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Chapter 1224 Charging at the Enemy with My Sword Only

“Good for you, son,” Zhou Fei praised.

Then, Zhou Fei said that she was also about to become a Wu Dao Grand Master.

That was to say, she would soon be a cultivator in the Building Base Realm.

Nowadays, almost all the people from Mount New Moon had started cultivating, including the old and the young.

Although some of them didnt like fighting, they didnt refrain from cultivating because cultivation could significantly expand their lifespans, which was a benefit that no ordinary person could resist.

Previously, those who didnt cultivate thought that they didnt have to decide whether to become a cultivator so soon, so they preferred to stay in the secular world and enjoy themselves for some time.

Zi Yans cousin, Zi Shiya, was one of those people.

But later, when they saw that Zhang Hans group began to go to the Sea Dragon Star Area and have fun, they also wanted to go there.

However, they hadnt cultivated their strength, and their parents did not approve.

Now, they had also embarked on the road of cultivation.

After having the hearty meal, everyone rested for a while before cultivating.

Hours later, they finally arrived in the vicinity of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

They met up with Yue Wuwei.

Lisa considerately took out pieces of cooked meat of the Golden-winged Eagle.

Yue Wuwei was overjoyed.

With a big smile on his face, he tried the meat.

Yue Wuwei was not really a foodie.

After he finished eating, he looked at Zhang Han with a puzzled expression.

“Han, I walked in the Blue Sand Wind Domain for days, but I didnt find anything.

The energy here is too violent.

Ordinary king vessels cant pass through.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain is still shrinking.

This is odd.

There must be something wrong.

I believe there is a certain node somewhere, but why cant I find it Its really bizarre.”

“Lets go take a look.”

Zhang Han saw several pictures shown on the screen.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain was like a vast blue fog that was whistling past.

It was comprised of numerous fine grains of sand.

It was no exaggeration to say that the grains of sand were like bullets.

They varied in size, speed, and power, forming a barrier that separated many Star Areas from each other.

Zhang Han couldnt see anything unusual from the pictures on the screen, so he left the spaceship with Yue Wuwei.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The two boarded Yue Wuweis boat and disappeared into the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The others waited on the king vessel.

“The energy is 20 times stronger than before.

Logically speaking, there should be something wrong that has caused this rapid shrinking.

I inspected this place three times, but I didnt find anything unusual,” Yue Wuwei said.

Zhang Han moved his right hand, and strands of blue sand penetrated the energy layer and flew into his hand.

His soul sense was unleashed and spread in all directions.

“God Transformation Realm Early-Stage.”

Zhang Han focused on feeling his soul sense.

“My soul sense is somewhat different from before.

My Thunderbolt Mark is more profound, and the ring that sounds when I cultivate the Great Void Thunder Scripture is much more complicated.

“It should take a long time to transform the soul sense into the God Transformation solely with the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

“But why do I feel that my soul sense sea is a little empty”

Zhang Han suddenly thought of something in astonishment, “Is it hungry”

He carefully felt the Thunderbolt Mark with his will and found that it seemed to be more profound.

But there was no other change.

“After cultivating for some more days, Ill be able to reach the third floor of the Thunder Tower and study the meditation wall there.

Thanks to the insights I gained recently, my Thunderbolt Crocodile and the Thunder Willow can be further strengthened.

I wonder what kind of supernatural power I can acquire after I get to the third floor.

“I still need to practice a Body Cultivation Method, a boxing method, a punching method, and a body movement method.

Only if the methods are compatible with my body can I unleash the greatest power of the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

“There is still a lot to do.

Now that I have forged the Immortal Body of the Five Elements, Ive sort of gained some attributes of Stone Demons.

I am immune to most attacks.

Except for the ones launched with special secret skills, ordinary offensive moves cant hurt me at all.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Han was in a good mood.

In his previous life, he pursued great power, so his progress in cultivation was very fast.

However, his body constitution was just average.

