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Chapter 115 Butler Dahei

“If you want beauty, you have to go through hardships.

Only those who are tough can achieve their goals.”

Zhang Han lightly pulled a line.

“PaPa, what are you talking about What do you mean by tough goals” Mengmeng asked, confused.

“That is to say, only those who are tenacious can realize their dreams.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and said, “Just like this chimpanzee, I didnt want to save it because it scared Mengmeng, but because Mengmeng was so kind, I gave it a chance.”

“Uh” Mengmeng was muddled but finally managed to understand Zhang Han.

Her big eyes brightened and she said, “So… Did I save it”

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled softly.

“Yeah, I saved it.” Mengmengs big bright eyes were shining.

She looked at the chimpanzees in the distance and called in a childish tone.

“Come on, come on…”

Under the eyes of Zhang Han, Meng Meng, and Little Hei, the chimpanzee walked up step by step with difficulty.

Even the dogs that passed by the pet area looked horrified when they saw the chimpanzee covered in blood smell, but gradually they seemed to realize something and gathered around the chimpanzee to cheer for it.

One, two, three steps…

Finally, the chimpanzee stood in front of Zhang Han with indomitable willpower.

It looked at Zhang Han with expectant eyes, and then his body collapsed.

“Hiss… Phew… Hiss… Phew…”

The chimpanzee was breathing rapidly, with an expression that said, “Im dying”.

“Oh, PaPa, whats wrong with it PaPa, please save it!” Mengmeng said in an anxious tone.

The chimpanzee squinted slightly at Mengmeng.

It knew that the little princess in front of it was trying to save itself.

Zhang Han, on the other hand, pondered on it nearby.

“I can give it some pure yang water to save it.

And let it leave Mount New Moon afterward

“Or… “It can also stay as a senior butler.

“But as a senior butler, consuming pure yang water is not enough.

“One must know that the junior butler, Little Hei, has absorbed a trace of the origin of thunder yang tree.

“So Jade-fire dew…” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Well, lucky you.”

Zhang Han pressed his palm against the thunder yang tree and first took out three liters of pure yang water


Zhang Han lifted up the bucket and poured the water into the chimpanzees mouth.

At first, it was a little weak, but after drinking less than half of it, it began to hold the bucket itself while drinking the water.

After drinking three liters, its consciousness recovered a lot.

It started to look at Zhang Han timidly, carefully placed the bucket at Zhang Hans feet, and looked at him pitifully.

If it could speak, it would certainly say two words.

“Not enough.”

Zhang Han saw this and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Then, he had to hold a bucket again and filled it with three liters of water.


It gulped down the water, and after a few mouthfuls, it drank up three liters of pure yang water again .

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

The chimpanzee once again placed the bucket at Zhang Hans feet, and it nuzzled and made several noises to Zhang Han.

Even Mengmeng could understand its expectant eyes.

“Oh, how can you drink so much PaPa, look at it, it still wants more.” Mengmengs big shining eyes were full of questions.

She couldnt understand how this chimpanzee could drink so much when it could barely reach her PaPas stomach.

And Zhang Han, after seeing the chimpanzee, his mouth twitched slightly.

“Ten liters of pure yang water left.

It has already drunk 6 liters, yet it still wants more.

What a big appetite.”

But Zhang Han knew that its body still had room for pure yang water, which left Zhang Han interested in it.

It seemed that this chimpanzees physique talent was quite good.

When it absorbed Jade-fire dew… its strength would probably be far stronger.

However, since Zhang Han had decided to take the chimpanzee as the chief steward of the territory, he was willing to pay his price.

So Zhang Han gave it two more liters pure yang water .

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

The chimpanzee happily took the bucket and gulped it down again.

This time, it did not ask for more after drinking up.


It was already belching after drinking the pure yang water.

Then, the chimpanzee seemed to squeeze his body with a lot of effort.

Soon, several bullets fell from its injured skin, while those infected wounds were instantly healed.

Eight liters of pure yang water made its body alive again.

“This is not enough.”

Zhang Han spread out his palm to it and said, “Give me your fingers.”


The chimpanzee was confused.

Looking at Zhang Han, it was thinking.

Finally, it obediently stuck out his big head and leaned it against Zhang Hans palm, rubbing it gently, like a baby nestling beside his parents.

“PaPa is mine.

What are you doing Get off him…”

Mengmeng was very alert and scolded it, her arms clutched onto Zhang Hans neck.

She rested her head on Zhang Hans chest as if she was claiming her territory.

“Oh Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

The chimpanzee lifted its head and looked at Mengmeng.

It spread out its arms and made an innocent expression.

Shaking its head repeatedly, it was saying that it was not trying to steal her PaPa.

“Ha ha ha…”

Zhang Han was a little helpless and at the same time found them amusing.

