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“I will do proper editing to make a video of his performance in this war,” Zhou Fei said in a daze.


The projection ended.

The people of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family all fell silent.

The Tiger God was dead.

Lord Hu Tianshan was dead, too.

It was over.

This battle had ended with the destruction of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

If the previous series of battles that broke out on the Principal Battlefield, the Second Battlefield, the Third Battlefield, and the Sea Central Star Area Battlefield were the song of blood and fire, then, this song had come to an end and the audience dispersed.

At the moment when victory descended, many people were in raptures.

But after the joy wore off, they all sighed with emotion.

Such an enormous force had been destroyed.

“We won!”

Li Mu raised the Dragon Blade with his right hand and shouted.

“We won the war!”

“We won!”

“God of War!” Li Mu roared again.

Yes, they needed to vent out their emotion.

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

The sound waves spread throughout the entire Eagle Wing Star.

Who was this God of War they were whooping for

There was no doubt that only Zhang Han, who had just been invincible on the battlefield, could be acknowledged as the God of War by everyone.

“We lost!”

“Were defeated!”

“What should we do Will the Cloud Shadow Sky kill us all”

The Tiger Talisman Royal Familys allies began to panic at this moment.

Fortunately, one of the high-position members said with uncertainty, “Sectmaster Li Hao is quite honest and upright in his ways.

I dont think he will kill us all.

Didnt you see that the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys disciples on the Eagle Wing Star are all still alive”

Those words alleviated the depressing mood.

At the same time, many people heaved with deep sighs.

“Weve underestimated the Cloud Shadow Sky.”

“No! Its actually Zhang Hanyang that weve underestimated.”

“I never thought he could be so powerful that he even killed Tiger God, who had already set a foot in the God Transformation Realm.”

“Who would have thought that Zhang Hanyang also had contacts in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province”

“His backer has three king vessels! Also, he has many God Transformation Realm cultivators on his side.

No one can fend those powerful people off!”

At that moment, sect leaders and other people all awakened to one thing.

From this point on, the Sea Dragon Star Area would enter the era dominated by the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Also, Zhang Hanyang would overawe the entire Star Area.

At this time, the chief of the Silver-winged Hall was sitting in his spaceship.

There was a trace of regret on his face.

“We were overly hesitant earlier.

We shouldve joined the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance sooner.

In that case, the Silver-winged Hall wouldve been able to rise in power sooner.

Alas, we have missed out on this opportunity.”

“But at the very least, weve chosen the right side,” said Zhong An, one of the branch leaders.

“Yes, were on the right side.

But this is exactly what I am upset about.” The chief sighed softly.

“I didnt expect Zhang Hanyang to be so horrifying.” Zhong An looked at the people around him and said, “Ive had several encounters with him.

But at those times, he didnt display such an imposing manner.

Now I understand that some people cant be judged from their appearance.”

“Hall Master Zhong, dont be so sentimental.

We have already won.

Congratulations! Boss, we should celebrate for some days.”

“Yes, this is something worth celebrating.”

“In the coming days, the Sea Dragon Star Area will be subject to a new structure of power.

The Cloud Shadow Sky now owns half of the entire Star Area.

They have so many planets with rich resources.

I truly envy them!”

“There is one more thing.” Someone suddenly added.

“Have you forgotten about the Chaotic Region The representatives of those families in the Chaotic Region have been killed.

It will take a long time for the news to spread there.

When they receive the news, will they make a move Dont forget that the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys Grand Master is still an elder in the Ma family.”


The expressions of everyone present altered slightly.

They felt that they were carried away by the joy of victory a moment ago.

But now, when they mulled over this, they became a little scared.

At the same time, many people in the Cloud Shadow Skys alliance were discussing one issue.

“What level is Zhang Hanyang at on earth Is he at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage or a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm”

An old man voiced his well-founded analysis.

“I think he is at the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

Didnt you see it When Zhang Hanyang flew in the void, he didnt seem stressed at all.

If he were a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator, he would have flown much more slowly in the universe.

Besides, after he landed, he used the Nine Dragons Secret Skill, which wiped out a small half of the opposing fighters on the battlefield.

Could a human, oh no, a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator perform such a powerful secret skill Also, Tiger God had entered the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage since many years ago and had been in reclusive cultivation recently.

All the affairs in the force, big or small, had been handled by Hu Tianshan.

After such a long time, even if Tiger God hadnt broken through to the God Transformation Realm, he had already set one foot in that realm.

However, Zhang Hanyang killed Tiger God.

This is solid evidence that Zhang Hanyang is a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm!”

“I dont agree.

Just think about it.

The last time Tiger God appeared, he just entered the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

After adventuring for years, he began to cultivation in seclusion.

We all know that cultivation depends on ones own talent.

