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Chapter 123 An Unexpected Encounter with Li Anna

“Whats the location of Scorpion”

Zhao Fengs face suddenly altered.

He pondered for a moment and answered, “Wait a minute.”

Finishing those words, Zhao Feng just hung up.

His brows furrowed.

“Boss is looking for Scorpion Whats he up to Is anything going on between them Could it be…that Tang Zhan and Scorpion went to the restaurant and pissed him off”

Zhao Fengs heart lurched.

“Brother Feng, who is asking for Scorpions whereabouts” The young man with short yellow hair asked curiously.

“Nowadays, there are still people who want to do business with Scorpion With his crooked heart, anyone who does so will strike a bad patch.”

“Its not like that.” Zhao Feng shook his head and said, “Tiger, check Scorpions whereabouts right now.”

“OK.” Tiger did not ask more questions but started to make phone calls in front of Zhao Feng.

After a few calls, Tiger looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Got it.

Scorpion is in room number one, seventh floor, Changsheng Nightclub, which is on Anhe Street in the Southern District.”

“Yeah.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Then, he picked up his mobile phone and directly dialed Zhang Hans number.

“Boss, I got it.

He is now in room number one, seventh floor, Changsheng Nightclub, the one that is on Anhe Road in the Southern District.

But why you want to find him…”

At last, Zhao Feng could not help asking about the reason.

However, before he could finish the sentence, the busy-buzz already sounded from his phone.

“He hung up…”

Zhao Feng laughed without humor.

“Boss” Beside him, Tiger and the other guys all looked a little tense.

They asked, “Brother Feng, who is that boss”

“Even Brother Feng has to call him boss, he must be something!”

Facing that question, Zhao Feng merely shook his head but did not reply.

After musing for a while, he mumbled, “Im afraid that something will go wrong!”

After saying so, Zhao Feng headed out in a hurry.

At the other end, Zhang Han searched the location of Anhe Road and set off for it in his Geely Panda.

Nightclubs were entertainment venues providing various night events.

Although nightclubs in different areas would differ in nature and definition, their main themes were roughly all about dancing and other nightlife activities.

Changsheng Nightclub was the largest venue for nightlife activities on Anhe Road.

It was located in the area that Scorpion was in charge, so it was also the club where Scorpions made long stays.

Changsheng Nightclub occupied a whole building all by itself.

It had a total of seven floors, and its area was quite huge.

On the first floor, there was a large bar, which was very popular among young people.

Of course, one of the attractions of the bar was the opportunity to hook up with good-looking men or women.

In the bar, as heavy metal music played up, everyone would follow the beat and reveal the wild side of themselves.

Adding that everyone was under the influence of alcohol, the chances to have a romantic encounter were quite high.

At Changsheng Nightclub, you could see bars, chartered rooms, high-end rooms, and everything you wanted.

Plus, given that it was a place belonged to Scorpion, a member of the Forever Harmony Association, in terms of safety, it was a lot more secure than those that had no behind-the-scenes backers.

It was not only a place full of Scorpions intimidating fame but also his headquarters.

Nearly a hundred subordinates of his were stationed at the club, so almost no one dared to stir up trouble here.

Half a year ago, two groups of men got drunk here and caused a big fight at the bar.

In the end, the security staff gave the eight troublemakers a good beat and broke their legs before dumping them on the porch.

Later, no authorities ever looked into this incident, which was enough to demonstrate how formidably powerful the Forever Harmony Association was.

Precisely on account of its great security, more and more customers were flocking into the club, making it a famous nightclub merely over the past two years.

Zhang Hans car turned into Anhe Road.

When he was waiting for a red light that would last one minute, someone sitting in the front passenger seat of an Audi A6L next to his car rolled down its car window.

“Brother Zhang Han, hello, brother Zhang Han, youre here, too” Li Anna stuck her head out a bit and yelled at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han turned his head, glanced at her, gave a slight nod.

“Where are you going” Li Anna asked again.

But Zhang Han already turned his head away, unwilling to make any reply or to lower his car window.

Just as Li Anna was about to ask him again, a man with closely cropped hair who was driving scowled a little and simply rolled up the window.

“Anna, its obvious that gentleman doesnt want to speak.

Why bother talking to him” The man with closely cropped hair said in a deep voice.

The man with closely cropped hair was named Ma Cheng, a native resident who owned a small company and was pretty outstanding by any standard.

He was a college classmate of Li Anna.

After graduation, when he learned that Li Anna decided to stay in Hong Kong, he began to pursue her.

However, since Ma Cheng was actually a bit petty and his disposition was not the kind that Li Anna favored, Li Anna did not fall for him.

This time, if it had not been for the birthday party of her bestie in college, Li Anna would not use his car.

There were totally five people in the car now—two men and three women, whose statuses were all inferior to Ma Chengs.

The moment he said so, a man with curly hair at the back immediately added, “Right, Anna.

By doing so, you seem to be showing excessive passion to a poker face.

Since he doesnt want to speak, you should just stop bugging him.”

“Exactly.” Li Annas bestie Wang Qin said.

“Anna, back then, you were our class belle.

When had you ever hastened to strike up a conversation with a guy”

“Humph, what do you know” Li Anna snorted.

She leaned against the sofa, feeling rather down.

“Why did Brother Zhang Han ignore me”

When the red light changed to green, the line of traffic flowed forward.

Ma Cheng, who was holding a grudge against the man in the panda car next to him, stamped hard on the accelerator.

