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“Then lets take the city bus.

One bus should fit us all.

We are not allowed to use aircraft here, and the transportation tools are all from the Star-shooting House.

Oh, it seems that some of them are from the Lorent family.

Most of the people here go out by city bus.”

Along their bus trip, they viewed the arena.

The walls of the enormous Beast Arena were over a hundred meters tall.

From a distance, the arena looked extremely imposing.

There were buildings around it, which were very large.

Obviously, the Flowing Water Star was equivalent to the Heavenly Dragon Star Provinces vacation planet, and the Beast Arena was one of the most special places.


From afar, the roars of wild beasts could be heard.

It could be seen that among the pedestrians, some of them had very large carriages, which were attached to ferocious spirit beasts.


When a black rhino passed by Zhang Hans ride, it widened its eyes and looked at Little Hei, which was next to Mengmeng.

There was some evil spirit in its eyes as if it were trying to say, “Little brat, what the ** are you looking at! Feel like starting a fight in the arena!”

Unexpectedly, Little Hei glanced at it indifferently and snorted.

It then stared at something else while obediently staying at Mengmengs feet, ignoring the rhino.

“I have been to the Beast Arena a few times before, where there are plenty of places for spirit beasts to fight in, as well as the ones for Human Clan cultivators.

According to the elders of the Myernie family, if the forces here hold grudges against each other, they will participate in a life and death battle in the Beast Arena.

Its just that they dont do it very often and there are usually more battles for bets.”

Stefens father introduced the arena to others.

The closer they got to the place, the more they could feel the impact of the fighting atmosphere.

There was no doubt that the Beast Arena was a place that would excite the audience.

The cheers of many people were getting louder and louder.

The high spirits of the fighters in this place seemed to be much fiercer than that in bars because one could get to be as sanguinary as possible here.

“Its the first time Ive come to the club.

I usually stay at the big venue below to watch,” Stefens father sighed with emotion.

In the Beast Arenas spectating club, the cost of private rooms was rather expensive.

Those who came here were all important figures.

The first floor of the private room area was right above the seating area below.

The area went all the way to the 15th floor.

The building was not too high, but it was built in a crescent-shaped strip with a large area inside.

They entered a private room on the seventh floor.

Next to the private room was a floor-to-ceiling window, and there was a small platform a few meters below it.

There was a winding passage below the platform, leading to a relatively large platform below, where there were high-end sofa chairs at the edge and some special food stalls around.

From here, one could overlook half of the arena and watch a great battle going on.

If one wanted to watch the battles in other places, they would have to head to the platform below.

“They are fighting right now.”

“What kinds of spirit beasts are they”

“Black Cloud Panther and Jade-Horned Beast.” Stefens father pointed to the screens above the arena and said, “On each screen, there are messages and odds.

There are introductions of spirit beasts before the battle starts, and then its time to place bets.

The fight would start in about 15 minutes right after it.”

“Black Cloud Panther.

Jade-Horned Beast.” Zhang Guangyou touched his stubble and said, “That Black Cloud Panther is very fast, but the Jade-Horned Beast seems to have some kind of innate supernatural power.

I think the latter will win.”

“I think the Black Cloud Panther will win.” Zhang Mu shook his head slightly and said, “There are five wounds on the Jade-Horned Beasts body and it keeps bleeding.”

Everyone had all kinds of guesses.

Some said that the Black Cloud Panther would win, some said that the Jade-Horned Beast would win, and they all had different reasons for their speculations.

Some were doing objective and comprehensive analyses.

For example, when Mengmeng said that the Jade-Horned Beast was good-looking, Yue Xiaonao said that although it looked nice, it was too clumsy and it obviously couldnt defeat the Black Cloud Panther.

As time went by, the Jade-Horned Beasts wounds became increasingly severe.

Just as the Black Cloud Panther delivered the last heavy blow to the Jade-Horned Beast, its two bloody claws swiped toward its opponents throat.


Light shot out from the Jade-Horned Beasts long horns as supernatural power appeared.

The Black Cloud Panther was sent flying by the blow and fell onto the ground, barely breathing.


Wave after wave of yells came from all directions, including faint screams, cries of joy, and curses from below.

“Sure enough, it is the Jade-Horned Beast that is better at fighting.” Zhang Guangyou laughed, “The two-spirit beasts are in about the same realm.

The speed of the Black Cloud Panther is five times higher than that of the Jade-Horned Beast, and it also knows some sharp moves.

It appeared that the Jade-Horned Beast got defenseless, and even just now I thought it was going to get defeated after suffering heavy injuries in its chest, but I really didnt expect it to be so smart as to strike its greatest kill at the last critical juncture since it couldnt fight with hard strength.

Thats brilliant!”

“This ending is really unexpected.” Gai Xingkong shook his head repeatedly and sighed with emotion, “I guess many people have lost their bets this time.

The banker must have earned A LOT.”

Hearing this, Zhang Mu said with a smile, “The spirit beasts they have here for fighting purposes must be about the same in strength.

The uncertainty of the outcomes can excite the audience.”

“Mengmeng, that Jade-Horned Beast is bleeding a lot.” Chen Chuan stood beside Mengmeng and stared at the spirit beast for a while.

After that, he muttered, “Does its meat taste delicious”

His words stunned everyone as they wondered, “Is this boy too used to eating spirit beasts”

Chen Changqing pulled a wry face and then said seriously, “Son, not every kind of spirit beast is raised to be eaten.

Some of them are intelligent, and some of them are similar to humankind, such as monkeys and giant apes, just like Dahei.

