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“Where did you get this treasure” Yan Chen inquired.

This kind of thing was rare, not to mention that it was also a fourth-tier spirit treasure.

“It belonged to… Grand Master Fang in Xiangjiang at first.

I traded it with three sixth-tier gems,” Ye Longyuan said.

“You are really…” Yan Chen was speechless for a while.

“Im going up to check the direction.

Wait here for a moment.”

Ye Longyuan began to dig upward.

But before reaching the surface of the earth, he felt monstrous and dense energy waves coming from above.

“What the **!”

Ye Longyuan was shocked when he poked his head out of the tunnel.

He was on a hillside.

But to his horror, this place was the center of the war zone.

As soon as he showed up, he saw flames shot out by thousands of machines engulfing the area.


Without another word, Ye Longyuan tucked his chin and dashed back to the tunnel.

“I got the right direction.

Its 30 degrees to the left.

Keep digging and well get there.”

Ye Longyuan went into action again.

The tunnel extended forward rapidly.

“Wait! I heard something!”

Yan Chens expression altered.

He hurriedly told Ye Longyuan to stop digging.

Deep underground, something was vibrating.

The sound grew louder and louder as if it was right next to their ears.

“What is it”

Su Beimu frowned.

His soul sense couldnt feel a thing, but the frequency of vibration became higher and higher.

“Could it be the underground defense”

As soon as Yan Chen stated his guess—

“No, no, look over there.”

Ye Longyuan widened his eyes and pointed at somewhere behind them.

“Swish, swish!”

The other two turned around at the same time and saw a piece of steel whoosh through the five-meter-wide pit behind them.

It was so large that it flew for 10 seconds to get past.

“Lets go and have a look.”

The three quickly ran forward.

However, what they saw struck them dumb.

A huge pit with a diameter of hundreds of meters appeared in front of them.

The thing that just passed by them was something like a bulldozer or perhaps a digging machine.

Behind the machine stood many gigantic steel mecha.

They could make an army!

“They want to sneak to the back from underground”

“There are so… so many of them.

They will definitely deal a heavy blow to the troops.”

“Its so scary.

Junior Martial Brother Ye, youre not the only one who knows how to dig holes.

Look at them.

Theyre much more efficient,” Yan Chen teased, his facial muscles twitching slightly.

However, Ye Longyuan was not upset at all.

“Hehe, digging holes with machines is not the style of a real master.”

“Wait, if we cross the large crater theyre digging, can we enter the enemys city” Su Beimu suddenly asked.

“I dont think so.

If these mechanical behemoths fail and the enemy goes into the city along this huge tunnel, it will cause larger turmoil.

Besides, the enemy in the city is definitely on guard against this,” Yan Chen said.

“Even so, we can get very close to the city if we head in this direction.

How about we fly to the city across the big crater theyre digging” Ye Longyuan said, “Anyway, we have the War Gods Cloak.”

“We can give it a try.” Yan Chen nodded.

“We came here from the Cloudy Shadow Sky.

Should we tell the superiors about our discovery” Su Beimu hesitated for a moment and added, “Zhang Hanyang and the others are also allies of the Cloudy Shadow Sky.

If we lose the battle and get injured, we may not be able to go back to Earth.

Even if we can go back, we probably wont get the chance to come here again.”

“Thats true.

Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Mu, Chen Changqing… Never mind, Ill go inform them.”

Yan Chen made a prompt decision.

Following the upward tunnel that Ye Longyuan had just dug, he quickly soared to the surface of the ground.

But just as he reached the end of the tunnel, the exit had already been blocked by huge rocks.

But this was not a problem for Yan Chen.

After blasting an opening in the pile of rocks, Yan Chen performed a secret soul method to inform the Cloudy Shadow Sky of their discovery.

“Is the news true”

“Whatsoever, lets notify our superiors first.”

Several Yuan Ying Realm cultivators were slightly stunned.

In the face of intense attacks, they managed to pass the information on to their superiors.

Yan Chen did not pay attention to any of this.

On the battlefield, the three of them could not change the outcome of the battle at all.

“Lets go.”

The three of them dived under the cloak and stealthily flew above the crater at a very slow speed.

Their hearts were in their mouths.

It was because they were afraid that the machines below would notice them.

Two minutes later.


At the front of the tunnel, the digging machines suddenly burst into flames.

The battle commenced!

Ye Longyuan and the other two immediately knew that the superiors had received their information and taken action.

Without any psychological burden, they went straight ahead.

Soon, they saw some cultivators on the opposing side.

A squad was flying past at a high speed.

