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“Cooperate with me, I will take down the floating fort in the front!”

The firepower was so strong that it was difficult for them to move forward.

Chen Changqing turned to look at Instructor Liu and the others.

“Lets go!”

Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, Elder Meng, Ah Hu, and Xu Yong went out together to restrain the mechas near the floating fort in the air.


Just as the floating fort unleashed a barrage of powerful attacks, Chen Changqing quietly came to the bottom of the fort.

“Demonic Dragon Howl Slash!”

Along with a dual attack of the soul and the physical body, the sword radiance rushed upward.

The collision with the forts defense lasted for two seconds.


The defenses were broken.

The fort burst into flames in the air.

There were many such floating forts on the battlefield.

Their firepower far surpassed that of the mechanical troops.

It was just like the cannon tower in previous battles, which was easy to defend but difficult to attack.

However, with their cooperation, they were able to take down the nearby floating fort in an easy way.

When Li Mu and the others saw this, they followed them and placed their targets on the forts.

Their cooperation was also quite effective.

The coordinated tactics made it much easier for them.

But the battlefield was still very fierce.

The reinforcements from both sides continued to arrive and the situation remained intense from start to end.

It was really an epic war.

One side was fully prepared to attack, while the other side was only defending.

They didnt have sufficient trump cards.

Therefore, after battling for a period of time, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family finally displayed signs of defeat.

What surprised them was that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family made a prompt decision to let a large number of mechanical troops, mechas, and aircraft cover the retreat.

A huge number of people quickly retreated like a tide.

If one lost a battle, as long as one kept their strength, one could make a comeback.

This was also a situation that Yi Hou didnt wish to see.

After he gave the order, all the spaceships began to attack crazily.

The fleet battle began once again.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family had lost a group of men, and the others had all fled.

There were only a few empty cities left.

Some places were not so important in the battle for snatching the planet with rich resources.

It was like tactical deployments.

The supports were fast.

They connected with each other.

Only those stars which were checkpoints were in an important position.

Nobody would give them up easily.

It didnt matter if the rest were lost or not because they could just win them back again later.

It was just because of such a situation that the war on the Second Battlefield was not a fierce one.

They won successfully again and had snatched the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys planet with rich resources.

Everyone was in a good mood.

When they went back to the spaceship, Mu Xue ran to Zhang Han with a smile and asked, “Master, how about my performance this time How many points can we get”

“You can absolutely get 80 points.

Youve done a good job.”

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Zhang Han applauded and praised them.

“Of course, we are getting used to such a kind of war,” Instructor Liu said with a smile.

The others also smiled.

Only Lord Nan Shan looked hesitant and finally said, “We Dark Shadow Clan need to rest.

When will the next battle occur If it is urged, we can only be responsible for the battle on the border.”

Although the Dark Shadow Clan were brave and fierce, they consumed too much energy.

Lord Nan Shans overall state was not the best.

He did not want to go back alone.

“Okay, next time youll be in charge of the battle line on the border.

Thank you for your hard work.

Ill give you a batch of spiritual herbs later.

After resting for six hours, well go to the next target location,” Yi Hou said.

“Dahei, Little Hei, I brought you some spirit beasts.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and waved his hand.

A complete spirit beast body appeared, which was in the Elixir Realm.

Dahei jumped out of Mengmengs bag with a smile and clapped its hands a few times, as if to say, “Hey bro, you are good.”

Everyone found it funny.

“Im a little hungry.

Shall we have a meal now Let Dad and the others have a good rest later,” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said.


“What about barbeque Roast spirit beast meat is pretty good too.”

“Sure, but vegetables are also necessary.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Do you mean Hanshi barbecue” Nina asked suddenly.

Hearing this, Mo Wen felt a little confused.

What was Hanshi barbecue

“Are we going to eat here”

“Do you want to go to the surface It will take us about ten minutes to go and return.


Seeing that everyone had agreed, Yi Hou hesitated for a moment and finally said nothing.

They took the aircraft and arrived at the city area.

Only one troop of Yi Hou was searching here.

There was no one else.

They came to the top floor of a building with a good view.

In the direction of the sunshine, there were continuous mountains.

