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Chapter 1149 Sweeping Through

“Ow, ow!”

“Ow, ow… ow!”

Slightly, a painful roar could be heard from those few wisps of black mist.

That wisp of black mist wanted to escape, but it failed.

It couldnt make it even if it was cut off.

The attack launched in just two seconds could perpetually link the main soul of the enemy with this separate soul.

It could be said that they were in the same boat.

“It is rare for me to have such a strong killing intent.”

Zhang Han raised his right hand.

Those few strands of black mist condensed into a tiny human figure.

It floated in front of Zhang Han.

“Why did you attack my daughter”

Zhang Han gradually clenched his right hand.

The tiny figure continued to shrink.

The painful screams grew more and more intense.

“Youre lucky.

“I do not want to waste time on you.”


Zhang Han clenched his right hand into a fist.

The figure was instantly obliterated.

On the other side of the flying ship near the Tiger God Main Ship, the armored man was gaping at the black men in front of him casting the incantation in that room.

Especially that extremely thin man.

His third eye was open and was surrounded by the evil spirit.

How could he do that

He was a little dumbfounded.

But ten seconds later…

“Ow, ow…”

Those people who cast the incantation all covered their heads and roared.

Some of them were lying on the ground, some were kneeling on the ground, and some had shrunk like shrimp.

Their heads were surrounded by smoke as if they were on fire.

Sounds came from various parts of their bodies.

The woman was scared and her face turned pale.

“Whats going on Did we succeed You…”

Before the woman could finish her words, her eyes suddenly widened.

Under everyones gaze, those people who cast the incantation suddenly lost control of their soul sense which spread all over their bodies and instantly corroded them.

Their souls and bodies were being attacked by incantation at the same time.


Before dying, the emaciated black man suddenly opened his eyes, raised his right hand, and pointed at the woman.

“You! You! Ow!”

He couldnt even say a complete sentence.

All the people who just cast the incantation, including him, melted into mist.


The womans face was pale.

She suddenly collapsed to the ground.

“Whats going on Who can tell me whats going on”

“Madam, this… this seems to be a backlash or theyve been attacked by someones incantation.”

It was a moment of silence.

In the silence, a voice suddenly came out.

“Wait for death.”

“Who is that!”

The womans expression changed drastically.

“Who is talking


“Lets go back.

We cant stay here.”

After being greatly frightened, the woman seemed to have gone insane.

She said repeatedly, “Be quick.


We must leave immediately.”

“Madam, the Lord is still here.”

“Yes! Yes! The Tiger God is here.

Its impossible for others to do that.


The woman suddenly relaxed a lot.

Her forehead was covered with sweat.

This unimaginable scene stunned the armored man, and he didnt dare to ask for compensation.

All the people who took action died.

He could only wait here.

On the Thunder King.

“Sleep, sleep.”

Zhang Han gently stroked Mengmengs head and murmured.

After that, he took a light step and walked out of the room.

The others followed him.

“Hows she” Zi Yan asked in a hurry.

She couldnt understand these, but she felt that Mengmeng was fine.

“Its OK.

Fortunately, I prepared all kinds of treasures for her.” Zhang Han frowned slightly, “I didnt expect that there would be people from the Soul Eye Tribe here, who are born with three eyes.

The third eye is on their foreheads, which is called a Curse Eye.

They are born spellcasters, who can use some accompanying objects, such as hair, nails, and used things to perform specific incantations.

Yi Hou.”

“Im here!”

This sudden call startled Yi Hou.

He felt that facing Zhang Han at this time was much more stressful than facing the head of the sect.

“Go and investigate.

We have only been to a limited amount of places in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

I want to see which power obtained those things,” Zhang Han said with a very calm tone.

But Yi Hou felt killing intention.

“Aye, we must investigate thoroughly.” Yi Hou gave orders to professionals after he finished speaking.

Although it wasnt easy, there were always traces of news when it came to investigations.

“Mengmeng needs to sleep for a while.

Its okay.

Accompany her and you can also sleep for a while.”


Zi Yan licked her lips as if she had already sensed what Zhang Han was going to do.

So she said, “Be careful.

Elder Yue, sorry for troubling you.”

“Never mind.

