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“Its over, isnt it”

“What was that just now”

Many members of the Demon Clan were shocked and bewildered.

“Could it be some kind of strange phenomenon triggered by the divine sword”

“Its so powerful.

Its definitely a divine sword!”

“How could such a precious treasure be seized by the Human Clan”

“The strange phenomenon has disappeared.

Things have returned to normal.

Hahaha, we can still subdue that man anytime we want!”

All of a sudden, the millions of demons fixed their eyes on Zhang Han.

“This is bad!” many members of the Human Clan thought in dismay.

They looked at one another.

“The Demon Clan is gonna deal with that man.”

“That man has set off the strange phenomenon.

He is absolutely extraordinary.

Can we rescue him” Prince Feng looked at Dai Wentian and asked.

“How am I supposed to rescue him” Dai Wentian laughed bitterly.

“We cant possibly do that unless Taoist Lord of Dragon is here… But I have the feeling that the strange phenomenon we saw just now had affected too large an area.

Perhaps Taoist Lord of Dragon and the higher-ups of the Demonic God Temple and the Demon Clan have all sensed it.”

“What a pity! If Head and the others could come in time, we might be able to save that man.” Prince Feng sighed.

“But now, he probably cant survive the attacks of the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan and the other demons.”

“Theres no way he can withstand their attacks.”

Many strange beasts of the Demonic God Temple cried out in excitement.

“Hes moving!”

“Milo is charging forward.”

“Hes attacking with all his might! Heavens! Look at him! Hes surrounded by swirling light.

Hes definitely determined to kill that man!”


“Milo died.”


Those cries were like commentations.

The strange beast subconsciously shouted that Milo was dead before it had the time to digest the information and exclaim.

It was after that it cried out that it widened its eyes and gasped in disbelief.


With everyone watching, Milo moved the fastest.

The might of his cultivation had been displayed thoroughly.

He wanted to snatch the sword and kill that man immediately!


When he approached Zhang Han, he saw Zhang Han point the sword at him.


Milo laughed.

Yet, just as his laughter was heard and the contempt in the corners of his mouth began to show—

In the next moment, the seemingly tangible evil spirits turned into a streak of light.

The monstrous evil spirits were from the Sea Eye.

It was as if they contained the essence accumulated for ten thousand years.

Once the evil spirits appeared, the power they showed shook the world.

Milo didnt have any time to react.

He stared at his body and found it was melting.

He looked up at Zhang Han in disbelief and uttered, “You, you…”

“Do you still want to say that its impossible” Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head slightly.

At the same time, Milo, who had already cultivated the Heaven-stone Body, began to dissolve.

That streak of light formed by evil spirits shot off into the distance.

That was where the Stone Demon Clan was.

The streak of light seemed to have become a long whip.

It extended from the Sea Eye, as though the energy there was inexhaustible.

It continued to grow longer and sweep off its targets.

No demon could stop it!


More than half of the members of the Stone Demon Clan were killed in the blink of an eye.

The rest narrowly dodged the attack.

The whip that was 100,000 feet long then swept across the area where the Deep-sea Beast Demons were.

The light looked very thin and long, but in fact, it was a kilometer in diameter.

When it got closer, the Deep-sea Beast Demons found that the surrounding space seemed to have been frozen.

It was very hard for them to escape.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Countless Deep-sea Beast Demons died, including Three-eyed Giant Demons, Earthfiends, and Blood Demons.

The Demon Clan that tried to besiege Zhang Han seemed to have been besieged.

This whip alone annihilated countless demons.

This was a massacre.

Dai Wentian was stupefied.

“What Whats happening Exactly what is going on”

“Am I dreaming” Prince Feng couldnt believe his eyes.

He even slapped himself.

“The Demon Clan… The Demon Clan has been crushed”

“No one can stop him”

“Really The Demon Clan lost”

“Yes! Good Lord! Cant believe there is a day that I can witness this! Someones finally able to subdue demons!”

Many members of the Human Clan became excited.

Wild exclamations sounded from all directions.

Looking at the scene ahead, they felt that this was the pinnacle of their lives.

