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Chapter 122 Tell Me Where Scorpion Is

“Whats up Are you in a hurry”

Zi Yan was a little undecided and said,

“Im going to hold an album release conference later.

It will be ended until nearly 12 oclock and I still have many things to do in the afternoon.

Theres even little time for lunch.”

Zhang Han gave a pause on hearing that and said, “So just come back earlier in the evening.”

“Well, then Ill go to work and see you in the evening.” Zi Yan did not probe and hastily hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yan adjusted her expression.

Being about to walk into the conference site, she was a little nervous for a moment.

It seemed that she had not experienced the press conference for a long time.

After taking a deep breath, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stepped into the scene.

Under normal circumstances, the company would be only one artist to hold this kind of conference in a large meeting room.

But today, for some reasons, she and Xu Ruoyu held the conferences at the same time in the conference room so that Zhou Fei kept saying, “This is a covert scheme.”


Although the leadership gave an explanation that they had not enough time to make arrangements, Zhou Fei, as a veteran, actually did not believe it.

She deemed that Meiqi just liked to find faults with Zi Yan and wanted to revenge Zi Yan for leaving without saying goodbye.

However, it seemed that the contract had expired.

What did Zi Yans reclusion have to do with her

Zhou Fei was angry and anxious.

Even Zi Yan was confused, but she had reached a point of no return.

After entering the site, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were led to their seats by the staff.

Although there were two press conferences being held in one venue, the two parties were far apart from each other because of the large stage of the conference room.

One was on the east and the other was on the west, having little influence on each other.

When they were seated, they suddenly discovered that there were only a dozen media reporters on Zi Yans side.

While there were 40 to 50 media reporters on Xu Ruoyus side.

A comparison between the two sides clearly showed who was more popular and who was sorehead.

After Zi Yan came in, Xu Ruoyu looked up with obvious exultation on her face.

“Elder Sister Yan, who does she show for” Zhou Fei whispered beside Zi Yan, “Did the company do this on purpose Its really interesting.

I didnt expect them to act so basely.

We really shouldnt have signed the three-year contract!”

“Dont say anything more.”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly and sighed inwardly at the same time.

Of course, she knew the condition at present was questionable.

She had a sneaking suspicion that all the arrangements were related to Li Cheng.

Otherwise, even if her reclusion did make things difficult for Meiqi, she should not do such things since they had been friends for a couple of years.

Li Cheng was likely to put every obstacle in her way.

Zi Yan was not a person who paid no attention to the outside world.

She knew Li Cheng more or less.

That person… was definitely a playboy who was petty-minded.

There were more than 18 people who had been dismissed on account of him.

In fact, Zi Yan had figured out the truth.

At this time in Meiqis office on the upstairs, Li Cheng was casually sitting on the sofa.

“I heard that Xue Qian has released three top-quality songs.

Will his concert on the 15th affect Xu Ruoyus album” Li Cheng said with a smile.

“Itll be influenced more or less.

Peoples attention is attracted by Xue Qian.

Now the three songs are played everywhere.

Its estimated that after this hot period people will notice Ruoyus new songs.” Meiqi nodded slightly.

“Mmm.” Li Cheng shook his head and sighed softly, “Hes really an unexpected obtruder bouncing in halfway, who released three new songs which were all masterpieces.

No one has imagined.

Who is Hanyang Is he a senior songwriter”

“I cant guess who he is at all.

Judging from the style and lyrics, he seems to be distinctive to those well-known songwriters.

Moreover, his songs are well-matched with Xue Qians style.

If “Hanyang” hasnt been written on it, Ill maintain that the songs were written by Xue Qian himself.” Meiqi said solemnly.

“Forget it, its beyond our expectation.” Li Cheng shook his head and said, “Hows it going with Zi Yan”

“Her affair.” Meiqi said, giggling, “The press conference downstairs is in full swing.”

“Oh That must be very interesting, ha, ha, ha.” Li Cheng stood up, walked to the window, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and said, “Some people are always in dreams, then Ill let her recognize reality.

Have you arranged for all the things following”

“Everything has been arranged.” Mei Qi also stood up and walked to Li Chengs side with a meaningful smile, sweeping her finger over Li Chengs cheek and saying, “Since Zi Yan signed the contract of three years, Ive known she would never escape from you pervert.”

“Have you Then Ill show you what a real pervert is.”

Li Cheng gave her a cheeky smile, threw away the cigarette he had just smoked and ran towards Meiqi.

In the conference room downstairs, Zi Yans press conference was in full swing.

When it came to the communion part, a man in his late 20s took the lead in asking questions,

“Excuse me, are you Zi Yan”

As soon as he finished asking, the room was silent.

It was these words that would outrage a few susceptibilities.

After a pause, Li Yan nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

“Why did you retire I heard that it was because of the emotional problems with your boyfriend.

Is that true” Another man asked.