Some spirit beasts have a special bonding with certain people, such as Little Hei and Tiny Tot.

Whether we eat the spirit beasts or not depends on our personal choice.

Not every one of them is indispensable.”

Chen Chuan didnt talk back and responded, “Okay.

Got it.”

Yue Wuwei looked at the two of them and said, “It happens.

We are all meat-eating holy objects.

For example, in Cultivation World, many races treat the Human Clan as food.

We must be on guard while were in others territories.

Also, we cant rely too much on our eyes.

Sometimes, even our soul senses would deceive us.

What we sense may not be real.”

“Elder Yue is right.” Dong Chen nodded.

Outside the ring, the staff of the Beast Arena was already preparing for the next battle.

Two huge iron cages were brought in from the entrance on the side and information regarding spirit beasts was projected into the air.

There were still ten minutes left before the battle, and that was the time for betting.

Everyone was chatting casually around.

Chen Chuans eyes were fixed on a series of snack stalls on the platform below.

The snacks had worked up his appetite.

He blinked his eyes and looked around.

Finally, his eyes fell on Mengmeng, who had a great say in taking him around.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, are you hungry” Chen Chuan asked in a low voice.

“Im not.

Whats up” Mengmeng glanced at him.

“How could you not be hungry Look at the food below.

Shall we go and have a look” Chen Chuan muttered.

“No.” Mengmeng refused directly.


Chen Chuan slouched, thinking about how to get out of here and have some fun.

“Theyre all sitting here.

Im just a little kid and I cant get down there alone, can I”

“All right now.

Lets go and see if theres anything delicious.

I dont know if they have ice cream here,” Mengmeng snorted.

She was deliberately teasing Chen Chuan.

“Mummy, are you going or not” Mengmeng looked at Zi Yan and asked.

“You go hang out first.

Well sit here for a while,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Son, if you get back soon, help bring me a few kebabs,” Zhou Fei said to Chen Chuan.

“Okay, got it.

But we wont be getting back soon,” Chen Chuan replied quickly.

It appeared that he didnt want to keep his moms asking in mind.

“Just go now.” Zhou Fei glared at him.

“Were leaving.”

Yue Xiaonao, Mengmeng, Nina, Felina, and Chen Chuan went out through the side door and went down the stairs to the huge platform square.

There was a hubbub of voices here.

Many people were purchasing food, and waiting for their orders to be done.

They would eat while watching beasts fight or cultivators battle against each other.

“Theres so much to eat here.”

“Its just like the snack street.”

“There are all kinds of cuisine here with so many stalls.”

As soon as they arrived at the platform, they couldnt see the end of the stalls at a glance, which covered half of the platform.

“I feel like eating now.”

Mengmeng held up her delicate nose and felt that the smell of the food was not bad.

There was a lot of food that they found delicious.

There were kebabs including spirit beast meat, and some appeared to be sweet potato chips, and there were even snacks like potato chips.

The place had food of all flavors.

“Lets eat while walking.”

Yue Xiaonao became more excited and bought kebabs as soon as she got there.

“Shall we go inside and have a look That is the ring for cultivators.”

They walked into the crowd.

There were not many people here, and there was a large platform below, which was a real crowded place.

“The space here is much smaller.”

“Is the strength of that spirit beast only at the Innateness Stage”

“Look over there, someone is fighting.” Chen Chuan jumped up and pointed to the front.

When others looked in the direction he was pointing, they found that there was a ring not far ahead.

There were several rings with Human Clan cultivators fighting in them.

Generally speaking, in this kind of battle where the fighters knew each other and just battled for exchanging experiences, there were very few people who bet on them, for fear of the fighters going easy on each other.

It would be a different case if the fighters had grievances with each other.

“I think weve had quite enough.

Lets go back.” Mengmeng rubbed her nose with her fingers, ready to go back and rest for a while.

Just as they were about to turn around and leave, a voice came from the side.


They turned around and saw seven or eight people walking over.

Those people were dressed casually and their skin was very fair.

Most of them were men, and they looked to be in their twenties.

The one in lead had slightly red pupils.

He was also the one who had called Stefen just now.

“Mohan,” Stefen greeted him.

Judging from Stefens expression, he was polite and enthusiastic.

Obviously, he was quite familiar with Mohan Myernie in front of him.

“Are you taking your friends out to hang around” Mohan glanced at Mengmeng and the others, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

However, he didnt say anything about them, just nodded slightly, and then said with a smile, “Amman is watching his friends battles over there.

Would you like to go over and have a look Maybe he will get into the ring later.

Dont you want to see him fight You can take your friends to watch the battle together.”

“Well…” Stefen hesitated and looked at Mengmeng.

“Shall we go and have a look”

He could not make any decisions in this small team, but he still wanted to take a look at the ring.

Mengmeng was okay with his offer.

Yue Xiaonao was also okay with it.

She said while eating, “Lets go and have a look then.”

“All right.

Lets go.”

So they followed Mohan and the rest to continue walking forward.

Along the way, Mengmeng and the others also learned that these people were all the Myernie family members from the local.

Listening to their chat, the kids could roughly know some information about their family.

It seemed that there were not many people with pure bloodlines in the Myernie family.

Luoke Myernie had brought Stefen here because he noticed that his bloodline was quite nice.

Stefens status in the family was not high because he had just joined them, but so far some elders treated him well.

Mohan greeted more than a dozen people sitting on the side during their 10-minute walk.

Most of them were ladies, and they were also from the Myernie family.

After everyone got seated, Mohan looked at Mengmeng and her peers as he asked with a smile, “Are you guys from Stefens hometown”

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