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Chapter 1169 Cant Afford to Mess with Him

“The release of the Interstellar War, the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys new film, is suspected to have been rescheduled.

Is it because they are afraid that their film will be eclipsed by the two huge-budget films produced by the Dark Gold Entertainment Company if it is screened on the same day with those two films”

“This is shocking.

The Interstellar War turns out to be merely…”

“According to some staff in the know, the reason why the Interstellar War is rescheduled is actually…”

The hype lasted for several days.

Zi Yan had a lot of fans, so many people paid close attention to the Interstellar War.

As a result, they all knew about the Dark Gold Entertainment Company.

In terms of the hype, the Dark Gold Entertainment Company had done a very good job.

In the meeting, President Li and the others even believed that wealth could only be sought amidst risks.

As long as the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys film was not particularly stunning, they could still win with the two films they made.

Their imagination was wonderful.

Sadly, the reality was cruel.

On April 1st, the Fools Day…

“The official trailer of the Interstellar War will be released today.

Is everyone ready”

That day, at noon, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company released the trailer on their official website.

All the media soon spread the news.

When the fans clicked the video open—

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

Low and deep music began to play, filling everyones ears.

The beginning of the trailer was short.

It was the opening introduction of the Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

After that, the story of the trailer started.

“This trial decides the survival of the Cloud Shadow Sky.

I must win!”

“Those from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family Haha, I, Li Mu, have no fear of them!”


After a few scenes that showed the Lost Continent, the scene switched to the Roland Star.

“I must go to Ninas Coming of Age Ceremony.”

“Hu Qi! How dare you!”

Here came the conflict.

Then, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and Cloud Shadow Sky were about to start a war.

They were deploying their troops.

Each party had nearly a thousand spaceships and densely packed aircraft.

Hu Tianshan appeared on the camera.

He had activated his red mecha.

Li Hao, the Sect Leader of the Cloud Shadow Sky, made the pre-battle declaration before the millions of fighters.

They were setting off.

The huge army was advancing!

The war broke out!

At this moment, the pace of the background music quickened!

It caused the audience to feel quite tense.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The next was a series of scenes on the battlefield.

There were enormous main vessels, incomparably ferocious and huge strange beast, a 100-meter-tall red mecha, and breath-taking strikes of all colors!

But the scene of the battle only lasted for about 10 seconds.

Then, the scene changed.

A sorrowful voice said, “Though Ill die today, my name, Hu Tianshan, will go down in history.

Future generations will know that I am a hero enjoying eternal glory.


As soon as Hu Tianshan became petrified—


The scene gradually turned dark, for the trailer came to an end.

All the netizens went into an uproar!

All the trending topics and headlines on major media were about this trailer!

In just two hours, this trailer became the hottest topic online.

In just three hours, seven of the top ten popular reports were about the Interstellar War.

Five hours later, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company appeared on the trending list!

All the netizens were exclaiming wildly.

“God, oh my God, this is amazing.

Heavens, I never thought movies could be made like this.”

“The special effect is kick-ass! Its so real! Its like this is a real war!”

“Yes, I must watch it.

With this trailer alone, I must go to the cinema to watch the film.

The two films made by the Dark Gold Entertainment Company can ** off!”

“Masterpiece! This is absolutely a masterpiece that will become a hit around the world!”

Many people even visited Dark Gold Entertainment Companys Weibo or the website to leave comments on the two films that were about to be released.

“Could you please make way for the Interstellar War”

“Dont occupy the time of the Labor Day.

Let the Interstellar War be screened a few more times in the cinema.”

“Dont you know how lame the trailers of the two films you made are”

Trolls were everywhere.

In normal times, many people would think that it was not reasonable to attack the other two films.

After all, the release of the two films wouldnt do any harm.

But the trolls didnt even bother to soften their harsh tones.

These trolls were truly hateful.

But today, no one stepped up to accuse these trolls.

Some professionals even took those trolls side.

“As I said before, those headlines are fake.

The Purple Moon Entertainment Company is the company that produced the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now theyve made a movie again, it must be of high quality.

Why would they be afraid of competing against the Dark Gold Entertainment Company”

“According to my analysis, based on the trailer released by the Purple Moon Entertainment Company, Im sure that every second of this 61-second-long trailer is costly.

Each second probably costs hundreds of thousands of yuan.

How much did this 61-second-long trailer cost Everyone can do the math.

The whole film is estimated to last for two hours.

The Purple Moon Entertainment Company is really a good company.

They have poured their thoughts and resources into the plot and special effects of the film.

By contrast, some other company is only boasting the films by hiring online celebrities and trashing the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys reputation.

