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Chapter 1162 Flattening the Chaotic Region

However, these forces only made up a small part of the whole.

Most of the people present, including many of the Neutral Forces, were still very calm.

At the very least, they were clearly aware that all of this had nothing to do with them.

But the dozens of palm prints sent a chill down everyones spine.

The former allies of the Cloud Shadow Sky became worried at this moment.

Days ago, a lot of them had participated in condemning Zhang Hanyang.

So far, the representatives of the five allied families had been killed, and those from three of the other six families had met their dooms under Hou Qiangs leadership.

The ones who tried to seize more territories had been wiped out, too.

Next, would Zhang Hanyang begin to target those who denounced him

Many people felt as if their hearts were in their mouths.


An old man with a pale face couldnt stand the torture of the looming death up in the air any longer.

He suddenly jumped out and said, “Im sorry, Lord Zhang.

I disrespected you a few days ago.

Because you were nowhere to be seen, the five families planned to kill all of us.

That was why I said those things.

I truly didnt have a choice.

Lord Zhang, please spare me!”

“Lord Zhang, please spare me!”

Everyone in the old mans sect bowed and begged for mercy.

They were extremely humble.

In fact, all the people had noticed that even the God Transformation Realm cultivators in the remaining three families on the platform were respectful in front of Zhang Han.

Thus, the others felt they were not qualified or bold enough to talk to Zhang Hanyang as his equals.

Zhang Han seemed cool and collected in the face of them.

Li Hao went over and told Zhang Han something with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“Thump, thump…”

The hearts of those begging for forgiveness beat violently.

Five seconds later, Zhang Han nodded and replied, “Okay.”


Then, Zhang Han turned into a streak of light and returned to the most beautiful Blue Butterfly in the lead.

All aircraft soon returned to the Thunder Kings.

The people beside Li Hao also hurried back to the Thunder King in the middle.

Li Hao, however, floated in midair and looked around.

In a carrying voice, he declared, “In desperation, you more or less made some comments.

Considering that we used to be in an alliance, I have talked with Zhang Hanyang.

Hes decided not to look into this matter.

But if there is a next time, we absolutely wont tolerate it.”


When Li Hao finished saying this, he directly returned to the Thunder King.


These people below heaved a long sigh of relief.

Many people even began to wipe the beads of perspiration off their foreheads.

They felt that their backs were drenched in a cold sweat.


Under hundreds of thousands of gazes, the Thunder Kings slowly rose into the air, turned around, and jumped into the secondary space a minute later.

Everyone looked in the direction where the Thunder Kings were heading before disappearing.

“He, he is really going to the Chaotic Region!”

The members of the remaining three families all smiled wryly.

“Hes really going to destroy the five allied families Is it really possible Their Heaven-earth Formation alone is very difficult to deal with.”

“There are only more than 20 God Transformation Realm cultivators among those five families.

Given Zhang Hanyangs power, if he launches frontal attacks, the five families might really be destroyed.”

“Oh my god, Zhang Hanyangs appearance is simply a disaster.

Even those in the Chaotic Region cant stop him, can they”

“He is not just after the five families.”

The man Zhang Han questioned said in a trembling voice, “Hes after eight families! I told him, I told him the names of the three families in league with Hou Qiang.”


The people around were immediately startled.

The 11 families had controlled the Sea Dragon Star Area for more than a thousand years.

Now, Zhang Hanyang had come to the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Was he really going to start a war with eight of the 11 families

The people of the three families on the platform talked without using the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Thus, many people off the platform heard their conversation clearly, which sent them into an uproar.

“Zhang Hanyang is heading for the Chaotic Region to start a war!”

“Hes a man of his word.

This… will shock the world.

Whether he wins or not, Zhang Hanyang will truly overawe the world with his power!”

“He kills people without any hesitation and never spares his enemies.

Zhang Hanyang is really cruel.

Hes even more ruthless than Evil Broadsword Bai Xi.”

