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Chapter 1245 A Chance Encounter


The oval king vessel Zhang Hans group rode was named the Lightning.

Everyone got on the Lightning and headed for the Chaotic Region.

On the innermost side, the planet connected with the Roland Star also had a new name—the Landro Star.

The name was picked quite casually, which was decided after Elder Doman and Olien had a discussion.

Among major Elf Clans, the genes of the Elemental Elf Clan and the Dark Elf Clan differed a lot.

They were roughly equivalent to two different races who seldom interacted with each other.

But due to the relationship between Tricia and Felina, the high-position members of the two clans all hoped that the two clans could be friends forever, so they gave the other star a name similar to the Roland Star.

Here, everyone could live and work with contentment.

After the Lightning got there, Mengmeng saw Nina and Felina and asked, “Nina, Felina, are you coming with us to have some fun”

“Where are you going” Nina asked.

Her expression changed.

“Yeah, count us in,” Felina answered without hesitation.

After staying here for a while, she did want to go out and have fun.

Dark Elves were born for battles, and their secret skills had to be perfected through one battle after another.

In comparison, the life of Elemental Elves was more peaceful.

“Then, I guess I have to trouble you again.”

Olien cupped his hands to Zhang Han and the others.

Then, he looked at Zhang Guangyou and said with a smile, “You came at the right time.

Yesterday, our special Essence Dew Wine was brewed to the perfect point.

Ill give you more this time.”

“How can I take more of your wine” Zhang Guangyou waved.

“I specially had people brew extra wine just for you.

Dont decline,” Olien said solemnly.

After exchanging standard courtesies, Zhang Guangyou accepted more than a dozen jars of good wine.

The Lightning set off for the Heaven Dragon Star Province.


Because of the changes in the Blue Sand Wind Domain, the journey would be a bit shorter.

In the past, it would take about seven days to reach the edge of the Heavenly Dragon Star Province by crossing the Blue Sand Wind Domain.

If one were to take a detour around the Blue Sand Wind Domain, it would be a lot longer.

Now that there was a relatively stable space passage on the side, it would only take five to six days to get there.

During the journey of more than five days…

“This Flowing Water Star is quite unique.

On the entire planet, other than the two oceans, there are more than 80% of places with water that was more than five to a hundred meters deep.

It is basically a planet covered with water.”

Zhao Feng glanced at the electronic file and said, “It is like the region of rivers and lakes in Jiangnan, which is very famous for its lush mountains, clean water, and brilliant talents it nurtured.

It is said that many of the buildings here are of retro style.

According to the pictures in the file, several places on this planet are like the regions in Jiangnan enlarged dozens of times.

There are many local specialties here, and the water is not seawater.

Many people with high status in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province often come here to taste the local fish.

“There are famous and expensive Tiger-headed Spotty Fish and sashimi of all kinds.

The salmon sashimi on our planet tastes very good.

Coincidentally, that fish is also called salmon here.

There are also other specials, such as the Mountain Abalone.

The smallest kind is less than two meters in diameter, and the largest kind can be more than 20 meters.

On this planet, the smaller the abalone is, the more delicious it is, and the more expensive it is as well.

The Mountain Abalone less than one meter in diameter is really pricy.

Each one would cost a thousand crystal stones.”

Hearing these words, Nina, as well as Li Mu, who insisted on coming here to broaden his horizons, looked slightly taken aback.

“Each costs one thousand crystal stones! How expensive!” Li Mu was speechless.

“There are so many valuable special fish on the Flowing Water Star, but why does no one come here to rob it all” Ah Hu scratched his head in confusion.

There were no laws or rules in the Cultivation World forbidding people from snatching natural resources.

If one Abalone was really worth a thousand crystal stones, many people would come to catch the abalones themselves.

“It is because the force governing the Flowing Water Star is quite powerful.

The Flowing Water Star is an important planet with rich resources of the Star-shooting House, a famous sect.

There are elders and many protectors guarding this place all year round.

There are also cultivators who secretly catch the precious fish here, but that doesnt happen a lot.

The Star-shooting House is a first-class sect in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

If you want to travel in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, you have to abide by the fundamental rules.”

Zhao Feng checked his communication watch and said, “These are the places that are open to the public.

Master, Maam, and Mengmeng, which place do you want to visit first”


Zhao Feng projected the images of those places on the front.

There were more than a dozen places to choose from.

“Lets go to that place first,” Zi Yan pointed at one of those places and said.

In those pictures, some were open water cities, which looked as prosperous as the other cities on planets with advanced science and technology.

Low buildings like villas mainly occupied the place Zi Yan pointed to.

Among them, there were many beautiful ancient buildings.

There were all calm waters on the streets and alleys.

In the picture, the beautiful sun was setting, radiating warm sunlight on the horizon in front.

The scenery was beautiful, too, and so were the small boats drifting on the river.

“This is the Sunset City, a special tourist attraction on the Flowing Water Star,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

“Lets take a walk in this place first.” Zhang Han glanced at everyone and said, “Were not in a hurry this time.

Were here for vacation.

After having enough fun on the Flowing Water Star, well go to other places.”

“Yeah, you guys pick the places.

I like all of them.”

“Me too.”

“Then, we can have a taste of the special fish here.”

“Let me check the time.

It is a little past three oclock in the afternoon in Sunset City on the Flowing Water Star.

Soon, we can see what dusk is like here.”

The Lightning slowly approached the space station.

