes,” Li Mu thought to himself.

Seeing a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator rapidly fly toward this area, Li Mu immediately decided to attack.

He darted forward and arrived in front of the dense crowd.

He held the saber horizontally at that cultivator.

The Dragon Shadow was activated!

Although he hadnt fully mastered it, this move was still very powerful.

At the same time, he said in a loud and clear voice, “My smile never fades even in the rain of blood!

“Hard-pressed enemies, do you dare to fight me

“Do you dare”

“Do you dare…”

His voice echoed through the nearby battlefield.

This caused many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators to stare at him in a daze.

“Were in the midst of a battle.

What are you rambling on and on Are you a fool”

With Li Muyings Dragon Shadow, he created another clearing on the battlefield.

His power was too formidable!

Many on the opposite side were shaking in their boots.

Their eyes showed fear as they quickly retreated to other places.

In a battle like this, one also needed to fight with strategies.

Only a moron would keep rushing forward regardless of what was going on.

“Hahahaha! Who dares to fight me”

Li Mu saw many people were running away from him.

He looked domineering at this moment.

He felt as if he was invincible!

“Whoa, it turns out that the feeling of being invincible is so good.”

But when he saw three Yuan Ying Realm cultivators whistling through the air at him, Li Mus heart sank a bit.

“How will I not look bad in the movie when I flee

“Got it!”

Li Mu quickly looked at Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, and Mu Xue, who were nearby.

With the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, he said, “Help me, quick! Some enemies in the Yuan Ying Realm have set their eyes on me!”


Mu Xue glanced at him indifferently and ignored his call for help.

But Li Mu thought that they would definitely come over after he asked for their help.

Thus, he stopped worrying and put on a ferocious look.

“In a chaotic world, only I, Li Mu, dare to defy fate!


Li Mu raised his Dragon Blade and rushed over without saying a word.

However, when he was halfway through his charging, he found that the three who he asked for help didnt come.


He felt his blood run cold.

Looking at the rapidly approaching three Yuan Ying Realm cultivators, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to fight.

In less than five seconds—

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…”

Li Mu was forced to retreat.

He yelled, “Oh no! I cant handle this! Come and help me!”

His momentum was completely different from his invincible posture a moment ago.

His heroic image was instantly ruined.

When the cameras captured this scene on the cruel battlefield, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Mengmeng, and Yue Xiaonao all looked stunned.

“Li Mu is only pretending to be brave

“He was very aggressive just now.

But when he saw how powerful the enemies were, he instantly became a coward.”

“Ah! Help me now!”

Li Mu was under great pressure.

He felt this was too much for him.

He shouted loudly for help, but Mu Xue and the others still didnt come.

After all, they also had their own enemies to deal with.


“Hey, you can scare them away just by showing them the momentum you just displayed.

You dont need others help.” Instructor Liu suddenly waved his Mace and threw an enemy in the Yuan Ying Realm backward by hundreds of meters.

Then, in the short break, he turned to Li Mu and said in a sarcastic voice, “Hold on a little longer.

In about seven minutes, I can get rid of my opponent and go help you.”

Li Mus face stiffened.

“Are you kidding me Seven minutes Id be turned into ashes by then.”

“Arent you the protagonist Wont you become a joke if you act like this”

Among the flames of war, Jiang Yanlan was actually wearing a smile.

It was as if she thought that Li Mus miserable look was very funny.

“It doesnt matter.

Anyway, Ive had my moment.

Later, we can just edit this part out,” Li Mu replied matter-of-factly.


Even as the words came out, another vicious attack hit him, sending him flying backward by a hundred meters.

“Youre too chatty!”

The three Yuan Ying Realm enemies sneered.

“Humph, turns out that the Li Mu from Cloud Shadow Sky is just so-so.”

“Kill him!”

“Lets teach the Cloud Shadow Sky a lesson!”

“Whizz, whizz, whizz!”

The three of them rushed over rapidly.

Li Mu really started to panic.

But at this time, his expression was still a little fierce.

“D*mn it, bring it on!”

Instead of retreating, he charged forward.


Surprised, the three cultivators kept scanning their surroundings with their soul sense.

A second later, their faces changed slightly, and they backed away at an incredible speed.

However, it was too late.

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and about six other Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were closing in on them.


The three now knew that they had walked into a trap and had been surrounded by enemies.

They had no choice but to fight their way out.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

They quickly flew backward, but Li Mu stubbornly caught up with them.

He displayed the Highest Clouds Sketch and used all kinds of means to disrupt the three of them.

After launching a few attacks, Li Mu found that he couldnt stop all three of them from fleeing at the same time, but he was confident that he could hold two of them up.

“Cowards, how can you run away Face your death!” Li Mu shouted.

