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Chapter 1140 Fortune

Ye Longyuan did not know what to say for a moment.

“Each time you tell a lie, Ill kill one person.

You have three opportunities.” The woman added calmly as if killing people was nothing to her.

Ye Longyuan knew clearly that all of them were just nobody in front of her.

“Were from Earth.” Yan Chen was decisive and chose to tell the truth.

“I didnt ask you.”

The womans words made Yan Chen awkward as if he had eaten **.

“Were from Earth,” Su Beimu said immediately.

“I did not ask you either.”

Su Beimu was speechless.

What was wrong with her

Did she like Ye Longyuan, who was so arrogant

Ye Longyuan had to say, “We are really from Earth.

I promise you.”

“I know.”

However, the womans words almost made him choke on his saliva.

Damn it, why did she ask when she had already known the answer

Ye Longyuan cursed in his heart.

Looking at Su Beimu and Yan Chen, both of them didnt want to say anything at all.

Ye Longyuan changed the topic and said, “Well, senior, do you also come from Earth”

“Where did you get this ring” The woman didnt answer and continued asking.

“Its a family heirloom,” Ye Longyuan said.

Yan Chens face changed greatly.

Damn it, each of his words cost a life.

What family heirloom did he have


Ye Longyuan quickly added, “There are sacrificial lands in the place we come from, which are the places where the ancestors were buried after their deaths.

Generally speaking, when they are buried, some treasures, such as gold, silver, and jewelry, will be placed there.

In my hometown, I entered the Great Tomb by chance and got this ring.”

How could he describe robbing a tomb with so many pretty words?

The woman fell silent.

“This ring chose you,” The woman said inexplicably.

She then muttered in an extremely light voice, “Master.”

Hearing the word Master, Ye Longyuan became nervous.

Was this ring related to the womans master


Did his master also come from Earth

Was he an old senior

He ran into a relative.

“Senior, have you heard of Earth Maybe were friends,” Ye Longyuan smiled and said.

He had always been bold.

He said without caring whether it was true or not.

It seemed useless to remain silent.

At least Yan Chen and Su Beimu would not say anything.

Once they did, they would be despised and be killed.

There was nothing they could do.

When hearing Ye Longyuans words, the woman came to her senses slightly.

Her beautiful eyes blinked a few times and asked, “Where is Earth”

“I dont know,” Ye Longyuan replied honestly, “Anyway, there are no specific locations in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Only Senior Yue can take people in and out.

Do you know who Senior Yue is His name is Yue Wuwei, and he is very powerful.

Now he stays with Zhang Hanyang who you must know.

This war began because he killed the members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

I owe Zhang Hanyang millions of crystal stones.”

Yan Chen touched his forehead.

How could he tell everything

Su Beimus eyelids twitched.

He was so talkative.

Maybe this woman would be angry about that.

However, the woman seemed to be interested in hearing Ye Longyuans words.

She unexpectedly turned around and glared at him.

“Can I go to Earth” the woman asked.

“Im unable to agree to this.

You have to ask Senior Yue.

Hes the only one who can decide.”

“Is Senior Yue that the old man I cant beat him.” The woman pondered for a while and shook her head slightly.

“Well, if you dont mind, I can discuss it with him.

I owe Zhang Hanyang a few million crystal stones.” Ye Longyuan was relieved when he saw the woman chatting with him.

At the same time, he was secretly shocked.

Even this woman could not defeat Yue Wuwei.

How powerful was Yue Wuwei

“Well have the opportunity in the future,” The woman said.

“Okay, okay, beautiful senior, you wont kill us, will you” Ye Longyuan asked cautiously.

The woman seemed to be fond of the way Ye Longyuan spoke.

A smile unexpectedly appeared on her face, “I will not kill you.”

“Are you serious”


“Are you just kidding Will you give us hope and then kill us” Ye Longyuan became more careful.


Yan Chen and Su Beimu were so nervous.

“Ye Longyuan, can you stop wasting time What if you annoy her”

“Then Im relieved.” Ye Longyuan touched his forehead, wiped his sweat, and said, “Im so nervous.

Beautiful senior, is this your masters ring How about I give it back to you and you can give it to him after you see him”

“Theres no need to do that.” The woman shook her head slightly.

