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“Im sleepy.”

Nina thought for a moment, then casually cast a spell.

The lawn on the ground suddenly extended upward and tied Lotaos legs up.

“Eh Why did you do this to me” Lotao called out.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Mengmeng launched the Fireball Skill.

Yue Xiaonao performed her palm print.

Lorry also made a move to specifically destroy Lotaos defense.

“Thud, bam…”

Lotao got beaten up again.

At the dining table, everyone was still chatting.

Many of them were looking at the place where the children were playing.

“Alas, Lotao has been spoiled rotten at home.” Loshanwu shook his head and said, “Sometimes, he just forgets about decorum.”

“All children are like this,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“In truth, Lotao doesnt particularly want to hang out with girls.” Dong Xiang had sensed that Zhang Han was quite sensitive about this matter.

Thus, after she heard what Zi Yan said, she explained, “Lotao is a little rebellious now.

Hes been betrothed since childhood by his grandfather.

The fiancee is from a force in the Astral Domain.

She has visited us twice.

But people in the Astral Domain are usually loftier.

Thus, Lotao often throws a tantrum to protest against his engagement.”

“If Lotao doesnt want to marry that girl, why havent you canceled the engagement” Zi Yan asked with confusion.

“Even if we were to cancel the engagement, we couldnt say it by ourselves.

If we embarrassed that force, our Lo family wouldnt be able to bear the consequences,” Loshanwu said with emotion.

He seemed rather helpless about this.

After hearing Loshanwus words, Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han.

“If this happened to Han, he might just cancel the marriage without scruples.”

Sometimes, Zi Yan wondered what kind of man could be approved by Zhang Han, the overprotective father, and marry Mengmeng when she grew up.

Zi Yan couldnt figure it out.

After all, no man could be more excellent than Zhang Han.

They chatted for a while.

When everyone was almost done eating, Loshanwu remarked, “Zhang Hanyang, uh, you taught Lorry a secret pellet-refining method.

According to her, it can significantly improve the success rate of pellet refining.

Its very awesome.

Youve also taught her how to refine the Supreme Soul-gathering Pellet.

Thus, Im very grateful to you.

I wonder if youve considered accepting disciples.

If so, Lorrys attainments in pellet refining are not bad.”


The people at the dining table quieted down a bit.

“Lorry is a very important member of the Lo family in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Now, Lorrys father is asking Zhang Han to take her as his disciple!

“The Lo family is a big family in a very advanced Star Area.

Would Zhang Han agree on this”

Under many curious gazes, Zhang Han slightly shook his head and replied, “I dont intend to pass on my pellet refining skills, nor do I intend to recruit any disciples.

At that time, I only gave Lorry some tips because of Lorrys filial piety.

As for making her my disciple, Id rather not.”

The art of making medicinal pellets was quite intricate.

The basic knowledge was about the uses of all kinds of plants and vegetation.

Teaching this subject would be very tedious and time-consuming.

Zhang Han never considered this.

Even though the Six Elders of the Heavenly Knights Sect had also asked Zhang Han to teach them, Zhan Han still turned them down and merely gave them some instructions.

He never thought about taking in more disciples either.

Moreover, Lorry was also an attractive girl.

Zhang Han felt a little uncomfortable about having more pretty female disciples.

Hed already had two pretty female disciples.

If he recruited more, wouldnt Zi Yan and Mengmeng get jealous when they saw him surrounded by pretty girls all the time

“Fine,” Loshanwu said with a sigh, “but if you ever change your mind in the future, please consider Lorry.

Shes obsessed with pellet refining.

I look forward to seeing her have a wise teacher.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Ive been here for two days.

Its my honor to meet you people.” Loshanwu cupped his hands to everyone and said, “This is my Communication Card.

If you come to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province in the future, Ill do my best to entertain you.

I still have some family affairs to deal with.

Thus, well take off in a moment.”

After saying that, Loshanwu took out two Space Rings and added, “Zhang Hanyang, please take these.

These are not for you, but small gifts for your wife and daughter.”

“How can we accept these” Zi Yan quickly replied.

“Youve done us a great favor after you came here.

Now, youre giving us more gifts.

You shouldnt have taken the trouble.”

“This is what we ought to do,” Loshanwu said.

