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“Is that so”

Zhang Han suddenly turned around, glanced at Milo, and said with a faint smile, “Are you sure”

“Im absolutely sure.” Milo crossed his arms, looking calm and unruffled.

“I am certain that I will acquire this sword.

I am the only one who knows the pressure of this gravity field.

Although your Body Cultivation Method is quite good, your strength is too weak.

Theres no way you can withstand the gravity field.

You wont even be able to advance a hundred meters.

You cant escape.”

“You think I cant even advance a hundred meters”

Zhang Hans smile gradually disappeared.

With a slightly frosty face, he said, “Shall I say that youre a frog living at the bottom of a well or you have never seen the big world outside”

“Hahaha, you are truly arrogant.”

Many demons roared with laughter, their disdain plain on their faces, which was visible even for the crowd on the furthest island to see.


But just as the jeers sounded, a jet of light flashed.

Carrying Tricia with him, Zhang Han suddenly dashed forward a hundred meters.


The laughter stopped abruptly.

Even Milos expression altered.

Now, he was looking at Zhang Han in a daze.

“He traveled so fast

“How could it be”

Many noticed that Milos pupils were shrinking rapidly, as though he had witnessed something inconceivable.

Zhang Han turned around again, glanced at Milo, and asked, “Will you take back your words now”

“How, how did you do it”

Milo was a little astonished.

He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Even though you made it, so what Its the easiest to cross the first 100 meters.

But from now on, with your every step forward, the pressure will increase tenfold.

After you travel 50 meters, the pressure will increase 30 times.

After you travel 80 meters, the pressure will reach 50 times.

This real challenge starts from the second 100 meters.

With your strength, how can you expect to get that far”

After hearing Milos words, many people present changed their expressions.

They had never thought that the pressure there would be so strong.

It was no wonder that even someone as powerful as Milo had been sent flying so many times.


As soon as the others heard Milos words, they saw another jet of light zoom by like a shooting star.

Zhang Han advanced 100 meters in an instant.

Then, he looked back and asked blandly, “What do you say now”


Silence fell.

No one said anything.

Even the demons were sort of dumbstruck.

At this time, the sound of the waves made the atmosphere even more awkward.

“Holy Son of the Stone Demon, were you faking it earlier Did you pretend to be sent flying hundreds of times”

Many members of the Demon Clan gawked at the pale-faced Milo with surprise and confusion.

“Humph, so what”

Milo snorted and said, “The dangerous part has just begun.

When you start with the third 100 meters, the pressure in the gravity field becomes unpredictable.

Its sometimes ordinary, sometimes 100 times stronger.

With your body, its utterly… No, this cant be!”

This time, it seemed that Zhang Han didnt want to waste time.

Before Milo could finish speaking—


Zhang Han crossed the third 100 meters and floated in the void.

Looking back at Milo, Zhang Han chuckled.

“What did you say just now I didnt hear it clearly.

Is it about the gravity field”


Yue Wuwei almost choked on his saliva.

He pulled a wry face and muttered, “Geez…”

The corners of Zi Yans mouth curled up into a smile.

She couldnt help it.

Mengmengs eyes widened, which were filled with admiration.

She said under her breath, “Bravo.”

Mu Xue directly exclaimed, “Master is awesome!”

Zhang Guangyou shook his head and said, “Turns out that it was all his acting.”

Then, he glanced at Zi Yan.

“Han has found a good wife.

After he married Zi Yan, Hans acting skills are getting better and better.

Just now, I really believed that he couldnt hold on anymore.”

For some reason, seeing Zhang Hans composed manner and hearing what he said, the atmosphere in the place where Zi Yan and the others were instantly lightened up.

They all thought that at this moment, Zhang Han was the embodiment of the word “invincible”.

Although they didnt know why they felt like this, although Zhang Han was still surrounded by millions of demons, this was their mentality.

They might still be nervous.

But now, they were only a little bit nervous.

What they didnt know was that Zhang Han seldom spoke in battles in the past, unless his opponents were somewhat interesting.

But now, Zhang Han had to say something during battles.

If not, his family and friends watching him at the rear would get worried.

Therefore, at this time, Zhang Han looked at Milo and spoke again.

“You said I couldnt do it”


A jet of light flashed by.

Zhang Han moved another 100 meters forward.

He was very close to the farthest place where Milo had reached before.

“What about now” Zhang Han tilted his head to the back and asked.


Milos expression changed greatly.

He stretched out his right hand and pointed a trembling finger at Zhang Han.

Perhaps because he was angry or because his pride had been hurt, even his arm was trembling slightly.

The entire Demon Clan was stunned.

“Whats going on”

Their eyes darted back and forth between Zhang Han and Milo.

When they looked at Milo, they seemed to be questioning, “Are you sure you werent acting just now”

When they looked at Zhang Han, they thought, “How effortlessly he traveled there!”

“Its impossible for you to…”


Zhang Han crossed another 100 meters with a leap!