Some people cant see through the secrets of the God Transformation Realm despite a lifetime of diligent cultivation.

But some can directly enter the God Transformation Realm within just a few years.

Even some newborn strange beasts are in the God Transformation Realm.

Maybe we have all overestimated Tiger God.

His struck were at most at the ordinary Peak Stage.

Zhang Hanyang didnt crush him as soon as they fought.

Instead, their duel lasted for a long time.

Therefore, I believe that Zhang Hanyang is at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage, but he has set one foot in the God Transformation Realm.”

“That also makes sense.

But no matter how powerful Zhang Hanyang is, he has already become a heavyweight in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Yes, he is a big shot who has connections in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province and can even rival those in the Chaotic Region.”

While many people were in discussion, the members of the Cloud Shadow Sky began to clean up the battlefield.

There were a lot of captives.

The spaceships had to travel several times to transport them back to the Cloud Shadow Sky.

“He won again.

He did win again.

Zhang Hanyang is really awesome.

Its the truth.” Ye Longyuan marveled.

“Lets go,” Chu Qingyi said indifferently.

“Older Martial Sister, when will we come back” Ye Longyuan asked.


Chu Qingyi revealed a trace of confusion.

“Havent I told him that this journey would take one or two years at most”

“Well, I want to come back sooner.

I gotta keep an eye on Zhang Hanyang.

What if I get left behind too much in the two years I cant see him Also, the key is that I cant make any breakthrough outside, or my debt will double.

I have to pay off the crystal stones I owe him first,” Ye Longyuan said with embarrassment.


Chu Qingyi thought for a moment and said, “Ill pay the two million crystal stones for you now.

Then you can take time to pay off the rest of your debt by yourself.”

“I cant let you do such a big favor for me.

Lets consider the two million crystal stones as a loan you give me,” Ye Longyuan said.

Yan Chen was bereft of speech.

He felt that Ye Longyuan had taken advantage of Chu Qingyi and flaunted his cleverness around.

“Youve reaped all the benefits.

Why are you still pretending to decline the offer out of modesty”

“Then lets go over and congratulate them,” Su Beimu said with a smile.

He was in a good mood because of the victory of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

After all, the cultivators from Earth were on the same team as the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Chu Qingyi consented to this.

Then, the group of four went into the aircraft and flew straight to the Thunder King in a distance.

Before they got close, they applied for communication with that Thunder King and got a response.

After that, the aircraft entered the Thunder King.

They made their way to the lounge and saw everyone chatting there.

“Congratulations, Zhang Hanyang!” Su Beimu said with a smile, “youve won this battle so neatly.”

“Congratulations.” Yan Chen cupped his hands to show deference.

However, when Loshanwu and the others saw these four, they immediately fixed their eyes on Chu Qingyi, who was dressed in red.


Loshanwu suddenly felt that this woman in front of him seemed kind of mighty.

He was unable to see through her strength, for her aura was rather erratic.

Chu Qingyi took a few glances at Zi Yan.

Being a pretty woman herself, she inwardly admitted at this time that Zi Yan was indeed very attractive.

She then flickered her eyes to Mengmeng.

“What a beautiful little girl!”

Then, she turned to look at Yue Wuwei.

Finally, she locked her eyes on Zhang Han.

“Why do I feel that Ive seen him somewhere before

“His appearance reveals nothing special.

But he is actually very powerful in battles.”

Chu Qingyi carefully looked Zhang Han up and down.

“Congratulations on your great victory!”

Ye Longyuan cupped his hands to Zhang Han.

When his hands went out of his sleeves, the ring on his right hand was exposed.


Zhang Han was slightly stunned.

He darted a strange look at Ye Longyuan.

“Isnt this the Spiritual Seal Ring I owned back then

“When I got this Space Treasure, was I in the Void-refining Realm or perhaps the Integration Realm Well, it was a long time ago.”

Zhang Han had worn this ring for some time.

Then, he left it in a palace.

But to his amazement, on this tour of the Sea Dragon Star Area, not only did he see the Dark Mask, his Profound-grade treasure, but also came across the Spiritual Seal Ring.

The Dark Mask was very useful, yet the Spiritual Seal Ring was just ordinary.

In his previous life, he had obtained countless treasures.

Now that a thousand years had passed in the Cultivation World, it was normal for those treasures to have new owners.

“Nice ring.

Where did you get it” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Oh, you mean this ring” Ye Longyuan chuckled and said, “Its an heirloom in my family.”


“Knock it off!

“I dont have an heir like you!”

Even with Zhang Hans mature mental state, he was still extremely shocked at this time.

“Be honest with them,” Chu Qingyi said coolly.


“Why did you pull the rug from under my feet”

Ye Longyuan coughed softly and confessed.

“There is a great tomb in my hometown…”

It was not until then that everyone cottoned on.