“You saved my wifes life.

You are our benefactors.

This is just a little token of our appreciation.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, Zhang Han eventually accepted the gifts.

Loshanwu and the others then said goodbye and left.

However, Lotao was not happy about this, because he had to go back before he had had enough fun.

On the space station, Loshanwu mentioned that he wanted to give Zhang Han a king vessel.

But Zhang Han didnt accept it.

As they exchanged a few words, Lorry also said goodbye to Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Nina.

Then, they boarded their king vessels and departed.

Originally, Loshanwu intended to stay here for a few more days, because he wanted to deepen their friendship with Zhang Han and his group.

Thus, when chatting with Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han earlier, Loshanwu took the initiative to say that the battle had just ended, so he would stay for a few more days to suppress the remaining unruly forces.

But Yue Wuwei and Zhang Han opposed this.

After all, if Loshanwu stayed, the unruly forces would not dare to show themselves.

At the very least, the families in the Chaotic Region already heard what had happened.

As long as the Lo family was here, those families in the Chaotic Region wouldnt dare to raise any objections.

Only if the Lo family left would some of them, such as the Ma family, show up to make waves.

In nearly a month, Zhang Han and his family would return to Earth.

Thus, in the next month, Zhang Han also wanted to see how the Ma family would respond.

Another two days passed.

Li Hao returned to the Cloud Shadow Sky with several elders.

Li Mu, however, stayed with Zhang Hans group.

He inquired about their well-being and what they needed every day.

His purpose was still to make Zhang Han teach him the Heavenly Demon Sound, the last of the three secret methods of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Nonetheless, Zhang Han cold-shouldered him.

Li Mu didnt get anxious.

Anyway, there was plenty of time.

He could take it slow.

Li Mu had only just grasped the basics of the Highest Clouds Sketch as well as gotten a hang of the Dragon Shadow.

Thus, he could wait for some time to digest the first two methods before learning the Heavenly Demon Sound.

These days, Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and the others all began to play video games in the Game Capsules.

With the raid launched by the clown, who was actually the Demonic Ghost King, the people in the Sea Dragon Star Area suddenly realized that the game “Bone Demon World” was actually very close to reality.

The reason for that was there were also traces of Demonic Ghosts in the game.

As a result, the game became a hit.

Even the elders of many forces all played this game when they were free.

This time, it was the Demonic Ghost Clan that had shown up.

What if more terrifying dark clans appeared after this

To learn more about the dark clans would not hurt anyway.

Therefore, Zhang Han and the others settled down on the Dragon Base Star for the time being.

The early-stage work of establishing the huge company had also been arranged.

The fierce competition for manpower started.

The Dark Shadow Clan became very popular.

After all, the Dark Shadow Clan was one of Earths forces.

All the higher-ups of the company wanted to hire as many people as they could.

But now, there were only about 80,000 members of the Dark Shadow Clan in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

More than a hundred thousand members of the Dark Shadow Clan had died in the war.

However, those that survived experienced a drastic increase in strength.

Lord Nan Shan had begun to work on his breakthrough to the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

Lord Liu and the others were on the threshold of the Yuan Ying Realm, waiting for the right opportunity.

Seeing this, Li Mu and Mo Wen sighed with emotion.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, it was common for a cultivator at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage to spend a century progressing to the Yuan Ying Realm.

For cultivators, talent was very important.

It determined how far they could go in the world of cultivation.

After the war was over, the King of Elves led his clansmen back to the Roland Star.

This planet had not gone through the war, so it remained the same.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan, on the other hand, were swamped with work.

With the help of high-tech instruments, they began to edit the videos.

“Never thought that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family had also recorded all of their actions.”

Zhou Fei checked the images one by one.

Liu Qingfeng also gave him advice.

“Hu Tianshan was a big shot.

His strategies were very brilliant.

He had also guessed many of the ideas Sect Leader Li and I came up with.

If it werent because all the conditions were favorable to us, this battle might drag on for several years.”

Liu Qingfeng sighed softly and said, “Look, in this image, Hu Tianshan already felt that his expedition to the Cloud Shadow Sky might be risky.

He also sensed that the Tiger Talisman Royal Family might not win for sure.

Still, he went to the Cloud Shadow Sky, even though he had a chance to escape.”