“Is a new overlord about to appear in our Sea Dragon Star Area”

All of a sudden, many similar views were heard in the crowd.

“Shall we go watch the war in the Chaotic Region”

“The representatives of the three families have soared to the air.

They are going to watch the war.”

“Over the past thousand years, no one had dared to challenge the prestige of those in the Chaotic Region.

Today, Zhang Hanyang is going to conquer the eight families there.

This will certainly go into history.

What the hell! I must watch this war with my own eyes.”


Tens of thousands of people flew into the air and headed for their own spaceships.

The spaceships turned around and leaped into the secondary space, heading straight for the Chaotic Region.

The flight would take about two hours.

It was a very short journey.

Many people from the various powers began to discuss the matter in their spaceships.

“Ive found the locations of the 11 families in the Chaotic Region.

The first one well pass by is the Bai family.”

“It is said that the Bai family has a very powerful Heaven-earth Formation.

Even if a cultivator at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage comes to attack the Bai family, he will have to leave in defeat.”

“No matter how powerful Zhang Hanyang is, its impossible for him to break the Heaven-earth Formation in a short time.

Whats more, the Bai family is the most powerful one of the 11 families.

There are several mighty figures in the God Transformation Realm and a Grand Master at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage in that family.

Maybe this battle will reach a stalemate.”

“Who will win Zhang Hanyang or the Bai family”

“Just wait and see.”

The intelligent system said, “We will be leaving the secondary space on the countdown of five.

Five, four, three, two, one.”

Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!

Hundreds of spaceships jumped out of the secondary space and came to the vicinity of the Bai familys planet.

But what came into their sight was a planet in ruins.

There was only half of the Bai familys gate that still stood erect on the planet below.

What kind of destruction had this place suffered

Everyone was flabbergasted.

“What happened”

“No way! No matter how fast the Thunder Kings are, they can only get here half an hour earlier than us! How come the Bai family has been reduced to ruins”

“Did Zhang Hanyang do this”


“Look! There are flames and smoke all over the planet.

Doesnt this prove that a battle has just occurred here”

All the spaceships were gripped by a dead silence for dozens of seconds.

Then, the people on those spaceships burst into uproars.

“Quick! Go to the next stop.”

“Where is it”

“The Guang family on the North Ice Star! Its a 20-minute flight.”

“The Guang family has the most powerful protective formation, so maybe the battle will still be on when we get there.”

The hundreds of spaceships jumped into the secondary space again.

They traveled at full speed.

But when they reached the North Ice Star, all that they saw was still ruins.

“Am I dreaming”

This view made the hundreds of thousands of people tremble in fear.

Nothing could be more terrifying than this.

“This is the Chaotic Region! Its a place that symbolizes the supreme might in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

“Now, this place is actually going through such a calamity!

“Zhang Hanyang alone has flattened this region! How can this be”

Those spaceships jumped into the secondary space again.

Many forces considered where to go.

Then, they didnt rush to the next nearest family.

Instead, they passed by it and went to the second nearest one.

After all, they didnt want to see ruins every time.

What they wanted to see was how these families were reduced to ruins!

This whole thing also stupefied everyone in Zhang Hans force, including Yue Wuwei.

“What kind of combat ability is this”

Even the people from the three families that had arrived right after Zhang Hans force were astounded.

When the Thunder Kings arrived at the Bai familys planet and hovered above the Bai familys huge manor, the guards noticed them at once.


Zhang Han left his Thunder King and flew straight down to the manor.

At this moment, the guards still had no idea what would happen next.

“Who are you Why have you come to our Bai family”

Two of the guards frowned.

Since the other party didnt respond, they sent out warnings.


“Well kill you if you take one more step ahead!”

“Get him!”

This squad had five people.

They were all at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

At this time, they were standing in front of the small space station.

Just as they were about to move—

“Youre annoying,” Zhang Han snarled and waved his right hand.