Then, he frenetically made all kinds of moves.

He made it.

He successfully stalled two of them.

When Zhang Mu and others arrived and launched joint attacks, the Yuan Ying Realm cultivator at the forefront realized that things were really bad for him, so he turned around and launched three strikes before flying rapidly away without looking back.


Just like this, the other two Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were killed by the group.

The whole battlefield was still extremely fierce.

Blood splattered everywhere.

In fact, in some places, blood did flow like rivers.

Corpses and severed limbs littered everywhere.

Ones heart would be chilled just by looking at it.

War had always been cruel.

“This is really, really…” Looking at all kinds of scenes on the screen, Zhou Fei took a deep breath, then said, “This war will go into the history of the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

As for Zi Yan, she was watching the battle with a rather calm face.

For some reason, she didnt feel much shocked or anything.

It was as if this kind of war was like childs play or a common occurrence to her.

“Why do I have this weird feeling”

Zi Yan was in a daze.

Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Lisa didnt say anything.

They were all looking at what was happening on the screen.

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei looked even more composed.

War had always been like this.

If one wasnt accustomed to it, then one wouldnt be able to gain a foothold in the Cultivation World.




Lord Nan Shan was at the forefront of the battle, commanding his army of the Dark Shadow Clan.

Lord Liu was dripping with blood.

But the more he fought, the braver he became.

He felt that the barrier preventing him from going from the Elixir Realm to the Yuan Ying Realm was being loosened.

The combat capability of the Dark Shadow Clan was indeed amazing.

Each of them was taking on two or three enemies at the same time.

Their desperate fighting style made the other side tremble in fear and even began to consider retreating.

“What a terrifying group of fighters they are!”

Gradually, Li Mus side had the upper hand.

Like the wind sweeping away fallen leaves, Li Mus army advanced at an extremely fast speed.

“We lost!”

“We lost!”

“We lost!”

The faces of the leaders of the opposite side turned ashen.

They knew very well that they had lost this battle!



Their troops panicked.

When they saw that their enemies were unstoppable, many of them turned tail and fled.

The whole battlefield was in chaos.

The army of the other party was advancing faster and faster.

“What should we do”


“Run to the Bluesand!”

The chief commander of the defeated enemies reluctantly uttered these few words in a heavy-hearted tone.

Then, the order was passed on.

“Head to the spaceships, quick!”

“Whizz, whizz, whizz!”

The troops flew away like a swarm of bees.

But there were also many slow-moving people who couldnt flee fast enough.

They were then captured and killed.

Most of those were the beast-tamers.


“Who can stop me”

Li Mu once again started his performance.

Flying at the front of the army, he was hacking with his long Dragon Blade that was shining with a cold light, reaping many more enemies lives.

Just like what happened to Li Mu and the others when they came here, the enemy also faced a ton of challenges when they escaped.

When their aircraft and transport spaceships took off, the fleet commanded by Yi Hou launched a series of attacks.

The fleets began to fire at each other.

But the other sides fleet was no match for Yi Hous after all.

The enemy had suffered great losses.

Aircraft and spaceships were blown up one after another.

Sparks blossomed in the air like wilted flowers, which signaled death.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Half of the enemys troops had died in the battle on the surface of the Wood Spirit.

During the flee, thirty percent of their troops were lost in the chaotic strikes.

Only twenty percent of them managed to escape in the end.

“Elder Yi Hou, should we continue to go after them They seem to be going to reinforce their other force on the Bluesand,” someone reported.

“No need.

They are just some defeated soldiers.

When they arrive at the Bluesand, the battle there may have already ended,” Yi Hou responded coolly.

Judging from his expression, he seemed to know that victory was already in his grasp from the very beginning.

He had remained calm throughout the battle.

He was indeed a good commander.

“Count the losses and occupy the city.

Lets give the ground force two hours to rest.

Then, well head for our next target,” said Yi Hou.


At this time, the screen on Yi Hous side showed that the army below was roaring victoriously.

“We won!”

“We won a great victory!”

“Were invincible!”

Li Mu raised the Dragon Blade and cast a Highest Clouds Sketch like his father used to do.

The huge clouds kept rotating in the sky.

He wanted to make this scene look more spectacular.

“A great victory!”


The earth-shattering roars spread out.

Twenty percent of their soldiers had died in this battle.

This was indeed a complete victory.

“What a high-intensity battle!”

Gai Xingkong flew to Zhang Guangyou and said with a hearty laugh, “My arms are still numb.

The enemies were really fierce.”

“Yes, such a war would never occur on our planet.

Even the contention in the Kings Domain couldnt be so fierce.

But this is just a small battlefield on one of the planets.

Come to think of it, the battlefield of the entire Sea Dragon Star Area is too big.