“That man is unparalleled in history!”

“In fact, not even Taoist Lord of Dragon and the others have ever accomplished such a feat!”

“He subdued the Demon Clan! Who is he How did he do it This is inconceivable! Its like a dream!”

Many people began to wonder about Zhang Hans identity.

Someone even shouted, “This will become a legend!”

With tears streaming down, someone said, “Xiao Man, Ah Nan, finally, we have someone that can kill those d*mn demons.

Did you see it Can, can you feel it”

Someone even shouted, “He is invincible!”

The Human Clan had been repressed for too long.

Thus, after seeing this, the thousands of human beings present became so excited that they couldnt contain themselves.

Even the members of the Demonic God Temple were stunned.

“Thats Little Heis master Woof, woof, no wonder he can be Little Heis master.

Hes really powerful.

Woof…” The second king of the White Dog Clan almost couldnt talk fluently.

Yuan Yi mumbled, “How strong he is! He has defied the cultivation levels.

Right now, hes invincible.

I feel that even if there were demons twice in number, they still wouldnt be able to withstand his demonic might.”

The look in the eyes of the other strange beasts was solemn.

But a hint of pleasure could also be seen in their eyes.

They were happy to see the demons be taken down a peg.

“With his one strike, at least 700,000 out of the one million demons were killed!”

“It might not be a big loss for the entire Demon Clan, but this has really boosted our morale.

How damn strong he is!”

Even Demon Killer Zhu Qingze stared at the scene for quite a while.

Then, he took a deep breath and said, “From today onwards, please do not call me Demon Killer anymore.

Compared to him, I am not worthy of this title.

He is the real Demon Killer!”

The whip was still attacking.

The demons were in disarray.

They were fleeing in a flurry.

As for Zi Yan and the others, they had a stronger mood swing.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhang Mu, and the others were all relieved.

“Daddy is so powerful!” This scene had deeply shocked Mengmeng.

“Yes, hes really powerful.” Zi Yan subconsciously smoothed back her hair and looked at Zhang Han, who was in the center of the field.

He was a man of indomitable spirit.

His demeanor was peerless.

He was extraordinarily charming.

“Holy cow! Boss.

Boss…” Li Mu was so astounded that his worldview was shattered.

The most excited ones were Nina and Felina.

Tears ran down their cheeks when they saw Zhang Han keep Tricia safe.

They were moved by what Zhang Han did for them.

It was no exaggeration to say that if Zhang Han wanted Nina to serve him in bed, she would definitely obey without hesitation.

However, that would never happen.

Having known Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Zhang Han for this long, Nina would not allow anyone to damage the warmth in this lovely family of three.

Zhang Hans family was just like an ideal family.

At many times, looking at them alone enabled people to feel the warmth of life.

“How amazing!” Zhang Guangyou shook his head repeatedly.

“Has Han made a breakthrough again Or is it because that sword is too powerful”

“He did have made a breakthrough.

He is now at the Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage.”

Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “But in this situation, even though he is Yuan Ying Realm Peak-Stage and has a divine sword at hand, he cant defeat tens of thousands of demons with one strike.

What he used to launch that strike were the evil spirits accumulated over the years.

In terms of sword-cultivating methods, the longer one cultivates ones sword, the more fierce the sword will be.

After a hundred years of cultivation, the power of that sword might blow the whole world away.

Likewise, this sword is closely related to the Sea Eye.

Whether it had been put there to suppress something or it had just been left there, it had been cultivated for countless years.

The moment it made a comeback, it possessed an overwhelming power that no one could fend off.

But this wont last long.

The strange phenomenon we saw just now has astonished the whole world.

I suppose the mighty figures here have all noticed this.

Its time for us to leave.

Weve already gotten the perfect ending.

We cant delay our departure any longer.”

Yue Wuweis words explained everything to the others.

It was not until this moment that they realized that swords could be cultivated, which might sometimes be immensely destructive.

However, this led to another question.

“How did Zhang Han know that the sword could be so powerful”

“Youre asking me” Yue Wuweis face darkened.

