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“So, this is the strength of Stone Demons”

All of a sudden, an aloof voice spread out.

“A Stone Demon in the God Transformation Realm cant even impede a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator like me.

How fragile Stone Demons are!”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

In an instant, thousands of eyes flickered from the sea to Zhang Han.

Even Yuan Yi, Prince Feng, Dai Wentian, and many others showed a hint of consternation in their eyes.

“No way! How could he be in the Yuan Ying Realm”

“Stone Demons are born to be body cultivators.

They are immune to soul sense attacks.

They are top fighters even among those at the same level.

Ive never heard of a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator being able to kill a Stone Demon in seconds!”

“But, look! Feel his aura now.”

“Hiss! Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage! He is… truly in the Yuan Ying Realm!”

“Oh my God, he can kill a Stone Demon in the God Transformation Realm in seconds with his Yuan Ying Realm cultivation”

The next moment, the whole place was in an uproar.

Most people couldnt believe what they had seen.

What just happened shattered their understanding of the Stone Demon Clan.

The population of the Stone Demon Clan was not the largest, but it stood at the pinnacle of the Demon Clan.

It was one of the most powerful magnates.

However, a member of such a powerful clan had been killed within seconds by a human being in a lower realm.

This was unprecedented.

On the other side, the second king of the White Dog Clan snorted when it heard the others comments.

“That human girl, humph, only talks nonsense.

She said that her father was an Immortal Master, but it turns out that her father is just a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator.

How can he be Little Heis master I think that girl meant to say that the Immortal Master was that old man.

Alas, anyway, there is a Supreme Expert in their group.

Thats really impressive.”

“He is only suspected to be a Supreme Expert.

No one has fought against him yet.

Thats what First King said,” White Fifth reminded the second king.

“Oh, yes, he is only suspected to be a Supreme Expert.” The second king of the White Dog Clan looked at Zhang Han again and said, “Little Heis master is kind of weak.

Can he train Little Hei well I hate to see Little Heis great talent be wasted.

Eh Ah What Woof, woof, woof!”

When the second king saw what happened next, it widened its eyes.

Its eyeballs almost burst out.

It subconsciously barked several times.

Everyone on the scene was also too astounded to breathe.

“What happened”

While everyone was amazed by Zhang Hans might, Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, had a stern expression on his face.

He glanced at a nearby clansman at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage and said: “You, go up there.”


This Stone Demon at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage had a vicious look on his face.

The Stone Demon who died just now was much weaker than him.

Therefore, he did not think he would lose.

Furthermore, his opponent was only a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator.

He thought it was probably because the previous Stone Demon took the enemy too lightly that he got killed.

However, Milo did not think so.

He was upset because the Stone Demon Clan had been disgraced.

But he was also curious about that human cultivator.

“It seems that… he reduced our man to dust purely with his physical strength.

“Could it be that hes also a body cultivator or an accomplished cultivator”

Milo didnt see how Zhan Han killed his clansman clearly, so he decided to make it happen again.

Anyway, he had discovered some more Dark Elves.

He would make them cast the forbidden skill together later.

He still believed that the sword would be his.


Amidst the uproar, the Stone Demon at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage rushed over.

This time, Zhang Han did not wait on the spot.

He flew at a faster speed, charging at his opponent like a bolt of lightning carrying mighty power.

“Boom! Boom!”

The twos fists collided and produced strong waves of energy, which generated sea waves that were dozens of meters high.

One could imagine how much energy the collision had produced.

Everyone on the scene even felt that if a Yuan Ying Realm cultivator had been nearby, he or she might be hurt by the shockwaves.

It was extremely terrifying.

However, some observant people eventually noticed that the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage Stone Demon had horror written on his face.

At this critical moment, Zhang Han raised his fist again.

But the Stone Demon in front of him didnt seem to have seen that.

He didnt even look at Zhang Han.

He watched Zhang Hans fist hit his chest.


Cracks appeared across his body.


He was dead.

Like the previous Stone Demon, he turned into dust and fell into the sea.

“How weak!”

Zhang Han sighed softly.

It gave others the impression that he had overestimated the Stone Demon Clan.

Now that he had fought them in person, he found that they were actually very weak.

Zhang Han even casually fanned himself with his robe.

His movements, his expression, and his words completely angered Milo and the Demon Clan.

The Demon Clan ruled the Domain of Seven Desolations.

It was constituted by many subclans.

Though the subclans were not always on the same team, when they had common enemies, they would unite against their enemies.

At least, that was the case when they were dealing with the Demonic God Temples and the Human Clan.

To them, all strange beasts and human beings were puny.

“Cant believe he has the nerve to belittle our Demon Clan!

“How audacious he is!”


Hundreds of thousands of Deep-sea Beast Demons roared angrily.

Some Earthfiends wicked faces looked even more wicked.

They stared at the human beings in the distance as though they were looking at a big meal.

Were they ready to attack

The eyes of Blood Demons turned scarlet.

Their desire to kill seemed to have become tangible.

Seeing this, many human beings began to panic.

“Crap, the Demon Clan is about to make a commotion!”

“Whos that man Why is he still here Were all going to suffer if he pisses off the Demon Clan.”

“The Demon Clan far outnumbers us.

If they attack, how many of us can escape”

“L-Look over there.” Many frightened voices came from the crowds.

The others quickly looked over and saw several ships on the side of the islands being destroyed by the Deep-sea Beast Demons in seconds.

At a glance, one could see at least 50 ships near the Demon Clan had been destroyed as well.

“Theyre attacking! Good lord! Stop messing with the Demon Clan!”