The place behind it was where the battle had taken place.

Corpses were strewn all over the ground and there were countless holes.

Of course, meals should be accompanied by places with a good view.

Soon, grills and other things were put on the table, and some people went down to get tables and chairs.

Li Mu was also preparing fine wine.

“Master, how powerful would you be if you took part in the battle just now”

While they were eating and drinking, Mu Xue suddenly asked.

Everyone became silent and curious at once.

Zhang Han was now at Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, but his combat capability could not be measured by his realm at all.

Even a Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage martial artist was terrifying enough on the battlefield.

His sharp edge made Li Mu and the others afraid of approaching him.

As for Zhang Han, he was very powerful and knew a lot of large-scale secret skills.

“My daddy must be the most powerful one.”

Mengmeng took a small bite of the barbecue and said calmly.

“Senior Zhang is definitely powerful.” Li Mu started to flatter him again.

“If Senior Zhang joins the battle, then the protagonist will definitely be him.”

Zhang Guangyou also smiled.

The more powerful Zhang Han was, the prouder he would be.

He clinked glasses with Gai Xingkong and said, “With Zhang Hans strength, well probably win half an hour earlier if he participates in the battle.”

“I think so too.” Gai Xingkong took a big gulp of wine.

“Since I knew Zhang Han, I knew that he was not ordinary.

I didnt expect that he can grow to such a level in only a few years.

How genius he is!”

It was so annoying to compare with others.

But there was always someone so peerless.

“If he takes action, he can sweep through half of the battlefield.” Yue Wuweis voice suddenly sounded.



Everyone was shocked.

Everyone had witnessed how terrifying the battlefield was.

Sweeping through half the battlefield Wasnt that too much

“I also believe that Master can do that.” Mu Xue suddenly remembered the previous scene.

Through a special means, she got a picture when Zhang Han was not paying attention.

There were millions of corpses in the picture and Mu Xue still remembered that there were many extremely large spirit beasts.

Were that spirit beasts

They must be among strange beasts, perhaps even ancient strange beasts!

Even in a battle of that level, his master was like a demon king that had descended to the world and swept away all his enemies.

He could do the same thing in such a battle.

“Daddy is the best and strongest!”

Mengmeng mumbled with a piece of meat in her mouth.

No matter when or where, as long as someone praised Zhang Han, Mengmeng would echo it.

What a considerate sweet daughter she was!

In fact, in many daughters eyes, their daddies were also the most powerful.

Perhaps after they grew up, their power would change because of the environment.

But those feelings would never change.

“Can you really sweep through half of the battlefield” Zhou Fei said in surprise.

“I dont know.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and did not give a definite answer.

Yue Wuwei didnt say anything more.

That was because he assumed that Zhang Hans power was in the God Transformation Realm.

He would possess immense power on this battlefield.

What about Zhang Han

What was his true power

Yue Wuwei couldnt be sure, so he decided to just take him as a God Transformation Realm practitioner.

What a terrifying person!

In the Cultivation World, it was awesome for such a powerful person to pretend to be weak.

He seemed to be in Yuan Ying realm, but as soon as he released his power, he stunned everyone.

After learning this from Yue Wuwei, many people began to think about it.

How could Zhang Han kill a Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage martial artist at the Elixir Peak-Stage

How did he do that

They thought that they were excellent, but compared with Zhang Han, they were still far from being powerful.

At the end of the day, they just werent good enough.

As for how to be better, it was a very profound question.

It wouldnt take a long time to break through into the Yuan Ying Realm.

Because the environment was unfamiliar, many people would not consolidate their cultivation directly after breaking through to the next level.

Instead, they would stabilize their cultivation through battles or a long period, just like Ye Longyuan, Su Beimu, and Yan Chen at this time.

After they broke through, they only cultivated for about three hours.

Hearing Ye Longyuans shout outside, they opened their eyes, left the room, and entered the courtyard.

“Older Martial Sister, Im hungry.

Can I find a restaurant to eat something”

Ye Longyuan shouted toward the yard next door.


Chu Qingyis calm voice sounded.

“If we are bullied, I will mention your name,” Ye Longyuan shouted again.