“Do you really think I know everything”

He was a little upset.

“Ive explained things to you.

Why do you pose a new question Do you have to get to the bottom of this”

After the initial shock subsided, many people also came to their senses.

Soul Expert Qin Jun took a deep breath and said, “This battle made my blood boil.

Unfortunately, if that group of people doesnt leave now, they might not have the chance.

The Demon Clan has suffered heavy losses.

Though those Demon Kings might not care about the losses, they will definitely do a thorough investigation of the strange phenomenon.”


Even though that man is very strong, in the face of those Demon Kings… Alas, he is an extraordinary man.

I hope nothing bad will happen to him,” said Zhu Qingze.

Zhu Li ran to Zhu Qingzes side.

When she overheard their conversation, she said, “Theyll be fine.

They can leave soon.”

“Leave To where” Qin Jun was stunned.

“Theyll leave from the Sea Eye, of course.

They came in from here,” Zhu Li said.


Qin Juns eyes lit up.

“Hahaha! Marvelous! This is really marvelous!”

The giant whip formed by evil spirits was issuing monstrous energy.

Finally, after the whip swept across the entire area, Zhang Han drew a breath, looked at the sword in his hand, and chuckled.

Then, he waved it.



All of a sudden, something strange happened to the space near Zi Yan and the others.

Yue Wuwei subconsciously wanted to resist.

Yet, he suddenly glanced at Zhang Han and did not react.

The space had been moved.

Zi Yan and the others appeared on the island in an instant.

They had truly moved from one place to another within a second!

“Its time to go.”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a smile and then stroked Mengmengs head.

“I shouldnt have worried you.

But I didnt have time to explain everything to you.

Plus, there were some things I was not sure about.”

“Daddy, I dont like this kind of fight.” Mengmeng pursed her mouth, tears gleaming in her eyes.

Zhang Han knew Mengmeng meant that she didnt want to see him being suppressed or being the one to take blows in a fight.

Seeing this, Zhang Han quickly squatted and gently hugged Mengmeng.

Then, he said softly, “Youre smart.

How come you didnt realize that I was acting If I really meet an enemy I cant defeat, Ill also run for my life.

Of the 36 stratagems, fleeing is the best choice.

I made it back from thousands of miles away in the sea.

My way of escaping is remarkable.”

Zhang Han knew Mengmeng very well.

Thus, with just a few words, he cheered her up.

“Daddy, your acting was really amazing.

You even fooled me,” Mengmeng said.

Her smile was back.

“Dont you know who your mother is As the saying goes, you shall be good if you keep good men company, and you shall be bad if you keep bad men company,” Zhang Han said beamingly.

“In that case, am I the good influence or the bad one” Zi Yan suddenly asked.

“The good one, of course.” Zhang Hans lips trembled.

Yue Wuwei carefully probed with his soul sense and seemed to have noticed something.

He turned to look at Tricia, Nina, and Felina, who were huddled together and crying, and said, “Keep your emotions in check.

Youll have time to cry later.”

“Lets go.” Zhang Han glanced at the others and said, “Elder Yue, summon your boat.

Itll make the return journey rather simple.”

“Okay.” Yue Wuwei nodded and waved his hand to conjure up the boat.

“Lets board the boat.”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

Zhang Hans family, Yue Wuwei, Zhao Feng, and the others quickly got on the boat.

Having calmed down a little, Tricia and her two daughters also boarded the boat.

Seeing this, the tens of thousands of people around knew that they were about to leave.

“What kind of place is the space in the Sea Eye connected to”

Many people showed curiosity in their eyes.

They looked at Zhang Han in great wonder.

“That man is from the Outer Domain.”

“Sadly, we cannot leave from the Sea Eye.

If not, we would be able to see the world outside,” Dai Wentian said with a sigh.

“Why cant we leave” Prince Feng asked with a frown.

“Head said that if we went into the Sea Eye, the space passageway we would be in would be different from the one taken by the outsiders.

We natives would face great horror If we went down that space passageway.

As for those outsiders, they dont seem to belong to this place.

They can get into the space nodes.

Why is that”

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