“Do you mean that ordinary people cant wear the ring because it chose me” Ye Longyuan asked again.

He wanted to know more about the women.

Since she started speaking, he could insinuate to her.


The womans attitude seemed to be unclear as if she wanted to hear something, but she was not willing to say anything by her own mouth.

She was fierce but speechless.

“Normal people cant wear it, but it chose me.

So, do I also have a master” Ye Longyuan asked in a daze.

“Do you know the ability of this ring” The woman asked.

“I dont know yet.

Both my War Gods Cloak and the gem used to make the War Gods shovel are in this ring,” Ye Longyuan said.


The woman was a little shocked.

War Gods Cloak War Gods shovel

Her lips moved, and there was a true smile on her face.

“So Im your Junior Martial Brother” Ye Longyuan was a little surprised.


Just when Ye Longyuan was a little disappointed, the woman added, “At least we should see the master and get his consent.”

“So am I a registered disciple now”

“Just a little bit,” the woman answered after thinking for a while.

“Yes! Then I have to call you Older Martial Sister in advance.

With my talent, there will definitely be no problem.” Ye Longyuan laughed.

He was going to be proud again.

However, the woman liked that.

On the contrary, she didnt even look at Su Beimu and Yan Chen, who were silent, steady, and calm, let alone smile.

“Ye Longyuan, you are our lucky star!”

Both of them were secretly delighted.

This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

“Im going to read,” the woman said.

“Older Martial Sister, Im timid.

Dont leave us here,” Ye Longyuan shouted.

The woman was silent for a moment and then waved her right hand.

A burst of petals flew, covering the surrounding environment, which was very illusory.

Were they moving

It felt like a second or a minute.

When the petal fell, the scenery in their sight had changed.

They were now in a house.

Looking to the right, they found that this house was just next to the house which had just been dug by them


They had actually dug up a mighty figures home

How lucky they were!

“You can stay here.” After saying that, the woman turned to leave.

Ye Longyuan said in a hurry, “Older Martial Sister, I dont know your name yet.”

“Chu Qingyi.”

“If we want to go out here, can we just mention your name” Ye Longyuan asked boldly.

“They only know that I am Lord Chu.”

The woman stopped walking.

After thinking for a while, she threw a token to Ye Longyuan.

After pondering for a while again, she threw out a stream of light, which turned out to be a medicinal pellet with an amazing aura.

Then she suddenly disappeared and her voice came after that, “Dont go out until you break through to the Yuan Ying stage.”

“All right.

Thank you, Older Martial Sister!” Ye Longyuan was overjoyed.

He took the pill and felt it.

This aura was absolutely high grade.

Was it fifth-tier top grade or sixth-tier

He could not sense it through the crystal bottle.

At least Ye Longyuan knew that this medicinal pellet could help him break through to the Yuan Ying Stage.

Ye Longyuan looked at Yan Chen and Su Beimu and laughed.

“Sorry, I will break through first.

When I reach the Yuan Ying Stage, who else in the world can stop me except for Zhang Hanyang”

Yan Chen and Su Beimu were speechless for a while.

But… they could not help to be envious.

“Well, Im going to cultivate in seclusion.

You can do whatever you want,” Ye Longyuan said.

“Well, lets go into seclusion too and try to break through to the Yuan Ying stage,” Yan Chen said in a muffled voice.

“Do you need some resources I took a lot just now.” Ye Longyuan suddenly asked.

“Youre too polite.”

Su Beimu suddenly smiled and said, “We really dont have enough cultivation resources.”

“Its not that simple.” Yan Chen curled his lips.

He looked at Su Beimu as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Do you think Ye Longyuan can give it to us for free”

“This third-level spiritual herb can be priced at 200 crystal stones, and this fourth-level spiritual herb is 2,000…”

Ye Longyuan took out a variety of treasures.

“40,000 crystals in total.

Would you buy it or not”

“This little treasure can be returned to you after we go back to Earth and earn some resources.

Is that suitable for you to ask for so much” The corners of Su Beimus mouth trembled.

“What do you mean by asking for so much I only want the crystal stones.

I still owe Zhang Hanyang millions of crystal stones.