The Overlapped Mountains, one of his supernatural power, appeared.



“No! This is impossible!”


The five people and the space stations were pulverized into nothingness by the Overlapped Mountains.


The Bai familys protective formation emerged.

Normally, it would take a long time and a lot of effort to break through such a powerful formation by force.

But the one attacking it was Zhang Han.


Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han waved his hand.

More than 10,000 top-grade crystal stones flew out along with hundreds of treasures that served as formation eyes.

In an instant, a huge formation was formed.

This fight became the confrontation of formations.

The two formations collided with each other.

What made peoples hair stand on end was that the formation Zhang Han cast seemed to have turned into a behemoth and was quickly devouring the Bai familys Heaven-earth Formation.

One second, two seconds… three seconds later, the Bai familys Heaven-earth Formation was broken!

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

Three main vessels appeared behind the Thunder Kings.

On these main vessels were the members of the three families who had just arrived.

They were just in time to see Zhang Han shatter the formation.


“Is this real”

“Did he just break the Heaven-earth Formation in an instant”

“Who on earth is Zhang Hanyang”

“Crap! I can sense that a calamity is about to descend upon the Chaotic Region.”

On the planet, the Bai family was in an upheaval.

“Who dares to make trouble right above our Bai familys planet”

“Youre courting death!”

Only dozens of cultivators rushed over.

Yet, they were killed as soon as they reached Zhang Hans formation.

Faced with the enormous Star Map and the Thunder Sea, they were unable to put up the slightest resistance.

“This is bad!”

“Quick, notify our Grand Master!”

“We have a strong enemy! Warning! A strong… Pfft!”

At this time, the pupils of the three families on the main vessels contracted rapidly.

“Hes starting a massacre!”

“He really dares to launch a bloodbath.”

“He is waging war against the eight families!”

“So the rumors are all true.”

“There is a Grand Master at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage in the Bai family.

It is said that he has lived for 1,600 years, and his strength is extremely terrifying.

As long as he comes out of seclusion, Zhang Hanyang may not be his match.

There is a big gap between the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage and the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.

Maybe that Grand Master has already advanced to the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.”

Just as someone said this, Zhang Han looked in the direction of a giant peak and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“He is cultivating in seclusion”

Yue Wuwei had also sensed that there was a cultivators abode on the top of that giant mountain, in which someone at the God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage was cultivating in seclusion.

It seemed that he was about to gain some new comprehension, and his aura was quite erratic.

“Alas, this is his fate.”

Yue Wuwei shook his head.

A cultivator was most vulnerable when he or she was about to make a breakthrough during reclusive cultivation.

This Grand Master was not on guard at all.

However, one should remain vigilant no matter where one was.

Could it be that since the Bai family had enjoyed peace for a thousand years, the Grand Master thought he could shelf his vigilance

“Pluto Incantation—Soul Devourer.”

“Pluto Incantation—Spirit Destruction!”

Zhang Han cast two spells.

No one understood the incantations Zhang Han murmured.

Although the movements of his lips could barely be perceived, wisps of energy of the incantations quickly emerged and covered the people heading for the giant peak.

But these people didnt seem to have noticed the energy.

Many people behind them shouted, “Watch out!”

However, it was of no avail.

The two curse spells easily entered the bodies of the people going to the peak to seek help from their Grand Master.

Glints of black light gradually emerged in their eyes.

“Well, Grand Master, weve come to ask for help!”

These people showed a sinister smile before they flashed their tokens and entered the cultivators abode in the giant peak.

Three seconds later—


A furious roar came from the giant peak.


The earth quaked.

The mountain cracked.

Boulders flew in all directions.

The whole mountain peak seemed to have been hit by an enormous force from inside.

Seconds later, the peak collapsed, and a man with a rampant aura flew out.

It was none other than the Bai familys Grand Master.

Blood was gushing out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Also, he was short of breath.

Clearly, he was seriously injured.