He pointed to the chimpanzees hand and said, “Give me your hand.”

“Oh oh” The chimpanzee thought for a while and pointed to the right hand with his left hand.

After seeing Zhang Han nodding, it quickly handed over its right hand.

Zhang Han grabbed its hand and walked to the thunder yang tree.

He exerted his spiritual force to his fingers and made his fingernails as sharp as a knife.

Then he struck at the chimpanzees fingertip.

Immediately plumes of blood flowed from the chimpanzees fingertips.

“Whoa whoa…”

The chimpanzees lips twisted and it cried.

Its face said “I was hurt”, but it did not withdraw its hand.

Although its consciousness was not high, it knew that the man in front of it saved its life.

Zhang Han directly pressed the chimpanzees hand on the thunder yang tree, and the spiritual force communicated with the thunder yang tree.

The thunder yang tree absorbed the chimpanzees blood, which was gradually assimilated by the thunder yang tree.

In the end, the spiritual force transformed into strands of energy and flew to the Jade-fire dew.

After reaching the position of Jade-fire dew, the energy encircled it, continuously refining Jade-fire dew.

Then, the energy withdrew the dew bit by bit and entering through the chimpanzees fingers into its body.

This energy assimilation and refining could make the chimpanzee absorb Jade-fire dew very efficiently.

If it directly drank the dew like the pure yang water, the Jade-fire dew would be only half effective.

However, in this way, it could at least absorbed more than 80% of the dews energy.

Any kind of spiritual herbs, if eaten directly, would waste its energy.

Therefore, the ancient immortals came up with a method that not only could keep the energy of spiritual herbs from losing, but also could improve the effect several times.

This method was called alchemy.

Alchemy was great science.

There were many ways to practice it.

Different people would end up with quite different outcomes even with the same spiritual herbs.

Well, that was enough to talk about alchemy.

Now, the chimpanzee had absorbed nearly 70% of the Jade-fire dew.

When its body was full and stopped absorbing Jade-fire dew, the energy that controlled its body also dissipated, and the chimpanzee leaned backward with closed eyes and fell like a zombie.


Its body crashed on the lawn.

“Ah!” Mengmeng was frightened, her big shining eyes full of tension, and she said, “PaPa, whats the matter with it Is it, is it dead”

“No, its going to sleep.

Itll feel refreshed when it wakes up.” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Lets go to the back mountain and let it stay here by itself.”

“Well… We dont need to look after it” Mengmengs curious eyes were all over the chimpanzee on the ground.

“No.” Zhang Han could not help but smile.

Mengmeng was too kind after all, but even so, Zhang Han was not going to let Mengmeng see the social phenomena like the last time.

All he wanted was to let the little princess grew up smoothly and happily.

“Okay, Little Hei, well go… on an expedition.” Mengmeng twisted in Zhang Hans arms.

When she was put on the ground, she looked at the chimpanzee one last time, and then ran to the pet area with Little Hei.

Zhang Han picked up agricultural tools and went to wheat areas to grow wheat and some vegetables.

During the time of Zhang Hans gardening.

The chimpanzee lying on the ground had quietly undergone earth-shaking changes.

A layer of glittering and translucent light covered it and surrounded it.

At the same time, the inside of its body rang with subtle muffled noises.


If you listened carefully beside it, you would surely find that its body was letting out thunderous sounds.

At the same time, its head, neck, arms, legs, and hair were all gradually getting bigger.

It was originally 1.4 meters high, gradually, it expanded to 1.5 meters and 1.6 meters…

At the end of the day, it reached a little over two meters high.

At the same time, its thick arms and legs, its imposing pectoral muscles, and smooth silky hair all revealed its extraordinary physique.

At this moment, it rose from the ashes.

At that moment, it was reborn.

Finally, when Zhang Han finished his work, he was walking back with Mengmeng, and the chimpanzee on the ground suddenly opened its eyes.

In its eyes, there was a sharp flash and then it was gone.

Putting beside the changes in its body, its bright eyes said that he was still young.

It sat up immediately and looked at its own body.


It was startled.

With a slight push on the buttocks, it leaped up by more than five meters high.


Under its own goofy eyes, it crashed to the ground with a bang, forming a slight dent with his clear body shape.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa”

The chimpanzee was already stunned.

It looked at its body, which was three times bigger.

It didnt know what was going on, but it knew that its strength had increased a lot.


It stood up and danced happily.

At last, it smashed its football-sized fist on its chest.

“Thump, thump…”

It sounded like a drum.

This scene was seen by Zhang Han, Mengmeng, and Little Hei.

Mengmeng was also frightened at the scene; she immediately cried out.

“Ah! PaPa, it, how did it become so big”


Zhang Han hesitated and solemnly replied.

“After a sleep, it has grown so big.”


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