Ye Longyuan and the other two were so scared that they held their breath and leaned against the wall motionlessly.

“We seem to be very close.”

“Dig our way out and have a look.”

The three decided to go to the surface of the earth and take a look.

But just as Ye Longyuan was about to dig—


A figure zoomed over.

The three of them broke out in a cold sweat.

Judging from the aura, this cultivator was at least at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

Maybe he was even at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

If he discovered the three, they would be doomed.

They pressed themselves against the wall motionlessly.

At this moment, they even stopped breathing.

Even so, when the Yuan Ying Realm cultivator passed by, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at where the three were with sharp eyes.


“Were over!”

Ye Longyuan, Yan Chen, and Su Beimus faces paled drastically.

Then, a ferocious look flashed across their eyes.

The three were tough fighters.

They would not sit there and wait for their doom.

Just as they were preparing for the worst to come, that cultivators eyebrows relaxed, then he continued to fly forward.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

A rat popped its head out from three meters above Ye Longyuan, looked left and right, and ran away.


The three let out a long breath.

Only then did they realize how violent their heartbeats were.

“That was a close call!”

“Hurry up.”

“Its over if we get caught.”

Ye Longyuan began to dig with caution.

It was not until they were dozens of meters away from the crater that he picked up his pace as the tunnel stretched upward.


All of a sudden, his shovel reached a cornerstone.

“Is there a building above”

“Lets dig along the edge.”

Therefore, Ye Longyuan dug horizontally and finally found the way to the surface from beside the cornerstone.

“We can get out!”

“Were in the city.”

“Whose backyard is this place”

They looked around and found that they were on the outskirts of the city, where seemed to be a small town.

They were in the back garden of a manor, where there were rockeries, running water, and a small pool.

Upon a closer look, they saw a woman bathing in it.

She had beautiful long hair.

She was standing in the pool with her back to Ye Longyuan.

“Holy cow! Dont push me.

Someone is taking a bath,” Ye Longyuan told the other two with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“What You havent been seen by anyone, have you” Yan Chen, who was still in the tunnel, was startled.

“No, were behind her.

I see the right direction.

Lets keep digging.”

At a time like this, Ye Longyuan was not interested in the woman bathing in the pool at all.

He pulled back his head and went down to the tunnel with the other two.

As they went back, Yan Chen and Su Beimu heard Ye Longyuan mutter, “Her skin is so smooth! Her butts are really perky!”

“Damn it, how could this guy be in the mood to appreciate a womans figure at this time”

The two of them felt rather speechless.

They continued to dig in the direction of the huge castle.

They proceeded with caution and crossed over various cornerstones.

After proceeding for more than 10 minutes—


Yan Chens countenance changed.

“Dont you think its weird”

“What is weird” Ye Longyuan asked.

“In a battle of this scale, how can there be a woman taking a bath with ease Isnt she afraid that the war zone will expand to her house” Yan Chen said slowly.

The more he thought about it, the more terrified he felt.

In an instant, Su Beimu and Ye Longyuan also felt their scalps go numb.

“Could she be a powerful cultivator” Su Beimu looked back, fearing that someone would come after them.

“Probably not.

I dont think she noticed me.” Ye Longyuan scratched his head and said, “Forget it.

I dont care.

We have nothing to lose anyway.

That round building is right ahead of us.

Even if there is some problem, we have to bite the bullet and soldier on.”

“Okay, lets continue to dig,” Yan Chen hesitated for two seconds and said with resignation.

As matters stood, hesitating indeed wouldnt help.

At the same time, in the place where Ye Longyuans head just popped out…

In the clear pool, a woman with fair skin and beautiful long hair suddenly stepped out of the water.

She was like a lotus flower just appearing above the water, but no one was there to appreciate this scene.

Her face was exquisite.

Her eyes were cool and detached.

Her aura seemed to show that she didnt care about anything in the world, or rather, she had the demeanor of an ice queen.

She casually beckoned.

A long dress flew over and wrapped her body in.

She then lay lazily on the lounge chair, picked up a cup of wine on the table next to the chair, and took a sip.

“Three mice just ran past me.

“How did they get here

“I would kill him if he took one more look at my body.

But if he didnt.

Is it that the view of my back isnt attractive enough”

This woman began to ponder.


She took a sip of wine and tilted her head.

The direction she was looking at happened to be the place where Ye Longyuan was digging.

Her pupils flickered with a faint red brilliance.

As if she could see through the many buildings in between, she was staring at the three of them.