I think they have picked the wrong target.”

“Ahem… Bah! Dark Gold Entertainment Company, you deserve to be humiliated!”

In the beginning, the netizens did not mind the hype of the Dark Gold Entertainment Company.

Many people didnt even know why it had become a trending topic.

Gradually, more and more comments belittled the Interstellar War and praised the Dark Gold Entertainment Company.

Originally, after watching the video released before, many netizens were looking forward to the Interstellar War.

Naturally, the malicious comments annoyed them.

However, since the trailer was not released at that time, they didnt know the story or the plot of the film.

Thus, they had been holding up their anger.

Later, the Dark Gold Entertainment Company continued to attack the Interstellar War.

They believed that as long as the trailer of Interstellar War was not as amazing as expected, their promotion would be considered successful.

The competition in the film industry had always been eye-catching.

But this time, they were wrong.

At first, those in the Dark Gold Entertainment Company were a little confused.

“Why hasnt the Purple Moon Entertainment Company fought back”

It was not until now that they realized that the Purple Moon Entertainment Company hadnt even regarded them as opponents!

It was too much pressure to compete with such a popular movie.

As the movie made by the Purple Moon Entertainment Company was of high quality, the appraisal of the other films would take a toll.

“How come the rating of our films has dropped to seven points even before they are released”

The higher-ups of the Dark Gold Entertainment Company began to worry.

After thinking for quite a while, the head of the company announced, “Due to some production issues, the release of our companys two films will be postponed to the first of June.”

Many netizens left comments below the news one after another.

“Are you scared”

“Tut-tut, I thought youre tough.

But you turned out to be a wuss.”

“If you dont dare to compete with the Interstellar War, just admit it.

Why say its due to production issues”

Sun Dongheng didnt respond to this at first.

After waiting for five days, when the other party got down to work and really rescheduled their films to the first of June, Sun Dongheng released a piece of news.

“Because of the production issues, the release of our companys Interstellar War will be postponed to June 1st.”


To President Li of the Dark Gold Entertainment Company, this news was a bolt from the blue.


After cursing, he began to think of another way.

Many people left comments on Sun Donghengs Weibo to complain.

“What are you doing We are still waiting to watch the movie.

May 1st is coming soon.

Why did you reschedule”

“Dongheng, my dear, come on.

We already know youre powerful.

Dont mind that Dark Gold Entertainment Company.

Just screen the film as planned.”

“You want us to wait for another month How can you do that to us”

“Hahaha, I dont want to wait.

I even want to watch the film tomorrow.

Still, I feel good about the reschedule.

I think Dark Gold Entertainment Company will have to hold meetings and work overtime again.”

“How can you reschedule the film so willingly”

As the discussion went on, this news attracted more attention.

“Can the schedule of films be changed at will” everyone wondered.

Regarding this, the authority released a message.

“Because of the overwhelming discussion of this matter, we now declare that the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys Interstellar War has not applied for a reschedule.

Due to some special circumstances, the applications of the two films of the Dark Gold Entertainment Company are still being processed.

We hope that the leaders of some companies can stop spreading false news.”

In less than 10 minutes, Sun Dongheng released a message.

“Oh, Im sorry.

My Weibo account was stolen.

The last remark was not made by me.”


The netizens started teasing.

“Is it true or false Your skill in lying is as awkward as your acting.”

The number of likes given to this message exceeded 100,000 within minutes, which made it the most popular comment.

Sun Dongheng replied online, “Well, thank you for pointing that out.”

Soon, someone else left another comment.

“Dongheng, you are so bad.

You didnt even delete your last Weibo message.

How can you say that your account was stolen Hehe, who would believe you”

All kinds of comments poured in.

But the netizens were very happy that the schedule had not really changed.

After having enough fun, Sun Dongheng sent another message.

“Okay, Im done with this game.

Its not interesting anymore.

I just hope a certain company wont go too far.

If you play some dirty tricks, your company may go bankrupt.”

As soon as the message appeared, President Li of the Dark Gold Entertainment Company was so angry that he actually laughed out of anger.

“Hahaha, its really impressive.

Theyre really amazing.

They can make our company go bankrupt Like that can happen!”


At this time, sitting in the conference room, President Li felt relieved.

He began to think about the second round of promotion.

At this time, his private phone rang.

“Chairman Ming, what can I do for you


“You want me to go to Xiangjiang to apologize”


His phone fell on the table.

The last remark Chairman Ming told him before hanging up the phone was ringing in his head.

“Go apologize and Ill demote you to vice president.

If you dont apologize, the whole industry will banish you.

Your future is up to this choice.

Hope youll make the right one.”

