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“Damn you!”

Gu Yis eyes were burning with flames of anger.

He waved his hand to set up a soundproof cover and snarled, “What did you say You dont know the way out Then, how you dare to bring me here If your mother dies, we will die here as well, wont we”

“Whatever you think, my mother is still alive, and Ive also brought some clansmen here,” said Felina.

“I want to kill you now!” Gu Yis eyes registered coldness.

He took several deep breaths before saying, “Where is your mother”

“She is very close.

She will arrive soon,” Felina answered.

“Shes in the hands of the Demon Clan, isnt she” Gu Yi suddenly thought of something, which made his expression grow even more somber.


“Haha, probably” Gu Yi laughed out of rage.

“Good, very good.

Felina, though you are so young, you are very good at scheming.


Gu Yi snorted and looked away.

He preferred not to look at Felina for now, for fear that he would fly off the handle and attack her.

Lida threw Felina a hard look.

“Bitch, after we get out of here, Holy Son will suck up your Black Evil Seal.

Then, you will die.”

But Felina didnt respond to that, not in words or in any other way.

It annoyed Lida even more.

She sneered and said,

“Holy Son Gu Kun is merely marrying you for your Black Evil Seal.

Im telling you, once your Black Evil Seal is gone, you will become completely useless.

Considering how much you have integrated with the Black Evil Seal, you wont be able to defend yourself once you lose the Black Evil Seal.

At that time, I will cut your skin with my Spiritual Evil Saber and leave numerous indelible scars on your face and body.

That will be your punishment for deceiving us.

Well, this is what your love for your mother got you.

You have to pay with your life to save your mother.”

Hearing her words, the other Dark Elves showed stern looks on their faces.

“How dare you give me that look”

Lidas eyes became fierce.

She raised her hand again.

“Whack, whack, whack, whack!”

Felina, as well as the other three Dark Elves, were slapped again.

Actually, it was noticeable that the faces of the three Dark Elves were already swollen when they arrived.

One could imagine how many slaps they had taken on their way here.

Lida was not so violent before.

But since she was taught a lesson by that person…

Under the black hood, Felinas eyes were tearful.

However, the look in her eyes was aloof.

Felinas hands were clenched tightly.

Her nails almost pierced through her skin, and her arms were trembling slightly.

This was not something a young girl like her should bear.

Sadly, not everyone had a perfect and happy childhood as Mengmeng did.

At this time, Felina thought of Nina and Zhang Hanyang.

“Have they come in or not

“I told them not to come, but they insisted.


Zhang Han and his group had stood on the island for an hour.

“How is it” Zhang Han looked at Nina and asked.

“The signal is getting closer, much closer!” Nina was excited.

Even her voice trembled slightly.

“Am I finally going to see my mother”

Nina believed that with Uncle Zhang and Elder Yue around, they had a very good chance of rescuing her mother, even if the other party was the Demon Clan.

“This should be the right place,” Zhang Han said.

“This is such a grand occasion.” Mu Xue leaned over to Zhang Han and whispered, “Master, the Demon Clan hasnt come yet.

In this case, the Seven Directions Sea Eye is the center of the vortex.

Are we going to fight our way there”

“I suppose well have to fight.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “You should be mentally prepared.”

The others looked a bit tense when they heard that.

In this situation, they did have doubts about their strength.

At this time, many exclamations burst out from the surrounding crowds.

“Prince Feng of the Illusory Mansion is here! Oh my god, I cant believe hes come in person!”

“What Prince Feng Where”

Following the others gaze, many people saw more than a dozen people flying over from the side of the crescent-shaped archipelago.

After taking a look, they found that the leader of that group was none other than Prince Feng of the Illusory Mansion.

“It really is him!”

“Prince Feng is a real big wig in the Illusory Mansion.

His father is the First Elder of the Illusory Mansion.

He is deeply favored by the sect leader.

The sect has put in great effort in training him.

He is very talented.

I heard that Prince Feng often has reclusive cultivation.

In the last competition of the Illusory Mansion, he came first among the younger generation in the north of the Illusory Mansion, which happened 15 years ago.

I wonder what realm he is in today.”

“Now that Prince Feng has come in person, it looks like our Human Clan wants to change the old landscape as well.

Look, who is the person next to Prince Feng Why didnt his father come”

“Haha, come on! If the First Elder of the Illusory Mansion were here, the Demon Clan would send more powerful members here.

Then, the situation would be even more chaotic.

The competition of the Seven Directions Sea Eye is for the younger generation, so its reasonable that Prince Fengs father is not here.”

“If Im not mistaken, the person next to Prince Feng is Dai Wentian, a member of the Illusory Mansion.”

“Dai Wentian That legendary personal disciple of the sect leader of the Illusory Mansion Hes come to participate in this competition”

There was another burst of exclamations.

Most of the people present had no chance to see these big shots on normal days.

They had only heard about their reputation.

Thus, when those who knew these big shots said their names, the crowds exclaimed in admiration.

On the seven large islands ahead of the crescent-shaped archipelago, people began to greet the newcomers.

“Hahaha! Dai Wentian, its been seven years since we last met, right Cant believe you also came here this time.”

“Prince Feng, since youre participating, we have a better chance of winning.”

“No matter what, our gains this time will be larger than last time.

