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Chapter 1160 The Astounding Thunder Willow

“Since Zhang Hanyang dares to behave like this, he has to bear the consequences.

Does he really think that he can fight against those in the Chaotic Region just because he has the support of a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm Hes too naive.

I thought that Zhang Hanyang was somebody, but I didnt expect him to be a man with strength but no brains.”

Sure enough, as the discussion just began, Evil Broadsword Bai Xi eyed Zhang Han coldly and said, “Very well, lets get started.

I sentence you to death.”


Bai Xi leaped forward and turned into a streak of light.

He was so fast that the naked eye could hardly catch him.

But when he approached Zhang Han, everyone saw that a long broadsword appeared in his right hand.

Bai Xi didnt make any seemingly imposing moves that drew support from the energy of heaven and earth.

Instead, he merely hacked.

His secret skill seemed to have been integrated into this hack.

The hundreds of thousands of people below felt an intense oppressive might.

“Bai Xi is going to kill Zhang Hanyang!”

The people present held their breath.

The long broadsword fell.

At this time, in the eyes of the audience, Zhang Hanyangs seat was like a guillotine, while Evil Broadsword Bai Xi was like an executioner.

His broadsword was getting closer to Zhang Han!

It was just inches away now!

The long broadsword slowly descended.

At this moment, it was as though time had been frozen.

Breezes stopped blowing.

Even the grass on the ground stopped making rustling sounds.


A clear and sharp sound of the collision of weapons, which seemed to resound between heaven and earth, spread out, making peoples ears ring.


“How is this possible”


Many people suddenly stood up, their faces full of horror and disbelief.

Hundreds of thousands of pairs of frightened eyes were fixed at the same place.

Zhang Hanyang, who should have been tried and beheaded, raised his left hand at this time.

He leisurely lifted his middle finger and index finger and gripped the tip of Bai Xis broadsword that was about to hit him.

“He gripped Bai Xis broadsword between his fingers

“Good heavens!”

The expressions of almost all the people present changed greatly.

They never imagined things would turn out like this.

“How could you do this”

Bai Xis pupils rapidly shrank.

His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Son of a bitch!

“He is absolutely not a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator!

“He is also in the God Transformation Realm!”

Bai Xi knew that everyone present had underestimated Zhang Hanyang.

But he didnt have time to think.

He would not trifle with a God Transformation Realm cultivator at the same level as him.

Bai Xi wanted to withdraw his broadsword and retreat.

But he had no idea what kind of person he was facing.


Another astonishing sound made everyones hearts tremble.

The long broadsword in Bai Xis hand was snapped by Zhang Hanyangs two fingers.

“How dare you!”

Bai Xis face paled.

He was incandescent.

However, he knew that Zhang Hanyangs strength absolutely should not be belittled.

He hurriedly activated his defensive secret skill.

As soon as Bai Xi cast a pale golden defensive shield, Zhang Hanyangs right fist descended from the air.

It was the Heavenly Devil Punch!

This was an incredible skill in close combat.

The closer the opponent was, the more powerful this skill would be.

Now, Zhang Han was at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

When he cast this skill, even Evil Broadsword Bai Xi, who had long been a famous fighter, coughed up blood and was sent flying backward.

Bai Xi then fell in the middle of the platform.


This created a dent in the earth.

Bai Xis body fell deep into the ground.

When the others used their soul sense to look for Bai Xi, they found that Bai Xi seemed to have been knocked into the underground river!


The punch Zhang Han threw shocked all the people present!

Even the other members of the 11 families on the scene couldnt remain calm.

They suddenly stood up and looked up at the sky in horror.

There hovered an ordinary chair with an ordinary man on it.

At this moment, however, the man in that chair put everyone else under immense pressure.

“Zhang, Zhang Hanyang turns out to be a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm” The head of the Green Stone Sects face changed dramatically.

Who could have imagined this

Zhang Hanyang was nowhere to be seen during the past few days.

