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Chapter 124 Finally Launching the Strike (Part C)

Ma Chengs face stiffened right off.

He gawked at Zhang Han, a little baffled.

“Generally, regardless of the occasions, those who join others party afterward will not say words likeI despise you.

However, this guy just nodded and acknowledged it.”

“You look upon us” Ma Cheng glowered at him and asked.

His baffled feeling was replaced by a surge of anger.

“So what” Zhang Han said calmly.

As he said so, the atmosphere directly went frozen.

Even Liu Lu, the birthday girl, and her other friends looked quite disgruntled.

“Well.” Ma Cheng cast a look at his companions with widened eyes, and then said incredulously, “Really great, Anna, this friend of yours is really something.

A man attending others birthday party says he looks upon on others at the party, huh What do you mean Why are you so arrogant Whats your background Answer me; let me see why you are so confident!”

As he said the last few words, Ma Cheng glared at Zhang Han fumingly.

Judging by Ma Chengs attitude, if Zhang Han did not give him an answer, he would lose his temper.

“Dont fuss.

Dont fuss.” Actually, Zhang Hans words gave Li Anna quite a turn.

It was also sort of beyond her expectations.

It should be noted that every time when Zhang Han went for Zhang Li, he behaved as amiable as a big brother living next door, and that was one of the reasons that Li Anna found him appealing.

But it never occurred to her that when dealing with other strangers, he would not budge at all.

However, since today was Liu Lus birthday, Li Anna did not want them to make a scene at the party.

Thus, she opened her mouth to try to make peace, “Ma Cheng, save your words.

Brother Zhang Han doesnt like talking to people who he doesnt know.

In particular, the tone you just used was a bit vicious.

Lets all talk less but drink more.”

“Li Anna, do you think now were in the mood for drinking” The man with curly hair let out a snide laugh and continued, “Is it really because of Brother Mas inconsiderate tone that he despises us Well, dislike talking to strangers Then, what is he doing here Very interesting.”

“Yeah.” The horsetail girl rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and said, “He is sitting at others table for free, drinking others drinks for free, but he is still saying such unpleasant words.

How ridiculous!”

After hearing their complaints, Li Anna also became a bit anxious.

Now, with the brother of her present bestie on one side and her bestie in college on the other, she was really at a loss.

Also, she was now regretting dragging Zhang Han to sit with them.

However, as he heard those words, Zhang Han still kept his plain face, not even casting a glance at the others.

He ignored them all.

Indeed, his behavior was rather reasonable.

Well, how could an anteater ever care the ants words

“Enough.” At last, Liu Lu, the birthday girl, opened her mouth to mediate.

“We are here for fun.

We just need to enjoy ourselves now, dont mention other things.

Just do a favor for me, the birthday girl, all right”

“Well.” Ma Cheng grinned.

With his eyes fixed on Zhang Han, he said, “Fine.

Today, for the sake of Lulu, you bloke, I will simply pretend that I didnt hear your previous words, provided that you drink three glasses as self-punishment.

Now, drink.”

“How could three glasses be enough Based on his attitude, he shall also bow and apologize to us at least!” The man with curly hair sneered.

For an ordinary man, taking down a whole bottle of imported liquor was a pretty tough experience.

At this time, Zhang Han merely glimpsed at them indifferently and did not give any response.

“You brat, are you seeking for a good beat”

Finally, Ma Cheng could not restrain himself any longer and hammered his fists on the table.

He glowered at Zhang Han as if he was about to punch him.

Seeing that the scene was going out of control, Liu Lu hurriedly got to her feet to pull Ma Cheng back.

She said, “Fine, fine, dont talk to this man who has no manners.

Lets go to the dancing floor and have some fun.”

Liu Lu tugged and yanked, finally dragged Ma Cheng away from the table.

Before he left, Ma Cheng threw a furious glare at Zhang Han.

“Li Anna, how did you end up with befriending such a bastard Driving a darned panda car that is only worth a dozen thousand yuan.

Who does he think he is” The man with curly hair said in a wicked tone.

Then, he turned his heels and headed towards the dancing floor.

“Anna, I also think your friend is so without manners.

Well wait for you on the dancing floor.

The underlying meaning of those words was simply that she hoped Li Anna could send Zhang Han away by any excuses so as to not affect their party.

After they took off, only Li Anna and Zhang Han were left at the table.

Li Annas expression looked quite mixed, while Zhang Han seemed to be rather composed.

“Brother Zhang Han.” Li Anna said in a sort of chagrined voice.

“Im sorry for adding so much trouble to you.”

She actually thought Zhang Han was not the one to blame, because the first thing Ma Cheng said was quite scornful.

Anyone heard that would feel uncomfortable.

“Never mind.”

Zhang Han responded casually.

It was also for the sake of Li Anna that he allowed the ones who just taunted him to leave the table scot-free.

This time, he was here to flatten this place, so he would not mind teaching a lesson to a few dumb youngsters by the way.

“I didnt know it would have turned out like this.

Brother Zhang Han, please dont take their words seriously.

I…” Li Anna said, attempting to make some promise.

But Zhang Han shook his head slightly and replied, “Its fine.

I heard that back then you took good care of Lili, so you dont have to be so polite to me.”

When someone treated me an inch of respect, I would repay with a foot of respect; when someone robbed me of a kilo of rice, I would snatch thousands of kilos from him.

This was the way Zhang Han had always operated.