“Exactly not.” Zi Yan answered concisely.

“So why didnt you hold a press conference to announce your retirement In doing so, you havent given any explanation to your fans.

Did you feel guilty” A woman in her twenties asked a tricky question.


Zi Yan did not know how to explain this matter.

Indeed, she did not give fans an explanation.

Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows and said, “Im sorry, todays conference is about the album rather than gossips.

Please ask some questions about the album, thank you.”

“Miss Zi Yan, please answer the question I just asked, ok After all, if you dont explain it, fans wont go for it.” The woman insistently asked.

“At the beginning…” Under peoples gazes, Zi Yan said slowly, “It was my fault that I didnt give fans an explanation in the first place.

Its not convenient to say more about the specific reason.

Ill answer the following question related to the album.”

More than 10 reporters thought for a while at the moment, then the female reporter asked again,

“May I ask Miss Zi Yan, do you prepare the album carefully”

“Yes!” Zi Yan gave a positive answer.

Although the quality of the songs was not satisfactory, they were finished with her and Zhou Feis painstaking efforts.

“Then please…”

The reporters under the stage asked some questions about the album in succession, but the three or four of them always asked some tricky questions.

It looked like they were trying to get Zi Yan into trouble.

Zi Yans responses to their question were perfect.

After all, she had held such conferences many times.

Back to Zhang Hans restaurant.

Mengmengs mood had been completely adjusted at noon.

She was playing with the newly bought remote control car on the first floor, but she was still a little unhappy thinking of the ferocious uncle in the morning.

“An average person would like Mengmeng very much, why was he so fierce”

Over 12 oclock, diners came as usual.

Apart from Egg-fried rice and noodle soup, Zhan Han prepared Szechwan style potato strips and simple cucumber with garlic sauce.

Mengmeng liked to eat noodle soup with these two small cold dishes.

It was indeed a pleasure to eat hot noodle soup with small cold dishes.

At lunchtime, people who were familiar with Zhang Han, such as Liang Mengqi, found that Zhang Han was in low spirits.

Therefore they all kept silence.

Just before the meal was ready, a Toyota Land Cruiser was parked in a parking space outside the restaurant.

Zhao Feng got out of the car, walked into the restaurant and sat down in his usual position.

“Eh Zhao Feng, what happened to your hand” Zhao Dahu asked, looking at Zhao Fengs hand.

Hearing the tone of concern, Zhao Feng smiled and replied, “I was scraped.”

“Oh, Mengqi, hes injured, be quick to give his hand a blow.” Zhao Dahu did know that Zhao Feng liked Liang Mengqi, so he took the opportunity to tease her.

“Why You go too far, little bitch.” Liang Mengqi glared at Zhao Dahu, then looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Maybe he got injured for he did something bad.”

Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly and sighed deeply in his heart.

“If something happened to the restaurant, probably he would never see Liang Mengqi in the future.

Besides, if they found the accident was caused by him, they would certainly bear grudges.”

Zhao Feng was depressed but helpless.

He had to complete Tang Zhans task.

The lunch was as usual.

After all the people left, Zhao Feng quietly cleaned up the restaurant.

Then he walked to the sofa, standing on the back, thinking for a while and saying,

“Boss, I want to ask you a favor.”


“I want to… borrow the restaurant for a few days.” Zhao Feng said in a low voice.

He only figured out one way after thinking.

He borrowed the restaurant for a few days and smashed it, which could give Tang Zhan an account.

Then he decorated it, waiting for the boss to come back.

Although this method was stupid and could not fool Tang Zhan, Zhao Feng failed to find any other way.

He was unwilling to hurt Zhang Han.

In addition, he was no match for the boss.

“No way.”

However, Zhang Han refused directly.

“Er…” Zhao Feng froze and did not know what to say at that time.

“Is Lord Tang who brought you to trouble” Zhang Han turned to look at Zhao Feng and said calmly.

“Yep!” Zhao Feng answered truthfully, “I have no choice.”

“So have you decided”

“I dont want to do so, but boss, you know I…”

“All right.” Zhang Han waved his hand directly and interrupted, “Do you know Scorpion”


“Well, just go home.” Zhang Han directly showed him the door.

After a moments silence Zhao Feng eventually left the restaurant with his head down.

At this moment, he did not know what to do.

Time passed quickly.

At seven oclock in the evening, Zi Yan returned to the restaurant.

After the meal, at nearly nine oclock, Zhang Han asked Zi Yan to take Mengmeng back first.

Zi Yan did not ask.

She left the restaurant with Mengmeng.

The little princess still clamored for Zhang Han to come home earlier.

Zhang Han replied with a smile, but when the little princess left, Zhang Hans expression faded.

He walked out of the restaurant, sat into the panda car which was like a cheek and dialed Zhao Feng.

After the phone was connected, Zhang Han just said a few words coldly,

“Tell me where Scorpion is.”


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