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After chatting altogether for a while, they learned more about the others.

Zhang Mu and the others appeared on the plain.

After talking to a stranger and learning about the city here, they rushed over and gathered in the town.

They heard about what Dahei, Little Hei, Mengmeng had encountered.

They were particularly dumbfounded when they heard about some Great Devils that could speak human language.

After the conversation, they were even more clearly aware of the division of powers here.

“Demon Clan, Demonic God Temple, War Saint Abyss, Myriad Mountains Palace, Illusory Mansion…”

“Even a cultivator at God Transformation Realm would have a hard time moving here.”

“We are only at the realm of Yuan Ying.

We are like farmers here.”

“Theres a blacksmith in town.

Theyre all at the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.”

They talked as they moved forward.

On the way, they met a few people.

Especially Nina, who had been alone on the edge of a grassland.

Seeing Zhang Han and the others, she burst into tears.

She was obviously frightened.

She was afraid that something horrible would happen to anyone she knew.

Fortunately, what she got was good news.

At present, there were only five people that they hadnt found and they were all in one place.

They continued to move forward.

Gradually, the sky brightened, and the sun rose from the horizon in front of them.

The sunlight shone on the land, making the place vibrant and lively, rich in spiritual Qi.

A gentle breeze blew past, and green grass fluttered about.

Occasionally, one could see mice, rabbits, and even small birds.

It could be described as a land of happy birds and fragrant flowers.

However, the group of people were in no mood to appreciate the scenery.

Slowly, the sun rose.

A few hours later, they finally arrived at their destination.

“Here we are.”

Zhang Han chuckled and made an incantation gesture with his right hand.

There was a faint light flashing in his pupils, “The five of them are all here.

There should be no problem.”

“Lets hurry.

I miss mummy,” Mengmeng urged.

Mengmeng couldnt feel relaxed until the moment they met.

At the moment, she was still worried.

“Your incantation is better than that of those who are proficient in incantations that Ive seen before,” Yue Wuwei said in a strange way.

Then he looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Girl, dont worry.

Your mother has so many treasures with her.

Havent you seen the expression on your fathers face If something had gone wrong with those treasures, he would have been very anxious.

How could he laugh Whats more, your mother is very tough.

If she gets mad, anything could happen.”

“Its better that she doesnt get mad.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He knew that Zi Yan might be able to evolve if she got extremely emotional, but Zhang Han was worried that if she really awakened her past thoughts, would she become another person

As for the higher world, Zhang Han knew nothing about it.

He was not willing to do anything that he was not sure of.

He had always allowed Zi Yan to cultivate as she pleased instead of pursuing strength.

At this time, he sensed that Zi Yan had not used any defensive treasures.

With Tiny Tot by her side, this was the ideal situation.

“Lets enter the city.”

“There are quite a few people lining up.”


Yue Wuwei thought for a moment and took the lead to walk forward by the side of the line of people.

In the face of several guards coming over, Yue Wuwei released a little pressure.

The leaders face changed slightly, and he hurried over and cupped his hands.

“Welcome, milord.

May I know who this is”

“Hmm Do I need to give you a reason for entering the city” Yue Wuwei glared at him.

“No, no, no,” The guard hurriedly said, “Milord is naturally welcome to our Hanchuan City.

I guess that Milord has come to participate in our City Lords wedding banquet.

Thus, I wanted to take the initiative to inform our City Lord.

Milord, please forgive me.”

Hearing this, everyone was slightly stunned and ran their soul senses to listen to the discussions of those people who were lining up.

“Old Ma, are you also here to attend the wedding banquet of City Lord of Hanchuan City”

“Of course.

I heard that the Ninth Princess of Heze City, who came for the blind date, has an extremely beautiful face.

The City Lord of Hanchuan City is fascinated by her with the first glance and decided to get married the next day.”