It doesnt matter whether you buy them or not,” Ye Longyuan said loudly.

“Youll be able to sell those resources for a hundred fifty thousand crystal stones in the Sea Dragon Area.”

Chu Qingyis voice came from the courtyard next door.

Yan Chen was speechless.

So did Su Beimu.

Both of them were a little confused.

Did they meet an even more greedy seller

However, they didnt know that Chu Qingyi was telling the truth.

They felt that it was a compulsive trade, and they didnt dare refuse.

“Ill buy it.

Ill buy it.

I want these.

I owe you… a hundred thousand crystal stones.” Su Beimus heart ached.

“Ill buy the rest.

I also owe you a hundred thousand crystal stones,” Yan Chen said helplessly.

He regretted it a little.

He might as well buy them directly just now.

40,000 crystal stones now became 150,000, and then it became 200,000.

He was really speechless.


Ye Longyuan didnt care about whether he had tricked them or not.

At this time, he was overjoyed.

“Both of you, write the IOU.

I dont have Zhang Hanyangs ability, so I have to do that to avoid your repudiating the debt.”

“Is it really necessary”

Su Beimu glared at him angrily, took out a piece of cloth, and wrote down the IOU.

After finishing that, they returned to their room and began to cultivate, striving to break through to the Yuan Ying stage!

This could also be considered a kind of good fortune for them.

They all knew that without the strength of Yuan Ying, it was impossible to have a place of their own on a battlefield of this level.

It was better to be easy as the matters had already come, and there was nothing they could do but to be easy.

The three of them began to cultivate here.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield outside, the war was still extremely fierce and intense.

Round after round of wars and wave after wave of personnel were switched.

It was like an endless battle.

In the battle in the air, there was a shadow that was very inconspicuous but fast.

It was especially targeting Elixir Realm birds and beasts.

It was Shi Fenghou.

In the Innateness realm, the meat of the spirit beasts was full of energy.

In the Elixir Realm, some of them had Inner Elixirs, which were also energy bodies and could be regarded as high-level crystals.

But they could only be absorbed by cultivators when their energy was fit, so the absorption speed was slow.

Shi Fenghou was not far from the Yuan Ying realm.

In addition, he had absorbed the blood of a special bird.

Now that he had absorbed 80% of that blood, he found that he could assimilate a few kinds of birds and spirit beasts Inner Elixirs.

In this war, his target was making a breakthrough.

He was specialized in hunting, but the situation was also extremely dangerous.

Even those at the peak-stage of the Elixir realm might perish.

After fighting for two hours, he killed more than 20 bird-type spirit beasts and was attacked by a Yuan Ying.

He was seriously injured, but he didnt give the enemy a second chance to attack.

He turned into a stream of light and flew backward at an extremely fast speed.

There were only a few people could possess treasures which were refined by Zhang Han himself.

As they did not possess any defensive treasures, the terribleness of the battle was finally revealed.

It was easy to die at any time.

Shi Fenghou was not as lucky as Ye Longyuan.

As for Ye Longyuan and the others, they felt that Chu Qingyi did not seem to come from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Then what was her identity

They were very curious, but it was not the time to ask.

The Second Battlefield.

A series of airships appeared in the universe near an enormous planet.

It was the troop of Yi Hou heading to a resource star of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

There were more than a hundred airships, and what they were facing were also hundreds of airships that were ready to go.

As soon as they jumped out of the secondary space, they were faced with the first round of attacks of the enemy.

Two corvettes were destroyed.

“All-round defense.

“Prepare your offensive weapons.

“Prepare the main vessels energy cannons.

“Self-destruct aircraft have been deployed.

“Disruptive aircraft…”

The Yi Hou issued a string of orders to defense and offense.

The battle of fleets in the universe began.

The fleet of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family obviously had some methods.

In the attack and defense coming and going.

Both sides lost some corvettes.

As for the people on the corvette, just a few of them perished.

They all boarded various aircraft and were waiting in the rear for the coming of the great war on the earth.

“It is too intense.”

On Zhang Hans side, many people present were in a daze when they watched various pictures captured by the aircraft.

This was much more intense than the fleet battle just now.

