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Chapter 1246 Beast Arenas

“Huh What do you mean Sorry, I didnt understand,” Stefens father replied.

Yet inwardly, tempestuous waves of shock were surging in his chest.

He was now at the Innateness Realm Peak-Stage.

But in the face of this old man in front of him, he couldnt even exert any bit of his vigor.

“Tell me, how did you leave Earth” Yue Wuweis tone was not friendly.

His eyes were rather cold.

Stefen and his father were taken aback.

“Get over here!”


Yue Wuwei summoned the two of them over with his power.

“Answer me.”

Yue Wuwei took a deep breath, feeling a little angry.

“Could it be that what happened to Nan Qinghai and the other two is happening again somewhere on the Saint Warrior Planet”

As the butler of the Saint Warrior Planet, Yue Wuwei cared about Earth dearly.

The more the minor issues were, the more annoyed he was.

“Dont get angry yet.

Lets hear what he has to say,” Zhang Han said.

Stefens father had been to Mount New Moon twice for gatherings of Mengmengs class.

Through talking with him, Zhang Han knew that he was a gentleman.

Also, at that time, Zhang Han shrewdly observed that he and Stefen were vampires.

They were of good bloodlines, but their strength was not high.

Zhang Han didnt expect to meet them in this place.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Stefens father took a deep breath and felt that the imposing pressure on him was lifted.


He gave a wry laugh and said, “I came to the cosmos following your lot.

It was the first time you sold tickets to the public.

That was about a year ago.

I bought tickets for me and my family and planned to go out to have a look.

But to my surprise, I came across a senior member of our Vampire Clan on the Dal Star.

He was very powerful.

At that time, he was on his way back to the Flowing Water Star from the Hailu Star Area and happened to pass the Dal Star.

Then, he brought us here.”

Stefens father was also a man with a story.

He went to Xiangjiang to avoid a disaster.

Later, somebody wanted to kill him, so he fled to the Kunlun Immortal World.

By chance, he heard about the tickets to the universe.

Thus, he followed the large group to the Ancient Mine and bought three tickets with almost all the crystal stones he had with him.

What he didnt expect was that after he came to the universe, he couldnt go back.

When he arrived on the Flowing Water Star, he also received the guidance of the senior.

So far, his strength had improved quite fast.

He smiled bitterly when he saw Zhang Han.

He later learned about Zhang Hanyang from Xiangjiang.

Soon, he also heard one piece of shocking news about Zhang Hanyang after another.

Therefore, how could he not know that the Zhang Han in front of him was a merciless man Although Zhang Han talked to others with a smiley face, if he revealed his cruel side, he would be frightening.

Stefens father didnt know much about Zhang Han.

But he was aware that Zhang Han was almost invincible on Earth and had made a name for himself in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

It was really terrifying that Zhang Han could come and go like this.

What surprised him more was that Zhang Han had even reached the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Hearing his reply, Yue Wuwei was much more relaxed, and his face softened, too.

He nodded and said, “Since you came here by spaceship, its all right.

You can chat with your acquaintances.”

After saying that, Yue Wuwei sat aside and looked at the views, not engaging himself in the others conversations anymore.

“Please take a seat.”

Zhang Han pointed to the empty seat next to him.

“Sure, thank you.”

Stefens father smiled and combed his relatively long golden hair with his fingers.

His skin was rather fair.

He looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Mr.

Zhang, we havent seen each other for many years.

Its fate that we meet here.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence!” Zhang Han nodded.

The two of them chatted with ease.

At this time, Mengmeng and Stefen, who were good friends in their childhood, were also chatting with each other.

Stefen was now quite outgoing.

He looked two or three years older than Mengmeng and already appeared to be a young man.

“Hes Stefen, a friend of mine from kindergarten.”

Mengmeng introduced Stefen to Nina, Yue Xiaonao, and others.

“Do you usually drink blood” Yue Xiaonao asked.