“Isnt it said that City Lords of Hanchuan City and Heze City have always been at odds with each other How could they decide to get married so soon Could it be… Hehehe, the Ninth Princess of Heze City is so beautiful that the City Lord wanted to marry her so that he could have sex with her Devour her”

“Not necessarily.

The reason why they got married so soon should be because of the situation of the Seven Directions Sea Eye.

The City Lord of Hanchuan City is a talent of the younger generation.

The energy of the Seven Directions Sea Eye erupts once every few decades, and all kinds of young talents gather to compete.

How can the City Lord of Hanchuan City miss such a grand event Thats why he is in such a hurry to get married.

Im also curious about what the Ninth Princess of Heze City looks like.”

“I seem to have seen her once in Heze City.

In my memory, the Ninth Princess was a very fat woman.

Her appearance is not satisfying at all.

How did she become a peerless beauty”

“Its just the right time today.

After attending the wedding of the City Lord of Hanchuan City, I can go to the Seven Directions Sea Eye to have a look.

I guess I can see a lot of talents there, especially some of the Devil Clan in recent days.”

“The Demon Clan is so strong.

I wonder how much strength this generation of Demon Clan possesses.”

Listening to the discussions, everyone was sure of two things.

Today, the City Lord of Hanchuan City and the Ninth Princess of Heze City were getting married.

And there was a meeting at Seven Directions Sea Eye.

“Lets go in first,” Zhang Han said, “They are all in the city.”

“This way please, milord.”

The guard took them to the passage on the other side.

Those who were powerful were generally given special treatment.

Many people turned to look at them.

They were guessing where this great figure came from.

Zhang Han and the others entered the city.

“From what I see, this place is similar to our Black White Palace,” Yue Xiaonao looked around and said.

“In the Cultivation World, there are many ancient cities, including technology cities, barren planets, simple towns, villages, caves, cultivators abodes, and so on.

Thats all,” Yue Wuwei explained.


Yue Xiaonao looked at them and said, “Where is Aunt Zi Yan”

“Exactly! Where is Mummy” Mengmeng asked.

“Shes inside.

Lets go and pick her up.”

Zhang Han smiled and unconsciously quickened his pace.

Although everyone was walking, their speed was faster than that of the pedestrians on both sides.

There were even stalls set up in some spots on the street because there were much more people in Hanchuan City today.

After all, the City Lord of Hanchuan City was a famous figure and his marriage was a big deal.

It was a pity that his wedding was held in a hurry, otherwise, there would be more people.

They followed the crowd all the way into the city.

Finally, they arrived at the enormous City Lords Mansion.

“Theyre all here”

“Zi Yan is also here to watch the fun”

“Maybe we can enjoy a free feast today.

Now that everyone is here, we can finally have a great meal at ease.”

They felt much more relaxed and were talking and laughing.

Having arrived at the square of City Lords Mansion, there were lanterns and colored banners decorating the place, which was very beautiful.

There was a VIP area and an ordinary guests area.

Many celebrities were sitting at the VIP table.

Yue Wuwei glanced around and said, “The cultivators here are generally Yuan Ying.

There are very few Elixirs and some who have reached God Transformation Realm.”

He briefly explained the situation.

“Compared with the whole world, this place is still small,” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “for example, the leader of the Myriad Mountains Palace is called Taoist Lord of Dragon.

The leader of the War Saint Abyss is called Brass Immortal.

And the leader of the Illusory Mansion has a taoist name, which is Tianxingzi.

It is said that the strengths of the three are similar.

Those who are called Taoist Lords are generally at the Integration Realm, and even those at the Mastery Realm can be called Taoist Lords.”

“What about those above the Mastery Realm” Mengmeng suddenly asked with curiosity in her eyes.

“Above the Mastery Realm is the Tribulation Stage, which is the Great Realm.

They are often called the Supreme Expert,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“What about Immortal Master I told the Second King of White Dogs that my daddy is an Immortal Master.

It seems that it had been scared,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem.”

Yue Wuwei suddenly started to cough.

