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Chapter 1213 Battling

Mengmeng and the others were also shocked by what they saw from the air.

The land was thronged with people.

It seemed that the population here was quite large.

They even saw many children playing on the ground.

“This place…”

They sized this place up.

From an aesthetic point of view, they all thought this place was shabby.

“Mission begins.”

When they arrived above the city, the mission was activated.

The main control system on the Dragon Base Star assigned more than a dozen people to work for Mengmengs team.

They began to search for their target in the limited area under surveillance and numerous network nodes in Chaos City.

“Qin Changxiaos whereabouts are unavailable for the time being.”

Seeing this message, Yue Xiaonao said, “What should we do We cant just sit here and wait.

Shall we go down there and look for him”

“If we look for Qin Changxiao publicly, he might be alerted and run away,” Nina analyzed.

Then, she advised, “How about we wait a little longer.

If he still doesnt show up, we will go down to look for him.”

“Okay.” Mengmeng said, “Lets stay here and wait.”

As they were deciding on what to do, the Blue Butterflys main screen showed another message.

“Weve sent out 2365 Chaos Citys reconnaissance aircraft to conduct a comprehensive search.”

The main control system provided help again.

Others had to carry out their mission all by themselves.

But in Mengmengs case, she had a special team in the main control base to assist her through the whole process.

After all, the experience didnt have to be thrilling, but it had to be safe.

All that mattered was that Mengmeng could have a good time.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…”

More than 2,000 reconnaissance aircraft of different sizes shot out.

The smallest was palm-sized, and the largest was three meters long.

They were swiftly scouting around the city.

This scene caused a stir among the higher-ups of several forces.

“So many reconnaissance aircraft have been employed.

Has someone been targeted What kind of force is the Heavenly Group on earth”

They all issued orders, warning their subordinates to be careful.

At the same time, in a large, dilapidated building that looked like a factory, dozens of teenagers were gathered together.

The oldest person in this building was a one-armed middle-aged man.

This factory was covered with makeshift beds on the floor and looked a little messy.

The middle-aged man was seated at a table with three young men in their twenties next to him.

Their clothes were tattered.

“Uncle Wang, the Tiger Talisman Royal Family is gone.

I heard that the one controlling this place right now is the Heavenly Group.

They are very powerful.

Do you think the three of us have the chance to go to those main cities they control to get a job”


Its said that the Heavenly Group is particularly rich.

Their employees get high salaries.

Some of them can earn more than 10,000 crystal stones a month.

Gosh, 10,000 crystal stones! We can buy loads of food and clothes with that kind of money!”

“Uncle Wang, we want to give it a shot in the main cities.

Weve been in Chaos City for a long time.

But I dont see the day we rise to prominence.”


Uncle Wang, do you think we can go or not Can you give us some suggestions”

Hearing their words, the middle-aged man chuckled and said, “Xiaojiu, you are merely at the Innateness Realm Last-Stage, arent you Xiaoba, you are at the Innateness Realm Middle-Stage.

Xiaoshier, you are the most powerful one.

As youre in the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, youre strong enough to go out and explore.

However, were not sure how things are going in the outside world yet.

In the Heavenly Group, there are countless Elixir Realm employees.

Yuan Ying Realm employees can also be seen everywhere.

The Heavenly Group doesnt lack people with great strength but talents in special professions with technical skills, foresight, and leadership.

Theyre looking for people like captains.

Its not so simple to be hired by them.

Even if you go, they may not hire you.

My advice is to wait and observe the situation.”

“Oh, so we…”

Just as one of the boys was about to say something, a clamor was heard from the doorway.

“Wow, Brother Changxiao, you brought so much food!”

“Brother Changxiao, you havent come to see us for a few days.

I miss you so much.”

“This is Feather Candy! Brother Changxiao, you bought so many pieces of Feather Candy! Its really expensive!”

Noise voices of children fluttered in.

Hearing the voices, the one-armed middle-aged man smiled, stood up, and walked to the door.

Behind him, Xiaojiu said, “Hey, Changxiao, how come youve brought so much good stuff here”

He was very surprised when he saw that 10 transport vehicles had parked at the gate, and some people were unloading the goods, which included food, snacks, and beautiful clothes.

