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“One bite can improve our cultivation as effectively as days of hard cultivation.” Li Hao looked a little emotional as he said, “Zhang Hanyang, you are too strong.

I was scared by your aura just now.”

Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“Its just because I know how to deal with them.”

Yi Hou and others on the side stared at Zhang Han as if they were looking at a monster.

Zhang Han had been quite friendly, but somehow, they didnt even dare to talk to him right now.

This was due to the disparity in strength, which made them nervous.

“The headmaster of the Dragnet Academy turns out to be that guy.” Yue Wuwei narrowed his eyes and said, “He is from the second group.

Now, he has also advanced to the Void-refining Realm.”

“Oh.”Support our Novelmic.com

Zhang Han nodded slightly.

He knew that the second group Yue Wuwei talked about was the second group of a hundred people who had taken part in the trial to become the Heavenly Lord.

The trial was held once every century.

That meant the headmaster of the Dragnet Academy used to live on Earth about 800 years ago.

“Do you know him well” Zhang Han asked.

“No.” Yue Wuwei sighed softly.

“Im the ferryman and also the butler.

Let me tell you, you only got me on your side because of Mengmeng.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have even talked to you.


Yue Wuwei snorted with pride.

Zhang Han was rather speechless.

“Who are you showing your pride to”

“That girl is pretty powerful.” Yue Wuwei suddenly looked to the right.


“Which one” Zhang Han looked over and fixed his eyes on Chu Qingyi.

“Do you mean her”


Her swordsmanship is quite profound.

Interesting,” Yue Wuwei said.

“That woman suppressed the Earth Dragon all by herself” Li Hao was shocked.

“Thats right.

She controls her sword strikes at will, and there is a trace of falling snow in her moves.

This is a kind of combat skill, which is no weaker than supernatural power.

Its very powerful, and it has many variations.

Its one of the most powerful moves displayed by those people ahead,” Yue Wuwei said.


Zhang Han eyed Chu Qingyi carefully and said in surprise, “How come she knows the Cloud Falling-flower Sword Method.”

Yue Wuwei was stumped for words.

He felt an urge to curse.

“Ive just commented on her and her swordsmanship.

Yet, you directly pointed out the name of the sword method she uses! Do you want me to look bad”

When Zhang Han saw Yue Wuweis dark face, the corners of his mouth quivered with embarrassment.

Then, he said, “Ive learned this sword method before.”

Zhang Hans eyes also registered a hint of bewilderment.

The Cloud Falling-flower Sword Method was a very powerful fighting method.

If one mastered the top level, every move one made would equal a secret skill.

Judging from Chu Qingyis moves, it should be the third realm, the Flower Falling Realm.

The whole fighting method was divided into five realms.

The fourth realm, the Cloudy Flower Falling, seemed to be above the clouds.

Thousands of petals fell with the wind.

The fifth realm was the whole, and each sword contained the attack power of secret skills, which changed a lot.

According to the regional hierarchy of the Cultivation World, such a sword method should be from an Astral Domain.

Even in Star Provinces, it was definitely a rare method.

Star Provinces were already high-level places, which demonstrated part of the concept of cultivation.

There were also countless talents.

In Star Provinces, it was normal to see talents like Milo, the Holy Son of the Stone Demon Clan.

At this time, when Zhang Han saw Chu Qingyis sword moves, he felt a little strange but not surprised.

There were many cultivators in the world.

Zhang Han was certainly not the only one who had gained great opportunities.

There must be countless cultivators like him.

On the other side, the fight was in full swing.

On this side, everything was calm.

These people were eating barbequed meat as they watched the battle ahead.

While watching, Sect Leader Li Hao and the others felt their hearts palpitate with fear.

Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei only focused on some who performed well in the battle, such as Chu Qingyi and some others who were very powerful despite their young age.

They were all able to fight head-on with ancient beasts at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage or the Peak-Stage.

“Theyre going to retreat,” Zhang Han said.

Everyone was under control.

Those who had come here to carry out the Rising Sun Operation were all elites.

They retreated in an orderly manner.

When a large number of people returned to the king vessel, layers of defense were activated, sending waves of energy out.

Hundreds of ancient demonic beasts were being held off by the regiment led by the Omnipotent Troop.

Gradually, these ancient demonic beasts knew that they couldnt stop those people from leaving, so they retreated slowly and roared fiercely.

Some of them left the people threatening messages.

“Just you wait.

Your planets will be drenched in blood.”

Facing this, Headmaster Shan sneered and said, “Good! Then, Ill also warn you.

Any of you who dares to invade Heavenly Dragon Star Province will be killed!”

The word “killed” was filled with a chilling aura.

His voice swept forward like sea waves.

It sounded extremely imposing, making the blood of tens of thousands of cultivators boil.

They suddenly understood that cultivators pursued higher strength precisely because they wanted to follow their hearts and go against the current instead of backing down cowardly.

Since things had progressed to this point, whether they could live or die, they must fight.

Even if they lost, they would have no regrets.

Headmaster Shan and the others slowly retreated to the king vessel.

Before they boarded the king vessel, Headmaster Shan looked at Yue Wuwei and gave an imperceptible smile at him.

“Lets go, too,” Yue Wuwei said.


After finishing almost all the barbecued meat, Yue Wuwei and the others went back to their king vessel.

Just as the king vessel was about to jump into the secondary space, the camera of the king vessel captured several pictures.

At the edge of the Blue Sand Wind Domain, numerous enormous beings suddenly appeared in that blue region.

There seemed to be quite a number of ancient demonic beasts inside, all of them roaring.

