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Chapter 1216 The Thunderbolt Mark and the Yuan Ying Getting into a Fight

Zhang Han glanced at Zhang Guangyou and said with a smile, “I plan to take Mengmeng to visit the nearby Star Areas.

Since its still early, why dont we all go to the Roland Star first”

As his father was hankering for wine, Zhang Han thought they might as well go to the Roland Star and have some wine.

“Well, the Dark Elf Clan has moved here.

Theyre visiting the Roland Star.

We really should go there and say hi to them.” Zhang Guangyou nodded and said, “This way, we can wait for my dad and the others for a few days.

Then, we can travel to other Star Areas together.”

“Ive agreed to this plan mainly because I want to wait for my dad, not because I crave the wine.”

“Then, lets go to the Roland Star together.” Zi Yan smiled.

About the Dark Elves, Zi Yan felt that they were basically the same as Elemental Elves, except that they had different attributes.

In fact, there was not much of a difference between them.

Yet, generally speaking, elves were more good-looking.

This time, they were going to the Roland Star mainly to drink wine and kill time while waiting for Zhang Mu.

A while later, Yue Wuwei and Lisa arrived.

“Xiaonao, did you enjoy yourself these days” Yue Wuwei asked.


You two had a great time, didnt you” Yue Xiaonao said casually.

“Yes, hahaha.” Yue Wuwei couldnt help chuckling.

Lisa compressed her lips and shook her head slightly.

Yue Xiaonao was much more well-behaved than before.

Lisa seldom gave her a dressing-down recently.

Yet, in the past, she had to lecture her every now and then.

“Are we going to the Roland Star”


Well head out soon.”

While they were talking, Zhao Feng rushed over from a distance.

“Master, theres an old man outside who wants to see you.

Hes in the company.”


Zhang Han scanned the area with his soul sense.

Then, he was a little surprised.

“He recovered a bit so soon! With so little strength, he managed to get rid of the chains.

It seems that he knows some powerful means.”

“I see.

Hell be here in a moment,” Zhang Han told Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han had communicated with the old man through his soul sense.

“Who is it” Yue Wuwei asked.

“A man who has been suppressed here for a thousand years.

He used to be very strong.

I have made a deal with him,” Zhang Han said.

“A deal” Yue Wuwei had a bewildered look on his face.

He wanted to pose more questions but stopped on second thought.

The others were also curious.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and the others were the only ones present that knew the details.

“I caught a Night Spirit a couple of days ago.

That old mans soul was damaged.

So I exchanged the Night Spirit for his Dark Cold Fire,” Zhang Han said tersely.

“What Night Spirit Dark Cold Fire” Yue Wuweis facial muscles trembled.

“It seems that something big has happened during my short absence, hasnt it”

“What are a Night Spirit and the Dark Cold Fire” Wang Ming asked with curiosity.

“They are special treasures equivalent to Profound-grade treasures.

The Dark Cold Fire is a kind of Alien Fire.

One can exercise part of its power after refining it,” Zhang Han said.

Since Zhang Han didnt give a comprehensive explanation, Yue Wuwei added, “In the Cultivation World, most treasures are spiritual treasures.

The ones with special and innate features are Profound-grade treasures.

Among Profound-grade treasures, there is a category called Cosmos Product, which included the Alien Fire, the Alien Water, and even the Thunder Tribulation.

The Thunder Tribulation exists because the law of the Cultivation World dictates so.

When peoples strength surmounted the upper limit, the Thunder Tribulation will befall.

The Thunder Tribulation is terrifying.

It aims at killing the person who tries to get through the Tribulation Stage.

Nine out of ten people die in the process.

Therefore, when a cultivator reaches the Tribulation Stage, he or she will usually suppress his or her strength and make sufficient preparations before tackling the Thunder Tribulation.


Ive wandered off the point.”

Yue Wuwei suddenly noticed that Dong Chen, Zhao Feng, and some others all looked confused.

After thinking about it, he decided not to talk about the Tribulation Stage.

“Alas… Why did I bring up the Tribulation Stage They cant understand it anyway.”

“Well, in terms of Profound-grade treasures, such as the Alien Fire and other kinds of Cosmos Products, how much of their power can be given a play to after a cultivator absorbs them depends on the cultivators aptitude.