“Judging from their outfit and way of speaking, they dont seem to be locals in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Where are they going Oh, are you going to steal something”

There was a flash of interest in the womans calm eyes.

She felt that it was a bit strange that they were trying to steal things in the back area while such a big battle was taking place in the front.

Her eyes had been shifting.

Finally, her eyes locked onto the tallest circular building.

“They really dug their way there

“Eh The ring on his finger is actually…”

A look of wonder was revealed in her eyes.


She instantly dissolved into thousands of petals, which slowly drifted downward but dissipated before falling on the ground.

It was as if she was never there.

In the Central Building.

“Are we there yet”


“But were very close.”

“This place is just too stifling.

Hope our plan will work after we get there.”

“I saw those injured people heading this way just now.

We should get there soon.”

“Someones coming!”

“And hes gone.”

“Others really cant spot us.

Ye Longyuan, youve stumbled on a really good treasure.”

“Haha, thats a given.”

“We seem to have arrived.”

“Yes, we have.”

As the three talked with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, they finally came to the treasure vault of the building.

Ye Longyuan was indeed a professional.

He fetched out a long needle and inserted it into the wall.

This way, they could feel the aura on the other side of the wall.

They finally sensed the spirit treasures.

“Lets go in!”

It was Su Beimus turn to shine now.

He took out a gem and controlled it with his soul sense.


Wisps of flames appeared, burning a hole in the wall.

“This is the treasure vault”

They were a little stunned when they saw what was inside.

“There are only a few treasures!”

“What the heck are these They dont even have many fourth-tier spirit treasures.”

“We came here for nothing! Theyre so poor.”

“But weve found some resources anyway.

Just grab them, quick!”

There were several long cabinets in the room, each of which was filled with spiritual herbs.

Most of them were at the third tier, and a few were at the fourth tier.

They did not see any at the second tier or the first tier.

Obviously, they were still in luck, for they came to a relatively high-level treasure vault.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The three quickly put these treasures into the Space Ring.

They gradually headed to the depths of the room.

“What are you doing”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from the side.

“What the hell”


“Holy **…”

They saw that a two-meter-high tree in front of a cabinet suddenly spoke in human language.

Looking carefully, they found that the outline of the tree gradually changed and it turned into an old man.

“Is, is someone cultivating here

“He can disguise himself as a tree What kind of secret method is this Weve been fooled!”

Yan Chen reacted very fast.

When the other party began to transform, he swiftly disguise the exit of the tunnel behind them as part of the wall, so that it would seem just normal to others.

He had gambled on the fact that the old mans perception of the outside world was blurred when he was cultivating.


Yan Chen coughed slightly.

The other two immediately took the cue.

“We are here to fetch some spirit treasures for Lord Alumi,” Ye Longyuan immediately replied, “We are from the Expanse Star, working for Prince Man of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”

Ye Longyuan began to cook up a wild excuse.

He knew that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family was an enormous family with countless princes and princesses.

Who could remember all of their names

Plus, there were so many planets in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

One couldnt possibly know all of them, right

After that, the three of them stared fixedly at the old man.

Seeing the thoughtful look on the old mans face, they knew their strategy worked.

The three of them felt this was an opportunity.

“Can we kill him”

Su Beimu and Yan Chen exchanged a look.

They thought about it for less than a second.

Yan Chen shook his head very subtly, indicating that they should not attack.

He couldnt understand a bit of the secret skill the old man was cultivating a moment ago.

Therefore, so his strength should be in the Yuan Ying Realm.

As for whether he was at the Early-Stage, the Middle-Stage, or the Last-Stage, they didnt want to test that, nor did they dare to.

“Whats Prince Mans full name” asked the old man in confusion.


Yan Chen and Su Beimu did not say a word.

If the three of them gave different answers, their lie would be exposed.

Thus, they thought they should let Ye Longyuan continue to fool the old man.

“Its Prince Hu Leman.”

Ye Longyuan felt that he was about to be soaked in perspiration.

He saw an instrument appear in the old mans hand, who seemed to be searching for answers with it.

“Were finished!”

“Excuse me, Hu Leman is a princess,” the old man replied indifferently.

Ye Longyuan was stupefied.

“There is really someone named Hu Leman

“Or is he trying to double-cross me

“Is there such a person or not


“Looks like were screwed!”

“Your Excellency, the battle ahead is really fierce.

I wonder if we can…”

“Who is Alumi” the old man asked again.

“Alumi is our team leader.”


“Then could we…”

The old man seemed to have no interest in fooling around with them.

He said flatly, “You can put down the treasures and pick a decent way for yourselves to die.”

“Sure enough, he is not easy to fool.

