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Chapter 1234 Not Daring To Kill

“The Blue Sand Wind Domain used to be nearly round, but now it has become oval.

It has diminished a lot in width.

I dont know if its because of the Chaotic Region, but our journey to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province has been shortened a great deal.

It will take us about five days to go there by crossing the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

If we make a detour, it will take no more than nine days.

If we travel by Thunder King, we can cross the Blue Sand in about two days.

However, some ancient demonic beasts are able to drive spaceships out of the secondary space.” Yue Wuwei gave a brief introduction to the route.

“You can take a rest.

Then, well go there and have a look,” Zhang Han said.


Yue Wuwei nodded, dispersed the soundproof cover, and walked back with Zhang Han.

During this period, many on the scene looked at the two curiously, wondering what they had talked about.

But they couldnt hear a word of their converse.

The two had turned their backs to the rest and muttered in each others ears like a gay couple.

“Everyone, get ready.

After a short break, well go to the Blue Sand Wind Domain and have a look,” Zhang Han said.

“Will we be eaten by monsters if we go to the Blue Sand Wind Domain Oh, Im scared,” Mu Xue said with exaggerated horror on her face.

“Wow, were going to take a look at the Blue Sand Wind Domain!”

“Hiss! I feel adrenalized.

This news made my nerves tense.”

Everybody heatedly discussed the upcoming journey.

It was obvious that most of them were a little nervous.

All of a sudden, a sweet voice said, “Daddy, Im hungry.”

Well, it seemed that they had to have a meal before they could go anywhere.

“Ill ask the cooks to prepare a meal,” Zhao Feng got up and said with a smile.

“Now our Little Princess is a little hungry, wed better eat first.”

After having a meal, the group got into a Thunder King and set off.

Liu Qingfeng, Sun Ming, and almost all the big wigs on the Dragon Base Plane were in one king vessel.


Now, the Heavenly Group also had three king vessels.

They were the three delivered by the “kind-hearted” Holy Son, Gu Kun.

This time, there was only one king vessel in the fleet.

The other two king vessels, Thunder King and the rest of the spaceships were parked on some planets in the Sea Central Star Area.

They had also told people on other planets to be on high alert.

The Sea Central Star Area was safe for the time being, but it did not mean this area was absolutely secure.

The people there still had to be on guard.

It was also the reason why Zhang Han had taken everyone with him.

He felt that some ancient demonic beasts might be even stronger than him.

But given the scale of the current invasion, the Sea Central Star Area was still safe at present with Yue Wuwei around even if he were absent.


In just five seconds, the king vessel darted into the secondary space.

The Thunder King was a high-grade spaceship among all kinds of main vessels.

Many of its functions could compare with those of a king vessel.

Traveling by Thunder King was also quite comfortable.

But at the end of the day, its performance was still much inferior to a king vessel.

Half a day later, the fleet arrived near the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

Everyone looked at the Blue Sand Wind Domain from a distance.


Zhang Han narrowed his eyes.

“I bet you never thought it could become so big,” Yue Wuwei said as he stroked his beard.

“Yeah, it surprised me.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The path connecting the Sea Dragon Star Area with the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had been completely blocked out.

Given the scale of the Blue Sand Wind Domain from the latest investigation, it was not too far away to go around the Blue Sand Wind Domain to get to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

It seemed that in the future, crossing the Sea Dragon Star Area would be the fastest way to go from the nearby Star Areas to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

“Look at the surging waves of blue sand.

Its like a sea in the distant, which has rolling waves and is full of mystery.” Zhang Mu sighed with emotion.

The others also looked at the many pictures shown on the screen of the king vessel.

Having heard about the appearance of the ancient demonic beasts, they started to suspect that the dark places they saw on the screen perhaps hid more than one ancient demonic beast.

“Ancient demonic beasts are not really that scary.

For instance, the Iron Armor Dragon and the Earth Dragon may sound intimidating, but even Tiny Tot should be considered as their elder given its status,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Tiny Tot is that strong”


We also have an ancient demonic beast on our side, haha!”