But now, he had forged Immortal Body of the Five Elements, which made him feel extremely strong.

“In the past, I met some body cultivators and killed some of them with mighty supernatural powers, but a few still got away.

Body cultivators are hard to kill.

But in the face of incantations, some mysterious secret skills, true essence energy, or things that possess Elemental Sources, such as the Alien Fire and the Alien Ice, they can also be injured.

My journey of body cultivation has just begun.

I cant take it lightly.

But I think nothing in the Sea Dragon Star Area and the Heavenly Dragon Star Province can put me in danger.”

Zhang Han was lost in thought for a while.

Yue Wuwei had no idea that Zhang Han was distracted by his thoughts on his recent cultivation.

After waiting for seconds, Yue Wuwei seemed to have noticed something.

He asked, “Zhang Han, what are you thinking about”

“Well, just some issues.”

Zhang Han came to his senses, smiled, and said, “Lets go back and head for the Small Sky Dragon Region.”

“Were going back now” Yue Wuwei was stunned.

“Youve just come here.

Arent you going to walk around and take a look”

“Theres nothing worth looking at.

All I can feel here is the blue sand,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“The Blue Sand Wind Domain has shrunk markedly.

Needless to say, there must be a big change.

Maybe the entire Blue Sand Wind Domain is just a formation in the Star Area.

Its also possible that a certain secret realm has been activated.

Well know when more unusual phenomena occur.

Haha, even if this change is caused by some treasures, it doesnt matter.

The important treasures are not easy to get anyway.”

“So, my days of investigation here are all for nothing” Yue Wuwei touched his forehead.

“Since you cant find out anything after investigating for days, and I may not be able to find out much even if I stay here for a few days.

If Im gone for a long time, my daughter will worry about me,” Zhang Han said.

As he spoke, he showed a doting smile that he only showed to Mengmeng.

Seeing this, Yue Wuwei was speechless for a while.

Then, he said, “Boy, let me tell you, you should not pamper your daughter too much.

You should let her live on her own for a change and learn to be self-reliant.

Youve spoiled Mengmeng too much.

Well, how can I talk sense into you”

“But I want to spoil Mengmeng.”

This simple reply made Yue Wuweis facial muscles tremble.

Three seconds later, he flicked his sleeves and said, “Well, you cant teach an old dog new tricks.”

However, upon hearing these words, Zhang Han chuckled.

He gazed at Yue Wuwei and said nothing.

A minute later, Yue Wuwei was a little annoyed by his stare.

“What the hell is he doing”

Suddenly, Zhang Han opened his mouth and said suspiciously, “Are you envious of me”

“Why would I envy you” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Because I have a good relationship with my daughter, and my daughter is very sweet with me.”

“I can throw you out of this place with a slap, do you wanna try me” Yue Wuwei blew his beard and glared at Zhang Han.

Actually, Yue Wuwei sometimes did envy Zhang Han for how close he and Mengmeng were.

But Yue Wuweis daughter was not the kind of girl Mengmeng was, so Yue Wuwei felt his relationship with his daughter was quite different.

“Why are we going to the Small Sky Dragon Region” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Some people from the Gutuo Divine Temple have come to make trouble for us.

That Gu Yi was said to be Lord Kongs right-hand man,” Zhang Han put away his smile and said calmly.

“Its better to go to the Gutuo Divine Temple and destroy them than to wait for unknown troubles to come to us.”

“Oh, youll do it yourself this time.

Dont expect to make me your hatchet man while you reap all the benefits,” Yue Wuwei said stiffly.

On many occasions, it was Yue Wuwei who handled the battles, yet the person the others thanked was still Zhang Han.

Just thinking about it made Yue Wuwei upset.

“I dont need you to do anything this time.”

Zhang Han laughed and stretched with ease.

“Ive made a big breakthrough this time.

Still, it will take some time for me to completely master my strength.

Its time for me to practice in battles.”

“What” Yue Wuweis eyes narrowed slightly.

