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Chapter 1174 The Beauty Trap

“Senior, may I know where we are now”

“The Demonic God Temple.”

Yuan Yi said, “We came from the Demonic God Temple.

A hundred miles behind me is the verge of the Demonic God Temple, where all the strong demons stay.

You came from there.”

“The Demonic God Temple… senior, may I ask about the situation here We…”

“Forget it.

For its sake, Ill tell you about it.” Yuan Yi said as it sat down, “this is the Domain of Seven Desolations, which is a vast place with quite a few clans.

The clans here are mainly divided into three categories—the Human Clan, the Devil Clan, and the Demon Clan.

Among them, the Demon Clan is the most powerful, and theyre the overlords of this planet.

I am in the Devil Clan, which is the second powerful, while the Human Clan is the weakest, which only possesses a small area on the planet.

You came from the Eye of Demon and were scattered in the vicinity.

Youll have to find your friends on your own.”

“Senior, what is the Eye of Demon”

“Youll know when you reach the territory of the Human Clan,” Yuan Yi said.

It seemed that the explanation would be too much trouble for him.

“Thank you for telling us, senior.

We shall head there first and get more information about the situation.

Then, well wait for the Master to come to us,” Zhao Feng said.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei was quite reluctant to let go of these trustworthy brothers.

Dahei stood up, pounded Yuan Yi a few times with its big fist, patted itself on the chest, and howled a few times.

“You little rat.”

Yuan Yi curled its lips and thought for a while.

Then a drop of blood floated out of its chest.

“When you come the next time, activate this drop of blood and wait at the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

I will come out to meet you and lead you to the Giant Ape King, which can be a great opportunity for you.”

“Whoa, whoa!”

“As a… you dont even know how to speak straight.

Its such a joke.” Yuan Yi patted its forehead.

It felt kind of embarrassed.

Little did Yuan Yi expect that later on, he would regret what he was thinking now.

Daheis howl would be much more delightful than his speech.

“Senior, may I ask, what is your realm Are all the demons in the Demonic God Temple very powerful”

Seeing that Dahei got on well with Yuan Yi, Chen Changqing got curious and asked.

“Thats right.” Chen Chuan raised his head and was no longer terrified.

He asked, “Senior Yuan Yi, its amazing that you can speak.”

“Our realms are far beyond your imagination.” Yuan Yi said, “Id like to be brief with you.

According to the realms of the Human Clan, you shouldnt turn up in the Demonic God Temple as long as you havent reached the Void-refining Realm.

Only when you are in the Integration Realm can you survive in the Demonic God Temple.

Thats the fact.

With your strength, it is very difficult for you to challenge those low-level demonic beasts in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

Fortunately, you were sent in by the Eye of Demon, and the places where you appear are relatively safe.

This is only the periphery of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

If you go straight ahead, you will soon arrive at the territory of Human Clan and see some towns.”


As soon as they heard the words, Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng, and the others all gasped in shock.

They were a little dumbfounded.

They hadnt expected the Demonic God Temple to be so powerful.

“Thank you for telling us, senior.” Chen Changqing cupped his hands.

Yuan Yi patted Dahei on the shoulder, took a deep look at it, turned around, and led dozens of giant apes through the jungle.

There were some spirit beasts nearby, which were roaring in fear.

They were the Giant Ape Clan from the Demonic God Temple.

And they were rampaging through the mountains and forests.

This scene was rather shocking.

Chen Changqing and the others stood still silently for a long time.

They didnt move until they lost sight of the giant apes completely.

“It seems that we have come to a special place.

My God.” Chen Changqing exclaimed, “We need to reach the Integration Realm to enter the temple.

I cant even imagine it! Fortunately, we are together.

Otherwise, the consequences would be horrible.”

Chen Changqing held Zhou Feis and Chen Chuans hands tightly.

He still had some lingering fear.

“We should leave as soon as possible.

Its not safe here.” Zhou Fei said, “We havent found Mengmeng and Elder Sister Yan yet and we couldnt figure out where they are.

Shall we go to the Human Clan first”

“Thats the only choice here.

We have no way to find them.” Zhao Feng said calmly, “Wed better stay here and save Master some more trouble.

Dahei, can you turn smaller and rest in my pocket for a while”

“Oow, oow.”

“I wont do it.

I would never hide in your pocket.”

Dahei looked at him with disdain.

Zhao Feng was speechless.

Knowing that Dahei wouldnt be persuaded this way, he turned his gaze at Chen Changqing.

“Dahei, I happen to have a backpack here.

Why dont you sit in it now We have heard from the Great Ape that your identity seems to be unusual.

If you are discovered, it will only cause us more trouble.”

Chen Changqing took out a backpack.

“Oow, oow.”

Dahei rejected it again.

It was quite capricious.

