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It was not until she saw Mengmeng snickering that she cottoned on.

“You naughty girl!”

Zhang Li pulled a wry face.

Then, she asked doubtfully, “Is that true”

“Dad did have complained about you two, but Mengmeng exaggerated it.” Zi Yan found this funny.

Then, she asked, “Wheres Liang Hao”

“He already went there.

I saw you guys here, so I came over to ask about the situation first,” Zhang Li said seriously.

“I think youre just making Liang Hao take the bullet for you,” Zhang Han said with resignation.

“Dad merely urges you to have a baby.

Why not just do it”

“No,” Zhang Li said.

“The world is so big.

I havent seen the big world yet.

You and my sister-in-law have Mengmeng, the little burden, so you dont even have time to travel by yourselves.

I dont want that.

I havent had enough fun yet.”

“Who is a burden” Mengmengs little face darkened.

“Well, youve got some nerve.

Ill tell on you to Grandpa.”

“Hey, no-no-no, Im sorry.

I take that back,” Zhang Li said in a hurry.

She knew very well that if Mengmeng told Zhang Guangyou the embellished story, she would inevitably be scolded again.

“Hmph,” Mengmeng snorted.

“I have to go and take a look.” Zhang Li glanced at Zhang Guangyous villa and said, “Its been a while.

Hao probably cant hold on any longer.”

After saying that, Zhang Li said goodbye and scurried off.

“Wow, you are already in the Innateness Realm.” Sensing Zhang Lis aura, Zhang Han was a little surprised.

“It seems that she has worked hard cultivating these days.”

“Daddy, Im going to cultivate, too.

After some time, Ill be a great cultivator in the Elixir Realm,” Mengmeng said confidently.

“Bravo! If you enter the Elixir Realm when youre only 14 years old, itll be only a matter of time before you surpass me,” Zhang Han laughed.

“No, that probably wont happen.

I dont need to surpass Daddy.” Mengmengs big eyes curved like crescent moons.

“It feels great to be protected by Daddy.”

After a while, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Zhang Guangyou, and Rong Jiali all came over.

The big family chatted for some time.

Zhang Guangyou didnt scold Zhang Li and Liang Hao.

He just reminded Zhang Li with a stern face that the higher their cultivation level got, the harder it was for them to conceive.

Zhang Guangyou even asked Zhang Han seriously if that was true.

At this time, Zhang Han surely didnt dare to pull the rug from under Zhang Guangyous feet.

He answered solemnly, “Yes, thats indeed the case.”

With Zhang Hans resolute confirmation, Zhang Li was immediately convinced.

Seeing Zhang Lis pensive expression, Zhang Guangyou couldnt help smiling at Zhang Han and playfully arching his eyebrows.

There was still a young man living inside him.

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Gai Xingkong, Zhao Feng, and many others also took two days off to cultivate.

This trip to the Domain of Seven Desolations had put a lot of pressure on them.

More importantly, it gave them the motivation to grow stronger.

They believed that one day, they would be able to explore the Domain of Seven Desolations relying on their own strength.

It was a long-range goal.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Nina and Felina came over by spaceship.

After resting for a while, everyone prepared to set off.

“Master, I wont return to Earth this time.”

“Well stay here and cultivate.

Youll be back soon anyway.”

“Ill pass, too.”

Mu Xue, Jiang Yanlan, Instructor Liu, and most of the others chose to stay.

In the end, only Yue Wuwei, Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Zhang Hans family, Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, and Chen Chuan prepared to go back to Earth.

They would go back by one Thunder King and 10 corvettes.

Zhang Han would go back to Earth with some people working here.

After they made it back to Earth, they would contact their sects and select another group of people to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area according to the plan.

At present, the situation in the Sea Dragon Star Area was stable.

Still, there were some small problems.

There were many places where people could adventure.

The wonder of the Cultivation World had just begun to be revealed as the Domain of Seven Desolations was discovered.

Relatively speaking, in terms of adventures, the Sea Dragon Star Area was better than Earth.