Ordinary cultivators can only use about 30 percent of their power.

Some extremely talented ones can use 60 to 70 percent of their power, which is very impressive.

Some can only use 10 percent.

To put it bluntly, treasures like the Alien Fire are not of great use.

They are merely like weapons,” Yue Wuwei explained.

His long speech sort of befuddled the others.

After taking a while to digest the information, Zhang Guangyou heaved a long sigh and said, “The Cultivation World is so vast and complicated.

What weve seen is merely the tip of the iceberg.”

“Weve just been in the Cultivation World for a year.

It is still a short time,” Zhang Han said beamingly.

“As time goes by, well get to know more.

Then, well find that there is endless joy in fighting against people and strange beasts, but at the end of the day, were all fighting against the heavens.

That is something an Immortal Master with excellent swordsmanship often says.”

“Who is that Immortal Master with excellent swordsmanship Why havent I heard of such a person” Yue Wuwei glared at Zhang Han and asked.

“This boy always steals my thunder!”

However, after Yue Wuwei said that, Zhang Han and Mengmeng answered simultaneously, “I read it in an…”

At this point, Zhang Han stopped speaking.

But Mengmeng went on to finish the words.

“…ancient book.

Reading is good.

Everyone should read more and pick good books to read.”


Zhang Han was in a daze for a moment and then burst out laughing.


“No one knows me better than my daughter.”

“So, that old man is here to deliver the Alien Fire to Mengmeng, right” Zhang Guangyou suddenly said.

“Mengmeng will definitely be able to use about 70 percent of its power.”


This remark instantly shifted everyones attention.

Yue Wuwei subconsciously stroked his beard and narrowed his eyes.

“Zhang Han, how much power of the Alien Fire do you think Mengmeng can use”

Zhang Han wanted to answer with a high percentage.

“My daughter is born to be extraordinary.

Why wouldnt she be able to do that”

However, he also felt that the Alien Fire was too erratic.

He did not want Mengmeng to feel disappointed if she failed to fulfill his expectations.

Thus, Zhang Han said with a smile, “Whatever.

Its just a toy.”

“Haha, you see the Alien Fire as a toy.

In this world, no one but you can be like this!” Yue Wuwei said with a smile.

“The Alien Fire is rare.” Zhang Han added, “Its still unknown whether that man has seized it or not.”

Zhang Han didnt discover any trace of the Alien Fire when he sensed the old mans aura.

He guessed that the old man should have put the Alien Fire somewhere else.

He guessed right.

“My savior, Im Taoist Deadwood.

I hereby pay my respects to you.”

Two figures appeared on the mountain road.

At the sight of Zhang Han, the old man cupped his hands before his chest from a distance.

Qin Changxiao was by his side.

They leaped to the group in a flash and bowed respectfully to Zhang Han.

“You are recovering well,” Zhang Han said with a slight nod.

“Its all thanks to your Night Spirit, medicinal pellets, and formation.

Youve done a favor for me that I can never pay back.

Thus, Im here to thank you and to give you this.”


As Taoist Deadwood spoke, a lit candle appeared in his hand.

“This is my Life Candle.

I want you to keep it.

The Dark Cold Fire is not in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

When I seize it, I will come back and exchange it for my Life Candle.”

“Eh” Zhang Han was a little surprised.

“You even got yourself a Life Candle.”

“You saved my life.

But I have nothing else to give you.

I…” Taoist Deadwood looked embarrassed as he said, “I came here to borrow a spaceship.

Im penniless.

Without money, I cant travel across Star Areas.”


“So thats what this is about.”

Zhang Hans lips quivered.

He almost laughed out loud.

“Ill give you a corvette.” Zhang Han raised his hand slightly and said, “Xiaofeng, take care of this.”

“Yes, Master.” Zhao Feng nodded and immediately fetched his communication device to make a call.

Two minutes later, a corvette was at the ready.

Following Zhao Feng, Taoist Deadwood and Qin Changxiao took off.

Before leaving, Taoist Deadwood said, “Before I go get the Dark Cold Fire, I have a personal matter to deal with.

If everything goes well, this journey will take a month.

If not, itll take no more than three months.

Thus, in three months, Ill come back and deliver the Dark Cold Fire.”

“Take your time,” Zhang Han replied.

As soon as they left, Zhang Han and the others also set out.