After the king vessel entered the secondary space, those enormous beings finally appeared in the void of the universe.


“Daddy, you, youre amazing! Youre my role model.” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han and looked at him with admiration.

“If I were not so powerful, wouldnt I be overtaken by you soon” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Then, he reached out to scratch the tip of Mengmengs small nose.

“That cant happen,” Mengmeng said proudly.

“Han, your current strength… is truly horrible.” Dong Chen and the others all gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

In truth, they were not too shocked.

That was how things were.

If there was a person who often amazed others, the others would get used to it and not be strongly amazed by that person in time.

Zi Yan was also smiling.

Her eyes were shining.

Chen Changqing, Zhou Fei, and the others also sighed with emotion.

As for Chen Chuan, he ran to Zhang Han, looked up at him, and said, “Uncle Zhang, I will also become a powerful person like you in the future.”

“Really Then, you have to cultivate hard,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“You havent finished eating yet”

Yue Wuwei glanced at the barbecued meat on the table and realized that they had not had much.

It only seemed so because there was too much meat.


Yue Xiaonao trotted to Yue Wuwei and said, “Look at Mengmengs father.

Hes handsome and powerful.

Why cant you look so cool when you fight”

Yue Wuwei cried, “Huh”

His face immediately darkened.

He glared at Yue Xiaonao and said grumpily, “Do I need to use those fancy tricks to deal with those ancient demonic beasts”


Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

He found their conversation very interesting.

“Elder Yue is so mighty that he can kill his enemies just by looking at them if there is a big gap in strength between them.

Of course, there is no need for him to use any moves.”

Now, even though Yue Wuwei never admitted it, Zhang Han knew very well that his strength should be at the Tribulation Stage.

While they were chatting, on the other side…

Li Mu also ran over to Li Hao.

“Father, why have you come here to be part of this Those were dealing with are all ancient demonic beasts!”

“I came to check on the Rising Sun Operation.

These on the Rising Sun Operation are all core figures of all the first-rate forces in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province,” Li Hao said.

“They said with certainty that they could negotiate with those Great Devils in the central area of the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

But in the end, they didnt get to the negotiating part.

Judging from the attitudes of those ancient demonic beasts, even if you didnt make a move, this matter probably wouldnt have been settled through negotiation.

It seems that some of those on the Omnipotent Troop have been overly optimistic.”

“Wheres my mother” Li Mu asked.

“In the Sea Central Star Area.”

“Our Cloud Shadow Sky… … is gone” Li Mu asked, taken aback.

“Thats right, its gone.

We had no ways to resist those ancient demonic beasts.” Li Hao let out a deep sigh.

Fatigue was shown on his face.

These days, he had been overwrought.

“The deterrent effect is limited,” Yue Wuwei said after hearing this.

“These ancient beasts are just too wild.”

“Whats going on in the Sea Dragon Star Area now” Liu Qingfeng asked.

“When we were about to leave, 30 percent of the Sea Dragon Star Areas territory was dominated by ancient demonic beasts.

Judging from their momentum, its very likely that they have invaded more than half of the Sea Dragon Star Area by now,” Li Hao said with a wry smile.

“This…” Liu Qingfeng rubbed his forehead.

He felt a headache coming on.

Things were still not going well.

“The ancient demonic beasts have just appeared.

They will definitely run amok for some time,” Zhang Han said.

“We only need to give them a little warning.”

“How” Liu Qingfeng asked subconsciously.

But then, he fell silent.

It went without saying that what Zhang Han just did—killing the Peacock King and the Iron Armor Dragon with punches—was the warning.

At somewhere near the Sea Central Star Area in the Sea Dragon Star Area…


A king vessel leaped out of the secondary space.

On a nearby planet, the flames of war were raging.

“Die! Youll all die!”

A Blood Fox at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage was currently absorbing the blood of tens of thousands of people in the cities below through its supernatural power.

It was hunting for food.


“No, no, no! Dont kill me!”


Many people cried out miserably.

The cities were in chaos.

Numerous aircraft were taking off in a hurry.

However, there were always people who were targeted by the Blood Fox.

The denser the crowd, the harder it was for them to escape.


The Blood Foxs eyes were scarlet.

It was looking down on those people coldly.

Even though the energy the blood of these humans could provide it with was very little, it still slaughtered them mercilessly.

As the ancient demonic beasts had emerged, they were determined to do something shocking and make all the other creatures tremble in fear.


The Blood Fox suddenly saw a huge black shadow looming over the city where it was, which blotted out the sun.

“Whats going on

“Is it a spaceship


If it were a spaceship, I should have sensed it.”

The Blood Fox slowly raised its head.

What came into its view turned out to be something incredible.

An enormous creature appeared before the Blood Fox.

“What, what is this A r-roc”

The Blood Foxs eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.

“I dont think there are high-level creatures like a roc in our place, are there”

The roc was considered to be at the top of the pyramid among ancient demonic beasts.

In other words, the Blood Fox and the others were commoners, while extraordinary creatures like the roc, the Nine-tailed Devilish Fox, and the Glaring-eyed King Kong were the royals among ancient demonic beasts.

“Why is there a roc here What is it Gasp, it is a… cursed roc”

The Blood Fox trembled in terror.

Sensing the wisps of black light, it knew that this was an ancient cursed roc that even it believed should only exist in legends.

“A royal is here!”

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”

The Blood Fox regained its senses and began to laugh.


“It turns out that this roc is also here to wreak havoc!”

“Lord Cursed Roc!”

The Blood Fox felt that this was an opportunity to ride on a big shots coattails.

It smiled obsequiously and said, “Youve also come here…”

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