They attack the Heavenly Lord.” Yue Wuwei sneered.

“Apart from the fact that they failed, the intention alone to hurt her was unforgivable.”

“The people of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family really resort to all means,” Zhou Fei said angrily.

“Then they will pay a heavy price.

Zhang Han was angry and thats not a good thing.” Yue Wuwei suddenly smiled.

She originally thought that she wouldnt see Zhang Han attack, but now…

Yue Wuwei was looking forward to seeing how powerful Zhang Hanyang, who was at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, would be when he made his breakthrough.

The earth battle was still extremely fierce.

More and more spaceships from the Neutral Forces came to watch the final battle.

The upper echelons of the main vessel of the Cloud Shadow Sky were discussing animatedly.

The upper echelons of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family were observing the battle the entire time.

“Tiger God oversees this place.

After experiencing his initial advantage, he seems to have calmed down again.”

“Its not easy to find a chance to win.”

“It seems we have to wait for someone from the Chaotic Region to decide the victory or defeat.”

“Im going to rest for a while.

My eyes feel tired when looking at that the entire time.

If there is anything that happens, let me know immediately.”

“Wait, look! Someone flew down from the Thunder King.

How can he fly with his physical body Isnt he afraid of death Take clear pictures! What Is he Zhang Hanyang”

“Yes, thats Zhang Hanyang!”

“Hes about to attack.”

“If Zhang Hanyang takes action, will the elder behind him who is at the God Transformation also take action”

“Zhang Hanyang went to fight in person.

Its said that hes also very powerful.

Since he can kill Hu Zhiqiang, he should be at least at Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.”

“What kind of performance can he make on the battlefield at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage Excuse me, but to be honest, everyone is afraid of the God Transformation mighty figure beside Zhang Hanyang.

As for Zhang Hanyang, who is he”

Those opinions were practically the same among those of the powers of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The Elixir Realm was common in the Sea Dragon Star Area, while the Yuan Ying Realm was much rarer.

However, in such a war, the influence of the Yuan Ying Realm was limited.

Only a handful of martial artists at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage could achieve greater achievements.

Additionally, those who were at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage were also extremely terrifying on the battlefield.

For instance, many people speculated that the cultivators like Hu Tianshan had already been at Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Even if they were not, they must be very close to the Peak-Stage.

Only such people could obtain great achievements on the battlefield.

For example, Hu Tianshan was known as the King of War.

He was too terrifying.

The place where he was in represented victory.

As for Zhang Hanyang

Everyone knew his name, but most people had never seen him fight.

Or perhaps it could be said that in the eyes of various powers in the Sea Dragon Star Area, there would be no difference whether he came to such a war or not.

But some people didnt think so.

Ye Longyuan had just taken a sip of tea.

When he saw the scene captured by the camera, he suddenly spat the tea out.


“Zhang Hanyang took action!

“Damn, he finally took action.”

Yan Chens pupils contracted.

“He, he… Did you notice”

“What” Su Beimu asked.

“His facial expression,” Yan Chen said.

Su Beimu gasped.

“Is Zhang Hanyang very powerful” Chu Qingyi looked at their reactions, which seemed to be a little exaggerated.

Therefore, she asked them.

“Absolutely powerful and invincible.”

Ye Longyuan took a deep breath and said, “Im not exaggerating.

Why is Hu Tianshan the lord of the battlefield Bull**! Thats because Zhang Hanyang hadnt taken action.

As long as he attacks, he will be the God of War!”

“Um” Chu Qingyi looked even more confused.

How could the Yuan Ying Realm affect so much

“Older Martial Sister, you havent seen him before.

When he was in the Grand Master Realm, he could kill hundreds of Grand Masters with one move, and so did he when he was in the God Realm.

He has always been invincible compared with his peers whenever he was in Earth Realm, Heaven Realm, or Elixir.

Otherwise, how could I be convinced by him Moreover, his moves are endless, like the starry sky, which makes people unable to see the end of them.

He is so terrifying.

He masters lots of wide-range attacking moves.

You can see how terrifying he is later,” Ye Longyuan said helplessly.

In fact, he didnt want to admit it, but this was what he really felt in his heart.

There was no other way.

Zhang Hanyang overwhelmed the whole generation of martial artists.