“Hahaha, Ive made a fortune recently, so I just came over to give you some gifts,” said Qin Changxiao.

“Brother Changxiao, youre so nice and awesome.”

More than 50 children surrounded Qin Changxiao.

They all looked at him with admiration in their eyes.

“Changxiao, you bring us gifts every time you visit us.

Youre really…” Uncle Wang smiled with resignation.

After waiting for minutes, he finally urged, “Kids, go check the clothes, food, and other things.

Move them to the underground vault.”

The group of children, including Xiaojiu, Xiaoba, and Xiaoshier, all ran to the vehicles to help.

Then, Qin Changxiao and Uncle Wang were left alone.

At this moment, Uncle Wangs face became somewhat solemn.

“Changxiao, where the hell did you get these things”

“I bought them with the crystal stones I earned,” Qin Changxiao scratched his head and replied.

“Just the goods on these trucks alone must have cost more than 5,000 crystal stones.” Uncle Wang sighed deeply and said, “Changxiao, I know that you are powerful, but I also hope that you can be an honest person.

Dont take the wrong path.”

After knowing that Qin Changxiao had gotten rich overnight, Uncle Wang became a little worried.

Qin Changxiao said slowly, “I know, Uncle Wang.

Dont worry.

I earned all these things with my hard work.

There are more goods.

I will send some more to you soon.

Just regard these as the last gifts I give you before I leave.”

“What Youre leaving Where are you going”

“I dont know either, Ill perhaps explore the world.” Qin Changxiao raised his head slightly, looking at the sky, not speaking for a long time.

Then, he said with a slightly downcast voice, “I grew up here.

Uncle Wang, actually, I… I also want to bring you guys with me, but the places I am going to are too dangerous.

I cant or want to put you all in danger.”


Uncle Wang suddenly laughed and heavily patted Qin Changxiao on the shoulder.

“Just go without worries.

Eagles are born to spread their wings and soar to the sky.

You are like an eagle.

You belong to the sky.”

Despite what he said, Uncle Wang heaved a sigh inwardly.

“Perhaps after Changxiao leaves this time, he will never come back.

Saying goodbye is always hard.”

After Uncle Wang learned that Qin Changxiao was about to leave, he didnt insist on asking about where he got the goods.

“Whatsoever, it doesnt matter.”

“Uncle Wang, in about three days, and in another three days, more supplies will be sent here.

Also, take this ring.

Use the money in it to buy cultivation resources for everyone.”

Qin Changxiaos expression suddenly altered as if he had seen something.

He hurriedly took out a Space Ring and handed it to Uncle Wang.

“This is… Wh-what”

Uncle Wangs face paled in an instant.

He found that there were more than 300,000 crystal stones in the Space Ring.

To him, this quantity of crystal stones was huge.

He had never seen so many crystal stones before.

“Goodbye, Uncle Wang.”

Qin Changxiao bid goodbye to everyone before taking off in a hurry.

He swiftly weaved through the crowds.

Looking up at the aircraft approaching from a distance, Qin Changxiao revealed a sneer.


Like the wind, he moved very fast from one building to another.

He headed from the remote part of the city for the Spirit Beast Mountains.

But the smooth journey did not last long.

When he arrived at the east of the city—

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

An aircraft suddenly issued an alarm.

“Found Qin Changxiao, the suspect…” “Bang!”

With a wave of his hand, Qin Changxiao blew the aircraft up.

“Wanna arrest me Youre not up for the job!”

Qin Changxiao let out a cold laugh.


When the crowds around saw the aircraft sent by the governing force explode, they all went to hide.

All the vendors gathered their things and ran away.

This was normal.

Every time a dispute broke out, they would go into hiding immediately.

This was how life was in Chaos City.

After discovering Qin Changxiao, dozens of aircraft quickly flew over.

“Target is found!” the system on Mengmengs Blue Butterfly announced.


The Blue Butterfly quickly flew over.

There was still a long distance to cross.

But since the target had been spotted, he could not get away.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Dozens of aircraft flew to Qin Changxiao, but he blew them up one after another.

However, more aircraft were flying toward him from nearby.

Qin Changxiao knew that he couldnt go into hiding this time.

