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Chapter 1250 Easy

“Take them.”

When it was Mengmengs turn, she just simply waved her hand, and showed 10,000 top-grade crystal stones.

Even the trading officer was stunned.

“Ma Lin has given six hundred and seventy thousand low-grade crystal stones, three thousand middle-grade crystal stones, and three top-grade crystal stones.

They are equivalent to a total of a million low-grade crystal stones.

And here are ten thousand top-grade crystal stones given by Mengmeng, which are equivalent to a million low-grade crystal stones.

Come on, sign the gambling contract.

After you sign it, you can go to the No.

1 ring.

The crystals are stored here.

Whoever wins in a while can take away all these crystal stones.”

The staff turned on an instrument and projected two documents.

After Mengmeng and Ma Lin signed the contract, Ma Lin said, “I forgot to tell you something.

There is no restriction on strength in the gambling contract.” Then she suddenly smiled and looked at Mengmeng.

She added, “You are really young, but dont be afraid.

I will gently hit you and wont make you feel pain.

After all, you have spent millions of crystals.”

“Aha.” Corus laughed heartily.

“Lin, you will earn a million crystal stones today.


“Yes, congratulations, Lin.”

“Good things come in pairs.

Not only can I teach them a lesson, but I can also earn a million crystal stones.

Thats wonderful.”

Hearing this, Yue Xiaonao curled his lips and said, “Hey, theyre dreaming.

Mengmeng, go and make money.”


Mengmeng and Ma Lin walked toward the ring.

There were two red carpets on both sides leading to the ring.

While they were walking over, Corus stared at Amman Myernie unscrupulously, holding a golden-haired beautys shoulder.

He said, “Boy, do you dare to make a bet”

“Bet on what”

“We can bet on the result of their battle.

Lin is on my side, and the little girl is on your side.

Dont you want the battle to be more interesting” Corus said with a chuckle, “I bet one hundred thousand crystal stones.

Lin will win.”

“Hes just a poor boy.

He has no crystal stones at all.” The golden-haired woman shook her head slightly, her face full of contempt.

At this moment, Amman Myernie was in a very bad mood.

He wanted to make a bet, but…

Lin was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage while Mengmeng was at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

How could he bet on Mengmeng

Although Ma Lin had already said that she would suppress her strength, in the face of a million crystals, if she found that she might lose the battle, she was likely to break her promise and increase her strength.

In the end, victory would still belong to her.

He could take out a hundred thousand crystal stones, but he shouldnt make the bet.

He needed to buy some cultivation resources with his crystal stones.

As soon as he thought of it, he became sad.

He simply stopped talking and remained silent.

Mohan Myernie and the others were also silent.

They didnt know what to say at all.

If they chose to say yes with pride, their cultivation would be stopped for a period since they would definitely lose crystal stones.

Just when Corus and a dozen of people were about to laugh at him, Yue Xiaonao squinted his eyes and said, “The bet is just crystal stones, isnt it Come and bet with me.

100,000 crystal stones are not enough.

Lets bet one million crystal stones.”


Amman Myernie sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Whats going on with these little girls How can they bet millions of crystal stones so easily Thats too risky.” Amman Myernie thought.

It was also the second time for Corus to hear a million crystal stones and therefore, he wasnt shocked.

He chuckled and said, “We are not sure whether you have them or not.

Hey, you just said you had them without evidence.

I can also say that my family has tens of millions of crystal stones.


Let me tell you, I can take out two hundred and ten thousand crystal stones now, and these are my bet.”

“What a coward.” Yue Xiaonao didnt want to say anything else.

She waved her hand and said, “Each one of you should bet.

Ill take away all the crystals you bet.”

“Are you serious” The golden-haired womans eyes glinted.

“Come on!”

Corus did not waste any more time and directly called the staff.

He said, “We want to bet.”


To everyones surprise, the golden-haired woman also took out 80,000 crystal stones.

There were more than a dozen of them who took out 760 thousand crystal stones in total.

“All of them want to make money here.” Nina pursed her lips.

Nothing was impossible in the world.

Although Mengmeng was just at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage, she had already won many people at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage.