Everyone thought that he had escaped.

As a major sect, the Green Stone Sect jumped out at once to snatch the Cloud Shadow Skys planets.

Indeed, when a wall is about to collapse, everyone gives it a push.

As long as there was something to gain, those forces would refrain from nothing.

Everyone believed that the territories that the Cloud Shadow Sky and Zhang Hanyang just seized would soon be taken away.

But now, this simple punch seemed to have toppled this thought that many shared.

After all, the one who had been sent flying by the punch was Evil Broadsword Bai Xi!

“What should we do”

Many of the higher-ups of the forces who clamored most loudly for the “justified” return of their planets, such as the head of the Green Stone Sect, broke out in a cold sweat.

They felt like they had made a wrong move.

“Now that things have come to this point, lets continue observing.

Whats more, even if Zhang Hanyang is a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm, there will be only two cultivators in the God Transformation Realm in his force.

But there are more than a dozen God Transformation Realm cultivators present.

In addition to the five major families led by the Bai family, the other six families are also here.

Even if Zhang Hanyang is stronger than Bai Xi, he cant fight against more than a dozen God Transformation Realm cultivators at the same time.”

This remark seemed to have restored hope in them.

Many people echoed, “Yeah, look at Ma Zhanfeng and other lords.

They merely look slightly shocked.

They havent lost their grip.

I feel that Bai Xi got knocked over because he had carelessly underestimated his opponent.”

“Thats right.

Bai Xi will show his real strength when he cottons on.

Even though he has suffered a slight injury, it wont affect the overall situation.

Only when Bai Xi is furious can he display the real power of his evil broadsword.

Just wait and see.

Something horrific will occur soon.

Bai Xi and Hu Xiao will definitely launch a bloodbath!”

“Something horrific is about to happen.”

Everyone was shocked both physically and mentally.

They imagined how Evil Broadsword Bai Xi, Hu Xiao, and the others would relentlessly hunt down the Cloud Shadow Sky and its allies in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

That could indeed be considered extremely horrific.


Zhang Han waved his hand casually.

The ropes binding Li Hao and the others immediately disintegrated.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Li Hao and the others swiftly flew into the sky and hovered behind Zhang Han.

“Youve really come.”

Li Hao smiled wryly and said, “The day before the five families issued the order, Guang Shi brought his people over and locked the Cloud Shadow Sky down.

Liu Qingfeng warned me about this before.

But I didnt expect that they would take action so quickly.

Sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

If Li Hao had reacted faster and gone into hiding, this wouldnt have happened.

Li Haos tone carried an apologetic note.

“This is no big deal.”

Zhang Han chuckled and looked at the crowd below.

“Theyre just a bunch of weaklings.”

“What did you say”

The faces of Ma Zhanfeng and the others instantly became ferocious.

Since they could not see through Zhang Hans strength, none of them took the lead to attack.

Even though they didnt attack, it didnt mean that they were afraid of Zhang Han.


All of a sudden, a burst of pent-up laughter came from the depths of the ground.


Bai Xi flew out.

There was still blood at the corner of his mouth.

But he didnt wipe it.

With eyes filled with killing intent, he looked at Zhang Han and said, “Damn you! All of you must die!”

“Zhang Hanyang!” Hu Xiao yelled in a cold voice.

“You provoked a war and ruined the peace in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Today, weve gathered here to give you a trial.

Li Hao from the Cloud Shadow Sky, Zhang Hanyang, and all those involved, must be punished by the death penalty!”


Lin Wanhai, the elder beside Ma Zhanfeng, sighed and remarked, “I didnt intend to take too many lives at first.

But given the current situation, it seems that there is no need to show mercy anymore.”

As he spoke, a bell suddenly appeared in his hand.

It was completely red, only the size of a palm.

At a glance, one would feel captivated by it.

Seeing this bell, an elder from one of the six families watching the trial said, “Lin Wanhai, I never thought that the head of the Lin family Head would give you his Soul-devouring Bell for this occasion.