She knew little about vampires.

Now she had seen vampires for the first time, of course, she was kind of curious.

“Yes,” Stefen replied.

“I mainly drink the blood of spirit beasts.”

“Stefen, have you been here the entire time” Mengmeng asked again.

“Yes, we live in Hill Stone City, where live the Myernie family, a family of our Vampire Clan,” Stefen said.

Stefens father also told them about Hill Stone City and the Myernie family.

Hill Stone City was a large city on the Flowing Water Star.

The city was mainly built with fragmented granite.

The buildings were very magnificent.

It was one of the major cities on the Flowing Water Star.

The Myernie family had always lived in Hill Stone City.

There were only a few hundred people in the family, which only had 40 to 50 core members.

Among the core members, most of them were in the Yuan Ying Realm and five were in the God Transformation Realm.

The most powerful one was Luoke Myernie, who was at the God Transformation Realm Last-Stage.

“Its Patriarch Luoke who brought us here,” Stefens father said beamingly, “As we have no family or friends on Earth, we dont really miss our life on Earth.

Thus, after doing some thinking, we decided to settle down here.

After all, this is a vast world.

I thought it would be much easier for us to cultivate if we stay here.

Unexpectedly, just a few months after we came here, we encountered ancient demonic beasts.

Its said that they are very terrible.

Many people on the planet fled to the rear.

If it werent for those big shots who have been protecting us, we might have all been…”

As Stefens father spoke, a trace of lingering fear flashed across his face.

He also talked about some unique forces in Hill Stone City and gave a rough account of the forces here.

The Myernie family was a relatively famous family in Hill Stone City.

Generally speaking, it was a second-rate force.

But because of the patriarchs strong strength, the Myernie family was quite prestigious in Hill Stone City.

Of course, this was what Stefens father believed.

“Mengmeng, Ive been cultivating in the Myernie family.

Recently, the terrible monsters have quieted down, so my father and I went out for a walk.

Its also our first time to Sunset City,” Stefen said conversationally to Mengmeng.

“There are many beautiful buildings in Hill Stone City.

Also, there seems to be a Beast Arena.” Mengmeng said, “Its the second place we plan to visit.

How long will you stay here Do you want to go there with us”

“Ah Well…” Stefen looked at his father.

He didnt dare to make the decision.

Stefens father also hesitated for moments before saying, “We plan to stay here for three or four days and then go back.

My wife will finish her reclusive cultivation soon.”

“Were also staying here for about three days.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “If you have time, come with us.

After we go to Hill Stone City, wed also like you to take us to visit those unique places and entertain us.”

Seeing that Mengmeng was very happy after running into Stefen, Zi Yan made the suggestion.

Stefens father thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

He was in a good mood after running across an old friend in a foreign land during this trip.

He decided to entertain them after they arrived in Hill Stone City.

That evening, they went to the Sunsetting Restaurant.

This was the largest and most famous dining place.

It was said that the fish dishes here were the most delicious.

The large group went up to a large private room on the third floor.

“We will have three Tiger-headed Spotty Fish.”

Zhao Feng was ordering.

“There are five kinds of ways to cook the fish Then, serve us three for each cooking method.

Well also have five plates of salmon sashimi.

How small is the smallest Mountain Abalone Oh, then, serve us ten first.

Also, give us three plates of everything on the menu of specialty dishes.”


At this time, Stefens father swallowed subconsciously, feeling his throat dry.

He took Stefen here because he also wanted to taste the Mountain Abalone.

He also knew that the smaller the abalone was, the more expensive it would be.

He had planned to order a relatively bigger one to have a taste.

However, after he followed the large group here… He really wanted to ask, “Have you checked the price before you order”

The waiter said that each of the Mountain Abalone with a diameter of less than a matter is priced at 1,500 crystal stones.

If they wanted 10, that would cost 15,000 crystals in total.

