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Chapter 1251 Look for Someone

“I am at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage.

I dont believe that I cant defeat you!”

Ma Lin hated her so much.

She quickly got up.

She then became a bit vigilant.

At the same time, those who were watching the battle outside were also shocked.

“Who is that little girl Isnt she fighting with Ma Lin, the Eldest Lady of the Beast Arena The owner of the Beast Arena is her father.

Did she get bullied in her domain just now”

“There was no introduction to that ring just now, and we cant bet on the outcome.

Therefore, it should be a private fight.”

“Did that girl offend Ma Lin”

“I guess so.

Unfortunately, she shouldnt have knocked down Ma Lin.

Ma Lin just lost face in front of us, didnt she”

Most of the people there just knew something superficial.

Only a few of them looked at Mengmeng cautiously.

There were five changes in her trick in just two seconds.

If it wasnt an occult art, her control over her soul sense would be astonishing.

Even few people like Yuan Ying could do it.

Only those experts focused on the skills.Please support our Bonnovel.com

Basically, only when people reached the God Transformation Realm could they start to use their soul senses.

These Innatenesses could only be figured out by just a few Dao Seeking Cultivators who were Elixir and Yuan Ying.

Corus and other dozens of fellows finally stopped smiling.

Instead, they were a little apprehensive and didnt know what to do.

Would Ma Lin lose the battle

Why didnt she use all her strength This was the second time she was beaten away.

“Youre no match for me!”

Ma Lin shouted angrily, “Stop pretending to be calm.

Im going to press you to the ground and beat you!”


She rushed over, and it was another fireball toward her.

This time, it was half bigger than a basketball.

There came a rumble!

The Sword Qi and the fireball collided with each other.

To everyones surprise, although the fireball was dissipated, it could change again.

What kind of shape was it now

It was a flyswatter.

With a smack, it beat Ma Lin to the ground.

“Youre right.

Ill press you on the ground.

Well, I feel better now.”

Mengmeng was waving her right hand.

The energy on the flyswatter became stronger.

It was held steadily, crushing Ma Lin onto the ground.

She was only at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

What was more, she was not excellent at that stage.

Naturally, she suffered.

“Ah! Ill kill you!”

Ma Lin screamed.

Two lights were shot by her mecha and shattered the flyswatter.

In the mecha, an alarm could already be heard.

However, Ma Lin didnt care about it.

She showed all of her cultivation at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

Her swordsmanship became fiercer, and beams of sharp light rushed toward Mengmeng.

Since Ma Lin was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, her moves were powerful.

If they were in the outside world, every streak of light from her sword could produce a strong wind with a power that could destroy mountains and the earth.

“As I said, you cant do it.”

Mengmeng raised her eyebrows slightly, and it seemed that there was a fire in her eyes.

“I dont want to play with you any longer.”

There came a clattering!

Mengmeng made a fireball a little bigger than herself.


The fireball was like a stone stirring up a thousand waves, and many people were so shocked that they stood up.

No one had expected that the little girl did not show all her strength just now.

Even Ma Lin was shocked.

The fireball in front of her was very big.

Although it was several times smaller just now, it was still very powerful.

Now it became so big.

Could she hold it

She reduced the momentum of her sword and defended herself with all kinds of moves.

However, the fireball in front of her was just so huge and changeable.


The fireball passed dozens of moves and finally it crashed into Ma Lin.

The waves of fires were flowing in all directions.

Those waves were flower-shaped, and burning, which were quite attractive.

It resonated with the bright sun in the sky.

There seemed to be only waves of fire in the ring.

There came clacks.

Ma Lins mecha was completely damaged.

Fortunately, it withstood the attack of the fireball.

Some alarms were heard, and the mecha shrank automatically.

Now Ma Lin was exposed.

She felt quite hot, as if her body was burning.

Her body was very painful, and there were more pains in her heart.

“Did I lose” Ma Lin thought.

Ma Lin was not injured.

To be more specific, her body was not injured, but her soul ached.


Her heart seemed to be stabbed.

“How could I lose”

“How could I lose to a weak girl at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage”

“No, its impossible.”

“She bullied me in front of so many people, didnt she”

“How dare she!”

Anger would have influences on peoples thinking, and now Ma Lins heart was full of resentment.

Perhaps it was not a big deal to her later, but now, she was going to be crazy.


The staff in charge of the ring sighed secretly.

The staff controlled the energy layer and let it descend.

Ma Lins side was reddish, which showed that she was the loser.

Mengmengs side was light blue.

She won this battle.

She looked at Ma Lin and said, “Aha, I am going to take millions of crystal stones.”

After that, she turned around and walked down the ring.

Ma Lin was absent-minded.

The outcome of this battle could not be changed.

She felt as if she were in a dream.

After stepping down from the ring in a daze, she saw more than a dozen people not far away.

They were also stunned.

They saw Yue Xiaonao laughing and clapping.

Chen Chuan was shouting, “Mengmeng is great and powerful.”