Those words effectively eased the panic brought about by ancient demonic beasts.

“I cant tell much from these pictures.

I need to observe the Blue Sand Wind Domain from all sides.”

Zhang Han squinted his eyes and prepared to go on an investigation tour.

The tour took a week, during which Zhang Han observed the Blue Sand Wind Domain from more than 50 different directions in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Thus, he had a rough idea of the size and shape of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, which was indeed oval-shaped like an egg.

“What did you find” Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han and asked.

The others also fixed their eyes on Zhang Han.

They had no idea what was going on.

But when they saw Yue Wuwei stare at Zhang Han, they thought they should just follow suit.


With a stir of Zhang Hans mind, the image of the Blue Sand Wind Domain appeared in front of him.

Controlled by Zhang Hans mind, the image kept changing.

During this period, Zhang Han seemed to be deep in thought.

Sometimes he frowned, and sometimes he looked confused.

After a while, Zhang Han said to the system of the king vessel, “Simulate the image of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.”


Simulation complete.”

An image was soon presented before everyones eyes.

Zhang Han raised his right hand and put it down again and again as he walked around the image of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, recording the Space Nodes.

“Take me to these 64 places according to the sequence in which I marked them.”


The marks have been recorded.

Were jumping into the secondary space to head to node number one,” the intelligent auxiliary system reported.

Then, the spaceship started.

“This is… I think Ive seen a formation, havent I” First Elder asked in bewilderment.

“Yes, its a formation, but I dont know what formation it is.

It looks like the Eight Diagrams,” Wang Ming said.

“Yes, its the Eight Diagrams Formation.

The Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation has 64 nodes in it.

The Blue Sand Wind Domain may have something to do with the Cosmos Formation.

Thus, I think I can try to see if I can find anything by using the Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation.

Im doing this mainly to verify some of my speculations.” Zhang Han nodded.

“The Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation!” Yue Wuwei glanced at Zhang Han and said, “There is nothing you dont know.

I once read in an ancient book that one has to surmount many difficulties to set up the Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation.

It is an extremely hard task.

Only those who are at least regarded as masters in formations in Astral Domains can deduce the facets of the Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formation based on the target image.

Those people are the top ones in casting formations.

Those who are able to cast the ordinary Cosmos Eight Diagrams Formationin are also at or above the fourth tier.”

“Formation Immortal Master!”

That title suddenly crossed Yue Wuweis mind.

Then, he started to look at Zhang Han bitterly as if he was saying, “Youve hidden your powers too well, havent you”

The more Yue Wuwei knew about Zhang Han, the more unfathomable he found Zhang Han was.

But the others were not bothered by this.

Yue Xiaonao even asked, “Dad, when did you start reading ancient books”

Her doubt was undisguised.

“Haha, you made it sound that Han was the only one who had read ancient books.” Yue Wuwei curled his lips and grinned.

Then, they continued with the journey.

In order to stop worrying, they had to at least find out what was going on.

After all, the changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain had become an inevitability.

In the Small Sky Dragon Region…

Taoist Deadwood and more than 50 cultivators were currently inside the hall of a building within a building complex on a planet.

Hundreds of thousands of people were quietly standing in the plaza outside of the hall.

The atmosphere was cold and bleak.

People felt that even the sunlight was chilling.

“The next target of the Vermillion Bird King is our place,” Taoist Deadwood said with a sigh.

There was weariness on his face.

He felt somewhat distressed.

“Damn it, Ive just staged my comeback and took over the Gutuo Divine Temple.

However, the Small Sky Dragon Region is heading toward doom

“Nearly a hundred ancient demonic beasts are constantly attacking this area.

At this rate, the Small Sky Dragon Region would really be reduced to a pile of ruins.”

“We have only half of the territory left.

If we continue to retreat, we may have to give up the Small Sky Dragon Region and go to the Heavenly Dragon Star Province to become an appendage of a major force,” another elder said bitterly.