“Well keep all of these in the film.” Zhou Fei and Zi Yan looked at the screen and remained silent for a long time, mulling over the main storyline of the whole story.

Since this was a film, a storyline was still necessary.

Otherwise, the whole film would be all about the chaotic war in the universe.

People would feel that something was missing in the film.

“Lady Boss, am I the lead” Li Mu ran over to them and asked.


Zhou Fei suddenly patted her forehead and said, “Yan, cant the main storyline that we came to the Sea Dragon Star Area for adventures On our way, we met Li Mu, the respected Young Master of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

Then, lets tweak the story a bit and tell the story of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and the other forces we came across on the Lost Continent.

Later, we had a dispute with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family on the Roland Star, which eventually evolved into a big war.

Is that okay”

“Sure.” Zi Yan quickly blinked her beautiful big eyes and imagined what the film would be if she made it with this storyline.

“Its good.

But we cant put too many characters in the film.

The appearances of the different roles can also be kind of tricky.

For example, Han went down to fight on the Eagle Wing Star.

If we put that part in the film, how should we explain about his role”

“How about I ask Han if he is willing to be the male lead” Zhou Feis eyes lit up.

The corners of Li Mus mouth twitched when he heard this.

It seemed that his leading role was going to be snatched away.

However, there was definitely nothing wrong with Senior Zhang being the lead.

“He wont agree.” Zi Yan immediately shook her head and said, “He is studying something for Mengmengs sake.

Its the fire he got from the war.”

“Hey, how can he refuse if you ask him to be the lead Besides…” While speaking, Zhou Fei winked at Zi Yan.

Her eyes were quite meaningful.

What she was indicating was that Zhang Han would definitely say yes if Zi Yan turned her charm on him and promised him some benefits in return.

Zi Yan snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Forget it.

Let Li Mu be the lead.

We just need to reshoot several scenes.”

“That also works.” Zhou Fei thought for a moment and said, “Then, in the film, Han, Uncle Liu, and all of our people who appeared in the film were all members of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

No people from Earth were involved.

Its okay to make this film just about a great war in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Where should the shooting site be” Zi Yan said, “The Lost Continent is under construction, so its not a good place for the shoot.

Lets find a suitable planet nearby then.”


Im on it!” Li Mu said enthusiastically.

He felt great that he was the male lead.

Thus, he immediately took out his facilities and searched among the planets nearby the Lost Continent.

Soon, he found a suitable one.

It was a planet with pretty good scenery.

“Turn on the cameras.

The first scene, action,” Zhou Fei called out as she controlled several shooting aircraft.


Li Mu slowly descended from the sky.

Dressed in gorgeous clothes, he made an extravagant entrance.

The cameras were on.

The shooting had begun.

Many people were watching the shooting.

After all, they had nothing else to do.

As for the company, there was still some time before its establishment.

The construction of the buildings on the planets was just beginning.

The first step they should take was to recruit employees and get to know the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Zi Yan knew how to act, and her acting skills were excellent.

But she didnt know much about being a director.

As her agent, Zhou Fei didnt know, either.

But they felt that they didnt need to know anyway.

After all, making movies on Earth was quite complicated.

But now, they didnt have to worry about the equipment.

The shooting aircraft could record the scenes from all angles.

Other than the parts where Li Mus acting was awkward that required reshooting, there were no other problems.

The source materials were all readily available.

At this time, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, and others were on an island in the middle of a lake with good scenery.

There were shooting aircraft following them all the way.

When they noticed some scenes that needed to be reshot, they directly contacted Li Mu.

Thus, the shooting work was actually quite relaxing.

Mengmeng was sitting cross-legged on a boulder on the beach.

Yue Xiaonao and Nina were sitting next to her.

Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, and Zhang Guangyou were also seated in the vicinity.

“Daddy, what on earth is it Dont keep us guessing,” Mengmeng asked.

“Didnt I say that I would give you a small gift”

“What is it” Mengmengs big eyes gleamed bright, revealing her unique expectant look.

“Why dont you take a guess first” Zhang Han teased.

“How can I guess that” Mengmeng protested and swayed left and right.

“Just tell her, son.

My granddaughter is getting anxious,” Zhang Guangyou urged.