“It turns out that this guy has gone to rob graves to earn crystal stones.

“A great tomb”

Zhang Han began to ponder.

The many treasures he once owned might have scattered in all corners of the Cultivation World.

It was almost impossible to get all of them back.

“My Older Martial Sister and I are going out to explore the world.

This journey will take some time.

Well, I still owe you 2.4 million crystal stones.

Ill pay you two million first.

As for the remaining four hundred thousand, Ill pay you next time we meet,” Ye Longyuan said.

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Han chortled.

He found Ye Longyuan quite interesting.

When a man was putting on airs in front of you, you would find him annoying.

But when you were on the same side as that man, you would find it laughable when you saw him do the same thing to others.

The current situation was that Ye Longyuan had been completely submissive toward Zhang Han.

He could be arrogant to others, but he would bow his head in front of Zhang Han.

“Older Martial Sister, please.”

Ye Longyuan looked at Chu Qingyi.


Chu Qingyi waved her hand.

Twenty thousand medium-grade crystal stones appeared.

Zhang Han casually put it away.

“Then well take our leave.”

Ye Longyuan waved goodbye to the others.

He and his group soon left without looking back.

During this whole time, many peoples eyes were riveted on Chu Qingyi.

Li Mu, who had just sat down, was particularly fascinated by Chu Qingyi.

After she left, Li Mu stroked his chin and said, “I like that pretty girl.

Shes rich.”

“Ye Longyuan has really gotten an Older Martial Sister,” Instructor Liu said in wonder, “but who is his master”

“Well, its a pity that theyre going somewhere else.

Or Id try chasing after that pretty girl.

Im the handsome Young Master Li.

Its been a long time since I…” Li Mu was quite self-possessed.

He thought that he could definitely land Chu Qingyi if he pursued her.

Yue Wuwei snorted and said, “You want to pursue her But she can beat you up just by lifting a finger.”

“What How is it possible” Li Mu was startled.

“Eh, that woman should be rather strong.

I sensed an abnormal aura from her.” Loshanwu gave his opinion.

“Is she in the God Transformation Realm” Li Mu asked after he caught on to what the others meant.

“Yes, she is a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm.” Hearing this, Yi Hous expression changed slightly.

“Usually, mighty figures in the God Transformation Realm are hard to come by.

But why have I met so many such figures recently

“Maybe its because the Sea Dragon Star Area had been too peaceful in the past.

But as soon as there was something sensational, numerous big shots would show up.”

“If Ye Longyuans Older Martial Sister is in the God Transformation Realm, doesnt it mean their master is even stronger” Chen Changqing suddenly asked.

“It seems that he has truly obtained a great opportunity.”

The group was somewhat amazed.

“Senior Zhang, my father and the others are on their way here.

They will arrive in about eight hours.” Li Mu glanced at the message shown on his communication device and remarked.

“Well then, lets wait,” Zhang Han said, “we have nothing to do here.

Lets go visit the few planets owned by the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.”


Yi Hou passed on the message to the other elders.

Loshanwu also informed the people on the king vessels that the three king vessels should stay and guard the place.

Then, the Thunder King they were riding entered the secondary space, heading for the planets in the central area.

They didnt need to think to know that during their several hours flight, those guarding the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys headquarters and planets would have long fled.

Perhaps there were some insignificant people staying there, but it wouldnt prevent them from going over and taking a look.

“This is Black Dragon Tea, a specialty of ours.”

Dong Xiang made a few pots of tea.

After everyone sat down, they chatted with one another over tea.

After taking the first sip, Zhang Guangyou couldnt help saying, “Nice tea!”

The fragrance of the tea lingered in the mouth.

It was indeed a rare top-grade tea.


Loshanwu laughed.

After all, how could he offer them ordinary things

Even he himself only had small storage of the Black Dragon Tea Leaves.


Loshanwu deliberated for moments.

Still, he hadnt presented the gifts.

He planned to wait for a more suitable time.

He looked around and then fixed his eyes on Mengmeng, who was sitting next to Zhang Han.

“Girl, how old are you”

“Me Im turning 14 soon.” Mengmeng blinked and replied.

“What about you” Loshanwu looked at Yue Xiaonao and asked.

“Im almost 16.”

“Youre both beautiful and lovely little girls!” Loshanwu smiled.

Then, he looked at Zhang Han and said, “We are both parents with daughters.

Lorry is only a few years older than them.

In the Dragnet Academy, my daughters attainments in pellet refining are not bad.

She is quite famous in the pellet-refining school.

Those boys in her school are all lining up to chase her.

Its really…”

“Dad, why are you talking about this” Lorry blushed, feeling a little embarrassed.

But this made Zhang Han chuckle.

“By the way, in a couple of years, there will be a grand meeting in Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Its the Dragon Ranking Competition that is held every 50 years.”