Many people glared at Zhang Han with indignation.

Some people even cursed, “What the hell Hey, if you want to die, dont take the entire Human Clan with you!”

Even Dai Wentian and the other outstanding cultivators felt their scalps had gone numb at this time.

Frowning deeply, Prince Feng took a deep breath.

“If this continues, things are going to get out of hand.”

“Yeah.” Dai Wentian sighed and echoed with emotion, “The Demon Clan can be destroyed, but not in such a manner.

All those that belittle, despise, and disparage the Demon Clan will face the strongest retaliation from the Demon Clan.

That man has touched the bottom line.”

“What should we do” Prince Fengs expression darkened.

He never expected such changes to occur in the competition in the Sea Eye.

Compared to the previous competitions, the variables this time were truly too huge.

“As that man dares to defy the Stone Demon Clan openly, he is already doomed.

Lets just watch what happens next.

Once he dies, the rage of the Demon Clan will subside significantly.

Right now, the Demon Clan seems to have united as a whole.

However, when Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, goes to seize that sword later, the Demon Clan might not necessarily be so united,” Dai Wentian said.

“Thats all we can do.

Eh” Before Prince Feng could finish his words, his pupils froze for a moment as he looked at where the Stone Demon Clan was.

“Why is the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan charging at that man in person Haha, interesting.

That man will probably die after taking one blow.”

Dai Wentian also looked over.

“The Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan is surely something.

He is very confident.

He hasnt activated any supernatural powers or secret skills, nor has he gathered his full strength.

Hes merely summoned the strength in his right fist! Hes going to kill that man with one punch before all of us!”

Aside from where they were, many shocked voices could be heard in other places.

“Can Milo kill that man with just one punch”

“Of course.

Hes the Holy Son of the Stone Demon.

Oh, have you forgotten that his opponent is only in the Yuan Ying Realm That man is pitifully weak.

Even if Milo doesnt use his cultivation or his entire physical strength, not just anyone can withstand a single punch from him.”

“That man is finished.”

“I hope his death can appease the rage of the Demon Clan.”

Many people scoffed at Zhang Hans behavior.

Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan had taken the matter into his own hand.

He casually raised his left arm without waiting for his power to gather, as though he would throw a punch unceremoniously.

At this moment, everyone on the scene understood that Milo wanted to destroy his opponent with an absolute sense of superiority.

“Elder Yue, w-will Han be okay” Zi Yans face was slightly pale, and her voice sounded worried.

Having witnessed what had happened, everyone here knew that Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, was very powerful.

Zhang Han was indeed very strong.

In the eyes of Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, and almost all the others in this group, Zhang Han was nearly invincible and could reign over the world.

Although that was what they thought, the fact was that Zhang Han had only cultivated for a few years and had not yet become a sophisticated cultivator.

It was impossible for him to defeat an enemy several levels higher than him.

However, facing those worries, Yue Wuwei was not flustered at all.

He shook his head slightly and said, “Just watch.

Although I cant figure out what hes planning to do, that boy has never made a move if hes not certain he can win.”

As soon as he finished speaking—



Zhang Han and Milo collided.

Milo was attacking only with the strength in his left fist.

Facing that, Zhang Han also raised his left fist.

When their fists clashed, a shocking wave of energy spread out.

For a moment, violent sea waves swept across this area.

Zhang Han retreated several meters to the side.

But Milo did not move at all.


It was as if a stone had been thrown into a peaceful lake.

To many peoples surprise, Zhang Han only retreated a few meters after taking this blow.


Even Milo said in surprise, “You are indeed a body cultivator.

Youre quite strong.”

“You have the Heaven-stone Body Not bad.” Zhang Han grinned.

There was a hint of interest in his eyes.

He hadnt done much research on the Stone Demon Clan.

Hed only met them a few times.

He didnt expect the Heaven Stone Body could also be so strong.

Zhang Han was not talking about Milos strength but the innate aura of Body Refinement he had sensed from Milo.

“Milos body is very powerful.

The Stone Demon Clan is truly a clan blessed by God.”

“You think my Heaven-stone Body is merely not bad Hahahaha.”

Milo laughed as if he had heard a great joke.

He dashed forward and crossed several meters in an instant.

This time, he raised his right fist.


The twos fists collided again.

Waves of energy spread in all directions.

This time, Milo still didnt use his cultivation.

Hed used the Heaven-stone Bodys physical strength to strike with tremendous momentum.


Milo unleased more strength this time.

Zhang Han flew backward more than 20 meters in the direction of the Stone Demon Clan.

For a moment, he felt that his entire right arm was a little numb.


Zhang Han raised his right arm and looked at his palm, where a few cracks could be seen.

But thanks to the strong healing power of his Immortal Body, his injury gradually recovered.

His palm was as good as new again.

“This is fun.”

Mylos interest was piqued.

He asked, “Whats the type of your body”

However, Zhang Han ignored him.

The crowd burst into an uproar.

“He actually withstood two blows launched by Milo.

This man is surely extraordinary”

Everyone was well aware that fighting with pure physical strength like this was no joke.

It was highly dangerous.

The slightest misstep could cause ones meridians, Yuan Ying, and physical body to be destroyed.

“Hes also a body cultivator!”

“No wonder he dares to confront Stone Demons.”

“Sadly, his strength is merely in the Yuan Ying Realm.

Theres no way he can rival Milo.”

In the midst of all these discussions, Milo once more charged forward.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

In just three seconds, the two threw dozens of punches at each other.

The sounds of the collisions were thunderous, which rumbled in every direction.

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