“Youve made a big breakthrough”

He looked Zhang Han up and down and even observed him with his divine sense.

But he found nothing special.

“Now that Zhang Han said it was a big breakthrough, his strength must have been greatly improved.”

“Are you in the God Transformation Realm Perhaps at the Middle-Stage” Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes.

“No, Im at the Early-Stage.”

“What other progress have you made Is it about the Great Void Thunder Scripture” Yue Wuwei asked again.

“Take a guess.”

“Forget it,” Yue Wuwei gave up on questioning Zhang Han.

He said, “You have a lot of secrets inside you.

I dont have to ask you for answers.

When you meet a powerful enemy, youll have to show your strength in front of me blow by blow.”


Zhang Han chuckled.

He didnt say a word.

After that, the boat left the Blue Sand Wind Domain and quickly returned to the king vessel parked a short distance away.

At this moment, Elder Doman was still in disbelief, so he asked with uncertainty, “Are we really going to the Gutuo Divine Temple”


After getting a positive answer, Doman took a deep breath and instructed the intelligent system.

“Plan our route to the imperial palace of the Gutuo Divine Temple.”

“A new route has been planned.

“The flight will last four days.

The energy cabin is ready.

We will enter the secondary space in five seconds.”


The king vessel leaped into the secondary space and headed speedily toward the Gutuo Divine Temple.

No one wouldve thought a single king vessel was on its way to attack the Gutuo Divine Temple, one of the greatest magnates in the Small Sky Dragon Region.

On the king vessel…

After cultivating for a while, Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and Zi Yans room and said, “Daddy, I think Im about to make a breakthrough.”

“Really” Zhang Han smiled.

“If you make a breakthrough, you will be a great cultivator in the Elixir Realm.”


Im about to reach the Elixir Realm.

Then, Ill be able to control that pearl,” Mengmeng said happily.

As she spoke, she unfolded her right hand, and the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet appeared in her hand.

It was a miniature of the beautiful Earth, and there seemed to be some shadows on it.

Did the shadows represent the mysterious places like the Kunlun Immortal World and the Kings Domain

“Youre entering the Elixir Realm at the age of 14.

Well, youre about to become a young talent in the Cultivation World.” Zhang Han chuckled, his face lit with pride.

How many children could reach the Elixir Realm at the age of fourteen

The answer was “very few”.

Mengmeng hadnt cultivated for long or made arduous efforts in cultivation.

Still, she would soon reach the Elixir Realm.

Zhang Han knew that the little princesss cultivation would also be smooth in the future.

She would meet few obstacles.

Of course, if there were any difficulties, Zhang Han would start to think about solutions.

“No matter how amazing I am, I still cant compare with our queen at home.” Mengmeng clicked her tongue and looked at Zi Yan.

“Our queen has never cultivated.

She can make a breakthrough just through eating and sleeping.

But I still have to work hard to cultivate.”

Zi Yan said grumpily, “Since you know I am so amazing, why dont you come over to massage my legs and curry favor with me”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Mengmeng made a face and ran to Zi Yan.

She massaged Zi Yans long legs unceremoniously for seconds.

Then, she said, “I think its better to let Daddy massage you.

I have to go back to cultivate.” With that said, Mengmeng scampered out.

“Cunning girl.” Zi Yan compressed her lips and snickered.

“Mengmeng is going to enter the Elixir Realm.

I need to reconsider her cultivation course,” Zhang Han stroked his chin and said.

Zhang Han had devised several cultivation plans for Mengmeng before.

After thinking about it, he felt that they could come up with a better one.

Several days passed in a flash.



Beeps were heard in everyones bedrooms and cultivation rooms.

“We will arrive at a safe place near the planet where the imperial palace is in 10 minutes.”

The system kept repeating these words.

Hearing the message, everyone on the king vessel, whether they were resting or cultivating, all walked out of their rooms and gathered in the main control room.

“Were almost there!”

Elder Doman looked a bit nervous.