Looks like the Lin family is also very dissatisfied with the recent chaos in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“Elder Hou, youre shrewd,” Lin Wanhai said.

“Its about time.

Some people have been very arrogant.” Elder Hou did not look up.

He looked up with contempt and said in an unfriendly tone, “Since Zhang Hanyang dares to face the Chaotic Region, he must be ready to bear the consequences.

He is surely young and arrogant.

Hehe, he reminds me of the Ardent Flower.

It blooms once every 30 years.

The faster it blooms, the faster it withers.”

Hearing the words of the old man surnamed Hou, the members of the other families around nodded repeatedly.

They all understood what he meant.

He was telling the man sitting in midair that the more arrogant he was, the sooner he would die.


Their words changed the views of the major sects in the Sea Dragon Star Area sitting below.

“Zhang Hanyang is indeed very powerful.

He turns out to be a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm.

No wonder he was not afraid of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.” The head of the Green Stone Sect shook his head and said, “Its a pity that hes new here, so he doesnt know how terrifying those in the Chaotic Region are.

Even if he is very mighty, he will still lose.

We really have nothing to worry about.”

“Thats right,” another sect leader said, nodding.

“Over the past thousands of years, no matter which force in the Sea Dragon Star Area wanted to rise to prominence, it had to receive the acknowledgment of those in the Chaotic Region.

If anyone wants to go against those in the Chaotic Region, humph, he will die for sure.”

After getting over the initial shock, everyone began to exclaim, sigh, sneer, and show disdain.

There was no doubt that most of the forces had regarded themselves as team members with those in the Chaotic Region.

“Zhang Hanyang, you must die.”

Hu Xiao held up a long spear, ready to attack.

But he was still waiting for others to take the lead.

In the Chaotic Region, Hu Xiao was only a Guardian Elder.

He could not act as a representative.

The real representative was Bai Xi, who had kind of disgraced himself earlier.

His killing intent grew stronger and stronger, which seemed to be turning substantial.

No one looked at Li Hao and the others.

All the forces thought they were merely defeated soldiers.

All the people in the five allied families in the Chaotic Region simultaneously looked up at Zhang Han with coldness in their eyes.

“Are you done talking” Zhang Han remarked.

He didnt turn a hair.

His face was still perfectly calm.

At this moment, it gave people the impression that Zhang Han was merely watching a show.

“Is he being an onlooker

“Or does he think we who are on the ground are stupid clowns

“He belittles us.

He absolutely belittles us!

“Whats the point of talking to him He wouldnt listen anyway!”


In an instant, the expressions of Bai Xi and the others turned even somberer.

The five allied families had a total of 13 people here.

Of them, eight were in the God Transformation Realm, and five were at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

It seemed that a massacre was about to start.

These people slowly rose to the air.

At this time, all the people in the aircraft, including Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Yue Xiaonao, became a little nervous.

“Daddy, you must win!”

Mengmeng crossed her fingers.

Her big shining eyes stopped blinking.

“Dont worry.

Han has made a breakthrough again.

Even if he cant kill those people, he can at least draw a tie with them.” Yue Wuwei chuckled.

Yet, he was proven wrong just after he said that.

Even Yue Wuwei did not expect that Zhang Hans combat ability would improve at such an inconceivable speed.

He looked at the venue in astonishment.

Under the gazes of hundreds of thousands of people, Bai Xi and the other 12 people soared into the air with unstoppable momentum.

A fierce battle, or rather, a massacre, was about to begin.

The head of the Green Stone Sect sneered and said, “How long can Zhang Hanyang and those of the Cloud Shadow Sky hang in there before getting killed Three seconds Five seconds Or rather 10 seconds”

Before these words died away—

“Since youve finished talking, Ill tell you my verdict.”

Zhang Han slowly raised his right hand and lifted a finger.

“The five allied families in the Chaotic Region, Ill kill you!”