Although the elders are not here, they have paid close attention to this event.”

The more than a dozen people approached quickly.

Almost all of them, including Dai Wentian and Prince Feng, greeted the others.

They didnt try to keep a low profile at all.

Instead, they made their thunderous sound spread out long before they arrived.

They meant to build up momentum!

The Human Clan was the weakest clan here.

Thus, in times like this, they could only use this method to boost morale.

After Prince Feng arrived, more great figures came in succession, including the son of the sect leader of the War Saint Abyss and many other well-known cultivators.

One after another, their arrival marveled the others.

“The three great sects have all sent members here.

They are taking this competition seriously!”

Even some small sects had sent their strongest talents.

Some of them were not well-known but were very powerful, and they were even on speaking terms with Prince Feng and the others.

Some of them were more powerful and famous.

Dai Wentian and other leaders even took the initiative to greet them.

In the past, those people only cared about their own sect.

But at this time, all the sects in the Human Clan were a team.

Although those people did not really regard members of other sects as their own people, even if there were personal grievances between them, they would not say anything unfriendly to the others at this time.

The continuous exclamations and discussions raised the morale of the Human Clan.

They even seemed more spirited than the members of the Devil Clan present.

“Whats the point”

Yuan Yi curled its lips.

It looked at a young giant ape on the side and said, “Shijiu, this time, do your best and seize as much energy as you can.

Its time to show the majesty of our Giant Ape Clan.”

“Ah, got it.

This time, Ill kill more talents of the Demon Clan.” The young giant ape wrinkled its nose and snorted.

It was as if it could not hold back its temper.

As for the other branches of the Devil Clan, their leaders were quite capable as well.

The Demonic God Temple didnt care about the rules of the competition.

Their members were already very few, so they certainly didnt want to lose any of them.

Fortunately, the members of the Demonic God Temple had always obeyed the rules, so the higher-ups of the Demon Clan turned a blind eye to the arrivals of their powerful figures.

“Qin Jun is here!”

“Soul Expert Qin Jun is the mainstay of the younger generation of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

He is finally here!”

“Hahaha! This time, our Human Clan has sent over many top talents.

We will surely be able to turn the tide!”

A team of more than 30 people quickly flew over from a big ship.

The one in the lead was Soul Expert Qin Jun, a member of the Myriad Mountains Palace.

Some other talented disciples had come, too.

Watching them approaching, the crowds below felt their blood boil.

“This is probably the largest team our Human Clan has sent out for the competition over a hundred years!”

“Well get good grades for sure.

Maybe this year, the Demon Clan will have to go back in defeat.”

“Hahaha, they certainly will.”

With those figures arrivals, many people felt elated and confident.

At the sight of Soul Expert Qin Jun from the Myriad Mountains Palace, even Dai Wentian had a smile on his face and greeted him.

The world was big, but the social circle in the Human Clan was very small.

A mighty figure like Qin Jun had received even more support and respect.

Seeing that, some in Zhang Hans group wished they could be like that, too.

Li Mu said longingly, “Soul Expert Qin Jun, Prince Feng from the Illusory Mansion, Dai Wentian the personal disciple of the sect leader of the Illusory Mansion, Demon Killer Zhu Qingze, and some from the War Saint Abyss have arrived.

When each of them came, they were met with thunderous cheers.

How impressive! In the future, I, Li Mu, will also be as powerful as them.”

“Youve already accomplished that,” Yi Hou said.

“Wherever you go in the Cloud Star Area, youre met with cheers.”

“Thats different.” Li Mus face suddenly became a little bitter.

“How can you compare the Cloud Star Area with this place”

“Yes, it cant compare.”

When the others were chatting, Lisas eyes landed on a big ship that just arrived.

From that ship, many people flew to the island nearby.

Suddenly, Lisa saw several people on the edge of the island and let out a soft cry of surprise.

“Look at that black-robed person.

Its Felinas group.”


“Over there.” Lisa pointed to that island.

Yue Wuwei probed with his divine sense and said, “Its really them! Haha, it seems that they are not in luck.

They are all injured.

Oh, except for Felina.

She is not injured.

She knows this place.

She should have gone to the outside world from here.”

“Felina.” Nina eyed that black-robed figure with concentration.

She felt her emotions were mixed.

According to Felinas previous words and tone, Nina now understood Felina had good reasons for telling her and the others not to come here.

That was to say, Felina knew how horrible this place was, and she didnt want them to get killed here.

Now, Nina could at least tell that Felina was not as cold as she appeared to be.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said, “Shes familiar with this place, so she should know where Ninas mother is.

Shall we go over to meet her”

Zhang Han nodded and said, “Yeah.

Lets go take a look.”

Thus, Zhang Hans group leaped into the air and flew at a low altitude.

Coincidentally, at this time, on the other side of the island, some people were whispering.

“Its them!”

“Theyve come.

Theyve really come!”

“Hahaha, this is great!”

Three people seemed to be hiding in the darkness and talking to each other.

“We must think of a way to kill them.”

“There must be a way.”

“We cant let them get away.”


One of them slowly took a step forward as though he wanted to have a better view of his targets.

Sunlight sprinkled on his slightly uneven face.

If Zi Yan and Zhang Han had seen his outline and facial features, they would definitely say, “Its Nan Qinghai!”

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