As his care overtook the panda car, he lowered his speed to block that car.

But unexpectedly, the panda car showed no sign of slowing down, which gave Ma Cheng quite a turn and forced him to speed up hastily and keep going forward.

“Fu*k, is he mad”

Ma Cheng cursed in his undertone.

Soon, his car arrived at the parking lot in front of Changsheng Nightclub.

When he parked his car and was about to get off, to his surprise, that panda car came in as well.

“What” Li Annas eyes gleamed, and she came into a halt.

When Zhang Han got off, Li Anna scuttled towards him.

Standing in front of him, she spoke with a sweet smile, “Brother Zhang Han, youre here to have some fun, too”

“Im here to handle some business.” Zhang Han answered flatly.

“Huh” Li Anna was a little dazed.

“What business needs to be handled here”

She actually thought since Zhang Han already saw her come with her friends, she would not lie about being here for fun.

And she happened to not like Ma Cheng very much, so she was thinking about asking Zhang Han to join them.

Thus, Li Anna sent out her invitation:

“Brother Zhang Han, look at the lively crowd.

Lets play together for a while, what do you say”

“Nah.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, walked straightly past Li Anna and headed to the gate of the nightclub.

“Well, Brother Zhang Han, why are you walking away” Li Anna called blandly and hurried over to catch up with him.

At this, Ma Chengs face grew dark.

He took the lead and strode up to her, then said, “Anna, he has his thing to deal with.

Youd better not force him into doing something he dislikes.”

“Its none of your business, is it” Li Anna let out a soft groan, scurried over and caught up with Zhang Han.

She abruptly tugged Zhang Han by the arm and said, “Brother Zhang Han, you wont have fun by yourself.” “Lets play with us.”

Zhang Han turned around and shot her a glimpse.

Then, he announced in a sort of helpless tone, “I have business to attend to.”

“What kind of business could you possibly have at this place” Li Anna pouted.

Standing on her toes, she stretched her neck towards Zhang Han and whispered into his ears, “Brother Zhang Han, a wet smack is chasing me.

Please sit with me for a while.

With others also present, he wont have the courage to ask me out.

Please do me a favor, Brother Zhang Han.”

In fact, Li Anna just wanted Zhang Han to be her shield, for she knew Ma Cheng would not do so in the presence of Zhang Han.

Of course, Li Anna did not have the face to speak out these words, but Zhang Han was well aware of what she meant.

He had no intention to get involved in it.

But considering the close relationship between Li Anna and Zhang Li, Zhang Han still had some scruples about turning down her request.

Thus, after giving it a thought, Zhang Han finally nodded and said, “OK.”

“Hee hee, Brother Zhang Han, youre the best.” Li Anna said, chuckling.

She had no idea that the intimate interaction between her and Zhang Han was all captured by Ma Cheng standing next to them, which nearly blew Ma Chengs top.

With a glum face, he led others through the gate and into the bar.

They first went through a security check, which was designed to confirm they did not bring in any dangerous objects like the controlled items.

Generally, there were always some customers getting drunk at the bar.

When alcohol got the best of them, they might pick up a fight or something.

In a drunken fit, they would throw anything they had at their opponents.

After the security check, Ma Cheng asked for a table and ordered five imported wines and liquors worth more than 10,000 yuan.

Then, a waiter ushed him into the nightlife area.

Once he entered, a whirl of heavy metal music overwhelmed him.

The rhythmical and dynamic music changed peoples mood, making normally gentle and quiet guys reveal their wild side.

On the dancing floor, lots of men and women were shaking their bodies as wildly as they liked.

“Sir, here are the liquors you ordered.

If you need anything, just tell me.”

After placing the liquors onto the table and said those words to Ma Cheng politely, the waiter grabbed a large bottle, put a lot of ice cubes in it, and then poured the alcohol and sprite into the large bottle, gave it a few shakes, and poured a drink for each of them.

After that, he turned around and walked to the front of the table.

Zhang Han was sitting at the corner with his face straight and his eyes dim.

He took a few glances at the bar.

He had not visited a bar like this for many years.

When he recalled that he used to frequent this kind of venues a lot, he could not help but sigh with emotions.

“Brother Zhang Han, come on, have a drink with me” Li Anna handed a drink over and said beamingly.

“Uh-huh.” Zhang Han nodded and took the drink.

He would take things as they come.

Now that Zhang Han already promised Li Anna that he would sit by her for some time to accompany her instead of acting like he was ignoring her.

After all, he had to do this out of consideration for somebody else.

In light of her friendship with Zhang Li, he would more or less try to save her face.

But now at the sight of Li Anna sitting closely beside Zhang Han, Ma Cheng was more vexed.

He raised his glass and said, “Come on, today is Lulus birthday, lets drink to that.”

Apart from Li Anna, the other two of the three women on the scene were a woman with yellow hair and a woman with a ponytail.

The woman with yellow hair was Liu Lu, Li Annas bestie, as well as the one who was celebrating her birthday today.

When she heard Ma Chengs appeal, Li Anna could only give up the idea of clinking glasses with Zhang Han alone for the moment.

Zhang Han also raised his glass and took a sip very cooperatively.

“Anna, why didnt your friend introduce himself when joining others party Isnt he too arrogant Just now, I saw the panda car he rode here, and it costs less than 50,000 yuan, am I right Hey, why is he behaving like this Does he despise us” After putting down his glass, Ma Cheng said cynically.

“Yep.” Zhang Han cast a mild look at him, and then, simply nodded.


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