“To become an appendage of a major force…”

There was a moment of silence in the hall.

In the end, everyone sighed and voiced their opinions.

“Thatll be our last choice.”

“Being driven away by bullies like this will make me feel extremely aggrieved, let alone what a huge price well have to pay to attach ourselves to another force.”

“Thats right.

Even if we have to leave, we gotta kill a few of those beasts!” a beefy male shouted.

This shout gave everyone a fright.

“No! We cant kill them! Ao Xiong, dont be impulsive.” The elder next to him stamped his feet and said, “There are many powerful ancient demonic beasts in the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

The Omnipotent Troop of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province has also declared that we can fight against them, but we cant kill them.”


If the slaughter draws some monsters out of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, none of us will be able to bear the consequences.”

“Why be so timid” The beefy Ao Xiong said coldly.

“Dont we cultivators pursue a life in which we can kill the ones who have wronged us Those beasts can kill us, but were not allowed to kill them.

Does that even make sense You may not have the guts to kill them, but I have!”

“Ao Xiong, calm down.” The elder next to him took a deep breath before saying, “Its not that we are not unyielding.

The problem is that we dont know what is really happening, so we truly cant kill the beasts.

I know that five of your Junior Martial Brothers in your sect have been killed by the Peacock King.

But look, which one of us standing here hasnt lost some subordinates and fellows”

“Your speech is stirring,” another middle-aged man said flatly.

“However, the crux of the issue is that we dont have the ability to kill those ancient demonic beasts.

For example, this time, weve prepared 10,000 energy cannons, thousands of murderous formations, and loads of means to ambush the Peacock King.

Still, we may not be able to seriously injure the Peacock King.

The strength of those beasts doesnt seem impressive, but their talent, means, and defense are too imposing.”


As long as we can maim the Peacock King this time, this attack will be considered victorious.” Taoist Deadwood squinted and said, “Go and make preparations.

When the attack is done, regardless of the result, we must leave immediately and act according to the plan.”

“Come on, lets go and get ready.”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

In an instant, the crowd present disassembled.

The ancient demonic beasts, especially the Peacock King, knew concealing skills, so they were difficult to be spotted.

According to the route the Peacock King had taken, it was very likely to pass this place.

Therefore, Taoist Deadwood and the others decided to deliver a counterblow.

The members of those sects were scattered in various areas.

There was a king vessel hidden in each area.

In fact, they had decided to abandon this planet and set many weapons in place.

With king vessels, they would be able to evacuate rapidly according to their plan.

Once the king vessels took off, even the Peacock King couldnt catch them.

The hall gradually quieted down.

The silence was creepy.

Everyone was all looking up into the sky.

They were all paying close attention to the Space Checkpoint outside the planet.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The siren suddenly rang.

“Its coming!”

Taoist Deadwoods pupils froze.

“Master, has Peacock King arrived” Qin Changxiao was extremely nervous.

He was staring at the sky without blinking.

“Changxiao, go back to the king vessel, quick! The entire battle will only last 10 seconds or so,” said Taoist Deadwood.


With a swooshing sound, Qin Changxiao retreated five meters and burrowed his way into the ground.

There lay one of the entrances to the cabin door of the king vessel.

Even Taoist Deadwood had to be highly cautious at this time.

However, something that made everyones faces pale occurred.


A streak of light flashed past.

Then, a giant shadow appeared in the sky ten thousand feet above the ground.

“Thats the Peacock King!”

Everyone was shocked both physically and mentally.

Qin Changxiao couldnt help sticking his head out of the cabin door and looking up at the sky.

The Peacock King had enormous wings, a dark green body, and colorful tail feathers.

Floating high in the sky, it seemed to be looking down upon all the creatures on the surface of the planet.

“Weak human beings, you want to ambush me Hahaha, go to hell!” the Peacock King said in human tongue.


However, just as those words died away, the earth began to shake violently, as if something terrifying was about to emerge from the depths of the earth.


“Its the Iron Armor Dragon!”

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