“Daddy, our spaceship wont be blown up, will it” Mengmengs little face shrank.

It was the first time that she had experienced such an intense scene.

She leaned between Zhang Han and Zi Yan and asked in a low voice.

“No,” Zhang Han said with a smile, “As you see, in the past few fleet battles, only corvettes were destroyed.

The defense of the main ship is not easy to break, and they can retreat when it is in danger.

Whats more, we are in the Thunder King, which is the best in the Sea Dragon Area.”

“Thats right.” Yi Hou said, “The main vessel was safe enough.

Unless there is a problem caused by the lack of maintenance or an attack of extremely strong power.”

Dahei stuck its head out and stretched out its two small arms to Zhang Han when it saw this scene.

It was asking for a hug.

Zhang Han curled his lips and ignored it.

Mengmeng didnt see it.

If she saw, she would hold Dahei in her arms.

The others who were originally very nervous relaxed a lot after hearing the words of Zhang Han and Yi Hou.

“If the fleet battle doesnt stop, we wont be able to go down to the surface, will we” instructor Liu asked.

“Thats why we need to wait for the alliance to come and suppress the enemys ships so that we can start a battle on the surface.

When they see that they cant stop us, they will retreat and leave a way out.” Yi Hou said, “If we do a good job in this battle, then it will be a great victory for the second battlefield.”

“Look over there.”

Jiang Yanlan suddenly pointed in the direction of the planet.

There were densely packed aircraft in that position and many people gathered there.

“They are preparing for a ground battle.” Li Mus expression was a little serious.

“Tiger Talisman Royal Family has many machinists, and they also have mechanic martial artists.

If one person can lead such a mechanical troop, they will be very difficult to deal with in the battle.

Their firepower is too strong.

Everyone, be careful in the ground battle later.

It will be very difficult.”

“In terms of machinery alone, we are weak.” Yi Hou sighed softly.

“But we are also prepared.

We also have the mecha team.

Later, they will pave the way in the front.

As long as the attack distance is enough, the real war of attrition will begin.”

Everyone could feel the difficulty of the battle from Yi Hous tone.

Everyone was mentally prepared.

But he didnt expect that the difficulty level of the war was more terrible than he imagined.

There were two fleets of battleships that arrived from the left and right sides.

The total number of them was about one hundred and fifty.

They moved forward, and as expected, the enemy ships started retreating.

When they came to a certain position, all kinds of combat aircraft and transport spaceships began to land.

The war began.

In the chaotic and flying air, the hardest aircraft were still dozens of shooting aircraft.

Since they were reinforced, they were totally different from the other aircraft.

They flew in the air and would not be enemies targets.

It was interesting to find that in the position of Tiger Talisman Royal Family, hundreds of shooting aircraft were taking photos of the battlefield in such a cold-blood war.

“I will take the lead in charging!”

Li Mu began his performance again, but it didnt last long.

Before he could get close, he was dazzled by the bullets fired by the machines all over the sky.

“Ice Bomb Cover.”

“Explosive Bomb Covering Strike.”

“Illusionary bomb.”

“Five Poisons Bomb.”

A man could do everything as long as he could imagine it.

Faced with such complicated energy attacks, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and the others, who had experienced the war for the first time, felt their scalps tingle.

However, Yi Hou and allied forces had made ample preparations.

They continued to carve out a path forward, exhausting the enemies.

Finally, they reached the attack range.

A rain of arrows and bullets fell down.

It also began to consume the enemys power.

After several rounds of long-range attacks, the mechanic martial artist collided with the main force.

The defensive power of machines was astonishing.

The machinists inside were also cultivators.

There was no doubt that it would be more difficult to defeat them.

Even so, under such high-frequency attacks, the consumption was huge.

What still surprised Yi Hou was Dark Shadow Clan.

He didnt expect them to be so fierce and powerful.

The extent of the strike to the enemys mechanic martial artist was also the most exaggerated.

Of course, there was a huge price to pay.

The speed at which the people of Dark Shadow Clans died was also a little fast.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Liu, and the others did not feel much about this.

Wars were always terrifying.

But if he started killing, he would kill them all and let their blood flow like a river!

The Dark Shadow Clan would never admit defeat!

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