“Were going to find your Little Master, Mengmeng.

If we run into trouble, we may not be able to find her.”

Zhou Feis words worked.

After muttering a bit, Dahei climbed into Chen Changqings backpack.

“Theres no time to lose.”

“We have to leave this place first.”

Soon, they set off, moving along the edge of the Demonic Beast Mountain Range.

They hadnt expected that the range would be so long that they didnt get out after two days.

However, in the distance on the left, they saw a vast ocean.

The sea was gray.

The vision would be much better if they could walk over on the shore.

Besides, in that way, they wouldnt need to guard against the potential danger in the forest.

But just as they were about to walk over…

They saw a few enormous fishes jumping out at the coast.

In addition, there were dozens of seabirds, which were more than ten meters long.

The birds were flying by the coast and swooped down to catch fish from time to time.

It was impossible for them to go there.

Judging from the aura alone, the birds seemed to possess the power of God Transformation.

The Demonic Beast Mountain Range was a large territory.

If one compared it to a sphere, then inside the Demonic God Mountain Range was a larger sphere, which was the Demonic God Temple.

The Demonic God Temple was surrounded by the Demonic Beast Mountain Ranges in three directions.

The left direction was by the sea, where there lived many Dominator grade demonic beasts.

Zhao Feng and the others set out from the coastal area to the outside.

During the period, everyone was worried about the condition of Mengmeng, Yue Xiaonao, and Zi Yan.

While in fact…

Some people were more fortunate.


When Zi Yan observed the situation around her clearly…

“Am I in… a mansion” She asked herself.

She showed up in the territory of the Human Clan.

“Who, who are you Are you a fairy Did you break through the void realm and come”

A trembling voice came from behind.

Zi Yan turned around and saw a very fat woman who was looking at her with her small blinking eyes.

“I… Where am I” Zi Yan asked.

They were at a back garden; the fat woman was sitting in a chair and resting.

There was no one else.

“Youre in Hanchuan City.

Im from Heze City.

Im the Ninth Princess of the City Lord of Heze.

Im here on a blind date.

Please dont kill me, fairy.

I didnt do anything wrong.” The fat woman seemed a little scared.

The sudden appearance of a celestial fairy absolutely scared her.

“Dont worry.

I wont do anything to hurt you.” Zi Yan thought for a moment, then walked over and sat down on a chair.

After that, she imprinted a crescent mark on the side of the chair according to Zhang Hans instruction and said, “I just reached here.

Can you tell me the general situation of the place”

“What do you want to know, fairy” The fat woman sat up straight.

“This is also the Cultivation World, isnt it”

“You mean the entire continent”


“This is the Domain of Seven Desolations,” the fat girl said, “fairy, did you come from… the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven”

“Im from Earth,” Zi Yan said calmly.

Zi Yan was hesitant.

Still, she was very good at acting.

She could think about other things in her heart while controlling the expression on her face.

At this moment, her manners were elegant, and her expression looked calm and plain.

In an instant, the fat woman felt that Zi Yan was unfathomable.

“Earth I dont know where that is.

I seldom leave my homeland,” the fat girl said in a low voice, “my name is Zhu Li.

Whats your name, fairy”

“Purple Moon,” Zi Yan said the Taoist name that she seldom used.

“Since you have never been here, I will tell you about the place.” Zhu Li said, “The Domain of Seven Desolations is just a continent surrounded by seawater.

The planet is quite large, but the whole place is basically the territory of the Demon Clan.

The Demon Clan here occupies 70% of the planet.

They are very strong and many of the Demon Kings can transform.

The second strongest is the Demonic God Temple, which is where the Great Devils gather.

Even the Demon Clan holds fear for it.

The weakest one is the Human Clan, but there are also powerful forces in the Human Clan.

The most powerful ones are the three major forces, namely the War Saint Abyss, the Illusory Mansion, and the Myriad Mountains Palace.

My father is a disciple of the Myriad Mountains Palace.”

“Oh, could you tell me the power of the master of the Myriad Mountains Palace” Zi Yan asked lightly.

“The master of Myriad Mountains Palace is quite formidable.

Hes the Taoist Lord of Dragon who reached the Integration Realm over a hundred years ago.

I dont even know what level he is at right now.

Anyway, hes extremely powerful, and the other two sects have many powerful experts as well.

Otherwise, how could they possibly have been able to fight against so many creatures of the Demon Clan” After speaking, Zhu Li took a large gulp of juice.

“Im a bit hungry, Fairy Purple Moon.

Would you like to eat some delicacies”

“I dont want any.” Zi Yan shook her head.

“Can I eat some”


“Heh, fine.” Zhu Li laughed.

With a casual wave of her hand, two chicken legs flew over from the nearby kitchen.

Grabbing them, Zhu Li ate quickly.

