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Chapter 1226 Return

“Are you sure” Yue Wuwei was surprised.

“How could he recognize the thing that I couldnt see through”

Yue Wuwei was not only unconvinced but also a little annoyed.

“This fellow was getting harder and harder to deal with.

“He is only in the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage now.

If he enters the Void-refining Realm or Integration Realm, wont he be kick-ass”

Seeing that Yue Wuwei was a little dumbfounded, Zhang Han was amused and said, “I felt it with the help of the Seven-star Sword.”

“I see.”

“There are many possibilities such as the explosion of the cosmos node, the presence of a natural cosmos formation, or the appearance of a secret realm, a star area, a continent, or a chaos space, or the existence of a training formation, a worldlet, or an alien world like Bone Demon Field, the Demon World, and Domain of Seven Desolations.” Zhang Han said, “Im not sure about the real cause, but it is certain that there will be a great change here that will affect the landscape of the area around Heavenly Dragon Star Province.”


Yue Wuwei noticed that Zhang Han deliberately gave so many examples, but he could not refute him.

In the end, Yue Wuwei said with resignation, “How much do you know on earth Is there anything you dont know”

“For example, your strength” Zhang Han chuckled.

Yue Wuwei was speechless again.

He stroked his white beard and made a sage-like gesture.

“Let me tell you this: you will never guess out my strength.”


Lets go out to wait for Taoist Deadwood for two days.

As soon as he sends the Dark Cold Fire, well return to Earth,” Zhang Han said.

“Theres still half a month from the kids exam, right” Yue Wuwei was confused.

“There may be changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain at any time.

Dont forget that many of our people are still in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“So, Elder Yue, you can send us back to Earth and then return here.” Even Zhang Han found it funny and said, “I believe that you can suppress all problems.

When Mengmeng breaks through to the Elixir Realm and can control the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet after we go back, she comes out on her own.”


“You…” Yue Wuwei closed his eyes and took two deep breaths.

“How about I give you a good beating here”

Zhang Han was speechless.

Zhang Han did not object, but Yue Wuwei did not do as he said as well.

He was afraid that this guy would go back to complain to Mengmeng and make Mengmeng unhappy.

“Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord and controls the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet.

If she gets unhappy, as her butler, I will have a hard time in the future.”

“Even so, its too early for you to go back now.” Yue Wuwei said, “Since youre well-read, how about returning after the changes turn up here”

“The kids have to take the exam, and I need to go back to milden the Dark Cold Fire.

Otherwise, it will be troublesome for my daughter to absorb it.”

“Are you going to use the Thunder Yang Treasure Land to milden it”


“If you use the source energy of the Thunder Yang Treasure Land, the land will get damaged, and it may take a hundred years to restore it to its current state,” Yue Wuwei said.

“So what” Zhang Han shook his shoulder slightly.

Yue Wuwei was stunned and then sighed.

“Yes, even if you have to destroy the Thunder Yang Treasure Land for Mengmengs benefit, you wont hesitate for a second.

Fellow, I admire your attitude toward your family.

I think highly of you because of this rather than because youre well-read.

Cultivate hard, it wont be long for you to qualify as knowing some secrets of the Saint Warrior Planet.”

Yue Wuwei said a few words which made Zhang Han sigh with emotion.

Since both of them had a precious daughter and Zhang Han was knowledgeable, the two of them chatted like old friends on the boat at this moment.

They got back to the king vessel.

They took a rest for two days.

On half of the third day, the communication device rang.

“Its Taoist Deadwood.”

After getting through, Taoist Deadwood said straightforwardly, “Ive got the Dark Cold Fire.

What are your coordinates Send me your location.

I have been around Blue Sand Wind Domain.”

It was coming!

It was the first time the crowd saw an Alien Fire.

Alien objects in the world usually represented stronger power.

After getting the coordinates, Taoist Deadwood arrived in less than an hour on his spaceship.

He came to Zhang Hans king vessel with Qin Changxiao.

“Fellow Taoist Zhang, I bring you the Dark Cold Fire and our deal is complete,” Taoist Deadwood said with a smile, “but I hope our friendship will endure.

Just let me know if there is anything I can help with in the future.”

“You flatter me,” Zhang Han let out a laugh and said.


The next second, a flame appeared in the palm of Taoist Deadwood.