In an instant, President Li was dumbfounded.

All of a sudden, he found that he might have offended a big wig that even Chairman Ming couldnt afford to upset.

It had been confirmed that the Interstellar War would be screened on May 1st.

Because of the trailer, many people were looking forward to it.

In addition, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company was the company that produced the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Zi Yan, a superstar, appeared in the last part of the trailer, so did her famous husband.

Everyone was envious of this couple.

Therefore, by the time April 27th arrived—

“Sh*t! The film tickets on Labor Day are already sold out!”

“The tickets for May 2nd are sold out, too.

Whats going on Didnt they just start selling the tickets”

“Bro, just as you spoke, the tickets on May 3rd were taken, too.”

“Hey, I have good news for you.

The tickets on May 4th are also gone.”

“Oh my… I directly checked the tickets on May 6th and finally got two, but that screening is late at night.”

The popularity of this film was astonishing.

Early in the morning on April 31st, the entrances of all the cinemas were packed with people.

“I thought the number of tickets sold is fake.

However, it turns out that there are really so many buyers.”

“This is terrifying!”

“Hey! Who is stepping on me Dont push, okay”

“Where is my shoe My shoe is gone! Dont push!”

“Move backward.

Why are you pushing Will you take the responsibility if you hurt the pretty woman in the front”

Entering cinemas at this time was quite a challenge.

Finally, it was the moment that everyone had been looking forward to.

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

It was a normal opening.

After the Purple Moon Entertainment Companys advertisement, the film was officially on.

The story began.

“Oh my God, the special effect is already so amazing at the beginning! How could the fight be so fierce”


“Holy cow! This is awesome!”

“Hu Tianshan has shown up.

Its so cool.”

“Sadly, he died in the end.”

“Why do I feel that Li Mu is not that miraculous as he said This leading role has not been given too much preferential treatment in this film.

Other people stole his thunder.

He is a bit silly.

Thats kind of adorable.”

Li Mu was sitting in a row at the rear in a cinema in Xiangjiang.

His face darkened when he heard this comment.

He really wanted to shout, “Im the leading actor!”

Two and a half hours later, the movie came to an end.

The viewers were all excited.

They all took out their mobile phones and posted their comments on their Wechat Moments.

Some sighed with emotion that the war in the movie was very real and terrifying.

Some said that the casts acting skills were also very good and not awkward at all.

There was a cascade of rave reviews.

The ratings of this movie on all the apps were very high.

The box office income also shocked the world.

Even a movie magnate in Hollywood was amazed.

After watching the movie, the president of the company was silent for a long time.

In the end, he gave an order.

“Cancel the movie about an interstellar war that weve been planning to make.

A classic with this theme has appeared.

No matter how well we film, we cant compete with this one.

The Purple Moon Entertainment Company is really formidable.”

Artists praised it even more.

“I feel like Ive seen the real battlefield, where blood flowed like a river, and the two sides were fighting relentlessly.

I must thank the Purple Moon Entertainment Company for making such a valuable, meaningful movie.”

There was no doubt that this was the most successful movie in recent years.

The total box office income around the globe was 4.35 billion US dollars.

It didnt break the record, which was also set by a film produced by the Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

However, the people in this industry were all astonished by this number.

Why was that

It was because when the Pirates of the Caribbean and the movie made by Hollywood were in competition, both sides bought a lot of tickets themselves, so the box office income looked strikingly high.

But the box office income of the Interstellar War was real.

It was conceivable that Purple Moon Entertainment Company would make a fortune.

However, Zhang Han and Zi Yan didnt really care about money.

They were not interested in how much money this movie could make them.

Anyway, they didnt see this scene.

In May, Zhang Hans group would perhaps fight in a mysterious place.

At the end of March, Mengmeng took her first monthly exam.

“Daddy, Mummy, I won first place again.”

Mengmeng flaunted the transcript and said with a snort, “Theres more! The three of us completed the exam paper for the first semester of the third year of junior high.

My grades rank among the top three even in the third year of junior high.”

“Youre incredible!” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He glanced at the transcript and found that Mengmeng had full marks in almost all subjects.

This result caused Zi Yan to feel resigned.

“How could my daughter be so smart!”

“Since you are so good, I will give you some time off as we have agreed!” Zhang Han said, beaming.

But at the next moment, his smile stiffened.

Mengmeng ran to Zi Yan and said, “Daddy, your consent doesnt count.

I still need to get Mummys permission.”

“If I agree, is there any reward” Zi Yan grinned.

“Er, how about kisses”

“Who wants your kisses I dont anyway.”


Mengmengs pretty face fell.

Her eyes became bitter.