If people thought about it carefully, they would find that people like Mengmeng, whose combat capability was far beyond their realm, were really invincible when they pretended to be weak.

Was it a trap No.

It rivaled that pushed their face toward Mengmeng and begged her.

They even said, “Come on.

Slap me on the face.

I want to hear the sound.”

Therefore, Mengmeng should satisfy them.

“Do you have those crystal stones youve bet” At this time, Corus was worried that Yue Xiaonao had no crystal stones.

“What a joke!”

Yue Xiaonao waved her hand and casually took out some middle-grade crystal stones, which were exactly seven thousand and six hundred.

Seeing those crystal stones, Corus and the others eyes were glinting brightly.

“There are so many silly people.” Corus thought.

At this time, Mengmeng and Ma Lin just walked to the ring and stood opposite each other.

“Little girl, you will lose miserably,” Ma Lin said coldly.

The smile on her face gradually disappeared.

“Really Old lady, if you are talking about the age, then you win,” Mengmeng snorted.


Hearing this, Ma Lin was angry and she looked at Mengmeng coldly and fiercely.

“The angrier I am, the harder I will hit you.

It seems that your face is not ugly.

Im sorry, I will carve a picture on it.

I hate your appearance very much.”

Her words made Mengmeng frown.


The energy layers around the ring began to circle upward.

“The battle is going to start.

I guess that it will end in two minutes,” someone said.

“I dont think so.” Corus shook his head.

“It depends on Lin.

If she wants to play for a day, she can play for a day.

The key is that her rival is too weak.”

“Aha, youre really thoughtful.

Its true.

It depends on Lin.”

“Im going to earn a lot of crystal stones this time.

Ill treat you tonight.

Lets go to the Jade Pavilion together.”

What this person said made other people around excited.

“Wow, youre so generous.”

“Lets go to the Jade Pavilion tonight!”

“Bull**!” A voice suddenly came.

It was a boys voice.

It was Chen Chuan who was not happy.

He said loudly, “My sister, Mengmeng, will soon win the battle.”

“Well, dont argue with them,” Yue Xiaonao sneered.

“The happier they are, the more miserably they will suffer later.

Ah, Im looking forward to their facial expressions.”

“Yes, Im also looking forward to them.” Nina nodded slightly.

“It should be recorded.” Felina also wanted to see their facial expressions.

Hearing what they said, Amman Myernie and the others smiled bitterly.

There was nothing they could do about it.

While Corus and the others were going to say something satirical, the energy layer had already covered the whole ring.

“Its about to start!”

At this moment, Corus made a gesture as if he were cutting Yue Xiaonaos neck.

“Lin is using a mecha,” the golden-haired woman said.

“Maybe she is suppressing her strength.

Let me tell you something.

Even people in the Peak-Stage cant break her mecha.

Her long sword is called the Flower Sword, which is a fifth-tier spirit treasure.

I guess you havent seen a fifth-tier spirit treasure before.”

“A fifth-tier spirit treasure” Yue Xiaonao kept shaking her head after hearing this.

Then she added, “You are too poor.”

In the Heavenly Dragon Star Province, there were rich resources, but there were other places with much richer resources.

In this province, fifth-tier spirit treasures were not rare.

Even most people in the God Transformation Realm had sixth-tier spirit treasures, although not all of them had those treasures.

However, in terms of the earth, this place couldnt be compared with Saint Warrior Planet.

Sixth-tier spirit treasures were not rare in the Kunlun Immortal World and the Kings Domain.

“Lin has moved.

What a fast sword.

She has been taught the sword technique in the Star-shooting House.

It is said that she has learned two of the top eight sword techniques.”

“Thats amazing.

She used a big trick at the beginning.

Im afraid that she wants to finish the battle as soon as possible.”

“Her rival is at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

How dare she shout at Lin”

“This battle will be enthusiastically explained by me, Corus.

Look at Lins sword.

It is moving like a falling petal! The sword is flashing.

Each of her moves is to kill her rival.

Shes so powerful.

She can release the sword will.

It can be seen that Lin has a great talent.

In terms of the Tao of the sword, I have never seen anyone more powerful than Lin.