Zhang Han didnt know what to say.

“He was just joking.

Why butt in” Rong Jiali pinched Zhang Guangyous waist.

“Ouch, ouch, dont pinch me.

Its just that I also want to see what gift my son has prepared for Mengmeng.” Zhang Guangyou begged for mercy repeatedly.

“Its something about cultivation.”

Zhang Han didnt keep them in suspense any longer.

He said, “Hu Tianji had obtained a good treasure, but he didnt know how to use it.

Yes, Im talking about that ball of fire.

I noticed it since the beginning of the battle.

Then, I thought of a way to extract the fire.

After refining it for days, the fire has become very gentle…”


Before Zhang Han finished speaking, Chen Changqing choked on his saliva.

“Brother Han, you started to study the fire since the beginning of the battle But thats Tiger Gods treasure.

Its said that Tiger God had already set one foot in the God Transformation.

Yet, you crushed him.

You really…”

It was not until now that Chen Changqing realized that Zhang Han had fought against Hu Tianji for that long because he coveted Hu Tianjis treasure.

“Master has always been awesome,” Mu Xue said with admiration.

“He really is incredulously powerful.”

Everyone was slightly shocked, yet they quickly recovered their calm and became accustomed to this.

Only Nina was still in a daze.

She had been amazed again.

But sometimes, one would grow used to it if one was amazed frequently.

Obviously, Nina was still getting used to it.

“What kind of flame is it” Mengmeng blinked a few times.

Her eyes registered curiosity.

“This is it.”

Zhang Han unfolded his left palm.

The flame sealed in his palm was kindled and crackled in front of Mengmeng.

“Its the Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame.”

Zhang Han explained, “I got this flame just at the right time.

I taught you a hundred kinds of soul secret skills not long ago.

This flame can make your learning process easier and also improve your Fireball Skill and Fire Whip Skill.

If you absorb the flame, it may take a long time.

As for the method, how about I teach you now”

Before his words faded, Zhang Han was abruptly stunned.

After the Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame approached Mengmeng, who was perhaps thinking about how to cultivate or absorb it, a beam of light suddenly burst out from her palm.

Then, the pearl that represented the Saint Warrior Planet emerged.

“Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!”

The Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame was directly absorbed by the pearl.

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows when he saw this.

“The pearl snatched the fire”

In the past few days, Zhang Han had been striving to calm the violent energy of the Mind-clearing Heavenly Heart Flame.

Zhang Han thought that after Mengmeng absorbed it, it would do good to her cultivation.

Thus, he was in a good mood for days.

But now, the flame had been devoured by the pearl.

Naturally, Zhang Han would be a bit upset.

However, what surprised Zhang Han was that the pearl did not devour the flame but fed it back to Mengmeng.

The flame went along Mengmengs meridians to her soul sense sea and left a seed there.


Zhang Hans expression changed.

He said to Mengmeng, “Feel the flame.

Cultivate right now.”

“Mengmengs skipped the absorption process”

The others were also a little bemused.

“Whats going on”

Yue Wuwei was the only present who had a rough idea of what was happening.

After some deliberation, he said, “Dont worry.

Generally speaking, when one skips the absorption process, its proved that ones aptitude is dauntingly remarkable.

If Mengmeng couldnt bear the flame, the pearl wouldnt have appeared.”

By far, even Yue Wuwei could not see through Mengmengs aptitude for cultivation.

Sometimes, Mengmeng seemed silly.

But every time she cultivated, she found it very simple and quickly grasped what she needed to learn.

However, the key was that Mengmengs cultivation period was very short.

How long had she cultivated in total to go from scratch to the Innateness Realm The answer was that it was a very brief period.

Yue Wuwei even felt that Mengmengs aptitude was even more strikingly remarkable than Zhang Hans.

Zhang Han was a freak, while Zi Yan was an otherworldly being.

The child they had certainly couldnt be ordinary.


Zhang Han nodded slightly and gazed at Mengmeng.

At this time, the little girl was feeling the changes in her soul sense sea with her eyes closed.

“It seems a little different,” Mengmeng muttered.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said solemnly, “Spiky Spiritual Tortoise!”

The Spiritual Tortoise was the first of the 100 soul sense defensive moves Zhang Han taught Mengmeng.