Several gasps could be heard.

The flame was milky white and gave people a cold feeling.

In an instant, the temperature in the air dropped a lot.

It was very cold.

The palm-sized flame was burning quietly.

It seemed that the flame could attract peoples souls.

Were there some beautiful patterns flashing inside constantly Once the crowd took the glance, they felt they could not move their eyes away from it.

It was a very mysterious article.

“Very good.”

Zhang Han revealed a happy smile.

“It belongs to Mengmeng and can help her gain a higher combat capacity in a short time.”

Zhang Han felt happy from the bottom of his heart that his daughter would get more powerful.

Zhang Han let out a hearty laugh as he waved his right hand, easily suppressed the Dark Cold Fire, and sealed it in the palm of his right hand.

This sort of effortlessly suppressing technique caused Taoist Deadwoods pupils to contract.

He exclaimed in his mind, “Awesome!”

“Thank you, Taoist Deadwood.” Zhang Han cupped his hands.

“You are too courteous,” Taoist Deadwood said with a chortle.

He wanted to sit down and chat for a while.

However, Zhang Han said, “Were going back to our own place.

Sorry that we cant see you off.”

Taoist Deadwood was speechless.

“Cough, alright.”

There was a sense of frustration in Taoist Deadwoods heart.

“How come he didnt invite me to sit down and have some tea

“Im leaving now.

Fellow Taoist Zhang, lets drink tea and have a chat when you come to the Small Sky Dragon Region in the future.”


After bidding goodbye, Taoist Deadwood left with Qin Changxiao.

Zhang Han and the others took the king vessel and flew back quickly.

When they arrived at Roran Star, the three king vessels were still under repair.

The head of the dwarfs said that the situation was more troublesome than expected, and it was estimated to take a month to finish the repair.

It did not matter for them to depart a little later.

When they switched to Thunder King, Tricia said with a smile to Nina and Felina, “Both of you are also at school.

Why not go to take the exam”

“Im not going.

Its boring.” Felina refused resolutely at once.

“Be a good girl.” Tricia smiled and said, “You should have your own friends too.

You dont only have me.

You also have your father, your friends, elders, and juniors.

They are the people who perfect your life.”

Sometimes, a soft tongue was more powerful than other means.

With a few words from Tricia, Felina was persuaded and nodded.

However, this little girl was very stubborn.

Up till now, she still had not addressed Olien as “father”.

She still needed time to get used to him.

In the end, Felina and Nina both boarded Thunder King as well.

The rest grew cautious.

Olien sent people to investigate the areas of Blue Sand Wind Domain near them.

If there was a sign of disturbance or trouble, they needed to be able to react immediately.

At the same time, Zhang Han also informed the people in Dragon Base Star.

There might be changes in Sea Dragon Star Area recently, so they had better be alert.

Hearing that the extent of the change would be relatively large, Liu Qingfeng made a prompt decision and gave out orders one after another to recall many people back to Dragon Base Star.

People like Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Mu Xue, and Ah Hu who were cultivating there also planned to go back with Zhang Han.

On the way from Roland Star to Dragon Base Star, the fleet got larger.

“Master, Maam, Mengmeng, I havent seen you for a few days.

I missed you so much,” Mu Xue said with a smile.

“But I dont miss you.” Mengmeng made a face.

Since there were more people, the atmosphere became livelier.

Liu Qingfeng also came over and talked for a while.

He asked about the specific situation of the coming changes.

According to Zhang Han, he knew that the changes would be fierce, but it was not certain how fierce they would be.

Liu Qingfeng could not make up his mind.

He did not know much about the changes.


Yue Wuwei snorted coldly.

“Dont worry.

Ill be back after sending them back to Earth.”

“Hahaha, I will be relieved to have you here.” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

“Fortunately, if Elder Yue is here, there will be no need for me to worry about the affairs of the Cultivation World.”

The fleet set off on the journey.

After arriving at the Lost Continent, they hovered around and saw the progress of construction on the Lost Continent and Dal Star.

It was not bad.

The general profile had been visible.

At this efficiency, the next time they came here, a rough appearance would probably show up.

The huge New Moon City on the Lost Continent had also attracted a lot of attention.

After passing the Screen Waterfall, the Clear Stream, the Mercury Sea, and the Boundless Sea, they arrived at the edge of the Ancient Mine.