But there was no reply.

Did that mean that she tacitly agreed

“Come on, Im hungry.

Lets have a big meal.”

Ye Longyuan waved his hand and all of them walked out of the yard.

There were few people in the vicinity.

After all, it was not too far away from the battlefield.

On the main street, there was a straight road that led to the giant city.

There were several guards at the gate.

Yan Chen coughed slightly.

The situation was unclear.

Were they really going to enter the city It was bull**.

If the woman got angry, they would die.

“Older Martial Brother Yan, why are you coughing Did you get an internal injury when making a breakthrough” Ye Longyuan looked suspicious.

Yan Chen was speechless.

He couldnt help but want to give him a punch.

But when he thought of that powerful woman, he decided to put up with it.

He looked around, waved his hand to make a soundproof cover, and said in a low voice, “Junior Martial Brother Ye, are you pretending to be a fool Weve already broken through and received great benefits.

Why not leave right now”

“Thats right.” Su Beimu immediately said, “Its too dangerous here.

The city of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the female master must be very powerful.

Even if we break through, we cannot fight against them.

She is happy today, but what if she is unhappy tomorrow Do you really take her as your Older Martial Sister”

“You keep saying that it belongs to your ancestors.

Who will believe your words” Seeing Ye Longyuans disdainful eyes, Yan Chen chuckled and said sarcastically, “Dont you know where your ring and treasures came from If she knows something, we will really be in danger.”

“Both of you are really funny.” Ye Longyuan sneered and said, “One life for one lie.

How dare I gamble just now What I said is true.

In my hometown, I found the Great Tomb.

Moreover, this ring is not ordinary.

I can feel that I was admitted because I got the martial arts heritage of predecessors.”

“Do you really want to stay” Yan Chen frowned slightly.

He also hesitated.

What should he do

Although Yan Chen was very powerful, he was still a little less decisive.

At this moment, an indifferent voice came into their ears which extremely frightened them.

“If you two want to leave, I can send you off.”

Could she hear what they said through a soundproof cover

What was going on with this female master

“No, no, I wont go,” Su Beimu said drily.

“Thats right.

Why should we leave If Older Martial Sister wanted to kill us, she would have done it a long time ago.

Older Martial Sister will never pay attention to you as you are so weak.

Dont worry.

For my relationship with Older Martial Sister, she will not hurt us.

Older Martial Sister, we are now going to have a meal in the city.”

Ye Longyuan also felt that his heart was thumping, and he was very nervous.

Who would have expected that their words could still be heard after their setting up a soundproof cover

This could only mean that Chu Qingyis power was far stronger than theirs.

No one knew what realm she was in.

Chu Qingyi didnt reply.

Ye Longyuan knew that Chu Qingyi had acquiesced.

“Dont talk about those useless things.

Lets go.

Just eat and drink.

Dont worry about anything,” Ye Longyuan said.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu were both confused.

They all sighed.

Perhaps they had fallen into a wolfs den, and there was a female wolf.

The three of them went straight to the gate.

At this moment, Chu Qingyi, who was sitting in the courtyard, revealed a smile.

She looked at the sky and said slightly, “Master, you are so decent, but the person who got your inheritance is so indecent.

I wonder what expression you will have when you see him.

Where exactly did you go”

Since Ye Longyuan suddenly obtained an unknown backer, he was a little surprised.

He was so lucky.

As arrogant as he was, he suddenly realized that he had the qualifications to establish himself in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Who can have such fortune Just me, Ye Longyuan.”

“Who are you”

One of the guards who guarded the door asked.

“I am Lord Chus Junior Martial Brother.”

Ye Longyuans face was proud and his tone was indifferent.

“Lord Chu”

The expressions of the guards changed.

They didnt expect that they really had something to do with that lord since they came out of the house over there.

They looked at each other, cupped their hands, and open the door initiatively.

“Is there any good restaurant inside” Ye Longyuan asked again, “Please give me a tour guide.”

“My Lord, what do you mean by a tour guide”

“Just give me a man to lead the way.

Were going to have some meat and wine.”


The guard who spoke led the way initiatively and walked into the city from the gate.