When he was making his breakthrough, he was attacked and hit by Zhang Hans curses.

But he was already very lucky because he hadnt died yet.

“Y-You are Its you!”

The Bai familys Grand Master widened his eyes in anger.

Yet, when he saw Zhang Han, his face instantly turned pale, and he couldnt stop trembling.

“Grand Master, kill him!”

“Grand Master, please make your move!”

“Grand Master, youve finally finished the reclusive cultivation!”

With the exclamations of dozens of the members of the Bai family, the Grand Master of the Bai family felt as though he was being strangled.

His eyes became wider and wider.

His aura became more and more chaotic.

Next, he was scared to death!


The Grand Master of the Bai family fell to the ground, his aura completely gone.


The people of the Bai family were stunned.

They never thought this could happen.

Their faces were all pale.

“Who are you” the head of the Bai family looked up and asked.

“You sent people out to give me a trial.

Now, you cant even recognize me” Zhang Han replied coolly.

“Its you!”

The head of the Bai family changed his expression.

He became dispirited at once.

“Im not his match.

Im certainly not.”

“Y-Youre actually this powerful! We have underestimated you.

The entire Sea Dragon Star Area has underestimated you.”

The remark of the head of the Bai family did not stop Zhang Han.

In just five seconds, the Bai family was wiped out.

The people of the three families in the main vessels watched the whole process.

They were all dumbstruck.

“The Bai family has been destroyed”

“Yes, the Bai family is gone.

Even the most powerful family in the Chaotic Region has failed to stop Zhang Hanyang.

Who else in the world can stop him”

“Our Chaotic Region is truly going through tribulation.

This is simply a disaster.”

“Why is he so strong”

The faces of the people of the three families were written with shock and horror.

They finally realized what kind of person theyd provoked.

Just as Zhang Han was about to turn around and fly away, he looked sideways at the body of the Grand Master of the Bai family.

A sneer appeared on his face.

“Do you think your trick can fool me”

After Zhang Han said this, the Grand Master of the Bai family still lay there, motionless.


Zhang Han casually unleashed a jet of light.

It shot into the body of the Grand Master of the Bai family.


The sound of something being burnt was heard.


The Grand Master of the Bai family let out a blood-curdling scream.

His Yuan Ying rapidly flew up and began to melt.

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, please spare me!

“I, Bai Zhanfeng, deserve to die thousands of times.

Im sorry I failed to teach my disciples well.

They are already dead.

Taoist, please spare the humble me.

I am willing to be your slave forever.


While howling in pain, the Grand Master begged for mercy loudly.

Hearing this, the members of the three families were all astonished.

“The Grand Master of the Bai family actually, actually…”


Zhang Han came to a halt and looked at the Grand Master.

“Do you know me”

“How come there is a cultivator in the Sea Dragon Star Area who knows me”

“Arent you Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Ive seen your glorious demeanor in the Disarray Star Area before.

Ouch! Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord, please show mercy and spare me.”

“Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Disarray Star Area” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Have you ever heard of Han Yang Immortal”

“No, never heard of it.”


Zhang Han shook his head slightly, wheeled around, and flew toward the Thunder King.


The Grand Master of the Bai family roared, “Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord! You will die miserably! You bullied and humiliated us with the power of the supreme Integration Realm! Youll pay for it someday!”

“Haha, youve mistaken me for someone else,” Zhang Han said.

After that, he smiled faintly and left without looking back.


The Grand Master of the Bai family let out his final roar before he perished.

After Zhang Han went back to the Thunder King, Yue Wuwei looked at him with a smile and asked, “Youve been to the Cultivation World before, havent you”

Zhang Han smiled but didnt say anything.

This piqued everyones curiosity.

“Is Treasure-loaded Taoist Lord Zhang Han himself or someone related to him

“He is a supreme cultivator in the Integration Realm

“Well, Zhang Han seems more and more mysterious.”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

The Thunder Kings continued to travel.