“Girl, do a good job in the exam,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Ah, got it,” Yue Xiaonao, who was not clingy, replied casually.

“Ill reward you if you get good scores.” Lisa smiled softly.

“Whats the reward” Yue Xiaonao perked up.

“Exchange your grade for it.

If you are in the top five of the class, youll get the reward,” Yue Wuwei said.

“Well, thats a piece of cake,” Yue Xiaonao patted her chest and promised.

Then, she stretched out her right hand and said, “Give me the reward first.”

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

“Its not ready yet,” Lisa said with resignation.

“Go ahead.”

Then, Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng, and the others got into the aircraft.

“Zhang Han, Ill teach you how to control the pearl.

If she cant control it herself, you can teach her.

If you dont come out in a month, Ill come and pick you up,” Yue Wuwei said.

Hearing this, Zhang Han relaxed his mind and accepted Yue Wuweis passing of the technique.

The arrangement was clear.

“Thank you, Elder Yue.”

Zhang Han cupped his hands.

His polite words made Yue Wuwei laugh.

“At least you know what to say.”

The ferryman set off again.


The boat streaked over the waves and soon Yue Wuwei and Lisa faded out.

The rest got into dozens of aircraft.

Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu had both returned.

This time, they needed to sort out the resources in the Kings Domain.

Except for the resources they were going to send to Zhang Han, they also needed a lot of resources.

In addition, they also needed to arrange tasks.

At present, Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu were under a lot of pressure.

More and more clan members made breakthroughs and reached Yuan Ying Realm.

As if they were chased after by someone, the two went both out in their cultivation.

Now they were almost in the Yuan Ying Realm Last-Stage.

They finally let out sighs of relief.

Mu Xue, Zhang Mu, and the others also stabilized their realms in Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage and advanced towards the late stage.

The stronger they got, the more clearly they could feel the power of the cultivation methods that Zhang Han gave them.

In the beginning, cultivation was very difficult.

However, imperceptibly, it destroyed the shackles that prevented them from breaking through and raised their upper limits.

Since they had gotten into the Cultivation World for such a long time, they had heard a lot of things.

Some people cultivated for more than a hundred years but they were still in the Elixir Realm.

Some cultivated for a thousand years but they were still in the God Transformation Realm.

There were even some who cultivated for five or six hundred years but they were still in the Innateness Realm.

Not everyone could reach a higher level.

It was just like that few people could reach the top of Mount Highest even if it was free for people to climb.

In the Mount New Moon of the worldlet in Ancient Mine, the secular world—

“Were back.

The smell is familiar.

Its so comfortable!”

Mu Xue spread out her arms as if she were embracing air.

Her plump breasts shook slightly with the movement.

“Cough, Cough.”

Sect Leader Mu coughed softly and said, “Can you behave like a lady”

After he finished speaking, Mu Xue grinned and said, “What is thelady Do I know her”

Sect Leader Mu was speechless.

“I dont want to argue with you.”

“I wont say anything more.”

The crowd had been away for almost two months.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and the others were all in a good mood when they got back to the home at Mount New Moon.

As the saying goes, balance is important.

They needed to spend time in the Cultivation World, and they needed to come back to spend some time for leisure as well.

That life would be enjoyable.

“What are we going to have for dinner” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and asked.

Her eyes were fixed on her husband.

“A feast.”

Zhang Han laughed.

The dinner was very hearty and delicious.

Many people came to the Thunder Yang Tree to appreciate the moon.

“Han, when will you give the Dark Cold Fire to my granddaughter” Zhang Guangyou asked.

At this time, Zhang Han just finished dealing with the herb garden.

The moment he opened the formation, the fragrance of spiritual herbs wafted out.

In the Thunder Yang Treasure Land, the fifth-tier and sixth-tier spiritual herbs were cultivated very well, which had excellent quality and were full of vitality.

Seeing that Zhang Han was fiddling with something, Zhang Guangyou asked the previous question.

“The Dark Cold Fire is in the second echelon of Alien Fire”

Zhang Han said, “The energy of the Dark Cold Fire is very violent.

Ordinary cultivators cant control it at all, nor can they exert its power.

Otherwise, Taoist Deadwood wouldnt have given it up, because he cant use it.”

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