Since they also wanted three for each of the five ways to cook the Tiger-headed Spotty Fish, that would be 15 Tiger-headed Spotty Fish and cost tens of thousands of crystal stones.

Adding the salmon sashimi and other dishes, this meal would cost more than 200,000 crystal stones.

“Its too expensive.

How can ordinary people afford this meal”

Stefens father sighed with emotion.

If he had to spend so much money on a meal, he probably wouldnt be willing to.

But later…

“Wow, it tastes so good.”

Stefens father gave him a thumbs-up.

“This is really the best in the world.”

“This is so tasty!”


Zhang and Mrs.

Zhang, thank you so much for treating us.”

As a result, Stefens father changed his mind.

“You get what you pay for.

The high price does make sense.”

The staff in the restaurants were not surprised.

After all, they had diners who ordered this kind of feast every once in a while.

There were a lot of crystal mines in the Heavenly Dragon Star Province.

Every year, they would discover some new ones.

Therefore, the Heavenly Dragon Star Province had a large number of crystal stones, and many people were quite rich.

In Sunset City, the most beautiful time was dusk.

When the sun approached the horizon, gentle rays of light coated the sky and earth with a layer of gold.

This was the distinguishing feature of Sunset City.

Looking at the beautiful scenery often also made people feel happy.

Going on sightseeing for the three days was very relaxing.

Not only did they taste the local specialties, but they also ate some street snacks.

The fish here was relatively easy to buy and cheap.

But some vegetables were more expensive.

After all, the rarer something was, the pricier it was.

“Lets go to Hill Stone City.”

The group took the aircraft to Hill Stone City.

After flying for five hours, they arrived at the destination.

Stefens father had invited Zhang Hans group to have a rest in the guest rooms of the Myernie family.

Zhang Han declined out of courtesy, but he accepted in the end.

From this small detail, it could be seen that Stefens father and his family didnt have a high position in the Myernie family.

They were new here.

How could they become core members of the family anyway

In Hill Stone City, there were many stone roads.

This was one of the few cities on land on the Flowing Water Star.

There were also many rivers in the city.

The green plants here were not many, and the stone buildings looked quite special.

“Hill Stone City has also fostered an extremely brilliant young elite.”

The group found a suitable place to stay, which was also a manor.

Then, they went out to take a walk.

While they were strolling on the street, Stefens father said with emotion, “The Lorent family is the number one family in Hill Stone City.

If you dont count the Star-shooting House, which is a local sect, the Lorent family is the most powerful one.

The two families even cooperate with each other.

In the local area, the Lorent family is equivalent to a semi-official force.

A young man, whom I think is 24 or 25 years old, is named Zet Lorent.

He advanced to the God Transformation Realm not long ago.

His strength is very impressive.

Soon, he will go to the Star-shooting House to be a protector.

Thats a huge leap in his career.

His future is limitless.”

Stefens father sighed with emotion.

After he was done talking, he found that the people around him were rather expressionless and not interested.

Thus, he dropped the topic.

At the same time, he was also a little curious about this group.

“It seems that Mr.

Zhang and his people have had a better life.

Theyve opened a big company in the Sea Dragon Star Area that has connections with a host of sects and forces.

They also contended with the top forces in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

They were one of the main characters in the Interstellar War.

“They are, after all, people whod seen much of the world.

They are not like me.

When I first got here and heard about such an amazing young man, I was astounded for a long while.”

Stefens father secretly shook his head.

He felt that he needed to broaden his horizons.

“This place is most famous for its Beast Arenas.

There are more than 100 Beast Arenas of all sizes.

The largest kind can allow spirit beasts in the God Transformation Realm to fight in it.

That place has a thriving business circle, where there are numerous restaurants, shops, and hotels.

How about we go there and take a look” Stefens father suggested, who had acted as the tour guide.

Zhang Hans group didnt have any specific traveling plan in the first place.

Thus, they all nodded in agreement.

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