After their call got through and they talked to the staff in the space station, they paid 50,000 crystal stones as the parking fee for their spaceship.

After that, the group took an aircraft, passed through the space station, and slowly flew to Sunset City.

When they were very close to the surface of the planet—

“What an enormous Sunset City!”

“How gorgeous!”

Zhou Fei, Liang Mengqi, Zhang Li, Rong Jiaxin, and many others couldnt help marveling when they saw what was captured by the camera.

On the planet below, the streets that were actually water channels were quite wide, and many boats were drifting on them.

There was a magnificent gate made of steel, which was the landmark of Sunset City.

There were two large empty areas on the side where many aircraft were parked.

The city was a no-fly zone.

Aircraft were not allowed to pass the city.

Zhang Hans group paid another fee for parking the aircraft.

Following that, they made an accommodation reservation.

“This manor costs 10,000 crystals a day.

Its so expensive,” Li Mu screamed in horror upon learning about the quotations.

His little savings could hardly get him through a few days here.

Li Mu, Nina, and Felina once again were shocked by the extravagant life Zhang Han and his people led, who spent crystal stones like water.

There were many rooms in the manor, which could definitely accommodate the dozens of people in this group.

There were two attendants taking care of the courtyard.

In addition to the pond providing moorings for boats that they saw right after they crossed the gate, they also saw winding corridors and stone bridges in the other parts of the manor.

This manor was also covered with clear, flowing water, and various kinds of fish could be seen in some areas.

“The air here is very fresh.”

“Its not particularly moist.

Its refreshing instead.”

“The buildings are all new.”

“Lets divide the rooms first.

When we unpacked and get everything ready, lets meet outside.

Then, we can walk around and go to a dining place.”

Everyone voiced their thoughts.

They all went to pick a room and started to arrange it as they liked.

The rooms were clean in the first place.

Men like Ah Hu, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and even Zhang Han didnt think there was a need of doing some cleaning.

But Liang Mengqi, Liu Jiaran, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei all changed the bedding, toiletries, and towels with what they brought here with them.

They had taken on this good habit because of the series of hygiene problems the brave exposed before.

About half an hour later, they came out of their rooms one after another.

They boarded five small boats, which were provided by the manor and were much fancier than those outside, whether in terms of seats or aisles on them.


The boats slowly sailed on the streets of the town, giving rise to ripples.

There were many people coming and going, who were in all sorts of boats.

Seeing this, Zhang Mu couldnt help voicing his emotions.

“I feel like Ive returned to the time when I was adventuring in Jianghu.

Alas, I didnt dare to even dream of visiting such a place before.

Well, I guess this is life.”

Zhang Mu sounded quite emotional.

It was as if he were looking at the same river, the same boat, and the same buildings he saw back then.

The only difference was that… the woman he loved was not here.

Time did fly.

Zhang Han couldnt bear to recall the past, or he would realize how much he missed her.

“I guess Im getting old.”

Zhang Mu stroked his short beard and sighed with emotion.

“Why the long sigh”

Deep Flame chuckled and said, “Your exploration in the big world has just begun.

Its true that you and I have been surpassed by many people.

In fact, I have thought about it for many days.

We still need to cultivate.

Though we are not as talented as others, wed better try not to fall behind too much.

Just chill, you.

Our wonderful life has just begun.

Old Mu, you can start to date a pretty Saintly Woman or perhaps a Divine Woman.

Well, thats it.

Even though Zhang Han is very powerful, he will still have to call your Cultivational Partner grandma if you find one.


Zhang Mu was astounded.

His facial muscles trembled vehemently.

“I cant believe it.

Is that something he is supposed to say”


At the back of the boat, Liu Jiaran, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, and others burst into laughter.

But they quickly held back their laughter, which caused some of their faces to turn red.

“Thats really the case.” Liang Mengqi linked arms with Zhao Feng and whispered, “Boss is powerful.

What if one of his enemies who is a Saintly Woman or a Divine Woman cant defeat Boss but wants to seek revenge by wooing Bosss father…”

“Shh, stop saying things like that.

It makes my scalp tingle.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

“Dear, dont be like this.

If it really happens, Master will be really upset.”

The group looked at the views on both sides.

They saw many squares with many people standing on stone platforms, the earth, or the sand areas.

Some were also ambling in or on the margin of the bamboo forest.

The park took up a large area and was very popular among the locals.

As they strolled, they suddenly heard a voice from a small boat on the side.

“Is, is it Mengmeng”


Mengmeng was stunned and looked back.

“How come someone here knows me”

When she saw a blond boy with blue eyes, Mengmeng showed a suspicious look on her face.

“Are you calling me”

Mengmeng pointed to herself.

She felt that she had seen this boy somewhere before, but she couldnt remember.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and others almost all looked over.

“Oh” When Zhang Han saw the man behind the boy, he patted Mengmeng on the shoulder with a somewhat excited face and said, “Hes your old classmate, from kindergarten.”


Mengmeng suddenly cried out softly, “Are you, are you Stefen”

“Yes, its me.

Mengmeng, its so great to meet you here,” Stefen said happily.

Stefen had now grown into a big boy that was kind of good-looking.

Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Yue Wuwei beside him, who did not look happy.

On the boat where Stefen was there were more than 30 people, so the boat was a little bit crowded.


Yue Wuwei disapparated and then apparated on Stefens side in an instant.

He stared steadily at the man behind him and asked, “How did you get out”

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