However, as the Saint Warrior Planet, Earth held more secrets.

However, those people were still in low realms, so they were unable to decode the secrets.

“Lets go!”

The fleet prepared for nearly two minutes.

As energy erupted in the energy cabins, the fleet entered the secondary space.

During the journey, the five children—Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, Yue Xiaonao, Nina, and Felina—all stayed in the same room.

There was an electronic game room in the Thunder King.

Although there was no Internet, they could play online holographic video games.

“Felina, why dont you join us” Mengmeng had noticed that Felina seldom talked and did not seem to fit in.

Thus, she invited her to play the games with them.

“I dont play those stupid games,” Felina said bluntly.

“Stupid games” Mengmengs beautiful eyes widened.

“Were playing games for fun.

These are not stupid games at all.”

“Thats right.

Games are super fun,” Chen Chuan echoed.

“You guys enjoy,” Felina turned her face to the side and said.

“Youre funny,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Its fine that you dont want to play.

No one is making you play games.

But you dont have to make it sound like were all childish.”

Yue Xiaonao was a bit amused.

Her tone caused Felina to turn around.

As if she was totally senseless, she directly said, “Youre childish, to begin with.”

“Felina.” Nina looked rather embarrassed.

She wanted to say something but didnt know what to say to make things better.

“Believe it or not, I can punch you.” Yue Xiaonao glared at Felina.

“I am in the God Transformation Realm,” said Felina.

“Hmph.” Mengmeng sneered, “You are merely a kid even if you are in the God Transformation Realm.

You havent come of age yet.

If we convert your age to Earth peoples age, you are probably younger than me.”

Felina was bereft of speech.

She looked away again, not feeling like saying anything.

Mengmeng snorted and glanced at Felina discontentedly.

“This Dark Elf is boring.”

They went away to play games themselves.

For Ninas sake, they didnt bicker with Felina but left her alone.

What they didnt know was that while they were playing, Felina eyed them curiously from the corner of her eyes.

She had never played in a Game Capsule or this kind of holographic game before.

After they played for a while, the first round ended.

Then, they sat down in their seats.

Nina cast Felina a look with resignation.

“This younger sister of mine really is a handful.”

“Lets have some snacks.”

Yue Xiaonao fetched out some potato chips, juice, and shrimp chips from her Space Treasure.

“Mengmeng, Nina, Chen Chuan, have some.”

Yue Xiaonao deliberately didnt offer any snacks to Felina, nor did she look at her.

“Crunch, crunch…”

Chen Chuan chewed the potato chips.

Crisp crunches were heard, mixed with the unique fragrance of potato chips.

Felinas lips moved.

She tucked her jaw slightly as if she was swallowing.

After taking several glances at the chips out of the corner of her eyes, she looked away.

She didnt want to stare in that direction, or she would feel like having some as well.

Just as she was suppressing her appetite, a bag of potato chips was placed in front of her.

“I dont want any.” Felina refused.

“Have a try.” Nina thought for a moment and said, “I only tasted this kind of food very recently.

Our Sea Dragon Star Area doesnt have this kind of food.

Its a specialty from Earth, and it tastes very good.”

After that, Nina tore open the bag, put it on Felinas lap, and sat down again.

Then, she smiled apologetically at Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao.

The three girls were besties.

With Nina around, Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were highly tolerant of Felina.

When they eyed Felina more heedfully, they found that Felina had turned sideways slightly, as though she was too shy to try the chips.

After hesitating for 10 seconds, Felina stealthily stuck her hand into the bag, picked up a potato chip, and held it to her mouth.

She didnt crunch the chip but slowly nibbled at it.

When she finished the first chip, she took another one…

After Felina finished half a bag of the chips, Yue Xiaonao thumped the table and asked, “Hey, arent the chips delicious These are my snacks.

Dont you want to thank me”


Felina withdrew her hand at the speed of lightning, not eating anymore.

Two seconds later, she placed the bag of chips to the side and remained silent for a long time.