The flames of war raged outside, but it was peaceful inside.

There were very few pedestrians on the street.

At that moment, that guard said, “Since the battle with Cloudy Shadow Sky has started now, most of the people in the city have gone to battle.

Many people have gone to Alliance Star City, so there are few people here.

As for the place to eat, there are some restaurants inside.”

As he spoke, he was more or less a little stunned.

The situation was so serious.

How could they have time to search for a restaurant

There seemed to be only one restaurant in the whole city, and it was specially prepared for those who were seriously injured.

When they kept walking forward, Yan Chen and Su Beimu also inquired about some basic information.

After learning the scale of the battle, the three of them were shocked.

It turned out that there were lots of battles that occurred not only on the planet with rich resources but also in other places such as the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Even interstellar bandits came one after another to compete for resources.

It could be said that the Sea Dragon Star Area was in utter chaos.

“Give us some good wine and meat.”

When they arrived at the restaurant, Ye Longyuan gave an order.

“Who are you”

The people in the restaurant questioned.

After he learned from the guard leading the way that Ye Longyuan was Lord Chus Junior Martial Brother, he was shocked.

He hurried to prepare good wine and meat.

“This is my first time here.”

Ye Longyuan waved his hand and said to the guard, “I dont know the information about my Older Martial Sister Chu here.

Tell me about it.”

He began to inquire.

“Im just a nobody.

How can I talk about Lord Chu”

The guard shook his head repeatedly, with a panicked expression on his face.


Ye Longyuan slammed the table and glared at him.

“Answer my question right now.”

The guard was frightened by this imposing manner.

At the same time, a few people who were quietly eating here were also frightened.

Their auras were chaotic.

Obviously, they were Yuan Ying cultivators retreating from the front line.

When they heard that, they didnt even raise their heads.

He was Lord Chus Junior Martial Brother.

No one dared to say anything.


The guard said with a sad face, “I really dont know anything.

Ive only been in the Tiger Talisman Royal Family for five years.

My Lord, please let me go.”


Ye Longyuan waved his hand and said, “Get out.”


The guard scrambled out.


Ye Longyuan glanced at the other people present and asked loudly, “He knows nothing, but you should at least know something.”

He was so arrogant.

However, none of these people paid any attention to him.

They were all chomping down on the meal and running away after eating.

In merely dozens of seconds, only the three of them were left in the restaurant.

Even the person in charge of the restaurant slipped into the kitchen.

“Whats going on Is my Older Martial Sister so well-known” Ye Longyuan muttered doubtfully.

He was growing more and more accustomed to calling Chu Qingyi Older Martial Sister.

Yan Chen and Su Beimu looked at each other and both of them looked a little solemn.

It seemed that Chu Qingyi was extremely notorious.

Since they couldnt get any information, they didnt continue asking.

After a while, they got a table of meat and wine.

There was nothing else but only wine and meat as they ordered.

Therefore, they had a delicious meal.

He found that there was nothing interesting in the city.

The most important thing was that there was no one around, so he wouldnt get any information.

“Forget it.

Id better go back and consolidate my cultivation.”

When they were about to leave, something happened.

“Its coming!”

“Its coming!”

Many figures flew out from the buildings not far away from him.

A few passers-by beside Ye Longyuan looked very excited.

“Whats going on”

Ye Longyuan grabbed an Elixir Realm cultivator and asked, “What is coming”

“Who are you”

“Im Lord Chus Junior Martial Brother!”

When he heard this, the mans expression changed slightly.

He quickly said, “Lord Hu Tianshan is coming.

He wants to finish the war here.”

“Hu Tianshan”

They looked at each other.

All of them had heard of the great name of Hu Tianshan.

He was the representative and the sharpest spear of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family!

“How can Hu Tianshan win the battle” Ye Longyuan asked.

Hearing Ye Longyuan directly call Hu Tianshans name, this fellow was stunned for a moment and said, “Lord Hu Tianshan is invincible.

He has attacked seventeen times and every time he attacked, he crushed all the enemies.

Lord Hu Tianshan is an invincible commander in the war.

Since he is coming, we are definitely going to win.

Lord Hu Tianshan is definitely going to win!”

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