Looking at those hateful people, Ma Lin shouted, “Ah!”

“I didnt lose! You tricked me!”

Ma Lin couldnt accept the fact that she was a loser.

If her rival was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage or the Peak-Stage, she could lose.

However, Mengmeng was just a weak girl at the Elixir Realm Early-Stage.

How could Mengmeng defeat her


A sword with beams of light quickly moved forward.

Ma Lin brandished her sword, trying to stab Mengmeng, who was very close to her.

She did it on purpose.

Mengmengs heart did a flip.

Fortunately, she had enough time to defend herself when she saw that bright sword.

However, she did not move.

The light of the sword triggered her Defense Treasure.

It was a small piece of gold, as small as a palm.

It automatically emerged and blocked Ma Lins sword.

Even the Defense Treasure didnt use its full strength.

However, Mengmeng was a little annoyed by the sneak attack.

She turned around and glared at her.

“Youre so shameless!” said Mengmeng.

“How dare you scold me! I wont let you leave the Beast Arena!” Ma Lin paused for a second and then rushed over again.

Obviously, she didnt want to let Mengmeng go.


A wave of fire appeared and divided into thousands of threads.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the light of the sword was diminished, Ma Lin was pushed back by the waves of fires.

Suddenly, she felt something chilly on her left cheek.

“I am cold, so cold!” thought Ma Lin.

She trembled instantly, and her face was pale.

“It seems that something is dripping.” thought Ma Lin.

She reached out a hand and touched her face.

It was blood!


Ma Lin screamed and quickly took out a mirror.

She saw three narrow wounds on her left cheek with blood dripping.

She widened her eyes, ready to say something.

“Why are you shouting”

Mengmeng was a little impatient.

She sneered and said, “Since you want to carve something on my face, I am very unhappy.

Now you dare to give me a sneak attack.

Who do you think you are Let me tell you, my name is Zhang Yumeng.

If you dont accept the outcome, you can ask your parents for help.

Ha, isnt it just a competition of family background I have never been afraid of anyone since I grew up.”

After that, Mengmeng went straight to the exchange platform.

Looking at the dumbfounded person in charge, she said, “I want my loot.”


The person in charge swallowed with difficulty, and his heart was beating wildly.

He wanted to say something.

He was even ready to order someone to capture this beautiful little girl.

However, when he saw her clear eyes full of indifference, he was even frightened.

He didnt dare to capture her.

He waved his hand to withdraw the energy layer in the place where the crystal stones were.

Under other peoples gazes, the little girl took away the two million crystal stones.

And those who won the bet took away their crystal stones.

“My face is wounded! Oh no!”

Ma Lin shouted with regret.

“You cant leave here!” Corus and other fellows faces were pale.

They were frightened.

They didnt expect that Ma Lin who was at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage was no match for Mengmeng.

The girl was intimidating.

There was dead silence in the Beast Arena.

In addition to Ma Lins voice, there was only Corus shouting.

“Okay, I can promise you that I wont go,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“Im waiting for you to call your parent!”

“Call your parents.

Lets see whose father is more powerful.

When Uncle Zhang is here, he must defeat your father!” Chen Chuan shouted at Ma Lin.

Nina shook her head helplessly.

Yue Xiaonao was looking at them as if she was watching a show as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Felina stared at Ma Lin and her fellows, with a blank face.

However, there seemed to be a look of… ridicule in the depths of her eyes.

“A competition of family background Alas,” Felina sighed in her heart.

Mengmeng just said that she had never been afraid of anyone in terms of the competition of family background.

Why were these people such blockheads who were arrogant and ignorant Were they used to bullying others in such a small place


A middle-aged man suddenly appeared.

For the person in charge of the ring had reported this matter to the responsible person of the Beast Arena.

Upon hearing that the princess of the Beast Arena was injured, the short-haired middle-aged man immediately rushed over.

As soon as he saw the wounds on Ma Lins face, his face darkened.

If something happened to Ma Lin where he was supposed to be the responsible person, the owner would blame him!

Good heavens, someone dared to lay a finger on Ma Lin!

“Miss Ma!


“Who did it” said the middle-aged man, gnashing his teeth.

“I did it,” Mengmeng said directly.

“Cut the crap!” Yue Xiaonao glared at the man and added, “Why the long face This silly woman wants to compete with Mengmeng on family background.

She is waiting for her parents to come.

Since youre not her father, shut up!”


Yue Xiaonaos tough words made the middle-aged man feel a chill in his heart.

“Could it be… that Mengmengs parents are also big shots”

He did not know what to do.

After thinking for two seconds, he took a glance at Ma Lin who had lost her mind and decided to catch those people.

Felina shouted when he was about to take action.

“Get lost!”

Her eyes were spangled with black light.

Then, the middle-aged man was overwhelmed by the coercion of Felina who was in the God Transformation Realm.

There came clacks.

He was almost forced to kneel down.

“Oh my gosh!

“She is in the God Transformation Realm!

“Im just at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, far from being a match for her.