What about the little girl opposite her Oh, oh, oh, so she is totally scared.

Its strange.

I wonder who gave her the courage to take part in this battle.

After this battle, I must go to interview her.

The little girl is just avoiding the sword, although she also knows some body movements.

However, Lin is like a cat making fun of a mouse.”

Corus said extremely fast, and his mouth was full of saliva.

He widened his eyes and shouted passionately, “What swordsmanship! This move has already forced her into a corner of the ring.

She is so weak in front of Lin.

Lin has used her sword again.

This move is quite complicated.

It deserves to be the top swordsmanship of Star-shooting House.

If I were Lins rival, I would probably be defeated now.

Look at the b*tch on the opposite side.

What She only threw a small fireball.

My God, is this a joke Let me have a closer look.

In my opinion… What Lin is beaten away”

“What did you say”

“Lin was beaten away Is that true”

“She was beaten away by a small fireball”

“Oh, my God, how is that possible”

All the people there were shocked.

Lins followers were dumbfounded.

Especially Corus, the commentator, was opening his mouth so wide that he could swallow an apple now.

Apart from them, Mohan Myernie also shook his head violently.

“Thats true.

I am sure thats true.

Lins rival is so powerful.”

“Is she really going to win” The others found it hard to believe.

Just now, they thought that the pretty girl would lose.

Unexpectedly, what happened surprised everyone.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Stefen shouted, his face flushed with excitement.

He felt that this strike cheered him up!

Not only people on the ground but also those in the stand were stunned.

All the people didnt expect that the little girl could still launch a counterattack after she was attacked by Lins sword which was overwhelming.

A red fireball beat Lin away and then was smashed hard on the ring.


Everyone seemed to hear the sound.

That muffled sound was made by the mecha rubbing against the alloy ground.


Corus said suddenly, “No! Lin was beaten away because she was suppressing her strength.

She was back from the Elixir Realm Last-Stage to the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

This must make her feel a little unfamiliar.

She became careless and fell into her rivals trap.”

What he said reminded everyone.

Other people were suddenly enlightened and echoed his view one after another.

“Yes, thats true.

The last time I suppressed my strength, it took me a few minutes to get used to the stage.”

“When Lin is familiar with her strength, she can easily win.”

They were very confident.

However, Lin herself was a little frightened.

She had just felt that fireball was powerful, as if surging with heat waves.

If she hadnt been wearing the mecha, even her hair might have been burnt.

“Damn it!”

Ma Lin slowly stood up, pointed her long sword at Mengmeng, and said coldly, “Im going to be serious.”


She moved and rushed over very quickly.

On the way, the long sword in her hand was moving like dancing.

It was also dazzling with bright lights, as if it was going to confuse the rival.

However, Mengmeng was not afraid at all.

She used the Fireball Skill!

Another basketball-sized fireball appeared in front of Mengmeng and was thrown out by her.


Ma Lin shouted angrily and struck out a Sword Qi at the fireball.

However, she had never expected that the fireball would change into so many different forms.

There came a clattering.

The basketball-sized fireball instantly broke down.

One of the curved blades met the Sword Qi head-on.

The others were like firing wolves.

They then turned into arrows and made an attack.

Seeing what happened, Ma Lin quickly brandished her sword, releasing dozens of Sword Qis.

She wanted to contend against them.

However, the fireball was the result of strength gathering, which was different from those dozens of Sword Qis.

Each Sword Qi was less powerful.

Under Ma Lin and others gaze, dozens of arrows suddenly gathered and turned into the shape of a python.

People there felt that the pythons tongue flicked out several times just now.

It was quite true to life.

The python rushed out.

When those Sword Qis collided with the flame of the python, they failed.

There came a rumble!

The python of fire, which had lost some of its energy, crashed into Ma Lin.

She was forced to fly backward again.

Her body was 20 meters away from the ground, and then fell to the ground with a plop.


Ma Lin became mad.

She didnt expect that she would be defeated by the fireball again.

At the same time, she felt a sense of relief.

Fortunately, the gambling contract she signed didnt ask her to suppress strength.

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