But this was no problem for him.

“Come on! Chase after me!” Qin Changxiao laughed and shouted.

He couldnt help sneering inwardly.

“Lets have some real fun after we reach the Spirit Beast Mountains.”


Qin Changxiao moved very fast toward the Spirit Beast Mountains.

He was no longer trying to hide.

Like a jet of light, he flew across the buildings while launching strikes to destroy the aircraft that came close to him.

When he reached the edge of Chaos City, he looked back.

A streak of crystal blue light was getting closer and closer.

“Which level are those people in that aircraft at” Qin Changxiao gave a harrumph.

“Well, dont blame me for getting killed by my schemes.”

The moment Qin Changxiao stepped into the Spirit Beast Mountains, his face exuded confidence.

He strolled leisurely through the forest.

The Blue Butterfly behind him soon came to the forest.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Four people flew out from the aircraft.

“Four little girls”

Qin Changxiao was taken aback by what he saw.

“Those girls are about the same age as me.

Judging by the luxurious clothes they wear, they are perhaps from a powerful force.

“How pretty she is!”

Qin Changxiao was stunned when he saw Mengmeng.

He felt his heart palpitate with excitement.

“Ive never seen such a beautiful girl before!”

Staring at Mengmeng, Qin Changxiao even slowed down in his tracks.

“Qin Changxiao, surrender now!” Yue Xiaonao said loudly.

“What a cute girl!” Qin Changxiao looked at Yue Xiaonao and commented in his head.

“Two elves.”

Looking at Nina and Felina, Qin Changxiao was a little confused.

“What is a Dark Elf traveling with an Elemental Elf”

Qin Changxiao shifted his eyes back to Mengmeng and gazed at her for two more seconds.

“How beautiful!

“She is really gorgeous!

“Perhaps Id want to get caught by her.”


This thought greatly alarmed him.


“Could this be an illusion”

Qin Changxiao shook his head.

He performed the Mind-clearing Technique only to find that this was no illusion at all.

“Well, thankfully, Master didnt see this.

I was distracted just now.”

“You should stop wasting your energy.

You cant catch me,” said Qin Changxiao with a smile.

He was only about 17 years old.

But he gave Mengmeng and the others the impression that he was in his twenties and more mature than his peers.

Hearing his words, Mengmeng snorted coldly.

“How dare you belittle us Taste my fireball!”


A fireball with a diameter of about one meter whistled over, emanating imposing pressure.

At this time, Mengmeng was less than a hundred meters away from Qin Changxiao.

The fireball moved very fast.

Under Mengmengs control, it approached Qin Changxiao in a second.


Qin Changxiao was in a daze for a second.

A trace of seriousness surfaced in his eyes.

“This is the pure energy of fire.”

“Tiger-subduing Punch!”

Qin Changxiao cast a palm print, which extinguished the fireball.

“Youre good, chick! But you cant catch me with this little trick,” Qin Changxiao taunted.

He found that the pretty girl at the rear also had a very pleasant voice.


Mengmeng sneered.

“Fireball Skill!”

Another fireball, which was much larger than her, zoomed out with immense energy.

All the trees within a radius of dozens of meters were scorched by the spreading heat it issued.

Qin Changxiaos face paled drastically when he saw this.




He let out a miserable howl.

“It turns out that he is not powerful at all.” Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

Then, she muttered, “Is this really a Level A mission”

“Hes fine,” said Nina in a low voice.

“He is acting.”


Mengmeng was dazed at once.


Qin Changxiao roared with laughter in the front.

While leaping forward, he said, “Girl, you are so cute.

Stop chasing me.”

“Ill teach you a lesson soon.” Mengmengs pretty face turned cold.

She took the lead in chasing after Qin Changxiao.

Generally speaking, when they went out to carry out missions as a team, Nina and Felina would not take the lead in attacking.

Instead, they would let Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng, and Chen Chuan handle the targets first.

This was because the purpose of taking those missions was to let the three gain experience.

If the three couldnt beat the targets, Nina and Felina would step up to help.

At this time, Chen Chuans voice rang from the loudspeaker of the aircraft as a Light Cannon was fired.

“How dare this boy show off his power in front of Mengmeng Everyone, beat him!”

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