“Oh, oh, oh… its over!”

The middle-aged man was stunned.

Fortunately, Ma Lin stood up at this time, covered her face, and looked at Mengmeng resentfully.

“Who said Im going to ask my parents for help Aha, my father is the owner here.

If you dare to lay a finger on me, Ill teach you a lesson.

Im telling you, you are not qualified to ask my father to appear! If you have the ability, just wait and see!”

“Oh, how many years do I have to wait” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“Ill come to you 15 minutes later!” Ma Lin said resentfully.

“If I listen to you and wait, Ill feel embarrassed, wont I” said Mengmeng.

“What exactly do you want You just hurt Ma Lin.

Do you still want to leave” Corus said angrily.

“You seem to be very evil at the first glance.

Disfiguring a womans face, you simply have a vicious heart!” the blonde woman screamed.

“Its too bad of you.

Someone like you should be enslaved!”


“Oh” With a cold look in her eyes, Felina was about to make her move.

She was even looking forward to it.

Mengmengs family had provided shelter and food for her.

Now that she might have a chance to repay the favor, she would not miss it.

But Mengmeng did not give her the chance.

“Okay, Im not going to leave.

Youre powerful, arent you Just go.

Ill give you 30 minutes.

And, you, Ma Lin, Im telling you, if you dont come in half an hour, Ill tear down your f*king Beast Arena!”

Mengmeng said angrily.

After that, she stood on the same spot, turned her head, and looked away from Ma Lin.

“Lets tear down her f*king Beast Arena and smash it!” shouted Chen Chuan.

He would take action whenever it was necessary.

Chen Chuan was already thinking about having a good performance later.

Nina looked at Chen Chuan, and a sentence flashed across her mind: Why does he look like a lackey He was the same as that kind of role on TV.


Instantly, the middle-aged man broke out in a cold sweat.

“Its too scary that they are ready to tear down the Beast Arena and compete with Ma Lin on their fathers.

Who was the group of people Where did they come from Did I blunder” he thought.

Felina withdrew her oppression of him.

The latter, standing still, dared not speak.

Please, she was in the God Transformation Realm, who might yield to the Star-shooting House and also Lu Shuihan, who was the new City Lord, instead of to Ma Lins father.


The middle-aged man suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up slightly.

“Could it be that Miss Ma is going to ask Lu Ling for help

“Lu Ling, Lu Shuihans adopted daughter, is greatly favored by Lu Shuihan.

“If Lu Ling, who has a quick temper, can come, this matter will get out of hand.

Maybe, the group of people will suffer.

Oh no, they will suffer a lot.

Since they dared to hurt Ma Lin in the Beast Arena, Lu Ling will not let them go easily.”

“Lets go!”

Ma Lin strode away.

Before leaving, she glared at Mengmeng.

Silence fell over the Beast Arena.

No one dared to speak, except for Yue Xiaonao and her fellows.

“We have to wait a little longer.

Its so boring.” Yue Xiaonao curled her lips and said, “Why is there always someone stupid like them They are so annoying.

Im fed up with it.”

Mohan Myernie did not know what to say.

He even wanted to call these girls elder sisters.

“Whats wrong with them Why did they go against Ma Lin

“Oh gosh, its so terrible.

If this matter gets out of hand, the Myernie family wont be able to escape.

“The other side is so powerful after all.

What should I do”

He looked anxiously at Amman Myernie.

Ammans eyes hinted that he also had no idea.

He was also in a daze about this matter.

It had happened and could not be changed.

They could only wait and see what was going to happen next.

They hoped that these girls also had a strong family background, and that the dispute could be finally settled in peaceful ways.

Otherwise, they would really get into trouble.

Amman Myernie prayed in his heart.

Other members of the Myernie family, looking at each other, did not know what to do.

In the end, Mohan Myernies eyes were fixed on Stefen.

His eyes were hinting: “How about interfering”

There was a silent answer: “Okay.”

Stefen felt a little dizzy.

After shaking his head, he walked to Mengmeng and said something to reassure Mohan.

“Mengmeng, dont be angry.

Its harmful to your health.”

“Im not angry, but Im not in a good mood anymore.

Ill wait for them,” said Mengmeng.

Then, Stefen added firmly, “Okay, lets wait for them.

They are obviously bullying us.

Theyre simply irrational! Mengmeng, Im all for your choice.”

Mohan Myernies facial muscles were like a vibrator, twitching at a high frequency.

In an instant, he broke out in a cold sweat and shouted in his heart, “Its over!”

After hearing Stefens words, Mengmeng giggled.

“Youre my real friend.

Dont worry.

Were not afraid of anyone in terms of the competition of family background.

Also, we have never bullied others, humph.”

“Yeah, Uncle Zhang has already told that we should not cause trouble but we will challenge it if the trouble comes.

Stefen, you know, we didnt take the initiative to cause trouble this time.

If it were not for the fact that I have a good temper now, I would have already knocked down that womans teeth,” Yue Xiaonao said with a snort.

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