He never thought that he would one day come to fight against the Gutuo Divine Temple head-on.

Although he would not necessarily go out to battle in person, he was indeed standing on the opposite side of Gutuo Divine Temple.

“Gosh, Im so nervous!”

“The Gutuo Divine Temple has one king and eight lords.

They are very powerful, especially King Gu.

The Gutuo Divine Temple has three famous secret skills, which were all invented by King Gu.” Out of caution, Tricia looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Do you want me to introduce you to the three secret skills”

Even though the essence of secret skills could not be perceived by people from other clans, their specific shape, process of activation, aura, and the like could still be described.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“I dont need to know.”

Seeing Mengmengs expression from the corner of his eyes, Zhang Han added, “Haha, the Gutuo Divine Temple is nothing.

If I want to, I can flatten the palace in a day.”

As he expected, Mengmeng seemed to have relaxed a lot after hearing his words.


Zhang Han felt a little awkward.

“Do I need to express my contempt for my opponent every time before I fight”

Zhang Han considered the idea and felt that it was perhaps a little inappropriate.

After all, if he started doing so, he would have to do it every time…


With a dull thump, the king vessel left the secondary space.

The planet where the imperial palace was located was up ahead.

There was still a safe distance between the king vessel and the planet.

Nevertheless, the enemy would soon notice the king vessel, so they only had a short time to think.

“Open the cabin door,” Tricia commanded.

In truth, after hearing Zhang Hans pompous words, Elder Doman and the others didnt know what to say.

They couldnt help but have some doubts.

They thought with emotion, “Mr.

Zhang is mighty, but it seems that he is also a little too arrogant.

This is not good.

Sooner or later, his arrogance would get him in serious trouble in the Cultivation World.”

But they felt it was inappropriate to say that out loud.

After all, they were not close friends with Zhang Han.

If they pointed it out, it was likely that Zhang Han would feel offended.

However, Tricia felt that Zhang Hans behavior was quite normal.

It was because she had seen Zhang Han defeating more than 700,000 members of the Demon Clan with one sword strike.

The momentum of that strike and the indifferent expression on his face seemed to be saying that this was not the first time he had done this.

Therefore, Tricia directly ordered the intelligent system to open the cabin door near the main control room.

“Daddy, be safe,” Mengmeng said.

Zhang Han caressed her head with a beaming face and then looked at Zi Yan and the others.

“Dont worry, Ill be back soon.”

“Wait, are you going to fly there by yourself It looks close, but its actually a long distance away,” Yue Wuwei touched his forehead and said.

“It will take you at least five or six hours to fly there without external help.

The enemies will have noticed you before you get close.”

“Why do you assume I dont have a treasure for flight”

Zhang Han smiled faintly, dashed to the corridor, walked through two cabin doors, and came to the void of the cosmos.

“My sword roams in the Great Void.

It can travel freely between heaven and earth,” Zhang Han muttered.

He recalled his glorious past.

Back then, he stood on his sword and made countless flights.

The sword that he rode on was none other than the Seven-star Sword.


The Seven-star Sword appeared.

But this time, it was hundreds of times larger than it used to be.

Zhang Han stood on the sword.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he looked ahead composedly.


He flew forward at an extremely fast speed.

Zhang Han and his sword zoomed toward that planet, with the tip of the sword pointing at the Gutuo Divine Temple.

Who in the world could stop them

Watching Zhang Han fly away, no one in the main control room spoke.

After a while, Yue Wuwei sighed with emotion and chuckled.

“That boy is truly extraordinary.

He is always able to do things that surprise me.”

Indeed, when Yue Wuwei saw how speedy the Seven-star Sword was, he was stupefied for a few seconds.

“Its freaking fast!”

“He is flying by sword at such a high speed.


Zhangs sword-commanding skill has reached the peak of perfection.” Elder Doman was shocked by what he saw.

He said with some admiration, “He killed those people by dint of his sword-commanding secret skill.


Zhang is really powerful.”

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