“What were you saying just now” Zhang Han asked.

“Good, very good.” Milo was so angry that he began to laugh.

“This is the farthest you can get…”


Zhang Han traveled another 100 meters.

It was as if there was no pressure stopping him at all.

“Eh” Zhang Han smiled.

He looked back at Milo and said, “You talk too slowly.

Can you speak faster”


Milos breathing quickened abruptly.

He was so angry that his heart was quivering violently.

His aura surged as well.

At a glance, one could tell that he was in a rage.



Zhang Han advanced another 100 meters.

He was already very close to the island.



“What the f*ck!”


Milo couldnt utter a word.

He found this situation suffocating.

More importantly, he was kind of frightened.

“Cant believe he can really reach the island!

“Why is that

“Could it be because he has a Dark Elf with him

“Yes! Yes! This must be the reason!”

Milos eyes lit up.

Just now, he felt as if that weak human being slapped him in the face over and over again.

But now, he suddenly calmed down.

Just as Zhang Han did, he put on a smile and remarked, “Even if…”


However, Zhang Han crossed another 100 meters.

Milo wanted to curse again.

“Let me tell you this.

Even if you are able to seize that sword, it will still be mine.

Your life will be taken by me,” Milo said in a cold voice.

This time, he spoke 10 times faster, for he was afraid of being interrupted again.

Others could hardly hear what he said.

It sounded like he just rapped.

With the rhythm of the waves, his remark sounded very strange.

His words lost the imposing momentum that he meant to express.


This time, Zhang Han let Milo finish a complete sentence.

He was also a little surprised that Milo was quite smart and could speak so fast.

He crossed the last bit of distance in an instant.

After Zhang Han stepped onto the island, he no longer controlled Tricia with his power.

He placed her by the shore and gave her a medicinal pellet.

“Thank… Thank you,” Tricia said and took the medicinal pellet.

Zhang Han, however, didnt say anything.

With deep feelings, he looked at the center of the island, where the sword was inserted in the huge stone.

All of a sudden, with all the members of the Demon Clan, the Human Clan, and the strange beasts watching, Zhang Han moved.

His speed was not as fast as before.

He was advancing step by step.

His progress seemed to be very slow.

Gradually, he approached the center of the island.

No one noticed that the energy, which seemed to be in another space, suddenly became much more violent.

The rainbows were decreasing, as though they were being devoured by the energy.

Finally, with everyone watching intently, Zhang Han walked to the sword.

At this time, Zhang Han was facing Milo.

He raised his head slightly and said, “What do you say now”

It was still the same question.

But this question hit Milos heart like a heavy hammer.

Milos face was distorted with ferocity.

“You must die!

“Im going to slaughter every human being in this place!

“This is your fault!

“Ill make these hundreds of thousands of people die with you!

“Ill dye this sea with blood!”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone, including Dai Wentian and Prince Feng, turned pale at this moment.

They hadnt expected the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan to be such a ruthless killer.

Many people had already backed away.

“Before the Demon Clan can surround us, run!”

Chaos befell.

The area where the Human Clan was immediately in chaos.

The demons cottoned on.

“Theyre all in the sea area!”

As a branch of the Demon Clan living in the sea, the Deep-sea Beast Demons possessed even more frightening combat ability.

Thousands of Deep-sea Beast Demons plunged into the sea and scattered in all directions.

It looked like they were ready to launch a massacre.

They had longed for blood for a long time.

Just at this moment, a voice rang out from afar.

Hearing this voice, everyone stopped in their tracks.


The smile on Zhang Hans face faded.

It was replaced by a touch of indifference.

It appeared that this was his true nature.

He calmly scanned his surroundings.

His eyes swept over the demons, the strange beasts, and the human beings.

It seemed that in Zhang Hans eyes, none of them were worth his attention.

He looked down on everything.

Suddenly, with everyones eyes fixed on him, Zhang Han lowered his eyes.

He abruptly grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands!


A palpitating wave of energy gushed out from the Sea Eye.




Three heartbeats that sounded like the heartbeats of the world rang in everyones ears.

“What is that”

Many people were shocked.

“Whats going on”

The moment they turned around to check, their faces were written with consternation.


The huge waves stopped moving.

It was like the entire sea had become a pool of stagnant water.

The surface of the sea was perfectly calm.

It also seemed that time had frozen.

At this moment, there was no sound at all.

“What the hell is this strange phenomenon

“Oh! Its because hes grabbed that sword!”


Waves of energy rippled across the space.

Even the sun seemed to be scared and suddenly hid its brilliance.

The world was swallowed by darkness.

The scorching sun dimmed.

The world now seemed to be lit with faint moonlight.

All of this was confusing.

No one knew what was going on.

Even Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan, was astounded and bewildered.

Dai Wentian shook his head in confusion.

He couldnt understand the situation.

He even thought that there was something wrong with his eyes.