Loshanwu said with a smile, “The participants will be divided into several different divisions to compete according to their age.

Those under the age of 20 will be in the teenage division.

Lorry wont have the chance to join that division.

But I think Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina can all participate in it.

The Heavenly Dragon Star Province spans 18 Star Areas.

Many locals and people from other Star Provinces will attend the competition.

Itll be a grand event.

If there is a chance, Zhang Hanyang, you and your family and friends can go there and have some fun.”

“Thats right.” Lorry was dazed for a moment before saying.

“I think I can only join the division for those between 20 and 40 years old.”

“The rewards are abundant.

Also, the outstanding contestants can get the recognition of many forces.

Even people from the Astral Domain will come.

That is the truly advanced place.

There are many big sects there.

If one of the sects thinks a contestant is good and accepts him or her as their disciple, the contestant will have a promising future.” Loshanwu sighed with emotion, then added.

“Even if we put those sects aside, its not bad for our girls to participate in it or just to watch the grand event.”

“The Dragon Ranking Competition” Zhang Han murmured.

“It didnt ring a bell.

This competition is probably a product of the latest millennium in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Yes, our Lo family has been given an admission quota of a few participants,” Loshanwu said.

“If you want to compete, you can give it a try.

Zhang Hanyang, you are still young, arent you If you participate in the second age group in the Dragon Ranking Competition, with your strength, you will definitely be on the ranking list.

As for those above the age of 40, their strength is variable.

The strong ones are very strong, whereas, the weak ones are very weak.

But they have at least reached the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

Most of the people who want to make some breakthrough are in the God Transformation Realm.

The last Dragon Ranking Competition was very fierce.

Many of the teenage participants were highly talented.”

“The Dragon Ranking Competition…”

Instructor Liu glanced at Jiang Yanlan and said, “There are three age groups.

The first group is under 20 years old.

The second is between 20 and 40 years old.

The third is above 40 years old.

All the people in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province will attend this event.

I think its kind of great if we can participate in this competition.

Its just that we may not be in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province at that time.”

“The Dragon Ranking Competition” Chen Changqings interest was piqued.

“Brother Han, there is such a great competition in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

But why isnt there a similar one in the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“The Sea Dragon Star Area…” Zhang Han didnt know the answer either.

At this time, Yi Hou said with a smile, “There had been one before.

About two hundred years ago, there was a competition for young talents held by the major forces.

The participants were all below the age of 30.

In the end, the top 100 talents were sent to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”

“Oh, so the Sea Dragon Star Area has also had this kind of competition.” Chen Changqing nodded.

“Taking part in a couple of this kind of competition is also good for ones growth,” Loshanwu said beamingly.

“Nina, you can also go there and have a look.

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there is also an Elemental Elf Clan with a large population and many famous talented disciples.

Youve already entered the Yuan Ying Realm before youre 20 years old.

The Sea Dragon Star Area is too small a stage for you.”

“Thank you.

Ill go and have a look if there is a chance in the future.” Nina thanked him with a smile.

“Zhang Hanyang,” Loshanwu continued.

“Your mastery of pellet refining is top-notch even in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Have you ever considered going to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province for adventures”

After beating about the bush for so long, Loshanwu finally began to veer the conversation to the gift he had prepared for Zhang Han.

The gift was, of course, a king vessel that could traverse the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

King vessels were very valuable.

Even the Lo family didnt have many.

As the spokesperson of the branch led by Lorrys second grandfather, Loshanwu had a lot of power.

It was well within his power to give a king vessel to someone else as a gift.

He did this not only because he wanted to repay Zhang Hans kindness but also because he hoped to befriend him.

“Not for the time being.

There are still many places in the Sea Dragon Star Area we havent visited yet.” Zhang Han smiled.

“My daughter is still in school.

Her free time is limited.”

“Haha, thats true.

Theres no hurry anyway.

When you want to go there in the future, do remember to contact me,” Loshanwu said with a chortle.

“Youre being too courteous,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

He and the others were also very surprised by how friendly the Lo family from Heavenly Dragon Star Province had treated them.

They did not expect that though the affairs in the Sea Dragon Star Area were not over yet, and this was only the second time they came here, they had already begun to make friends with a famous and noble family living in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

As they chatted and laughed, the spaceship left the secondary space.

The planet ahead was the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys home planet.

Looking down from the huge space station, the cities on the planet were quite large.

There were many high-rises and various uniquely designed constructions.

“This is the Dragon Base Star.”

Yi Hou began to introduce this planet to everyone.

“The Dragon Base Star is the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys home planet, which has highly developed science and technology.

Usually, it doesnt entertain visitors.

This is also my first time here.

But this planet seems empty now.”

From the deserted space station, it could be seen that all the people on this planet, except for the ones who went out to fight, had all run away.

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