He had also heard about the martial artists like An He, the King of Storms and Tang Qingshan.

However, obviously there was no monster like Zhang Hanyang.

They were at the same level in that generation.

Unlike them, they would never be able to take first place.

When she heard such an evaluation, Chu Qingyis beautiful eyes were full of curiosity.

She even sat up straight and carefully watched the scene on the camera.

The Tiger Talisman Royal Family also discovered Zhang Hanyang at once, who was flying quickly in the starry universe and approaching the Eagle Wing Star.


“Should we dispatch a couple of corvettes to kill him”

On the airships that were closer to the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, many people couldnt help losing their temper.

“Hes courting death by flying in the universe with his body! Just a random aircraft would be able to kill him.”

“Maybe he brought a mecha with him and hes just putting on a show.”

“Wed better not take action.

His appearance might represent the attitude of that God Transformation mighty figure.”

“Thats right.

Lets observe the situation first.

Right now, we cant deal with that God Transformation Realm on their side.


well immediately turn the situation around when the people from Chaotic Region arrive.”

“The key is when theyll arrive.”

“It should be soon.

The last news was from a few days ago.

It took only five or six days from there to the Sea Central Star Area.

They will definitely arrive in the next few days.

Maybe they will appear in a few hours.”

The members of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family not only werent panicked but even wanted to laugh.

On the battlefield.

The battlefield was like a sawtooth line.

In some small zones, the Cloud Shadow Sky pressed forward for some distance and in another place, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family did the same thing.

When the distance was shortened, it looked like an endless S-shaped curve.

Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, and the others were fighting in the neighboring place.

While they were fighting, someone suddenly saw a familiar figure quickly approaching in the air.

“Oh! Our boss is coming down!”


“Master” Mu Xues eyes lit up and her momentum reached the peak.

“Master is coming!”

“Why does he come down” Zhang Mu was stunned.

“Isnt he unwilling to participate in such a battle”

“I havent seen him fight since he broke through.” Deep Flame laughed.

“Yes, I havent seen him fight either.” Zhang Guangyous face was full of pride.

“Hes coming.”

Lord Nan Shan frowned slightly and ordered, “The Dark Shadow Clan, retreat 10 kilometers.

Be careful of accidental injuries.”

“Damn, is Senior Zhang going to participate in the battle”

Li Mu and the others were a little shocked.

They didnt think about it at all.

Even the Tiger God glanced over.

Almost all the scenes of the shooting aircraft were focused on Zhang Han.

In the past, they would not pay so much attention to a Yuan Ying Realm martial artist, but now, for some reason, they felt that Zhang Hanyangs appearance was not so simple.

Some wondered if it meant that the God Transformation mighty figure was about to take action.

When everyone was surprised and confused, they finally saw the truth of the matter.


They were all shocked.

“How is that possible”

On the face-to-face battlefield, when Zhang Han arrived and before he had reached the range of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, an overwhelming aura suddenly surged from his body.

The green light flickered in his eyes.

He paused for a second.

But in the next second, he took a step forward and floated for more than 3,000 meters.


An enormous dragon roar echoed across the nearby battlefield which made people tremble both physically and mentally.

It was as if something terrible was about to come out.

After that, a huge piece of black mist was slowly gathering near Zhang Hans body.

It kept rolling like a python.

What existed inside that mist


He took another step forward.

And again he floated for more than 3,000 meters.

There was another heavy sound.

Another patch of black mist swirled around him.


Then he took the third, fourth, fifth step…

If someone knew what was going on, he would be scared out of his wits when seeing this scene, even if they were in the God Transformation Realm.

They would curse Tiger God.

“You pieces of trash, how dare you just watch him use a heaven-defying incantation Dont you know how to stop him”

However, they really didnt know how.

Only Yue Wuwei knew what happened and his eyes froze.


Yue Wuweis eyes were filled with shock.

“How could he even master such a supernatural power”

On the other side of the flying ship, Chu Qingyi seemed to have sensed the aura as well.

“Um What is he doing”

The two God Transformation Realm cultivators from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family in the spaceship looked a little serious.

“Zhang Hanyangs strength and momentum are definitely not at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.”