At the bar, Li Anna and Scorpion were exactly the typical cases of two kinds of guys Zhang Han had to deal with.

“I just did what I should.” Li Anna smiled, and continued, “Heard that Lili and Brother Zhang Han have opened a new restaurant.

She told me the food there is very mouth-watering and wanted to take me there last time.

But the past few days, Id been too busy doing overtime work and didnt make it.

Next time when I have the opportunity, Ill certainly go there and have a try.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Go to see your friends.

Ill go to attend my business after this drink.”

“Well, well then.” Li Anna nodded.

Holding up his glass, she said, “Lets drink.”

Zhang Han grabbed his glass, clinked it against Li Annas, and took a gulp.

Then, Li Anna stood up and walked away.

After she took off, Zhang Hans eyes landed on the dancing floor ahead of him, took another sip of the liquor that in his eyes was of poor quality and felt the atmosphere both strange and familiar.

On the other end, Ma Cheng was tugged to the dancing floor by force.

He roared with a vexed face, ” Stop, dont pull me.

Who is that brat”

“He is really swollen with arrogance.

Good for him!”

“Let it go, Brother Cheng.” The man with curly hair hastened to comfort him, “Dont get angry because of that little scum.

When we saw him driving that poor car, we knew he is an inferior man.

He being without manners is also within expectations.”


In my view, its all because of Li Anna.

We were just enjoying ourselves, but why did she ask another man to join us” The horsetail girl said, sort of annoyed.

“It was fine for him to join us.

But he dared to get a haughty look as if we owed him money.

He must have rocks in his head, loads of rocks! He is a lunatic!”

“Just drop it, all of you.” Liu Lu heaved a sigh, then said, “Lets stop being sulky.

Look, isnt Anna coming to us”

They all looked over their shoulders to see Li Anna wedge her way out of the crowds towards them.

When she came near but had not said anything, all of a sudden, a grey-haired man beside her who had had too much to drink abruptly fell back, weighing down upon Li Anna and forcing her to fall onto the ground.

The man shook his head and rolled sideways.

Then, when he saw there was quite a beauty being pressed under him, he giggled and said, “Oops, youre a beauty as well.

Come on, beauty, Ill hold you in my arms and help you up.”

After saying that, he was going to cuddle Li Anna.

At this scene, Ma Chengs rage burst out.

He howled furiously, “Hold her in your arms”

“Fu*k you!”

When he finished those words, he kicked hard at the grey-haired man and let him land on the floor.

“Shit!” The grey-haired man jerked his spinning head.

As he blurted out cursing words, he got to his feet and grappled with Ma Cheng.

Seeing this, Ma Chengs companions did not just stand by and watch.

Instead, they landed their fists and kicks on the grey-haired man as well.

After a moment, two male fellows of the grey-haired man noticed what was happening.

They rushed over and began to wrestle with the others.

Their conflict caused those onlookers to take a few steps backward so as to give them a clearing field.

At the scene, a waiter working at the bar spoke something to his walkie-talkie.

In less than a minute, about seven or eight security staff all wearing black T-shirts stalked to the scene and subdued those who were in the middle of fighting each other.

When the leader of the security staff saw that Li Anna and two other women were quite pretty, he beamingly commanded his subordinates to take them upstairs and let Brother Scorpion handle them.

Therefore, all of them were escorted out of the bar through the side door.

This little fuss did not have much impact on the nightclub.

Even Zhang Han, who was at the other side of the room, did not detect what just occurred.

After finishing his glass, Zhang Han stood up and strolled towards the outside.

His eyes were extremely cold and aloof.

When he walked out of the bar and arrived at the round lobby, he saw the lobby was still hustling and bustling.

There were two elevators at the far end of the round lobby, with two guards in black stationing in front of each of them.

Zhang Han went for the elevators with a cool face.

Before he approached, one of the guards, a brush cut man, asked Zhang Han, “Do you have our membership card”

However, Zhang Han did not give him a damn but continued to head forward.

“Without the membership card, you cannot use the elevator.

If youre going to play on the second or third floor, just use the stairway on the left side.” The brush cut man said, scowling.

Changsheng Nightclub had a total of seven floors.

The area from the first to the third floor was open to casual customers.

From the fourth to the sixth floor, it was exclusively available for club members, which was the paradise for men—they provided various services, including gambling.

Although the gambling activities were not large-scale, being able to run such a gambling business here was sufficient evidence of the power of the Forever Harmony Association.

Facing the second demand, Zhang Han still did not reply.

With his expression utterly calm, he continued to walk toward the elevators.

“Hold it!” The other bald guard strode to him with a ferocious look.

He asked coldly, “Are you a fu*king deaf Didnt you hear that the elevators are not open to outsiders”

After saying so, the bald guy shot him a nasty glare.

“No matter whether the man in front of me is here to make trouble or not, I can tell he will do so simply with such an attitude of his.

In that case, even if I have to maim him, Ill still get our Big Brother as my backup to settle it.”

Thus, the bald man grabbed an electric baton from behind with his right hand, pressed the button, and let the electric baton start buzzing.

He headed for Zhang Han with a hideous grin.

This scene drew the attention of passers-by.

What was more, even several waiters at the reception counter as well as two rows of ushers in front of the gate started to cast curious looks on them.

This kind of scene rarely occurred at Changsheng Nightclub.

Even when it did happen, it was incurred by those who were too drunk.

However, it was the first time of this year to see a cold but sober man make a scene like this.


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