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Chapter 1229 Going Out to Spar


Why do you call Mengmeng Little Princess” Zhang Han suddenly asked.

“Because shes the Heavenly Lord,” the figure in the glowing mist said with a hint of ridicule.

Then, before Zhang Han could ask more questions, the figure in the glowing mist slowly dissipated.

Faint light covered the shadow of the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet, connecting it with Mengmengs thoughts and beginning to teach her the method of controlling the pearl.


Zhang Han sighed softly.

The surroundings slowly returned to normal.

Zhang Han saw that the moon was right ahead.

The bright moonlight sprinkled on the ground, dyeing it with a layer of silver brilliance.

About an hour later—

“Swish! ”

The white flames around Mengmeng slowly faded.

The shadow of the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet rotated a few times, then turned into a ray of light and slowly flew into Mengmengs right palm.

“Its almost over.

She has entered the Elixir Realm.”

Zhang Han focused all his attention on Mengmeng.

A smile spread across his face without him noticing.

Seeing his daughters breakthrough, Zhang Han was even happier than he was when he was making a breakthrough himself.

One second, two seconds… 10 seconds passed.


Mengmengs long eyelashes trembled.

When she slowly opened her eyes, her big clear eyes were shining beautifully like diamonds.


Mengmeng blinked quickly.

She was a little confused and lost.

But soon, she came to her senses.

“Daddy, Ive advanced to the Elixir Realm!”

“Yes, my daughter has reached the Elixir Realm.

Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed.

“I can control the pearl now,” Mengmeng said, feeling both excited and perplexed.

“A stranger just taught me how to use it.”

“What can this pearl do” Zhang Han asked.

“It can help me navigate across the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea.

Ive also learned the way to leave the Saint Warrior Planet.

I can also feel the Kunlun Immortal World and the worldlets, as well as unleashing the energy inside the pearl.” As Mengmeng spoke, her eyes lit up.

She looked around and asked, “Where is Mummy Is she sleeping”

“Its already in the middle of the night.

Of course, she is sleeping.” Zhang Han couldnt help chuckling.

“Then, well go out and have fun by ourselves,” Mengmeng said with a grin.

“Also, I can do this now.

Its awesome.

Daddy, look at me.”

Mengmeng suddenly unfolded her right palm, and the pearl representing the Saint Warrior Planet appeared.


The space in front of Mengmeng abruptly began to quiver.

Next, a Space Portal appeared.

“Lets go.” Mengmeng grabbed Zhang Hans hand and strode forward.

“Haha, lets go.” Zhang Han laughed heartily.

They went through the Space Portal as though crossing an ordinary door.

However, Zhang Han was slightly surprised when they appeared on the other side of the Space Portal.

“Were in the Hidden Dragon Village”

The father and daughter appeared in the pavilion in the small lake.

“How is it Isnt that impressive Now, I can go wherever I want, haha,” Mengmeng said proudly.

“Youre amazing.

Youre even more powerful than me now,” Zhang Han praised, caressing Mengmengs head.


Mengmeng leaped and unhurriedly flew forward.

When she came to the base of the stone platform, she blew away some of the dust with a serious face.

A light blue heart-shaped mark was revealed.

Then, she pressed her little palm on it.



The stone suddenly moved, and a box rose.

“This is between you and me.”

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes several times before putting the box away.

She flew back to Zhang Han and said, “I have 108 little red flowers and this box.

Thus, Daddy, I can make you promise me a lot of things.”

“Mmm, yes.”

Zhang Han smiled and sighed with emotion in his head.

Several years ago, he and his family once came here.

At that time, Zhang Han grabbed Mengmengs leg and turned her over…

“Did you see a heart-shaped mark”

“Er, no.

Im feeling dizzy.”

“Oh, Papa, I see it.”

“Mengmeng, reach out your right hand and put it on the heart-shaped mark.”


But nothing happened.”

“This is between you and me.

If you cant find me one day, come here and open the box.

Then, you write a letter and put it in the box.

Daddy will see it someday…”

“No, I wont, because there wont be a day I cant find Papa.

Papa, you said you would be with me forever.”