“He should be at the last stage, right Or even the peak stage.” Another person guessed.

He felt something, but he couldnt understand it.

Without a doubt, more and more people were paying attention to the situation there.

Even the flame on the Tiger Gods body rose as he sat on the throne.

It seemed that he was declaring war on Zhang Hanyang in the distance ahead.


The sixth step.

The seventh step.

The eighth step.

The ninth step!

He kept moving and there was no one in the way.

From the distant horizon to the battle line.

Zhang Han only took nine steps!

At the eighth step, everyone had already felt something.

There seemed to be a kind of aura that made peoples hearts palpitate.

Everyone saw that the blood on the ground which was like a river was trembling.

When he took the ninth step, even the people from the Cloud Shadow Sky were able to sense that the blood in their bodies, as well as their souls, were trembling.

Was that fear

No one knew.

But what everyone understood was that in the nine huge dark clouds around Zhang Hanyang, there were continuous roars.

It seemed that the result would come out in the next moment.

Just now, there had been a large area where the sun was shining.

However, the sunlight hadnt warmed the earth.

It seemed even more cold and desolate.

In the forest which was far away from here, leaves were falling from the trees.

The river in the distance was gradually filled with a red color.

This was not a bloody romance, but a cruel war.

But all of a sudden, the battlefield was like falling into darkness.

Large amounts of dark clouds swept over.


Many people slowly raised their heads.

What they saw made their pupils shrink rapidly.

They saw nine large patches of black mist were surging near him.

At this moment, Zhang Han slowly took the ninth step!

“Pluto Incantation, Undead Blood Dragon!”

The real killing move even needed to be activated in advance and required favorable climatic and geographical conditions.

It needed endless blood!

It required enough soul sense and spiritual force.

To cast it, one had to be at least in the God Transformation Realm.

But Zhang Han took it out at this time.

His cultivation level was at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

With the help of the thunder mark in his soul sense sea, immortal body, and ten inches Great Demon Yuan Ying, he could easily cast that incantation.

It was like a supernatural power that had been tailor-made for him.

“Ow ow ow!”

The blood dragon roared.

Nine voices rang out in the distance.

“Gosh, what did I see”

“How could that happen”

“Isnt he in the Yuan Ying Realm”

“What is that attack”

Under many surprised and doubtful gazes, nine blood dragons heads suddenly appeared in black mist.

Their faces were savage and their eyes were bloodthirsty.

They roared fiercely.

All of them made people tremble.

Even the Tiger God couldnt sit still.

He suddenly stood up in the flame shadow hundreds of meters high.

He seemed to be a little shocked.

Dragon bodies and dragon tails gradually appeared.

Each blood-colored dragons shadow was about a thousand meters long.

They swept towards nine different directions.

They collided with countless mechanical troops which burst into flames.

More firepower poured in.

But they never imagined that the firepower just made the dragon shadows bloody color fade a little.

If they wanted to kill the dragons, they needed more energy.

However, after a few waves of concentrated firepower, everyone suddenly found that those dragons could absorb the blood from the ground.

The blood that flowed through the flames of war turned into strands of red light and continuously merged into the dragon shadows.

Unexpectedly, the situation maintained relatively balanced and the dragons went on a rampage on the battlefield.

Wherever the dragon shadows passed, cultivators in Elixir Realm were absolutely unable to stop them.

They felt that the blood in their own body was out of control and when they were too close, they couldnt even move.

They could only watch the blood pass through their skin and turn into strands of energy, which were then absorbed by the dragon shadows.

There were even dozens of Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage cultivators who joined forces to fight back against them.

It wasnt until they approached that they realized that they could not defend against even one attack.

Wave after wave of thick devouring power spread out and they were unable to resist.


Only a few people who possessed life-saving supernatural power were barely able to escape.

The others had all perished.

A thousand meters, five thousand meters, ten thousand meters, twenty thousand meters, thirty thousand meters…

Nine bloody color dragon shadows which were the real killing move of Pluto Incantation finally appeared again.

They swept the battlefield.

The Tiger God could no longer sit still.

Flames surged intensely and his throne started to deform, turning into a hundred-meter-tall silver mecha!

It flew straight in Zhang Hans direction.

“The Tiger God attacks!”

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