The group sitting here all boarded a Thunder King and headed for the Roland Star.

On the Thunder King, Yue Wuwei said, “That man from earlier said that he was going to get the Dark Cold Fire.

If the Dark Cold Fire was in a secret place or a special place, he wouldnt have promised that as it has been a thousand years since he last went there and everything might have changed.

I think the Dark Cold Fire should be in one of his abodes.”

“That should be the case.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Within just a few days, he has returned to the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

It seems that he has benefited from this desperate situation.

I suppose he will reach the God Transformation Realm Peak-Stage in a couple of days.

Before this setback, he should have been in the Void-refining Realm.”

After sharing a few words, they dropped the topic.

Soon, they landed on the Roland Star as guests.

The King of Elves warmly welcomed them.

He seemed to have regained his wisdom.

Zhang Hans group stayed on the Roland Star as guests for two days.

They lived in unique and beautiful treehouses in a forest.

At this time, they just finished dinner.

The moon here was very big and bright here.

The silver moonlight bathed this planet, giving it a touch of serenity.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were lying on a hammock, admiring the moon.

Mengmeng, Chen Chuan, and Yue Xiaonao ran over.

“Daddy, when are we going out to have fun” Mengmeng asked.

She loved traveling, so she was looking forward to visiting fun places in other Star Areas.

“Tomorrow,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Great!” Chen Chuan cheered.

“Well then, well go to play in the Game Capsule.

Tomorrow, well go traveling,” Mengmeng said with a happy smile on her face.

The three girls turned around and ran toward Ninas palace, which was a short distance away.

Nina bought several Game Capsules a long ago for amusement purposes.

Mengmeng also enjoyed this kind of entertainment very much.

She was indeed a girl “addicted” to the Internet.

“Shes too fun-loving.” Zi Yan watched Mengmeng run away and muttered, “When I was her age, I had to go to school every day.

But now, she is having fun all day long.”

“Well, she also cultivates.” Zhang Han grinned and said, “But the key is that our daughter has good grades, so its okay to let her play.

Even though you studied hard at her age, didnt you do poorly in school”

“You think I did poorly in school I was always among the top three in my class.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Among the top three in class Doesnt that mean you were only in third place” Zhang Han chuckled.

“How dare you say that!”

Zi Yan put her hand on Zhang Hans waist and flipped him by 180 degrees.


“Im sorry!”

Zhang Han begged for mercy again and again before Zi Yan released him.

After lying down for a while, Zi Yan activated her communication bracelet.

A projected screen as large as a 70-inch TV screen appeared in front of her, which was playing a family drama produced by people on Earth.

“I like this one.

Its a great drama.”

Zi Yan began to watch the drama.

Zhang Han took out potato chips, popcorn, fruits, and cold drinks from his Space Ring.

“How considerate you are!”

Zi Yan gave Zhang Han a kiss and watched the drama while eating snacks.

She had a good time.

Zhang Han watched the drama with Zi Yan for a while.

He also enjoyed it.

About half an hour later, Zhang Han closed his eyes and began his daily cultivation.

“The great void is streamlined.

The thunderbolts are majestic.

They seem to be there but also seem not.

Combined, they are a complete entity.

Scattered, they are thunder and lightning.

Folded, they are shapeless.

Unfolded, there are detailed images inside them behind the fuzziness.

The wonders of the Great Void Thunder Scripture lie in the Spiritual Stage.

The ones who know thunder methods…”

As the Great Void Thunder Scripture functioned, the Thunderbolt Mark in Zhang Hans soul sense sea glinted, and special rings sounded.

This ringing sound resounded in Zhang Hans mind.

Like a piece of music, it seemed to be trying to show and tell him something.

“Is it trying to tell me the Great Way of Cultivation”

Zhang Han didnt know.

His experiences were of little help when he cultivated the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

Like crossing a river barefoot, he had to find a brand new path by himself.

Zhang Han was also curious about that.

In the past, he had learned many kinds of cultivation methods without others guiding him.

Thus, he had taken many detours.

As the ringing sound gradually died away and the thunder seal was about to return to normal, Zhang Han thought to himself, “Im not far from the God Transformation Realm.

Now I have a Great Demon as my Yuan Ying.

It seems to be an innate Demon King.