“Kill you!”

“Kill you!”

“Kill you!”

The last two words of his remark echoed in the whole venue.


Countless people gasped in horror.

Even Li Hao and the hundred people behind him widened their eyes in astonishment.

They had thought that Zhang Hanyang would first talk with the families.

At the very least, with his identity as a mighty figure in the God Transformation Realm and Yue Wuwei on his side, he was qualified to negotiate with them.

But they never knew that he didnt even intend to negotiate at all.


As soon as Bai Xi waved his hand, a jet of broadsword light that was thousands of feet long shot out, awakening the energy of heaven and earth.

This strike seemed overwhelming, which frightened many people present.

There was a huge gap in strength between the God Transformation Realm and the Yuan Ying Realm, which could be compared to a watershed.

But the gap between the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage and the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage was almost negligible.

The other 12 people also launched attacks one after another.

Judging by the attacks, it seemed that they were going to kill Zhang Hanyang and the nearly a hundred people behind him in one breath.

“Theyre fighting… Come on! Kill them… Pfft!”

The head of the Green Stone Sect was a bit excited at first.

But when he took a closer look, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.


Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

A violent wind whistled by.

The wind carried a dazzling and resplendent glow.

Upon closer observation, the audience found that it was not a wind.

Instead, it was incomparably berserk energy.

“Thunder Control Technique!”

“This is the real Thunder Control Technique! Who on earth is Zhang Hanyang”


The facial expressions of the members of the onlooking six families changed drastically.

But this was just the beginning of the turn of the event.


Zhang Han activated the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea with all his strength.

Back then, ten thousand thunderclouds had been compressed for a long time before forming this Thunderbolt Mark.

Now, after several years of cultivation and coupled with the Great Void Thunder Scripture, the Thunderbolt Mark finally displayed its might.

The pressure that made peoples hearts palpitate swept everywhere.

It was as if there was no safe place here.


A clap of thunder suddenly sounded.

The thunderbolts and wind converged into a towering tree in an instant.

The huge tree was crystal clear.

It was like a treasure, glowing with beauty.

However, Bai Xi and the others, who now looked horrified, felt their lives were in danger!

“Oh no!”

It was not that they had never felt the power of thunderbolts before.

Yet, these thunderbolts carrying special energy made their scalps go numb.

At this moment, they finally understood why Zhang Hanyang had dared to come!

“Hes at God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage!”

Ma Zhanfeng looked incomparably distressed.

He hastily used all kinds of defensive secret skills.

Even a cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage would not be able to crush them.

But Zhang Hanyang knew the Thunder Control Technique.

The cultivation of thunder was rare in the Cultivation World.

Besides, the attack made by the Thunder Control Technique was highly destructive.

Cultivators could absorb and accumulate the energy of thunderbolts from all the places strewn with thunderbolts and then release it when necessary.

In the eyes of Bai Xi and the others, this method was something they had only heard of.

But today, they really saw someone using this method.

Plus, the kind of Thunder Control technique Zhang Han displayed was incredibly powerful.


Under everyones shocked and bemused gazes, the willow branches of the towering tree covered the 13 people below.

The lightning began to flash.

The hundreds of thousands of willow branches seemed to have sprung to life.

This huge willow looked like a carnivorous tree.

“What supernatural power is this”

The six families that were watching the battle were also baffled.

Somehow, they felt staggered.

“How could a supernatural power conjure up such a lively and lethal tree

“It looks like a picture.”

“Crack! Crack! Crack…”


“Zhang Hanyang! Lets talk this out!” In just seconds, 15 of Ma Zhanfengs 17 layers of defense had been destroyed, leaving only two layers keeping him safe.

Ma Zhanfeng was in a panic now.

He shouted at the top of his voice, “Spare me, please! Everything is open to negotiation!”

“Zhang Hanyang! Argh!”

Hu Xiao had just entered the God Transformation Realm.

He hadnt even had a chance to enjoy the benefits brought about by his newfound strength.