After a long while, he touched his beard and looked at the others present.

All of them were staring at him.

“The Immortal Master is at least at fourth-tier of Tribulation Stage or above,” Yue Wuwei said, “its far away from us.

Dont think too much about it.

Its enough for us to know about the realm.

Mengmeng, dont scare others like that anymore.

The title of Immortal Master cant be casually said.

If something goes wrong, it can cause disastrous consequences.”

“My daddy is an Immortal Master.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Youre right.

These titles are all external things, and its enough to understand their meanings.

Im not an Immortal Master now, but Ill be one in a few years.

Not only me, but also you will become a famous Immortal Master in the Cultivation World.

Oh, no, youll be an Immortal Fairy.” Zhang Han smiled softly and reached out to scratch Mengmengs face.

“I dont need to.

My daddy is powerful enough,” Mengmeng said happily.

“You are really confident.” Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han from the corner of his eyes.

The Tribulation Realm was not a realm that anyone could achieve, and it required outstanding talent.

In the Cultivation World, the population was extremely large, which was unimaginable, but only a small number of people were at the Tribulation Realm.

But was he really uncapable of that

Yue Wuwei touched his beard again and pondered silently for a while.

Zi Yan belonged to the higher world, and she didnt even know where the starting point was.

Zhang Han was a monster.

He possessed the Great Void Thunder Scripture, countless means, a solid foundation, and so much.

If he could not reach the Tribulation Stage, Yue Wuwei would dare to take his head off and kick it like a ball.

As for Mengmeng, she was their daughter of Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Her aptitude was incredibly great.

In addition, she was the Heavenly Lord and had a Saint Warrior Planet.

The family were destined to achieve the Tribulation Stage or even higher.

It was so sad when ordinary peoples lives were compared with theirs.

“Dont forget me.

When grandpa reaches Tribulation Stage, Ill protect you too,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“With your limited aptitude, youre not supposed to talk about this all the time,” Dong Chen said in disbelief, “Except for you, everyone in the Zhang family is quite powerful.

Tell me the reason…”

“Uncle Dong, if you continue to talk like this, I wont let my son teach you anymore.”

Zhang Guangyous threatening words silenced Dong Chen.

After all, Zhang Guangyou was Zhang Hans father.

“Sorry, the inside place is not for guests.”

“The City Lord is making preparations inside.

And the Ninth Princess of Heze City is not receiving any guests for the time being.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Hans expression suddenly froze.

“Zi Yan is inside!”

“Could it be that… she had been turned into the Ninth Princess”

There was a flame burning in his heart.

The others seemed to have thought of something as well, and their expressions changed slightly.

This caused the two guards eyes to narrow and they became vigilant.

They would not allow chaos to occur here.

“Lets find a place to rest first.

Do you see that direction”

Zhang Han pointed at a place with a dense crowd below the stage and said, “They are over there.

Lets go to meet them.

Mengmeng and I will go in.”

“Ah, okay.”

Everyone nodded.

Yue Wuwei was curious about how Zhang Han was going to get in when two God Transformation Realm Middle-Stage masters were guarding the place.

Yue Wuwei led the others backward with a smile.

Seeing Zhang Han and Mengmeng stay, one of the guards frowned and said, “Didnt you hear what I just said No… Milord, please come in.”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han lifted an incantation with his right hand, glanced over, and said softly, “Chaotic!”

Then, both Zhang Han and Mengmeng were invited in respectfully.

“My gosh, my master is so powerful.

He can come and go freely.” Jiang Yanlan grinned and said in admiration.

“Thats right.

He is capable no matter where he is.

Even if he is deeply lost in the sea, he could find his way out in a second.”

Hearing this, Yue Wuwei felt a little helpless and sighed, “He is only in the Yuan Ying Realm.

Give him a few more years, he will be able to reach any places in the vast world.

Hey, you guys, keep working hard.

Dont be left too far behind by him.

Maybe he will surpass me at any time.”

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