The three main vessels behind also followed them into the secondary space.

Those people on the main vessels were also stunned by the last remark the Grand Master of the Bai family made.

“Zhang Hanyang… is a supreme cultivator in the Integration Realm”

“Those in the Void-refining Realm are already big shots that we have to look up to, not to mention those in the Integration Realm.

Were perhaps unable to reach the Void-refining Realm even with a lifetimes hard work.”

“No matter what the Grand Master of the Bai family said, at least, we now know that no one can stop the aggressive Zhang Hanyang.”

“Maybe the Guang familys Heaven-earth Formation can hold him up for a moment, dont you think so After all, the Guang familys Heaven-earth Formation is the strongest.”

However, when they arrived at the Guang family on the North Ice Star, they saw that the strongest Heaven-earth Formation was easily torn up by Zhang Hanyang as if it were made of paper.

After all, in terms of the art of formations, few people in the Sea Dragon Star Area, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, or the entire Cultivation World were Zhang Hans rivals.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Five minutes later, the Guang family was annihilated.


The spaceships once more entered the secondary space.

“Hurry! Hurry up! The next one is our Wu family! We cant let Zhang Hanyang hurt our people by accident!”

The faces of the people on one of the main vessels paled drastically.

The main vessels quickly flew over.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Han and the others truly came to the Wu family.

At this time, everyone in the Wu family was hovering in the sky high above the ground.

The Heaven-earth Formation was fully activated.

It seemed that they were facing formidable enemies.

It could be seen that many people had cold sweat on their foreheads, and their faces were pallid.

The representatives of the Wu family had already informed them of Zhang Hans arrival.

Thus, the Wu family had made preparations for this.

“Were on your side!”

The head of the Wu family, who was in the lead, said cautiously, “Were on the same team.

Your Excellency, dont attack us.

Were not one of the eight families.”


The Thunder Kings in front of the Wu family slowly moved away.

They headed forward, ready to jump into the secondary space.

At this time, a person flew out from another main vessel and said loudly, “Your Excellency, the next stop is the Xi family.

They are our own people.

The stop next to that is the Hou family.

Theyre one of the eight families!”

This person didnt have any communication treasure to inform his family in the Chaotic Region, so he called out in haste.

Someone from a different spaceship quickly flew out and said anxiously, “The seventh stop is our Jiang family.

Your Excellency, please dont accidentally harm them!”

After that, he hurried back to the spaceship.

It traveled forward, ready to jump into the secondary space and trace the Thunder Kings.

Seeing their attitude, everyone on the Thunder Kings showed different expressions on their faces.

“The families in the Chaotic Region have been terrified by Zhang Hans slaughter!”

Li Haos facial muscles couldnt stop trembling.

This was the first time in thousands of years that something like this had happened.

Now, those in the Chaotic Region respectfully called Zhang Han His Excellency.

“After this slaughter, no one in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area will dare to be wilfully again,” Liu Qingfeng said slowly.

Obviously, after Zhang Han suppressed those in the Chaotic Region, no one dared to defy him anymore!

This was because anyone who disobeyed Zhang Han would die.

“What kind of person is Zhang Han on earth”

Liu Qingfeng kept glancing at Zhang Han.

He sighed inwardly with emotion.

“Zhang Han is simply a god that others can only look up to since his birth.”

Finally, the spaceships came to the third stop, the Ma family.

The various forces of the Sea Dragon Star Area had caught up to them by this time.

But what they saw caused their hearts to palpitate with terror.

“Zhang Hanyang is fighting on his own”

“His attacks have forced the people of the Ma family into fleeing.”

“How did he do this Its just been a few hours.

But both the Bai family and the Guang family have been destroyed.

Now, the Ma family is perishing, too.”

“The Sea Dragon Star Area has really had a new king.

He is too strong.

From today on, there will be no one who can confront Zhang Hanyang!”

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