At that time, Mengmeng was only four years old.

She was pinky and cute.

Now, Mengmeng was approaching 15.

She was full of novel ideas, liked surfing the Internet, and loved having fun.

“In a blink of an eye, a decade has passed.”

Zhang Han thought with emotion, “Maybe in the blind of an eye, another 10 years will pass.

Then, Mengmeng will be a grown-up.

She grows up so fast.”

Time did fly.

Over the past 10 years, Zhang Han was around Mengmeng almost every day.


Zhang Han stopped recalling the past and shook his head with a smile.

During the past ten years, Mengmeng had changed a lot.

But Zhang Han knew that Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and he still had many decades to spend together.

Their wonderful life had just begun.

“I used to seclude myself for one or two decades on end for cultivation.

At that time, I never cherished time like this because I was on my own and had no family to support.

My previous life was too lonely.

“In this life, I have a family and people I care about, even though it means I have to shoulder more responsibilities.

But this is what makes life perfect.

“I havent had many cultivations sessions.

My wife cant cultivate.

My daughter occasionally cultivates.

But now, I already have the Immortal Body of the Five Elements.

Within just 10 years, Ive reached the God Transformation Realm Early-Stage, gained the Thunderbolt Mark, the Thunder Tower, and the Great Demon Yuan Ying.

My wife makes breakthroughs solely by having enlightenment.

She may surpass me at any time.

My daughter is incredibly talented.

She is the Heavenly Lord and has entered the Elixir Realm at the age of 14.

The old saying is right.

Family harmony is the key to success in all sorts of undertakings.”

Zhang Han was in a good mood.

He kept smiling and saying, “Mengmeng, youre getting more and more brilliant.

Daddy is so proud of you.”

“Hahaha, dont you know whose daughter I am”

Mengmeng was still in the mood to brag.

She was very excited to be able to use the Space Portal.

“Daddy, lets go to Mount Highest.”



Mengmeng activated the Space Portal again.

The father and daughter went across it together.

In a flash, they came to the top of Mount Highest.

The wind was howling.

It was very cold.

The mountaintop was devoid of oxygen.

However, of course, none of that bothered the father and daughter.

Mengmeng clasped her hands behind her back, raised her head, and said earnestly, “Its lonely to stand at the top.”

The lovely little girl was mimicking a master.

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing when he saw this.


Mengmengs big eyes blinked as she said, “Daddy, there is a small campsite over there.

A tent is damaged by the wind, isnt it Ah, those two people are going to freeze to death.”

Mengmeng cast her soul sense to feel the place in the distance below.

There was a small campsite with three tents, one of which was in tatters.

The cold wind blew fiercely, and the people inside were losing consciousness because of the lack of oxygen.

They were truly going to freeze to death.

“Theyre mountaineering enthusiasts.”

Zhang Han said, “Some ordinary people also have pursuits like challenging themselves to impossible goals.

Mount Everest takes the lives of some mount climbers every year.

Maybe mountain climbing is also a belief.

This pursuit is similar to that of cultivators.

We all seek breakthroughs and want to reach new heights.

Now that we came across those people today, sweetheart, you can send a small part of your spiritual force to warm up their bodies and pull their minds back to reality.”

“Oh, okay.”

Mengmeng seemed a little confused.

Still, without thinking too much, she raised her small hand, and her spiritual force was unleashed from her body.

About 10 seconds later…

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Ah Lang, wake up…”

“Eh Whats wrong”

“The tent is broken.

Lets go to Leaders tent.”

The two people found it a bit strange because they didnt feel too cold.

They thought they seemed to have had a dream.

In their dream, they felt very cold, as if they were about to freeze to death.

But now, their bodies were quite warm.

Seeing that those people were safe now, Mengmeng waved her hand and conjured up a Space Portal.

They soon went to the next stop.

At a famous tourist attraction in Hawaii, Mengmeng and Zhang Han surfed in the sea.

After that, the Space Portal turned up again.

This time, they went to visit pyramids.

Then, they came to polar regions to see auroras.

After traveling around the globe, Mengmeng finally conjured up the Space Portal and returned to Mount New Moon.