The intensity of the war is utterly shocking,” Zhang Guangyou said with some emotion.

He also heaved a long sigh.

After fighting for so long, everyone was somewhat tired.

While battling, they didnt feel the weariness.

But when their tense nerves relaxed, they felt empty both physically and mentally.

“In terms of the number of enemies each of us killed, I came the first place,” Mu Xue said, squinting at Jiang Yanlan and Zhao Feng.

The three, who were Zhang Hans three disciples, were also competing with one another.

“I killed five Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage cultivators and more than a thousand Elixir Realm cultivators.”

“Bravo.” Zhao Feng chuckled.

“I only killed three Yuan Ying Realm enemies, and I dont remember how many Elixir Realm enemies I killed.”

“Haha, excuse me, I also killed five Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.” Jiang Yanlan chuckled smugly.

“Theres no need for you to compete for superiority.”

Deep Flame sighed softly and said, “I was fighting in the highest place, so I noticed something.

From what I saw, Leng Yue had killed 13 Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage cultivators.

But she must have killed more when I was not looking.

The ghost on the battlefield is the one who made the greatest battle achievements.”


Mu Xue glanced at Leng Yue, who was not far away, and said, “Impressive.

I didnt expect you to be so capable.”

“I only attacked those at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

I fought none of the Elixir Realm cultivators.” Leng Yue shook her head slightly.

She was neither modest nor arrogant.

She was just calmly telling the truth.

This was how she was.

She didnt like to show off or stand in the limelight.

Thus, she had always been low-key.

“Youre already very awesome.”

Instructor Liu took a deep breath and said, “In the battle we just had, the Yuan Ying Realm cultivators posed a great threat to many cultivators in the Elixir Realm.

But you killed so many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.

That means youve saved many people on our side.

Thats really something.”

Instructor Liu never joked about war.

Usually, he never complimented anyone but himself.

But at this time, he gave a thumbs-up to many of his fellows.

“Its all thanks to the amazing cultivation method and secret skills Boss taught me,” Leng Yue said calmly.

Her face remained expressionless.


“I feel so great!”

Suddenly, they heard Li Mus voice.

“Men are hot-blooded.

I am indeed cut out for battling!

“I, General Li Mu, is the only one fearless in war!”

Seeing this, Instructor Liu couldnt help but mock, “Can you stop bragging We all saw you flee in a panic when the enemies were chasing you.”

“What did you say Who had been chased I was just luring the enemies into the trap!” Li Mu jumped up in anger and refuted.

“What did you bring that up You dont respect me, the protagonist Humph, Ill complain about you when I go back!”


An aircraft flew toward them and brought them a message.

“You have two hours to rest before moving to the next destination.

The follow-up team will stay and take over this city.”

The follow-up team quickly headed for various large cities.

The cities were basically empty.

Only some of the old, the weak, and the people with low-level cultivation were there.

Very few forces would attack these people.

Instructor Liu suddenly glanced at Li Mu and asked, “If we leave so soon, arent you afraid that those people on the opposite side will come back and seize the cities again”

“No, Im not,” Li Mu said.

“The cities here have their own defense, which can hold on for some time.

Besides, we will also leave some people and spaceships here.

Our forces on the two planets on the left and right sides will also keep an eye on this planet.

Only a small number of enemies have escaped.

They alone cant make more trouble for us.”

“What if the other side sends an army here” Instructor Liu inquired.

“Then there will be nothing we can do.

We crushed the other party in this battle because our main force was here.

But if the Tiger Talisman Royal Family also sent their main force over, they could temporarily snatch this place from us.

But the chance of that happening is very low.

After all, this place is merely part of the Second Battlefield, and its very close to the headquarters of the Silver-winged Hall.

They wont want to fight for this place unless theyre out of their minds,” Li Mu explained.

“The Silver-winged Hall doesnt want to get involved in such a large-scale war.

But it doesnt matter.

Well fight the battle on our own.

The Wood Spirit produces some spirit treasure every year.

If were in luck, we can find fourth-tier spirit treasures in the desert.”


Instructor Liu really wanted to say, “Fourth-tier spirit treasures are not worth much in our place.”

But he stopped himself on second thought.

After all, Li Mu was the protagonist.

He had to show him some respect.

Many were injured during the battle.

These people immediately entered the transport spaceships and went back to the Cloud Shadow Sky to recuperate.

Two hours later, the rest of the legions gathered together.

More than a hundred spaceships accelerated in the void and jumped into the secondary space.

“Our next destination is Wolfden.

Its a large planet controlled by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

The battle will also be fierce.

Everyone, be prepared,” Yi Hou said to the communication device.

His voice spread through every spaceship in the fleet.

Everyone was once again seized by a tense atmosphere.

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