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Chapter 121 Leave Your Name

“Well, lets go and have a look.” Tang Zhan said with a smile.

Scorpion hurried out of the car after hearing this, quickly came to the back door and opened the door for Tang Zhan.

After Tang Zhan got off the car, four men in black suits walked down from two Bentleys respectively, one in front and another in the back.

They were solemn and of proportional builds.

However, their skills were extremely strong.

It could be said that every one of them was only a little weaker than a master like Scorpion or Zhao Feng.

More importantly, these people were a team.

They were the special guards of Tang Zhan.

Not their skills but their wonderful marksmanship was the most redoubtable.

Tang Zhan peered at the facade of the restaurant after getting off, smiled with narrowed eyes and said,

“Xiaofeng has good taste after all.

The facade of the restaurant looks great.”

In terms of appearance only, since Tang Zhan was courteous and accessible, always being willing to smile, no one would recognize him as the magnate of Southern District underground force.

His appearance was relatively in line with a word:

Those bald men liked cursing and smoking who striped to the waist with tattoos and ear holes, wore gold chains and held a small bag were all superficial persons.

The real boss in society who was gentle and behaved acceptably, wearing a suit with a tie or a clean Chinese-style suit, holding a string of Buddha beads, usually smelling fragrance and tasting the tea, saying aphorisms seriously, acting as a successful man.

Tang Zhan was this kind of people.

At this time he took the lead into the restaurant with a smile.

Whether Tang Zhan or Scorpion, did not even look at the sign beside the door.

In the Southern District, besides the official departments, there was no place that scared him yet.

He could also be described in three words: local emperor.

“The decoration does show ingenuity.”

Entering the restaurant, Tang Zhan looked around.

After repressing a sigh of admiration, he stepped towards the sofa and stopped a few meters away.

He smiled and said to Zhang Han,

“Excuse me, are you the boss here”

“Yep.” Zhang Han cast a mild look at the two persons and nodded slightly.

His indifference, instantly made Scorpion frown, whose eyes stared at Zhang Han with hostility.

“Hello, boss.”

Tang Zhan kept smiling.

He glanced at Mengmeng, who was playing with a remote control car in high spirits, saying, “Your daughter is so cute and beautiful.”

But Zhang Han totally ignored him this time.

Ignored Tang Zhan

Scorpion frowned again.

“Ha ha ha…” Tang Zhan chuckled and asked, “What kind of food do you offer”

“The restaurant isnt open now.

If you want to see the menu, go out and look at the sign.” Zhang Han replied coldly without even turning his head.

The sign at the door was placed very close to the door.

As long as you did not lower your head to play with your mobile phone, everyone probably could see it.

Besides, there had not been a customer who accidentally came to the restaurant at the wrong time for several days.

What Zhang Han answered at this point was quite honorific.

But Zhang Hans attitude made Scorpions face fall.

He was about to rebuke angrily,


His words were interrupted.

Tang Zhan patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, looking at Zhang Han,

“Since the restaurant isnt open now, lets come here next time.”

After speaking, Tang Zhan turned to the door, while Scorpion stared at Zhang Han fiercely.

“He dared to refuse Lord Tang.

He was courting death!”

Just then, Mengmeng was playing with the remote control car in high spirits, which drove to Scorpion standing not far from the right side of the sofa.

“Didi, um, um, um… Be careful, the car is coming.

Didi, ah, its going to hit…”

However, no sooner had the remote control car arrived at Scorpions foot than he sneered and lifted his food, stepping on it.


The remote control car was crushed by his foot.


Mengmeng suddenly froze.

She blinked her big eyes, took a look at Scorpion who was sneering and then at the remote control car that shattered under his foot.

In an instant, tears filled her eyes.


Mengmeng began to cry all of a sudden, whose voice was permeated with grievance and sadness.

At this moment, Zhang Hans eyes were completely full of inexorability.

It was the first time he had leaked this cold and murderous look since his rebirth.

Zhang Hans body was just about to move when the little princess stumbled into Zhang Hans arms and wailed loudly,

“PaPa, the car broke down, owww, the car broke down, oww…”

“Its ok, its ok, Mengmeng, dont cry.

Just wait a minute and Dad will buy you a new one, ok Stop crying, Mengmeng, youre so well-behaved.” Zhang Han quickly comforted Mengmeng.

While Tang Zhan stopped walking and looked back at this point, still smiling.

He said with blame, “Why did you ruin her car Apologize!”

“Fine, Lord Tang.”

Scorpion nodded and said, simpering, “Oh, man, Im sorry.

Next time when you play with this kind of things, please be careful not to drive it to other peoples foot.

As for this car, haha, Ill send a bigger one later.”

While speaking, Scorpions eyes were tinged with contempt.

“Send a car Well, it would be great to send a truck and hit the restaurant directly.”