“How are you doing with the Dark Cold Fire” At this time, Zhang Han steered their conversation to Mengmengs cultivation.

“Its okay.

I absorbed it without difficulty.

Anyway, the absorption was completed very fast,” Mengmeng replied.

As she spoke, she waved her small hand, making two white flames rotate around her.

Zhang Hans expression changed as he asked, “How much of its power can you employ now”

“What do you mean Its the same as before.

I can strike with its power effortlessly,” Mengmeng said in bewilderment.


Zhang Han was stunned.

The next second…

“Gasp! I felt a chill rising from my teeth.

Could Mengmeng be more powerful than I imagined”

“Come on, lets fly to the beach and give it a try,” Zhang Han said.

“No need.

I have the Space Portal.”

Mengmeng smiled and conjured up the Space Portal.

This time, they directly appeared over the center of the Peace Ocean.

Zhang Han was bereft of speech.

“Sweetheart, we dont have to go this far.”

“Anyway, the distance doesnt matter.

No matter where we are, we can go home in no time.” Mengmeng snorted and said, “I have a magic door.”

The cocky Mengmeng was really cute.

“Attack me with all your strength,” Zhang Han said.

“Huh” Mengmeng was taken aback.

Then, she shook her head vehemently and said, “No, no, no, I dont dare.

How can I attack my dear father”

“I can protect myself.

Dont worry.” Zhang Han pulled a wry face.

“No, I cant do that even if you wont get hurt.” Mengmeng shook her head again.

“Well then, launch your strike at the sea,” Zhang Han said with resignation.


Mengmeng finally nodded.

She turned around to gather her strength.

Suddenly, her eyes were lit by a faint flame that was crystal white.



A huge, perfectly round fireball with a diameter of five meters was tossed into the distance.

The moment the fireball appeared; Zhang Hans expression slowly froze.

“How was it, Daddy” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han, cheerfully waiting for his praise.

Zhang Han drew in a light breath before saying, “Sweetheart, you gotta be careful when you use this fire in the future, or you may hurt others by mistake.”

“Am I powerful now”

“When we go home, Ill ask your Uncle Feng and Aunty Xue to spar with you and help you master the power of Dark Cold Fire.” Zhang Han said seriously, “Otherwise, you could easily get people killed.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was startled.

“Is my strike that powerful”


As soon as Mengmeng said that, the fireball that had flown more than a kilometer abruptly plunged into the sea and exploded, instantly giving rise to a wave two hundred meters high.

As soon as the huge wave rose, it turned into a wall of ice due to the cold temperature, forming a spectacular view.

With that, it seemed that there was no need for Zhang Han to answer the question of the strikes power.

As soon as the fireball displayed its power, Mengmeng quickly dispersed its energy.

Watching the continuously surging waves, the little girl was in a daze.

“Its fine.

I can still make the same fireball as before.” Mengmeng waved her hand.

Another red fireball shot out.

This kind of fireball carried immense heat.

When it hit the ice wall, the ice melted at once, and the sea slowly returned to normal.

“How is my current strength” Mengmeng asked.

“Well… I dont think anyone in the Elixir Realm can defeat you.

Dear, like me, youve also become invincible among those at the same level.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and smiled.

“Youre really amazing.

Youve much stronger than I used to be.”

Hearing Zhang Hans praise, Mengmeng smiled from ear to ear.

“I will do some research these days and teach you some moves to control fire.

Lets go back first so that you can spar with the others,” Zhang Han said.


The two went through the Space Portal and landed on Mount New Moon.

With a stir of his mind, Zhang Han summoned Zhao Feng.

“Wow, Mengmeng has finished the reclusive cultivation.” Zhao Feng said beamingly.

“Congratulations on your breakthrough, Little Princess.”

“Xiaofeng, come with us.

Lets go out to spar.”

Smiling, Zhang Han led Zhao Feng away.

This time, they didnt use the Space Portal but flew to the seaside in a few seconds.

Thinking about the power Mengmeng just displayed, Zhang Han continued to fly more than five kilometers toward the center of the sea.

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