Then she tapped her belly, saying, “Eating delicious food is my hobby.

I love food.

Fairy Purple Moon, why did you break through the void and come here”

“You are so beautiful.

Fairy, can you do me a favor” Zhu Lis face turned solemn.

“What is it” Zi Yan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Zhu Li was stunned for a minute as if she was listening to someone elses voice through Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

Two seconds later, she said, “Forget it.

Id better get straight to the point.

Fairy Purple Moon, if you are really a super master who can break the void, stop joking with me.

Im here for some serious business.

But if you were teleported here by the Seven Directions Sea Eye, do me a favor and I will ensure your safety here.”

After hearing the words, Zi Yan suddenly fell silent.

Zhu Li, the fat girl, appeared to be a very careless person, but in truth, she was very intelligent and had keen senses.

After two seconds of silence, Zi Yan said, “What do you want My husband might come to pick me up soon.”

“Its very simple and wont take too much of your time.

You just need to show up for a few seconds.

It wont delay your husband from picking you up.

And Ill repay you for the favor.”

Zhu Li leaned closer to Zi Yan and whispered in her ear.

Those simple sentences shocked Zi Yan slightly.

After thinking for a moment, she nodded and said, “Okay.”


With you here, my plan will definitely work, hahaha.” Zhu Li laughed loudly, seeming to be in a very good mood.


Zi Yan didnt know what to say.

If what Zhu Li said was true, then she was quite good at cheating.

If it was fake, there was nothing Zi Yan could do at the moment.

She could only leave more marks and wait for her husband to come to her.

She didnt need to take action until the real danger came.

And she didnt know where Mengmeng was either.

Zi Yan was a little worried.

She looked around and saw some palaces in the distance, which seemed to constitute a large city.


Zhu Li clapped her hands.

A second later, a few women came quickly from behind.

“Take Fairy Purple Moon to get dressed,” Zhu Li said, “Fairy Purple Moon, this way, please.”

Zi Yan followed them to the bedroom.

There was a dressing table inside.

Several maids found some delicate clothes for her and even a tiara to dress Zi Yan up.

Half an hour later…

Zhu Li and Zi Yan got in a tiger cart.

The ones pulling the cart were two green-haired tigers.

“Were going to a poetry gathering.

It seems that its almost over.

The City Lord of Hanchuan City is supposed to be my blind date.

Haha, after he falls into my trap…”

A cold light flashed through Zhu Lis eyes.

The coachman was a person wearing plain cotton clothing and a conical bamboo hat.

Whenever Zi Yan looked at her, Zi Yan felt like she had seen Leng Yue.

At least their temperaments were somewhat similar.

It seemed that if they were the same kind of people, who wouldnt be noticed in the crowd.

They were both inconspicuous.

There were some pedestrians on the street, but few of them could afford a cart in the city.

Some pedestrians noticed the flag of Heze City outside the cart and discussed, “Those people are from Heze City.”

“I heard one thing, but I dont know if its true or not.

It seems that the Ninth Princess of Heze City is here on a blind date with the City Lord of Hanchuan City.”

“I remember that our City Lord is somewhat hostile towards Heze City The last time Heze City encountered a beast tide, City Lord of Hanchuan City heard of it but made no move.

He even had the intention of getting some more beasts there.”

“That beast tide incident The few cities beside the Myriad Mountains Palace are close to the Demonic Beast Mountain Range, and when the beast tide occurs, we are all going to suffer a calamity.

But the blind date ought to be City Lord of Heze intentionally satisfying our City Lord, right After all, the two cities are close, and forming an alliance would indeed be beneficial.”

“Who knew Last time, I heard from City Lord Manors director that our City Lord looked down on the Ninth Princess from Heze City.

She has been here for five days but our City Lord has ignored her.

Could it be that the Ninth Princess is very ugly”

Some people around were discussing it.

After driving for an hour, they arrived at the gate of a large manor.

Many celebrities were walking out of the gate.

Many carts and other spirit beasts were parked nearby.

“City Lord, I will leave now.


Several pretty women greeted a long-haired man in white with a fan in his hand.

“Why do they act like they are in ancient times”

This scene gave Zi Yan such a feeling.

It seemed that the other party was not a cultivator, but a scholar.

“City Lord of Hanchuan City likes this stuff.

When the time is right, Ill tell you what to do,” Zhu Li said to Zi Yan through Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.


Zi Yan nodded slightly.

In addition to those young women, there were quite a few middle-aged and young men who were discussing some of the poems from the poetry gathering, as if they were filled with endless aftertastes.


As they got closer, someone noticed Zhu Lis tiger cart.

“Is she going to take a move”

“Its impossible for the City Lord to be fond of the woman from Heze City.