After she started to cultivate this skill, she directly conjured up the shadow of a strange ancient beast called Spiky Spiritual Tortoise.

Today, Mengmeng made this move again.

The shadow of the Spiky Spiritual Tortoise turned scarlet.

“Youve grasped it so soon”

Yue Wuwei said in surprise, “Mengmeng, youre amazing.”

“I guess Im doing okay.

Its all thanks to Daddys teaching,” Mengmeng said smugly.

“Dad, Mengmeng is learning 100 soul sense skills.

But I dont know any of these.

Why havent you taught me such skills” Yue Xiaonao snorted.

“Isnt it because you dont want to learn”

Speaking of this, Yue Wuwei became a little vexed.

Back then, he tried to persuade Yue Xiaonao to learn some self-defense moves from him, but Yue Xiaonao resolutely objected to it.

Now, she was complaining about it instead.

“Fine, fine, Ill teach you some later,” Yue Wuwei waved his hand and said with resignation.

Then, Yue Xiaonao stopped talking about this matter.

Whether she would learn new skills or not depended on whether she had time.

“Which style are you working on now” Zhang Han asked.

“The eighth style,” Mengmeng replied.


Since you just absorbed the flame, you can try learning two more styles right away.

But learning them doesnt mean youre able to use them.

If you have time, try to practice with the styles repeatedly.

You must deepen your comprehension of these skills so as to control them at will.”


As long as Zhang Han was around, Mengmeng would always be well-behaved.

At this time, she began to cultivate as Zhang Han had told her to.

“Master, I dont think I know any means to use my soul sense to attack.” Mu Xue seized the opportunity and said hurriedly.

“You want to learn something new”

Zhang Han pondered for a moment, then waved his hand.

A ray of light shot out and entered Mu Xues forehead.

“Thank you, Master!”

Mu Xue was taken aback for a moment.

Then, she thanked Zhang Han in surprise before running to the side to comprehend the new skill.

“Master, what about me” Jiang Yanlan said, “I know some soul sense offensive moves, but I dont have any defensive ones.”

“Oh, I see.”

Zhang Han unleashed another ray of light, which flew into Jiang Yanlans head.

“Thank you, Master!”

Jiang Yanlan rejoiced.

She, too, immediately went to the side to meditate.

“Master, the offensive and defensive moves I know are both relatively few in number.” Zhao Feng sighed softly, “As your first disciple, Im under a lot of pressure.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan.

Those two were simply too powerful.

Zhao Feng had always been the last to make headway in cultivation.

In the beginning, Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan were both in a higher realm than him.

Now, he was gradually catching up with them.

No one but him knew how arduous this was.

Thankfully, Zhang Han also took extra care of Zhao Feng.

At this time, after thinking for a while, Zhang Han shot out two beams of light to pass on two kinds of skills to Zhao Feng.

After Zhao Feng obtained his new skills, Instructor Liu and the others began to stare at Zhang Han with expectations.

They wanted to ask Zhang Han to teach them new skills, too.

Yet, they were wondering how to make the request.

“Since youve all reached the Yuan Ying Realm, Ill teach all of you some secret skills centered on soul sense.”

Before they even asked, Zhang Han taught all of them some new skills.

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali had all been given new skills.

Except for Yue Xiaonao, Lisa, Yue Wuwei, Nina, Zhou Fei, Zi Yan, and a few others, all the people present had received some secret skills.

It was as though a session of cultivation had begun.

Almost everyone sat cross-legged on boulders and began cultivating.

“How many secret skills do you know on earth” Yue Wuwei said in surprise.

“How come Zhang Han always has new skills to teach others

“How many times has he passed on his skills to others so far

“From the beginning of these peoples cultivation to their entrance to the Yuan Ying Realm, Zhang Han had taught them at least three times.

How could he know so many secret skills”

Everyone started their cultivation session.

At the same time, the shooting of the film, the funding of the company, the arrangements of residents on the various planets, and all the other projects across the Sea Dragon Star Area were all being carried out according to Liu Qingfengs plan.

Many forces felt as if they were witnessing the rise of a new world.

As for what Liu Qingfeng and the others were building, they had no idea, nor did they dare to ask.

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