“Whats with your younger sister” Yue Xiaonao looked at Nina with dissatisfaction.

“She, she had seldom been around many people before.

She also had few peers,” Nina said to Mengmeng with the Designated Voice-transmitting Technique.

“Im sorry, Mengmeng, Xiaonao.

When she was born, she lived alone with our mother for decades.

After she left that island, she went through a lot of hardships to reach the Small Sky Dragon Region.

The people there didnt treat her very well.

Thats why she is like this.”

After Nina made a brief explanation, Yue Xiaoxiaos dissatisfaction was appeased.

“It turns out this Felina doesnt have a normal childhood.”

Yue Xiaonao picked up a glass of juice and handed it to Nina.

Nina then held it to Felina and placed it beside her lap.

Felina remained silent for seconds.

Then, she turned around and said, “Thank you.”

Her voice was very low, but her words were clear.

From the corner of her eye, Felina saw Mengmeng put the straw into the juice glass and drink bit by bit.

Felina followed suit.

She began to sip her juice.

“Im going to bed.”

After they enjoyed snacks for a while, Mengmeng got up and said, “The exam is drawing near.

I have to study.”

“Thats right.

Making preparations at the last moment is better than making none at all,” Yue Xiaonao said.

She also left in a hurry.

“Nina, shall we play games together We can spend the night together,” Chen Chuan said innocently.


Mengmeng pelted back, grabbed Chen Chuan by the collar, and dragged him out.

When Mengmeng returned to the bedroom, she saw Zhang Han and Zi Yan playing games on the projector.

Mengmeng ran over and sat between them.

“Daddy, I know why Felina is so unsociable,” Mengmeng said as if she was going to tell something juicy.

“Why” Zhang Han asked.

“She used to live only with Auntie Tricia for decades.

She had no friends and seldom met other people.

After she went to the Dark Elf Clan, she came across those from the Gutuo Divine Temple… That Holy Son Gu Kun even attempted to make her marry him.

Oh my God, shes still a kid.”

“Its because of these experiences that shes developed such a personality.” Zhang Han put away the projector screen, touched Mengmengs head, and said, “Ive paid some attention to her and found that she is very curious about things she is unfamiliar with, but she wont ask questions or say anything.

Shell just stand by and watch.

From the psychological aspect, her guard is always up.

Its because she has no sense of security.

When she is familiar with the surrounding environment, I think she will be easier to get along with.”

“Really” Mengmeng was stunned.

She had little knowledge of this aspect.

“Felina didnt have a normal childhood.” Zi Yan sighed softly, “It had a great impact on her personality.

Mengmeng, we lived in San Diego for several years.

At that time, you were also a shy and introverted girl.

Later, when your Daddy began to live with us, you gradually became outgoing and cheerful.

Childhood is the most important period in ones life, which will determine a persons outlook on life, personality, etc.

Your childhood is perfect because of our familys reunion, and so is Felinas situation.

She is still young among the elves and has been reunited.

She will improve a lot in the future.”

“Oh, Mummy, we used to live in San Diego.

I almost cant recall those days.” Mengmengs big clear eyes were unblinking.

She was going through her memories, but she could only think of fragments of that period.

“You were too little at that time,” Zi Yan said, amused.

“You were a little too thin.

Also, you were a picky eater.

Have you forgotten all that”

“What I was a picky eater No way!” Mengmeng immediately retorted.

“Did you really forget” Zi Yan curled her lips and said, “When you were a child, you didnt like to eat meat.

As long as there was a little fat in the food, you would spit out all the food in your mouth.

I could only cook fried eggs at that time, but you didnt like fried eggs.

You were fonder of vegetables.

If the vegetables tasted good, you would have a few.

If you didnt like the taste, you wouldnt have any.

The only food you liked was milk.

You had milk every day from your birth till you were four.

Now, do you know how picky you were


Mengmeng shook her little butt.

“Why bring these things up”

But with Zi Yans words, Mengmeng recalled part of those days.

She hadnt forgotten that period completely.

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