“How about Daddy kiss you” Mengmeng asked again.


“Then, how about I promise that Ill only listen to Mummy but not Daddy when were out having fun”

“Oh, that will do.”

Zi Yan stopped teasing Mengmeng.

She nodded and said, “Ill call your teacher and principal and tell them about it.”


“Ill go tell Xiaonao.”

Mengmeng ran out quickly.


Zi Yan shook her head with a smile.

Then, she fetched out her mobile phone and called the vice-principal and Bai Yilin respectively.

“We will perhaps take a trip again,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“There are still a few special planets in the Sea Dragon Star Area that we havent been to yet.

I guess in a short time, well have visited most of them.”


Honey, hows your cultivation going Have you nailed the beginning of the refining” Zi Yan inquired.

“Yes, Ive completed some of the initial steps.

The rest will still take some time.”

Zhang Han nodded.

He absorbed a new type of Elemental Source every day.

He had cultivation from midnight to the evening of the next day.

Then, he went out for dinner and slept with Zi Yan.

After Zi Yan fell asleep, Zhang Han would get out of bed and start cultivating again.

This rate of his improvement was fast.

All the Elemental Sources would be merged with his supernatural powers in 20 days.

However, that was just the simple merge.

To integrate them, Zhang Han needed to patiently meditate and comprehend them thoroughly.

Twenty days soon passed.

At the time, all those different kinds of Elemental Sources inside Zhang Han were somewhat violent.

It could be said that a single moment of carelessness would cause those Elemental Sources to vanish into thin air.

Zhang Han secluded himself for three days to stabilize the Elemental Sources.

After another week, he completely absorbed these Elemental Sources.

When they were integrated into his supernatural powers, his five supernatural powers would have all of the five elements.

The power of this integration would definitely be splendid.

Even Zhang Han didnt know what changes this would bring.

However, he knew that he had absorbed 25 kinds of Elemental Sources when he was only in the Yuan Ying Realm.

By absorbing them and integrating them into his supernatural powers to power his Immortal Body, he had created an Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Soon, he would reach the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.

As for how to reach the God Transformation Realm, Zhang Han still had no idea.

The Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea was no longer the same as before.

Zhang Han was not sure how powerful the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea, which had been created by thousands of thunderclouds, could become.

But he was certain the Thunderbolt Mark itself was much stronger than an ordinary soul sense.

It was quite destructive.

The soul sense secret skills it displayed were just like incantations, which were much mightier than those powered by an ordinary soul sense sea.

On April 1st, the Fools Day, Mengmeng, who was wearing jeans, a hoodie, and a different custom-made schoolbag, came to the Thunder Yang Tree and called, “Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot!”

“Oow, oow.”

“Woof, woof.”

“Coo, coo.”

Like it had done many times before, Dahei quickly ran to Mengmeng, shrank to a smaller size, and climbed into the schoolbag.

Tiny Tot followed it closely.

Little Hei was on the side.

It followed them in silence.

This dog, which used to be vulgar, now looked like the king of dogs.

It was solemn and majestic, looking around with calm eyes.


However, as soon as Little Hei saw Zhang Han, its majestic demeanor completely disappeared.

It stuck out its big tongue and swiftly wagged its tail.

It ran to Zhang Han and insisted on him caressing it on the head.

Many people, such as Li Mu, Nina, and the others from the Sea Dragon Star Area, were envious when they saw Little Hei was so loyal to Zhang Han.

Little Hei never let anyone else stroke its head.

Except for Mengmeng, it allowed nobody to ride it.

It was as if in its eyes, all that mattered were its Master, Mistress, and its Little Master.

“Were going out to have fun.” Mengmeng was in a very good mood and looked very happy.

“Where are we going to visit this time Why do we have a boy tagging along” Yue Xiaonao asked in a puzzled tone.

She was looking at Chen Changqings family of three, who were walking toward them.

“Nina! Lets take a picture together.”

Without waiting for Ninas reply, Chen Chuan ran to Nina and held her hand, asking Zhou Fei to take pictures of them.

Now, Nina had completely given up resisting Chen Chuan.

She now considered it a common thing for Chen Chuan to hold her hand.

“Well, dont bother Nina all the time.” After taking some photos, Zhou Fei walked over, put a hand on Chen Chuans shoulder, and led him to walk away.

“Oh, but I like Nina,” Chen Chuan said.

“Ill marry her when I grow up.”


In an instant, Ninas face turned red.


The next second, Mengmeng kicked Chen Chuan in the butt.

“Ouch!” Chen Chuan cried out.

He covered his butt with both hands and said with grievances, “Mengmeng, I didnt say I would marry you.

Why did you kick me”

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