That Ninth Princess is said to be extremely fat and ugly.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Although City Lord had grudges against Heze City in the past, its all in the past now.

We are all in Myriad Mountains Palace, so be careful when you speak.”


But since the Ninth Princess dares to come, it seems that she is not afraid of being laughed at.

I dont know who is setting up this marriage.

Its really funny.

But our City Lord agreed just for the sake of respect.

The Ninth Princesss has come, but our City Lord didnt even look at her once, which has already shown his attitude.

If I had been the Ninth Princess, I would have already gone back to Heze City in disgrace.

I wouldnt even stay here for one day.

Do you really think that our City Lord will accept an ordinary woman as his wife”

“Haha!” City Lord of Hanchuan City quietly listened to the words and smiled.

He waved his hand slightly and said gently, “Dont say that.

Its not her fault that shes not good-looking.

I didnt treat her because I was busy with work.

Shes here now, isnt she Its a good chance to see how she actually looks.”


We can finally see what the Ninth Princess of Heze City looks like.

How dare she go on a blind date with the City Lord Do the people in Heze City think that they are expressing goodwill by setting up the marriage and the two cities will be allies ever since They are overthinking.”

“When she gets out of the cart later, if we laugh out, please dont blame us, City Lord, because we may not be able to hold the laughter back.”

As soon as the words came out, several women around sneered.

Even the City Lord of Hanchuan City curled his lips upward.

Everyone present was famous and noble in Hanchuan City.

There were some powerful people in all of their families, who belonged to the same force as the City Lord of Hanchuan City.

They had more or less heard of the past grievances between their City Lord and City Lord of Heze City.

At the moment, it was time to express their standpoint, so they all said something to show their attitudes.

Some of them were even waiting for ridicule and humiliation later.

They wanted to make the people of Heze City understand that their behavior was like asking for humiliation!

The cart was approaching!

Everyone present could feel the sharpness of the two green-furred tigers fangs and the traces of powerful aura.

At this time, everyone stopped speaking and dissipated the soundproof cover.

There were sneers and mockery on their faces.

They all stared intently at the tiger cart.

“Eh Is it over Its weird.

Why did the servants tell me that the poetry gathering was just about to start”

A sweet and tender voice came from the cart.

The voice was extremely sweet.

Zhu Li specially faked the voice.

Zhu Li was fat, and many fat people naturally had good voices.

The sweet voice of Zhu Li was different from Zi Yans delightful and heavenly voice.

Zhu Lis voice would have a great impact on men.

It was just that it needed good looks to set it off.


A gray-robed man sneered, “Ha… ha”

The laughter stopped abruptly.




In an instant, the atmosphere in the field became weird.

The curtain on the side of the cart was suddenly lifted.

A beautiful woman was revealed.

She had bright eyes, white teeth, long eyelashes, delicate facial features, and a headdress.

She was very elegant, but her beautiful big eyes revealed her agility and brilliance.

She looked to the left, and then slowly glanced to the right, like a shy and inexperienced girl who wanted to come out to play.

In the end, Zi Yan blinked her eyes quickly and fixed her eyes on the group of people in front of the gate.

She glanced around and seemed to know nobody there.

She looked a little embarrassed.

With a shy smile hanging on the corner of her mouth, she turned back timidly and quickly lowered the curtain.

She totally lived up to the name of an award-winning actress.

In just a few seconds, the men there were all bewitched by her beauty.

“Now that its over, lets go back.

Im hungry.”

Zhu Li touched her belly subconsciously and asked to go home.

Then the coachman took control of the two green-furred tigers and turned to leave.

Only then did the City Lord come to his senses.

He hurriedly said, “Your Highness, there will be another poetry gathering after this one.

How can I let you leave like this since youve come here in person”

“May I know who you are”

“I am the City Lord of Hanchuan City.

Your Highness, you may call me Hanchuan.”


Its great to meet you, Your Lordship.

I suddenly feel unwell, so I wont bother you.”

“Well…” Hanchuan was a little hesitant.

“Why dont I arrange a banquet now and offer Your Highness a nice treat I was very busy a few days ago.

Please dont blame me, Your Highness.”

“It doesnt matter.

You are the City Lord.

Its normal for you to be busy with work.

Now that Ive seen you, Ill go back to rest now and head back to Heze City tomorrow.” Zhu Li sounded a little resentful.

She sounded like she was dissatisfied with being ignored for the few days and that the poetry gathering had ended as soon as she arrived.

“No rush, Your Highness.

Its my fault that I didnt treat you well.

How about this Your Highness, you may go back to rest first, and Ill go to the manor to greet you in the evening.” Hanchuan felt excited in his heart, but he also knew that he couldnt appear too anxious.

Then he let the Ninth Princess leave.

However, he kept staring at the back of the tiger cart.

There was dead silence in the field.

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