Yet, the branches of thunderbolts whipped him relentlessly and tore his body up.

Even his Yuan Ying didnt get to escape.

After letting out two howls, Hu Xiao perished.

Hu Xiao came here very aggressively.

But after minutes, he was killed.

Apart from the God Transformation Realm cultivators present, the others who were at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage followed closely behind Hu Xiao.

After Hu Xiao died, their faces turned deathly pale.

They couldnt even speak, let alone defend themselves.

All of them died in the next moment.

Evil Broadsword Bai Xi, a renowned powerful cultivator, looked horror-stricken at this moment.

It was as if he had seen a ghost.

Only those who were trapped could fully understand the might of the Thunder Willow.

“You! How could you!”

Bai Xi angrily waved his broken broadsword.

Dozens of Thunder Willows branches were cut up, but hundreds of more immediately swept at him.

“No way!”

There was no place for Bai Xi to hide.

The surrounding space had been sealed.

Bai Xi even felt like he was trapped in a Heaven-earth Formation.

“This cant be happening!


“I hate you!”

Bai Xis last few roars spread far and wide.

Evil Broadsword Bai Xi was killed, too.

Ma Zhanfeng, who was not far from him, had only one layer of defense left.

He frenetically channeled his spiritual force into the last layer of defense and fetched out five kinds of defensive treasures.

He only had limited time to plead for mercy.

“Zhang Hanyang!

“My lord!


“Lord Zhang, lets talk! Please stop attacking!

“Ill pay you if you spare me!

“Dont kill me! Listen… Aaaah!”

Ma Zhanfeng died, too.

Hearing this, the hundreds of thousands of people below were in dismay.

“Are they really members of the families in the Chaotic Region

“They used to be high and mighty.

But in the face of Zhang Hanyang, they are unable to put up a fight.

Theyre even begging for mercy.

“Zhang Hanyang is too terrifying! Where exactly did this monster come from”

Guang Shi took a deep breath and watched his last layer of defense be destroyed.

He wanted to say something.

In the end, he bellowed, “Even if I die, you wont have an easy time!”

With that said, Guang Shi detonated his Yuan Ying by himself.

“Dont you know how to control thunder

“There are so many thunderbolts here.

You must have accumulated these over many years, right

“Well, since you wont show mercy, Ill detonate myself and make you lose more thunderbolts!”

Guang Shi thought it was a smart idea.

But what happened was not as he planned.

His self-detonation obliterated hundreds of thunderbolts.

However, at the same time, the elder of the Xuan family who was dozens of meters away yelled, “Guang Shi! F*ck!”

He widened his eyes in horror.

This elder still had a dozen or so layers of defense.

He was on the edge of the Thunder Willow.

At this moment, he was fleeing to the outside.

If he cooperated with the members of the six other families outside, he might have a chance to escape.

But his chance was ruined by Guang Shi.

The energy produced by Guang Shis self-detonation instantly destroyed the defensive layers the elder of the Xuan family had.

His layers of defense faded one after another…

In an instant, the elder of the Xuan family died.


The last few roars were heard.

Then, the whole venue fell into a dead silence.

The 13 high-position members of the allied Ma family, Guang family, Xuan family, Bai family, and Lin family had all died.


The Thunder Willow slowly dissipated.

It was as if it had never existed.

Zhang Han was still in the air a hundred meters above the ground, sitting in an ordinary chair and dressed in ordinary clothes.

However, at this time, he looked like a king who decided anyones life and death.

Many people had seen how the Tiger God made an entrance on the Eagle Wing Star.

In comparison, Zhang Hanyang was the real king.

His power was blood-curdling.

He just killed 13 people with a wave of his hand.

Many of them were in the God Transformation Realm.

Even the mighty Evil Broadsword Bai Xi was among the victims.


The head of the Green Stone Sect was flabbergasted.

He murmured to himself, “Why did this happen Why How, how can he be so strong”

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