Its combat ability is more than five times stronger than that of an ordinary Yuan Ying.

My soul sense sea has long changed, too.

It now has the Thunderbolt Mark and the Thunder Tower that contains the martial arts heritage.

“But why do I feel rather uncomfortable as my cultivation proceeds In the God Transformation Realm, ones soul sense will transform into a divine sense.

Coupled with spiritual force, one can perform more powerful supernatural powers and secret skills.

But my Yuan Ying, which is a Great Demon, is not in harmony with my soul sense sea carrying the Thunderbolt Mark and the Thunder Tower.

Demons seem to hate thunder very much.”

Zhang Han noticed the weird change.

“I have a Great Demon as my Yuan Ying and the Thunderbolt Mark in my body.

Are these two of conflicted nature like Yin and Yang Is that why I feel so uncomfortable

“Im about to enter the God Transformation Realm…”

Zhang Han was not the kind of person who would be laid-back in the face of potential problems.

Once he discovered a problem, he would solve it as soon as possible.

A black gem materialized in his right hand.

He instantly absorbed the demonic Qi within.

After the demonic Qi entered his meridians, it was continuously being assimilated.


When the demonic Qi went past the Yuan Ying, a wisp of energy seemed to rise from its surroundings.

“This is where the fundamental power of the innate Demon King comes from.”

Zhang Han observed the process.

When he fought with demons, he could constantly absorb demonic Qi.

Also, in places with rich Yin energy, his combat ability would be much higher.

These were the unique features of his Yuan Ying.

“If the demonic Qi reaches the Thunderbolt Mark…”

Zhang Han pondered for moments.

Then, he commanded the wisp of demonic Qi to invade his soul sense sea.

In Zhang Hans mind, the Thunderbolt Mark now looked like a bright moon in the sky, while the demonic Qi was like a silk scarf, slowly flying to the Thunderbolt Mark.

But before it got close—


The demonic Qi dissipated.

The Thunderbolt Mark didnt allow it to approach at all.


The Thunderbolt Mark glowed slightly to suppress the soul sense sea.

It did that of its own accord.

Zhang Han felt his Thunderbolt Mark was a little overbearing.

“Thats what I expected.”

Zhang Han began to muse again.

“It seems that when I enter the God Transformation Realm, my soul sense will transform into divine sense.

If I dont solve this problem, after I make the breakthrough, my battle strength might drop instead.

“Yin and Yang are mutually destructive.

The relationship between my Yuan Ying and the Thunderbolt Mark is similar.

I need some neutralizing energy.

The key is… the Sacred Body of the Five Elements!

“If I had the Sacred Body of the Five Elements, the Yin and Yang and the Five Elements would be coordinated.

This path is correct.

However, Im cultivating the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

“To cultivate the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, I have to forsake my supernatural powers.

I need the 25 kinds of Elemental Sources and the five supernatural powers to refine the Immortal Body.”

Zhang Han figured out how he would carry out his cultivation recently.

He was also more determined to abandon his powerful supernatural powers to refine the Immortal Body other than to refine the body first and use the body to enhance his supernatural powers.

“That is the right way.

Im walking down the path of Body Refinement.

When my body is strong, nothing can harm it any more.

Every punch I make can be as mighty as supernatural powers.

In the future, I can even destroy mountains and seas, and pluck stars with a single hand.”

He already had a plan in mind.

But all of a sudden, something unexpected occurred.


There was an explosion in his mind.

Zhang Han felt as if the skies were falling and the earth was cracking.

His entire soul sense sea was trembling.

“What is happening”

Zhang Hans heart contracted violently.

In his mind, the Thunder Tower, which had been quiet for a long time and never showed any unusual signs, suddenly lit up.

The great pressure almost crushed Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

Dazzling lightning bolts were produced by the Thunder Tower and were all absorbed by the Thunderbolt Mark.


The Thunderbolt Mark seemed annoyed.

It released the Taiyi Wood Thunder, which rushed down along Zhang Hans meridians.

At this moment, Zhang Han felt that the Thunderbolt Mark had been upset for a long time.

It had long wanted to destroy the Great Demon below.

“It waited until this moment to attack my Yuan Ying.

Is it because it wasnt strong enough to defeat this Great Demon before” With the firm backing of the Thunder Tower, the Thunderbolt Mark began to show its might.

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