After finished speaking, Scorpion went out, following Tang Zhan.

At that time, Zhang Han was still comforting the little princess, but when the two men walked to the door to go out, Zhang Han suddenly said to them with a grimness that could be felt.

Zhang Han said slowly,

“Leave your name!”

Both Tang Zhan and Scorpion stopped upon hearing his words.

Tang Zhan turned around, still smiling at Zhang Han.

He had thought that Zhang Han was talking to him, but only found he was staring at Scorpion, so he shook his head and said nothing.

While Scorpion, said coldly with a stare, “Are you **ing asking me”

However, Zhang Han just stared at him and did not answer.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Scorpion laughed.

His face suddenly fell, looking at Zhang Han coldly, and slowly said,

“My name is Scorpion.

Scorpion of Forever Harmony Association.

If you want to find me, Im waiting for you!”

After leaving his name, Scorpion followed Tang Zhan out of the restaurant.

Although they could see Zhang Hans faint expression clearly, it seemed that neither of them caught sight of the indifference in Zhang Hans eyes.

That… was the indifference to life!

The indifference, though was calm, was indeed like the temporary tranquility before the volcanic eruption.

Outside the restaurant.

Tang Zhan and Zhao Feng went straight back to the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

They had no interest in seeing the sign of a small restaurant.

“Lord Tang, this restaurant…” Scorpions sight was suffused with inhospitality.

The first thought after getting in the car was to ask Tang Zhans idea.

“This restaurant…” Tang Zhan looked at the plaque of the restaurant with a smile, showing a harmless expression and saying, “Let Zhao Feng handle it.”


Scorpion uttered a snorting laugh, took out his mobile phone directly, dialed Zhao Feng and switched on speakerphone so that Tang Zhan could hear.


Zhao Fengs deep voice was heard from the phone.

“Madman, hows your hand Was it crippled” Scorpion said with a hint of disdain.

“Cut out all this nonsense.”

“Ha ha.” Scorpion chuckled and said, “Youre honest these days and havent been to Mengmengs restaurant.

But today I went there, accompanying Lord Tang.”

“What did you say” Zhao Fengs tone obviously changed at the moment.

His ragged breathing made Tang Zhans eyes flash.

“I accompanied Lord Tang to the restaurant today.

But… the boss was very interesting and humiliated Lord Tang.

I heard that this restaurant was under your, Zhao Fengs, protection.

I think you should know how to deal with it” Scorpion sneered.

Zhao Feng suddenly fell into silence.

A few minutes later, Zhao Feng slightly hoarse voice came out from the phone,

“I know what to do.”

Finishing those words, Zhao Feng directly hung up.

“Ho ho.” Scorpion sneered, putting the car in gear and leaving.

Tang Zhan in the back seat, squinting slightly, looked out of the window at the street and nobody knew what he was thinking.

On the other side, Zhao Feng was in his own residence, standing by the bed, looking out of the window with his face screwed up.

“What does he do…”

All the emotions were mixed.

Zhao Feng felt the precious warmth in the restaurant these days.

The restaurant, the boss, Mengmeng, Liang Mengqi, Zhao Dahu, Yu Qingqing, etc.

all gave Zhao Feng different feelings.

The ordinary daily life was very common, but let Zhao Feng yearn for.

He was very tired and exhausted both physically and mentally when he worked for Tang Zhan, which attributed to Tang Zhans cunning.

At this time, however, Tang Zhan wanted to fight against the restaurant, which made Zhao Feng be confused.

“What should I do”

Zhao Feng gritted his teeth secretly.

He did not want the restaurant to have any accidents.

But disobeying Tang Zhans orders would get himself into trouble.

This was too difficult to make a decision.

Back to Zhang Hans restaurant.

“All right, all right, Mengmeng, just stop crying.” Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs back fondly.

Mengmeng was so sad because her car was trampled and even could not stop crying.

Hearing PaPas comfort at this point, Mengmeng cried,

“Oww… PaPa, my car was trampled, totally crushed…”

“So we just go to buy a new one, ok” Zhang Han said softly.

“Oww… No, no…Ugh… Mengmeng, Mengmeng only wants my own car.”

Mengmeng almost lost her voice and she coughed while speaking.

“Or let PaPa fix this car.

Sounds good”

“The car was trampled, totally crushed…”

After he coaxed her for more than half an hour, Mengmeng eased down.

Zhang Han promised her to buy a new remote control car immediately, so he helped Mengmeng to change the clothes on the second floor.

They went out to buy a bigger remote control car and went back to the restaurant again.

Only when Mengmeng played with the new remote control car did her feel better.

The little princess was fine, but Zhang Han not.

He stepped to the window of the restaurant, took out his mobile phone, and looked out of the window.

He was completely indifferent and his face was terrible.

He made a phone call,

“Zi Yan, return to the restaurant at noon.

I have to go out!”


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