“What, what… is this”

Prince Feng looked up, his eyes round as saucers.

“How come the entire world has been filled with evil spirits”


Many demons roared uneasily.

Thinking of the heartbeats they just heard and seeing the strange scene, they suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“Could it be that a Demon King has appeared in the world”


Another extremely powerful and stifling wave of energy erupted from the small island.

“The str-strange phenomenon is caused by that sword”

“Hes pulling the sword out!”

“Noooo! This sword cant be moved.

It cant be moved! Leave it! Leave it now!”

“The Forbidden Sword! Good heavens!”

Many human beings, demons, and spirit beasts could no longer sit still, and thus let out roars.

They were telling Zhang Han to give up pulling the sword out.

However, with the others watching closely, basking in the moonlight-like brilliance, Zhang Hans arms moved.

The sound of sleeves being torn apart could be heard.

Zhang Han was pulling the sword with all his might!


Waves of energy gushed out nonstop as if the world was about to be destroyed.

“There is no way he can pull it out!”

Suddenly, a Stone Demon shouted, “He has used up all his strength.

Hahaha, he doesnt have enough strength!”

They knew that the sword seemed to be suppressing something horrible.

If it was pulled out, something horrible would happen.

Someone noticed that Zhang Han appeared to be unable to pull the sword out.

Thus, he laughed out loud.

His smile carried a hint of ferocity.

But before his laughter had dissipated, the world changed color.

The pitch-black evil spirits seemed to have shrouded the entire planet.

As far as ones eye could see, every place was filled with black light.

All of a sudden, several terrified cries rang out.

The ones who let out the cries included Dai Wentian, Yuan Yi, the Stone Demon in the Void-refining Realm.

“Oh my God!”

“What is that”

“This, this, this…”

Everyone paused in their tracks.

Their faces were deathly pale.

Numerous jets of black light gathered above the small island and merged into a huge figure.

“Is it the figure of a Demon King”

That figures huge head seemed to reach the heavens.

He seemed to be stepping on the bottom of the sea, and only his shanks were exposed.

The size of his body was comparable to half the planet.

“He, he, he is also pulling the sword”

“They are doing the same!”

Many people noticed that the Demon Kings posture was exactly the same as Zhang Hans.

“Hes pulling the sword as well”


The space vibrated more and more fiercely.

Countless cracks continuously emerged and then faded away, which made the scene before them look kind of surreal.

“Uh, hahaha…”


Dazzling light suddenly burst out from Zhang Hans eyes, as though his eyes had become two suns.

At the same time, two huge halos shone from the Demon King.

Visually, the brilliance was many times brighter than the previous sunlight!

Zhang Han let out deep laughter.

The Demon King also seemed to grin.

Their movements, voices, and even their laughter were synchronized!

Their laughter resounded across heaven and earth.

At this time, inside Zhang Hans body, his lovely Yuan Ying, which he suspected to be a Great Demon, waved its arms and howled fiercely, which still made it look kind of adorable.

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

Seeing such a scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Were screwed!”

Yuan Yi patted its head and said, “We cant run away.”

This situation was beyond its imagination.

It was clearly aware that if the real horrible figure befell, no one would be able to escape.

“What is happening”

Zi Yan and the others were also confused.

“Elder Yue, what is going on” Li Mu asked in a daze.

“How would I know” Yue Wuwei gasped.

He looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Well, I suppose things are still under control.

Well, dont worry.

Since Han dares to go there, he must know what he is doing.”

He could not provide any useful information, so he could only comfort them like this.

“This…” Zi Yan compressed her red lips and looked at Zhang Han in the distance.

“What has caused this God, please dont let anything happen to him.”


Mengmeng covered her face with her hands.

As if sensing their worries, the violent waves of energy erupted even faster!

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

The energy came wave after wave.


All of a sudden, while the powerful waves of energy were surging, the sound of metal clashing rang out.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Everyone looked nervously at the sword in Zhang Hans hand.

“He, he really pulled it out!”

The body of the sword was flashing brightly.

It was slowly being pulled up.

The sound of the sword rubbing against the rock made people tremble physically and mentally.

“You really can pull it out”

Milo gazed at Zhang Han with a lost expression on his face.

“Who the hell is he

“How can a human being achieve this”

Milo began to have doubts about the world.


The moment the sword was completely pulled out, the strange phenomenon disappeared, and the sky resumed its original appearance.

The Demon King slowly lowered his head and overlooked the others.

After showing a sneer, he dissipated.

The sun was back in sight.

Warm sunlight shone again.

The sea waves reappeared, too.

It was as if everything had returned to normal.

But… what was going in the Sea Eye

Everyone saw Zhang Han holding the sword in his right hand and examining the outline of the sword.

The surrounding evil spirits that seemed tangible were still frightening.

All the rainbows in the sky had dissipated.

Except for the small island and the monstrous evil spirits in the Sea Eye, all the signs showed that the energy eruption in the Sea Eye had come to an end.

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