“Why is there a weirdo guarding this shabby treasure vault

“We have no choice but to fight!”


Ye Longyuan suddenly showed a wildly arrogant look on his face.

“Since you refuse to listen to my words, dont blame me for what happens next.”

As he spoke, the shape of the ring on Ye Longyuans right hand suddenly changed.

At first, it appeared to be a gold ring.

But next, it turned to a small wolf head.

The eyes of the wolf head were emitting red light.

“I didnt intend to kill anyone, but you came at the wrong time.”

Ye Longyuans eyes were composed.

It was as if he were really going to fight.

However, his left hand kept gesturing to the two people behind him.

He was motioning for them to launch their most powerful attacks and flee immediately.

Just when the ring on Ye Longyuans finger was showing its special power—


The air in the entire vault seemed to have become cold and frozen.

The atmosphere instantly grew oppressive, as though a mighty figure had sealed this space.


The old man suddenly let out a soft cry of surprise.

Ye Longyuan and the other two thought this old man was about to take action.

Thus, they also prepared to attack.

“Spiritual Seal.”

The old man flicked his sleeve.

Ye Longyuan, Su Beimu, and Yan Chen were lost for words.

They were all stunned.

“Which level is he at

“Hes made us motionless with just a secret skill!

“He should at least be at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, right

“D*mn, why did they send a Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage master to guard these craps.

“This is simply unreasonable!

“Have you considered the feelings of we thieves at all”

They were truly dumbstruck.

Their blood gradually ran cold.

They saw the old man stand up, a faint black mist circling around him.

It seemed that he was about to launch a strike.

“I came here just to prevent some weasels from disturbing the treasure vault.

Never thought that there were really weasels here, hahaha.”

The old man walked up to Ye Longyuan and raised his right hand.

His index finger, which seemed to signal death, slowly reached for Ye Longyuans forehead.

“What should I do”

Ye Longyuan was sweating profusely.

He never thought he would end up like this.

Just when he was at a loss—

“Hold on!”

A womans voice suddenly sounded from the door ahead.


The old man stopped moving in an instant and quickly withdrew his palm with a serious look on his face.

He then turned around and cupped his hands before his chest, saying, “Your Excellency.”

Under the threes gazes, a woman in red slowly walked over.

She had an imposing vibe.

The entire treasury was quiet as if she didnt make a single sound.

“Come with me.”

On her way over there, the woman cast a nonchalant glance at the three of them.

At once, the force restraining them dissipated.

“Your Excellency, they took quite a lot…”

“Hmm” The woman questioned in a nasal voice.

The old mans face paled, as though he had been attacked by something.

He quickly bowed and retreated a meter, not even daring to raise his head.


Ye Longyuan and the other two felt like crying but had no tears.

They couldnt even deal with this old man.

But now, someone even more powerful had come!

Were they really going to die today

“Your Excellency.”

As the woman approached them, Ye Longyuan force a smile, which was uglier than a crying face.


“Her long hair looks familiar.”

After doing some thinking, something dawned on him.

“Isnt she the woman bathing in the pool I even saw her naked back, didnt I

“Im dead for sure.”

Ye Longyuan was truly on the verge of bursting into tears.

Su Beimu and Yan Chen were bemused when they saw his reaction.

“What does Ye Longyuans expression mean This is really beyond me.”

The three then followed the woman out of the room.

After that, the woman led them to a long corridor to the right.

There were not many people in the corridor.

After walking for 10 minutes, they only met two people.

Without exception, when the two saw the woman, they immediately stood where they were and bowed.

It was not until the woman went far away that they dared to straighten up and leave.

“What a high status she has!

“Who on earth is she”

The three all reckoned that this womans status and identity were definitely astonishing.

The woman did not say a word during the 10 minutes.

She lowered his head slightly as if deep in thought.

She didnt even pay attention to the greetings of the people passing by.

Finally, they walked out of the corridor.

Then, they arrived at a small round terrace.

Not far away from ahead was a large mountain.

It was surrounded by dark clouds and thick mists, partly hidden and partly visible.

The scenery was pleasant to the eye.

Though the battle was raging on, this woman appeared very relaxed.

“Does she really not care about the result of the battle going on here”

The three stood behind her without saying a word.

For some reason, they didnt dare to pose any questions.

Just like that, they stood there for a good half an hour.

The womans eyes were fixed on the scenery in front of her.

She seemed kind of lost.

It was obvious that she had sunk herself in her memories.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and asked, “Where are you from”

“Were from…”

“Tell me the truth,” the woman said coolly.

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